JL:A & SHIELD: Tergiversate

October 25, 2015:

SHIELD reallocates and Fury introduces the JLA to their new frenemies.

Storage Dock 27 - New York


NPCs: Nick Fury, Agent 13, Sadie Sinclair, Maxwell Lord (emits by Bahamut)


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Storage Dock 27 NYC a fourth shipment comes in from the Justice League Watchtower. Nick Fury stands with arms crost and that usual black trench coat beside him is a higher ranking SHIELD official with the name tag Buehler in his hand is a tablet.
The JLA is aware of this transfer and the computer systems aboard the hidden orbital satellite are active and 'teleporting' the inorganic goods to the surface by means of matter transfer. Unfortunately the JLA teleporters don't work so well on flesh and blood outside of that single point inside of the office space/ museum / Hall of Justice itself.
"One more and we should be done, Director Fury."
"Thanks, son. Any minute now we'll be getting company too… " Fury doesn't mean the JLA either. NYC right now is an overcast yet pleasantly cool day with the occasional brisk wind through the harbor.

Agent 13, off from some black-site-listed operation was there as she usually would by Nick Fury's side. Acting as a bodyguard even though everyone in the verse possibly knows that the lone man does not need one. Appearances, and such.

The stalwart position off to the left has her eyes on the prize and other things, crates here and there being shipped out and she watches with a turned head here and there, but other than that? She's not moving. A silent statue clad in white and armed to the tooth and nail. Not threatening at all.

Strange is only vaguely aware of the bureaucratic fighting of the diverse government and international agencies. It is not he couldn't know; it is that he can't muster the will to care. Even the Supreme Sorcerer willpower has limits. Also, it never affected him when he was on his own. Most agencies didn't want to believe what he is, anyway.

But it affects the Justice League now. Strange is pretty sure they need SHIELD information network and support assets. And if Fury thinks the DEO are going to be less than collaborative, Strange has no doubts the old spy is right. And with Apokolips menace still looming, this is a very bad moment to deal with bureaucratic interference.

Which brings him here: "Good morning, Colonel Fury," he greets.

"Did we not pay our bills? Is that why Shield is repossessing our equipment?" Ozymandias appears from on top of a crate and flips to the ground next to Strange, "Greetings, Director Fury." Ozymandias peers over at the equipment and a small sigh escapes his lips. "This is probably the worse time for SHIELD to be taking back their equipment. I assume you know we are missing some of our members."

"Doctor Strange and Ozymandius." The Director of Shield acknowledges both with an uptilt of the chin. "Last I heard you got some pretty deep pockets and bills isn't one of your concerns." An inhale and the man's arms fold across his chest once there he exhales. "But as agreed we are only taking back our toys. None of yours have been touched."
The Agent Buehler next to him speaks, "We're done. Shipment is ready to be processed."
"Excellent." A glance around and he looks at Agent Carter, "We're clear right? Security has checked out and no extra ears?" Fury is triple checking.

"This is a foolish action, director," comments Strange. "Any problem large enough that warrants the Justice League attention should be also SHIELD's concern. Cooperation between them is of paramount importance regardless of the US government rather voluble mandates. Couldn't we have worked together to delaying this… operation until after the elections?"

A slight smirk comes across his face before replying, "Yes, we are well funded, but still doesn't answer the question why SHIELD isn't supporting us anymore. We got members down, and SHIELD is choosing to abort their mission to provide support. I am sure you realize that you aligning with us did ease a bit of tension after the late President's death.

Ozymandias folds his arms in front on his chest, "With all due respect, Director Fury, I had hope you could have delayed this operation until latter.

