Finding The Defector

October 25, 2015:

The Psyborgs are on the hunt … apparently looking for someone very specific


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The Psyborgs, specifically the Nameless Legion of the overlord Occulus, are a persistant if somewhat occasional threat to the people of Earth. Well, this Earth. They have their own but they have plans and those plans include expansion. Not content with one dominion the Overlords of the Dominion seek to extend their hegemony over several. Masters of social engineering and psybernetic technology, their methods are many and varied and rarely involve brute force.

Today is an exception. Some of their enemies can't be subverted, bought off or worked around. No some of their more inveterate foes most simply be destroyed. The Tattoo mage, the one named 'Kida' escaped to this earth and she is… a variable. An unknown factor. An uncontrolled element in this grand experiment. She has to go.

Mind over Dimension Technology isn't magic, but Kida may still feel the rending of dimensions near her. And if she remembers her home at all, she knows it means they're only moments away.

Simmons has been working on the Psyborgs that SHIELD have … detained … and has been working on a way to detect their activity. Which explains why she's contacted Agent May and advised that something could be happening.

By the time she joins May, she's already dressed in her SHIELD field gear and lugging her field kit along - including the nifty little device that FitzSimmons created, to set up a Psychic dampening field. Admittedly - there's a bit of work required to deploy it…

Kida knows the feeling, Kida also has not felt a resonance like that this close, but close enough it kept her on the shoreline of a rebuilding New Troy and watching out towards the wasteland of Hell's Gate with a longing…

But the kind of longing is nothing that most would associate. At least roaming through the wreckage she feels at home and when that sensation hits she does what instinct calls for and what raised her to the 'wisened' age of 28. Anything older amongst her kind of people in 81 is considered rare as their skins are worth more then the foods they consume in a lifetime. (Average 21 years? Give or take, unless you sell…)

The large duffel she carried across her back is dropped ino a pile of rubble, a slab of crete hefted with braced feet to leave it solily buried. The only thing upon her person is what she wore and the staff of her people, though collapsed in it is left at her lower back stuffed between the hemline of torn jeans and ink-marked spinal column.

Hiding should be best, would be best, but how much did they even know here? Resigning to blending with other hobos of Suicide Slums left her to fall into the backdrop and disappear well enough, so flopping down to sit with arms propped on bent knees beside a lopsided dumpster was as camo as she got. Everything looked weary, except those eyes.

It doesn't take long for the psyborgs to come striding up to the slums. Four of them. Not the bulky combat models these are the slim, wiry forms of the assassination and infiltration troopers. The red 'third eye' on their helmets begins to glow as they start psychically scanning the hobos, moving through the alley slowly. If any of the hobos seem inclined to do anything other than stare, they're wisely suppressing that instinct at the moment.

"'r'ya the police?" One finally slurrs. Eyes fix upon him and he starts to squirm and writhe. "No… no no! Get out of my head! What are you… NO!" They're looking for her. Looking for any sign of the woman 'Kida'. She's been marked for death and they know she's close. Just not quite where yet. Letting the man go a drooling mess they turn and proceed down, closer and closer to that dumpster, scanning minds as they go.

Melinda May nods to Simmons and in a matter of moments they're off, taking a quinjet loaded with the two of them plus two tac teams.

The quinjet sets down in a vacant parking lot within easy walking distance of the epicenter of Simmons' readings, and they set off. Knowing this isn't the usual demonic activity she's mostly dealt with of late, May has varied her arsenal to include heavier duty ordinance. Namely a pump action shotgun reminiscent of the weapon used by Sarah Connor in the 2nd Terminator movie and a semi-automatic rifle that is nearly ubiquitous in military circles. The pistol that Partisan made for her is at her hip as usual, and she's given Simmons a pistol that fires real bullets to go along with her usual ICER sidearm.

"Be ready, we're likely going in hot."

A real pistol… Jemma is so pleased about that. "If it is a Psyborg, Agent May." the biochem explains as she hurries alongside May, "we could try to get the pyschic dampening field up, it certainly seemed to help the other day."

Checking her readings, she notes that the energy reading is fading … "The 'portal' appears to be closed, Agent May."

Well…. That's how you get Kida out sooner then later. They did not know her by a name, every hobo had what they were called by the others, and due to the coverage of ink upon her skin that is what they called her. Simple, sweet and it kept them safe, until now.

When one of them is hoisted her muscles beneath the torn flanel and leather twitch. She would not run, but she is not about to simply let them abuse her new 'family' for her when they knew nothing - this was nothing like home and they are not ready….