"Foolish? Shit. Probably but considering what we're up against this is the best option." Nick Fury pulls out a cigar. A precut one so he doesn't have to cut or chew the ends off and begins to light up. "This isn't about us not supporting you. This is about direct ties and dragging you all through the pile of mud and garbage we're about to hit. The Justice League has enough issues when it comes to politics and the media. SHIELD, my people, my operation are about to come under some heavy fire. I am covering your asses with this. The United Nations is still behind you, hell after the speech I gave them they're eager to try and make sure things between the JLA and the UN is all tied up in a neat bow and handled with care."
Behind those conversing heavy metal doors seal shut and systems are armed. Temporary storage units until SHIELD moves them to a secure location. "We took some of these off of our stuff." He holds out a small chip. "My guess is they belong to that crowd in Gotham, might wanna give them back."
"I fully understand the concerns too. I don't like this motion as well I consulted for days with some of my experts and a lot of Cognac. What it comes down to is if SHIELD falls and burns the JLA needs to remain operational. You guys need to be out there saving our world."

Strange grimaces at that. He didn't expect the problem to come from the semi-secret agency. Looks like he assumed too much and the JLA are not the cause of the problem. "And yet you expect the new agency, the DEO, to be less than fully cooperative," he points out. "I'd like to keep a channel open, even if extra-officially. And if you need assistance with your agency trouble," he glances to Ozymandias. "Be super-natural or more mundane, I think we can provide it, and be discreet about it."

Sharon holds up her wrist, eye'ing the time as well as some new-fangled technology that Ms. Simmons is having her try out while in the field. With a glance up towards Fury, she finally nods. Everything was a go, security checks out. Tripled checked and quadrupled. It was any day now for them to depart.

"Again, I am on the same page with Strange. We are not of the Council, so unofficially the Justice League did not to keep a channel open. There is some intelligence in the world that SHIELD is way better at gathering than the Justice League.

Ozymandias says, "And we do have members that can support SHIELD without appearing in grandoise costumes, so to keep our help secret.

"Oh SHIELD isn't abandoning the JLA. We're just trying to make it appear like we're not in bed as much as I'd like us to me." Fury replies to the two men. "I also count on it, Mr. Oz. I have spent some time profiling your numbers. I know who I can talk to and who I can't."

"Punctual." Agent Buehler comments as a black SUV pulls through the security gates. The Department of Extranormal Operations logo on the sides hard to miss.

"Figures. Lets meet the politicians." The Director motions towards the vehicles as the pull to a stop and release several men in blakc suits who flick badges at the SHIELD Agents then proceed to open the passenger doors.

The first to step out is a rather average yet handsome enough man in a black suit much like his companions with the firearms yet no weapon on him and that same lamenated DEO badge hanging off of a clip of his suit jacket. The name across the top of it says LORD.

The woman opposite of him a rather attractive brunette with dark almost black hair and glasses, a tablet across her skirt covered lap and a smile of her own. Genuine as the first man. Unlike the others gathered she does not have a badge. The click clack of her heels very audible as she hurries around the SUV to keep pace with the DEO Agent who is fast pacing towards Fury and the League members.

"Hmm. Not an official visit, I suspect," comments Strange, turning to the newcomers with a neutral, pleasant expression. Then again, no one invited him to be here. As far as he knows, no one even invited Hawkeye, who is nominally in charge of the JLA. "Perhaps for the best, but would you be so kind to make introductions, Director?"

A look was cut towards the SUV that soon arrives, Agent 13 no longer on the sidelines but moving towards Fury's nine to take up that side of the mantle where guarding was concerned. Tight lipped, and a smile given once the handsome man makes his approach as well as the woman, gaze gone back to Strange that says all it needs to say, and to Ozy as well. Be on your best behaviour or someones going to get scolded. Not that Sharon was the scolding type.

Ozymandias's recalls the glorious days of warfare, when soldiers rarely saw bureaucrats unless they were in an opposing city for their lives. Ozymandias shrugs his shoulders as he dismisses the thought from his thoughts. He dips his head to the group that is approaching them. "Greetings, I hope you didn't get wet from the rain."

"Official is out the window these days." Fury says around his cigar with a puff of smoke.

"Justice League? And Director Fury, good to see you." DEO Agent Lord extends his hand towards Nick who looks at it a moment then shakes it. "Doctor Strange, Mister Oz and Agent Carter this the Department's Maxwell Lord and former Mayor of San Fransisco Sadie Sinclair, your new Unite Nations special representative."

The woman smiles underneath those purple tinted glasses and offers a handshake ofher own, "A pleasure to meet all of you. I look foward to working with each of you and I'm expecially eager to see the Watchtower."

Fury quirks a brow at that one and smiles at Ozymandias and Strange.
"Yes, the Tower. We don't have a lot of information on that." Lord looks left to right, "Where is your council? Wonder Woman?"

"Mr. Lord. Ms. Sinclair," Strange shakes both hands. His grip is somewhat weak, and they might be able to notice his hands are badly scarred. "The pleasure is all mine. I am afraid Wonder Woman is currently missing in action. Hawkeye is currently in charge of the League. I am sure she will be delighted to meet you." Yeah, right. And no comments about the Watchtower at all.

Ozymandias doesn't shake hands, but instead dips his head in a greeting to them. "It is a pleasure to meet to you, Mr. Lord and Ms. Sinclair." Ozymandias peers over at Strange as he talks about Wonder Woman being missing, then turns his gaze back to these two bureaucrats. "We know where Wonder Woman is located, and we are in the process of helping her a complete a situation she was investigating. I think that would be a more accurate way of describing the current situation.

Ozymandias looks back at Strange, "If you are looking to speak with a Council member, I am sure Hawkeye will be able to address any issues that you might have, but as I stated earlier we are in the processes of helping out Wonder Woman complete her investigation.

Sharon smirks and leans in towards Fury, her words quiet and murmured. "Ever the diplomat. There's hope for this one yet." She chuckles softly, then gives nods where nods were appropriate, handshakes as well. "Pleasure to meet you both."

A friendly enough and charismatic smile from Lord, "Oh yes, the young woman." Emphasis on the word young from him, "I forgot about her being part of the Council of the League. I mean it isn't something often spoken of… I mean how you people manage yourselves in your loft in the heavens but it really does make me curious. No Wonder Woman and you're all being lead someone whose only credentials for leadership are probably a girl scout troop? How do you guys profile?" Maxwell chuckles.

"Agent Lord, this was a private conversation. Let me warn you now if you intend on stirring up trouble I got no issue with having my boys escort your ass out of here." Fury is quick to speak. There is obvious animosity in there somewhere.

"Oh come on now Nick. It's a joke. I'm only kidding. Honest… " A wink given and he holds up his hands passively towards the Leaguers as though they too were about to say something to him. "Besides, this is technically DEO land now. Not SHIELD these docks were on loan from the US Government. You've been deemed an International focus… so technically… "

"Ahem, Agent Lord, Director Fury… " The Rep speaks up finally. "Can we please not have this conversation now." Ms. Sinclair draws her gaze from Fury's stern glare and Lord's smug expression back towards the members of the League, "If either of you can contact her that would be great but until we have spoken to her in person it is the two of you we will directly deal with. I have some documents which need signed and I will need to meet with as many of you as I possibly can. Not only in addition to being your UN spokesman I am also in charge of some of your legal concerns and your public image."

"Actually, it is a fair question," admits Strange. "Hawkeye, for what I understand, has been a costumed hero for several years. Her skills complement well Wonder Woman's." Regardless, Strange contacts telepathically with Kate, explaining her quickly what is going one. A semi-private conversation with Fury that got interrupted by DEO representatives.

Ozymandias strums the air lightly with his left hand after the comment made by Lord. A plethora of violent scenarios play out in Ozymandias' mind before Doctor Strange speech allows Ozymandias to calm down. Ozymandias takes a deep breathe and smiles politely behind his mask. "I hope that after sometime with our team that you realize how we profile, and how we manage our group. I am sure that the the Department of Extranormal Operations picked you because you have a desire to work with super powered individuals.

Ozymandias smirks behind his mask before look at Ms. Sinclair. "What sort of paperwork?"

Normally, telepathic contact with Kate results in a knee-jerk full-out mental assault of paradox. At least as well as any normal human can do that. At the moment, though, her mind is so full of trying to handle as many details of the JL:A as it can that the first response is little more than a whirl of numbers, names, and tactics before it fades into acceptance. « On my way, » she concludes, leaving the conference room she's claimed as an office to change into uniform and get over to the meeting.