A whistle rips through the air and Kida is coming to a stand, that black hair whisping lightly around her face as one booted foot scrapes out into an arch tha clears a small path at her side, leaving the worn tredmarked and dust made rainbow as a line with a crack through it… But when her foot felt a cinderblock at the end that is where the sweep stopped, giving her an anchor, a grounding and in that pivot and slow turn the Haida inscribed stick is clasped. Kida is not a great fighter, but when her hand comes up to seemingly becon them forward with the four fingers curling in upon her thumb a massive wolf slams in upon the back of one farthest back, Kida taking that as her moment and when that 'ancient' escrima stick slows it suddenly snaps out to full length of a spear bearing leather twining with those old etched glyphs eminating a luminescent glow. Then she lunges for the front and the one who assaulted 'Classified', because those were his favorite pages of the newspaper… to sleep with.

The ferocity of the assult catches the lead psyborg before they can reacy. Spear to the shoulder and biting harder than a simple 'stick' should. All four psyborgs manifest glowing emerald blades made of some kind of energy. They're not unlike lightsabers really, but they have one in each hand and there's no handle. Just a shaft of manifested will and hate. Rebel, you are marked to die for your crimes against Trans-Humanity. Prepare to meet your fate.

When May and Simmons arrive they'll be just in time to see the action start. Two of the psyborgs run up opposite walls with mechanically assisted legs, one jumping high to come down on Kida, the other higher to land behind her and hopefully cut off any escape. The other thing all combatants may notice is a reptilian cry on the wind.

May stops abruptly when they round the corner and see one young woman facing down a group of psyborgs. The presence of all of the homeless people in the area is also not lost on her. And then the 'lightsabers' come out to play, and that's where her patience ends.

"Go go go!" May sends the tac teams to engage and takes a snap shot at the one psyborg jumping to attack Kida from above. "Simmons, get these civilians clear." Setting up the dampening field will have to wait for a moment or three.

Simmons actually stops and stares… well gawps really… as she looks at these Psyborgs, before starting to evacuate the civilians. Knowing her ICER pistol is going to be less than effective against these creatures, she takes out the pistol that May gave her and runs for the nearest homeless person. "Come on, I'll get you out of here." That's got to sound reassuring, coming from the british bio-chem.

The wolf at the hind is seeking to corner the Psyborg at the tail, but what he may notice is one hulking firred shadow is not alone, two others race along the walls, stealth on their side as well as adaptation to their surroundings where thwir forest is simply urban and just before another leaps from the darkness to try at a Psyborg its claws scrape over the side of a discarded metal slab it lunged off of.

The homeless are taking this moment to scatter now, their nighttime ritual of winding down,pooling gatherngs and eating before a huddled sleep is interrupted and the desire to live another day kicks in, turning the walkabout into a sudden surge of life, those that had been easily overlooked because of their meld with their brick and mortar surroundings of garbage emerging like roaches, although some pick up large stones and begin to throw them at the ones that crest the sides of buildings.

Tattoo is the only one headlong and when her spear finds home she knows the close proximity is not anything she desires to keep, using the spear as her anchor to react, lifting her feet off the ground and kicking the Psyborg in the chest, using that as the anchor to dislodge her spear and send her horizontally flying backwards over the ground, pivoting enough to land with a slap to the ground that absorbs some of the blow.

"Your laws are /hingaan/ here!" Kida rerorts as she spins to try and stand just before the shadow of her attacker mutes her in his rapid descent…

The hunters are now hunted. Kida's wolves and her braver friends strike from behind and above, harrying at the legs and working like a pack while she opens the distance, preventing herself from being surrounded. The SHIELD tac troopers move in from one and while behind Kida something lands. A reptilian figure with leathery wings looking like a dragon on two legs. With a spear that seems to be made of really hard corral. "Die Nameless!" The thing roars. Someting Kida may also recognize.

The psyborgs are in trouble. The wolves have dragged one down and its partner is attacking them, but open to Kida's assault. On the other side two turn to face the SHIELD agents and unleash a withering barrage of psychic fire.

Melinda May doesn't wait to find out if her shot at the airborne Psyborg hit or not, she fires at the individual again while the winged person over there yells and thus reveals his identity to her. She doesn't have time to yell hello, though, so she doesn't bother. And, as long as allies and potential allies are in the direction she's being force to fire, she does NOT like this situation. "Rowan!" She yells hopefully for the Blue to hear, "Regroup!" She then very hastily pitches a pair of those little shocker disks of Romanoff's at the feet of the nearest Psyborg.