"So, you guys were not on my schedule," she announces as she enters, apparently going with the Hawkeye school of fake it until you make it. "So I'm gonna give you Oracle's email address so we can actually set these things up in the future." Punk kid.

"Work with? Why yes. Absolutely." Lord's smile remains intact. It seems to be etched in to his features. "My concern is the people and the extranormal relations and I assure you, Mr. Oz. I take my job very seriously." As though what Strange has just said sinks in he nods refraining himself from further words for a moment. Especially since Fury is borrowing a head in to his skull with a single-eyed glare.

"I told you, that you would be in good hands with Ms. Sinclair." The Director trying to subject hop as well. He doesn't say a word about Agent Lord.

Sadie Sinclair just stands patiently smiling and waiting, "Well paperwork for starts is release of several things. Nothing critical like public names, iconic logos, the like. I want to protect all of you and what is yours as well as your identities. Also I will need access to certain things for now I will stay within your Hall of Justice but… " Sadie stops speaking as Hawkeye shows up, "Excellent timing, Ms. Hawkeye." She says politely.
"Hah, ears were burning?" A sidelong glance is given to Doctor Strange and Ozymandias by Lord. He is looking them over for communication devices perhaps.
"Hawkeye, good. Take over. I ain't in the mood for this… " Nick Fury's hands wave in the air towards the conversation and he turns to start speaking to Agent Buehler and Agent Carter as if he is trying to look busy. "Work with? Why yes. Absolutely." Lord's smile remains intact. It seems to be etched in to his features. "My concern is the people and the extranormal relations and I assure you, Mr. Oz. I take my job very seriously." As though what Strange has just said sinks in he nods refraining himself from further words for a moment. Especially since Fury is borrowing a head in to his skull with a single-eyed glare.

"I told you, that you would be in good hands with Ms. Sinclair." The Director trying to subject hop as well. He doesn't say a word about Agent Lord.

Sadie Sinclair just stands patiently smiling and waiting, "Well paperwork for starts is release of several things. Nothing critical like public names, iconic logos, the like. I want to protect all of you and what is yours as well as your identities. Also I will need access to certain things for now I will stay within your Hall of Justice but… " Sadie stops speaking as Hawkeye shows up, "Excellent timing, Ms. Hawkeye." She says politely.
"Hah, ears were burning?." A sidelong glance is given to Doctor Strange and Ozymandias by Lord. He is looking them over for communication devices perhaps.
"Hawkeye, good. Take over. I ain't in the mood for this… " Nick Fury's hands wave in the air towards the conversation and he turns to start speaking to Agent Buehler and Agent Carter as if he is trying to look busy.

"Oracle's email isn't necessary I have already set up a hub and individual emails for all the JL:A should I need to contact them." Ms. Sinclair chirps in. She seems eager and friendly from all outward appearances which is quite the contrast to Lord.

Strange's brand of mystical telepathy lacks the sharpness of the communications of those truly super-powered mutant and alien psychics. He can't really read her mind unless she is clearly projecting back to him.

He is pleased how quickly the young woman took responsibility. Not as much of the snarky response. Even if the DEO agent is a jerk, it is always better to make him look and feel like a fool through exquisite niceness. They are, after all, a passing fad that will likely go away when a new man is in the Oval Office.

At Sinclair's offer however, Strange shakes his head briefly. "Madame, I believe all communication needs to go through Oracle's secure channels. Oracle being our technological security expert."

"That's super great," Kate smiles tightly to Sadie. "Although if you have it, you should use it, because all of the scheduling goes through the systems, and I'd hate to miss out on a meeting like this. But let's back this up a step, since I don't have one of those handy google appointments to tell me who I'm dealing with right now. Who are you people, and why do you think you're getting access to anything?"

She moves to the nearest desk, hopping up onto the edge and sitting cross-legged where she can see the gathered people. Fury's seen the act before. He's probably fielded any number of complaints from SHIELD agents from when Kate used to drop in on Clint's office. That just means she's got practice.

"Right, security reasons understandable." Representative Sinclair says quickly, "I will speak to Oracle. Hopefully he is available soon as it will be a lot easier to communicate much of what I have through emails."

"Or she." Lord adds.

"Huh?" Sadie's confusion evident.

"You said HE Ms. Sinclair, we have never confirmed if the Oracle is a man or a woman. Have we?"

The DEO Agent is almost sneering now as he looks from face-to-face.

"Whichever the case. He or she. Thank you for the information Doctor Strange."

"Well this was not exactly a scheduled appointment. I was told you were aware of this but we never set anything in stone, Mr. Lord insisted we catch you off guard in an attempt to get to know you. He assured me you are all quite human."

A chuckle escapes the DEO Agent.

"I am no idiot though as much as he thinks I am and had intended primarily to be along when he ambushed you. As I said, I am on your side and I wish to protect you." Sadie goes quiet and purses her lips, "We are only requesting some access to further our good relations. There is no demand."

"Unless I feel it needs to be authorized." Lord tosses in.

"We douldn't very well want that would we, Lord." Fury is now back in the conversation.

"Nicholas, I hope you are not threatening me good buddy."

"Not at all. I don't do threats. I make things happen."

Sinclair sighs and hands over some documents in a file to Hawkeye as the two men behind her stand one another down, "Legally we have been appointed to act in place of SHIELD to safeguard all parties involved in your teams future endeavours. I have plans and a lot of them that I think will be very helpful to all of us. All of us being not just the UN, the United States and us here but the world… "

"You're all so high minded and optimistic. I love that. Absolutely love that." Lord's obnoxious voice carrying over the conversations.

Strange clears his throat, "yes, indeed. We are all friends here; our concern is the protection of the world. The whole world. Which is one of the reason why the Watchtower is up there," well outside the US control. "Now, the United Nations seem to believe the DEO can take over SHIELD duties, and I believe we should endeavor to make it possible," right, Kate? He is giving her an ambiguous look. "If you wish, I will be happy to be your liaison until Wonder Woman returns and everything returns to normal." He can also send them to Hell, literally. Although it would be an accident, of course.

Doctor Strange's comment causes Ozymandias' right eye to raise slightly as he says, "Things are still normal. We are still protecting the world from harm. I am sure that anyone of our members can help provide Ms. SinClair with enough support to help in her endeavors."/

"Wow, so, you guys clearly have some issues." Kate looks between Lord, Fury, and Sinclair, quirking a brow and waving a hand in their general direction before taking the file. "So, I'm gonna let you guys work those out, while we keep going with the whole saving the world business," she nods to Strange.

"Ms. Sinclair, can I assume this file includes details of available resources?" she asks, opening up the documents to flip through the files. "I'm primarily concerned with aircraft at the moment, since those of us who are completely human don't do so well with the independent flight thing. I can have Oracle send over the specs for specialty arrows, as well."

"Only where the US is concerned." Lord corrects Strange, "SHIELD still gets to do whatever it hasn'Tt been doing overseas."

"And, when it concerns outside threats." Agent Buehler actually speaks now, "According to the outline we still hold priority jurisdiction with aliens, extradimensionals possibly interdimens…"

"Agent uh… Buehler is it? The big kids are talking. Walk away, Ferris. Go find an etch and sketch to play with." Lord fires off. "No offense Hawkling."

"My name isn't Ferris and I'm 25…"

"MISTER LORD, please, just enough… " Rep. Sinclair fumes.

"Sadie you can stay. Agent Carter get this shithead out of my lot."

"Big mistake, Nicholas. This isn't your lot anymore."

"No fucks given right now, Maxwell. Get your boys and get out. It is mine until you come up with some new paperwork that says otherwise and the guns to get me out."

Maxwell swipes his hands at the air to ward off the incoming grab from one of the idle SHIELD Security nearby. "Hey, hey, this suit is worth more than your salary this year. Do. Not. Touch. We'll see ourselves out. C'mon, Sadie, I'll give you a lift back to your hotel."

"I can find a cab if need be. Thank you, Agent Lord. I will be speaking with your superiors about your conduct as well."