Simmons feels that barrage of psychic fire and cringes, eyes watering as the attack begins. Taking a stance, holding the pistol in two hands, she aims at the Pysborg head … the brain is still the brain and if her shot is true, it should hurt the Psyborg if not kill it.

Desperately trying to weather the attack, Jemma squeezes the trigger …

Kida recognizes Rowan after what he calls them, it took her a goof fouble take as she is regaining her feet and sweeping that spear out and upward. She had allies, her 'people' are finding aid with Jemma and shelter beyond this place while she is finding that standing takes a blow as one of her wolves comes under the attack of a Psyborg, its form landing on the ground and rolling with a yelp to lay still. In front of Rowan Kida comes to a kneel upon one knee, the spear planted and her eyes focused forward.

"Names of those against the Nameless?" Kida asks Rowan just before her hand not clasping the spear presses to the ground and the cracks in the street widen, broken blactop parting further as a sudden burst of vines surfaces behind the one attacking her wolves, leaving Kida anchored for the moment as the flow of green morphs and splits skin to run from her planted appendage to that of the Psyborg.

Her hand holding the spear now rises and turns the balanced weapon to keep it at the ready for protection of self and to throw it if she must for another…

"SHIELD." Rowan say simply. That much he's learned. SHIELD is apparently the organization that defends this land. Which is, okay, not entirely accurate but still understandable given the way that she's encountered them.

The dragon blue would love to regroup. He really would. But at present he can't. If he takes to the air Kida is stuck. So instead he combines 'fire' with May who knows these things don't like electricity, standing over Kida as she kneels and shooting lightning from the end of his spear. May takes down one, Kida literally 'roots' another and Rowan hits a third, the one that was trying to get back up after Kida's wolves had knocked it down.

Jemma actually makes that shot. it's incredible, but she does. The Psyborg stumbles back, it's third eye suddenly shattered and reels. If SHIELD wants a capture, it needs to go in for it now.
Well, Kida's is still alive too but it's a good question whether or not it'll stay that way.

At a gesture from May, the tac teams move to secure the area, three going to secure the Psyborg Jemma shot in the face while she moves toward the 'rooted' one and brandishes her shotgun instead of the semi-automatic rifle. And here is proof that SHIELD gets all the fun toys. She shoots at the rooted Psyborg with the shotgun, the slug turning out to be a small, self-contained, taser-type projectile. She then looks at Rowan and the woman he's protecting while telling the closest tac agent, "Call in Medical if needed." She's clearly visually studying the pair, as if trying to determine if she should 'invite' them back to HQ or not.

Jemma might be just a little stunned that her shot hit the target, quite happy to let the three TAC agents secure the thing even though she's peering at it curiously. When she finally recovers, the biochem steps over to May standing behind her and to the left. "Is everyone well?" she asks.

As soon as this SHIELD starts moving in and the Psyborgs go down one by one, Kida rises before Rowan and pulls her hand up from the ground. When she does the vines elongate, stretch and waver from her fingertips until they unfurl from them and spiderweb out across the ground. Staying of use.

Walking forward she heads for her downed wolf, keeping a wary eye on the agents that move in to take the scene, but the one that is held in her vines is the one that is being bore down upon with that hazel gaze set within tanned features, an uncanny hunters gaze of one coming upon another trapped predator - but they all have to eat… Live another day.

If no one stops Kida those vines suddenly tighten and where there is no reinforced armor he can be heard breaking, her spear drawing back and aiming to be driven into the back of his skull. "K'ut'aal gunsdla!" The words are spat with a seething venom that even has Kida spitting at the ground before the Psyborg or on him if he gets downed.

But the object of her real attention? The injured wolf where her left foot plants beside and hand rests upon while she casts a wary gaze on those around her, giving them a slow nod of hello and appreciation.

Rowan isn't going to stop her. He routinely dispatches Psyborgs when they come after him and by the looks of things they came after her with something of a vengeance. His draconic attributes fade back into his natural form and he advances as well, watching the psyborgs and SHIELD warily. "Agents…" He says quietly as he watches what they do with the dead and captured psyborgs. "Will it live?" He asks Kida of her wolf.

Melinda May watches Kida warily, but when the young woman is clearly not moving toward any of the SHIELD agents, she merely keeps watching her. She nods to Simmons at her question, though the gesture seems more to be a nudge to go check on that wolf than to indicate that she's well. That initial psionic attack from the Psyborgs has left her with a migraine that even a percocet won't dent, but she's functioned with worse. She'll survive until they're back at HQ. And, she's not about to reveal any weakness around an unknown quantity. "Rowan. You okay?"

Simmons didn't need prompting to go see to the wolf, once she realised that the wolf needed assistant. Appproaching Kida, she offers a small smile "May I see to the Wolf, for you?" She's not going to get too close, just in case …

If Simmons is concerned by the killing of the Psyborg, it doesn't show … if she was it would only be because a live speciman could be quite helpful… but they've a few now.

Kida seems relatively calm until agents start gathering up the Nameless, which has her drawing her spear from the back of the ones head in a manner that splits some of his technology and then draws it to point at another when they seek to apprehend him. "You should end them and burn the remains. Taking them brings no good. Your civilization will fall to ruin." A glance from May and Simmons to Rowan for some semblance of backup here. This place is not like 81, and it should never be, but curiousity is every civilizations downfall.

The wolf at her feet is breathing but blood oozes from its muzzle, the other two remain near with heads lowered, watching with the same hazel eyes Kida posesses, ears flicking and the skin of muzzles quivering and drawing back from teeth but relaxing when visual is broken of the other Psy's. Reactive to Kida's words.

Jemma's offer has Kida tightening a grip in the beasts ruff before she nods. "If you can help him before I take him back it would make it better for both of us." Though with every breath the beast takes blood bubbles, indicative to a punctured lung, and Kida has nothing to help it, just enough rage to avenge..

Rowan has nothing to offer the wolf but sympathy. He's also of the opinion that SHIELD should not pursue this technology. It wrought such ruin on his own world. But he's not about to contest it. "They're getting more active again." Is what he says instead. "I hope you can handle it, Agents of this world. I've other worries…" Which may also be there other worries.

The Blue looks at Kida… "I remember you. You're from my own world. I've not seen you in some time, is there anything I can do to help you?"

The one Psyborg that Simmons shot is bundled up to take back for further study, and the others collected for incineration. It's already standard protocol, and how sad is that that they have a 'standard' protocol in place? She nods to Rowan. "I think I've heard something about that." Then she steps forward to address Kida. "These … beings were after you, weren't they?"

Jemma kneels beside the wolf and looks it over, it doesn't take much for her to discern the problem. "Except for easing the pain and suffering, there is nothing I can do…" She /hates/ that she has to give this news.

A glance over her shoulder at Rowan and then up at Kida but Mays already asking the question … and Jemma can't speak about what she knows.

Kida looks at Rowan with his iquiry and slowly shakes her head. "You have helped me twice. There is nothing more you can do for me save keep your timing." But when May speaks up and then Jemma, the news is something she had assumed and resigns slightly with a hunch in her shoulders as it is confirmed and will do what she has to, to save it.

"Beings? Maybe being. One can control the many like a queen to the bees without a care of the one." Her words almost run together, speaking much like her people did while they hid from them and gave those 'blessed' warnings. "They are but soldiers, but their minds are not wholly their own anymore unless the puppet masters of the Soulless and Nameless let them be. Rare, that. If ever. Always lorded over where I choose to be free. You should too, and get rid of them and theirs."

Now Kida lifts her hands to the other two wolves that emerge from the darkness and sweep along fingertips while the other hand goes back to th wounded, and when contact is made her skin seems to ripple and seethe as if something beneath wants free, but instead the wolves begin to return, going into Kida and disappearing from existance to reform the inkwork hidden beneath the layers of shredded attire.

The final one, the wounded retirns but when it does and all is settled Kida's eyes close and beneath the torn jeans and flanel insulate the bone of her left leg snaps with an audible crunch to fracture through skin and puncture, but no lung in placement of /home/.

"If you let them stay and welcome them even in death it will not be just be or the dragon of the waters they hunt, it will be us all." Just sayin'!

Now Kida looks to Jemma as weight shifts from one leg to the next, no more words, just bitten back cussing fits and quite a bit of screaming tears… Not showing cuz she's a big girl and these are strangers. A silent askance for aid there. Human anatomy easier? Better be fast too because she is going a bit on the green side but time in her world has taught her to suffer in silence and remain hidden.

Rowan nods to Kida and large feathery wings - four of them - appear on him again. "Right then. I must leave you all to this then. Be careful, SHIELD. And good luck. If you deal with the Nameless, you'll need it." And then he's headed up and away.

Melinda May nods to Kida, and when the SHIELD medical unit arrives, she directs them to assist the homeless people and Kida as well as their own agents. Yes, she did hear what sounded like bones breaking. Besides, if this woman is actually familiar with the Psyborgs, she might well be a huge asset to getting that upcoming attack on Manhattan spoiled before it starts.

And, when she gets a chance to address Simmons a bit more privately, she tells the biochemist without any fanfare, "Good work out there."

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