"My superiors." A half-scoff-half-chuckle escapes Lord and his chuckle turns in to a full on laugh as Kate hand waves towards them,"Oh boy do you have your work cut out for you. Be seeing you. All of you."
With that Lord departs.

"Issues, yes. I suppose something of the sort. Kate, as far as your age is concerned I see no issues with it. I actually want to exploit it for good publicity if you don't mind. I plan on making you a poster child for the next generation of heroes… but that is for later. Right now I just want to get acquainted with all of you so I know where to begin." Sadie says with an almost apologetic tone while tentatively watching the Leaguers and their reactions.

Fury rubs the bridge of his nose before re-adjusting his eyepatch. "This is what I've been dealing with from day one. Too many damned egos in all directions." The mumbling under his breath begins to drift off as he goes the opposite direction of the DEO convoy. Only Sadie, Agent 13 and the JLA are left in behind.

Strange actually directs Maxwell Lord a genuine-seeming smile and an apologetic shrug. When he is gone, he hrms thoughtful. "It is going to be interesting to work with him," he comments, not wanting to say too much in front of Sadie. As far as he knows this might have been a good cop, bad cop approach by the DEO agents.

Ozymandias watches as Agent Lord is escorted from the building. "He really has an issue with people's youth. He must have found some grey hairs near his naughty parts, or maybe he is just an asshole." After Nick Fury leaves, Ozymandias is about to go for his grappling hook to depart, but then he hears Sadie talks about Katie being the poster child for next generation of heroes and is glad that he is wearing a mask to hide his smile.

"What do you need to know to feel acquainted with us, Ms. SinClair? ask Ozymandias

"I'm not worried about my age, either," Kate shrugs to Sadie, continuing to flip through the papers. "If Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton can run their own companies on the basis of being pretty and reality TV, I'm pretty sure I can turn seven years of experience helping people, extensive training from a decorated SHIELD agent, along with running a charitable organization, into keeping the Justice League functional."

She looks up from the papers, a faint smile curving. "I'm an archer in a world full of people who can lift busses and tear holes in the barriers between worlds, Ms. Sinclair. I thrive on being underestimated. Besides," she adds, looking to Strange and Ozymandias, "The point of the league is that we're a team. I'm not doing any of this alone."

"Interesting. Yes." Sadie smiles at Strange, "It has been since I volunteered for this position."

"Yes, Mister Oz. Well, yes and no. He has an issue with all of you as I have learned and will target what he thinks is weakness in anyone. I've called him out on it as I caught him doing the same to me. The man is an asshole but it is also his job. All I need from all of you is cooperation and an understanding that I am going to be around, I will not force myself out there unless I have to but I am appointed to be present so that certain status can be maintained by the Justice League and all of you continue to be recognized globally. The benefits that come with being UN chartered. That is the benefits you receive from us, I am not entirely sure what all SHIELD offered up or helped you with beyond intel and technicians but we will not be providing that at least not through the UN it will be from another idea I have which is expanding on your current sponserships. It is rumored several are corporate. I want to see if we can't get more… "
Obviouly she is happy to see the mentions of teamwork.

Strange nods, "many of the Justice League members bring unique resources to the organization, but we have also some altruist silent partners. Which should remain silent unless they are willing to step forward. I hope they are respected just as the identities of those heroes that want to keep them secret are respected."

"I hope whatever issue he has with me is a small one." Ozymandias peers over at Kate Bishop and half-jokes, "That is going to be a lot more watches for everyone until we get properly staff." Ozymandias taps his left foot as he starts to think. "Hhmm, we could probably use some more automation to complete some of tasks too." Were you thinking of asking for more corporations to help out wit Justice League?"

Ozymandias adds. "I am Ozymandias. I think anything relevant to know about me would be in my Justice League file. I am afraid I am not too interesting.

Jericho seems to have missed the big action. He saw it leaving though in something that could best be described as a huff. Government transport is always easy to pick out. It's those GV plates. The bulletproof glass is a fairly big giveaway too. "Seems like someone had quite the powwow." He calls from the edge of the storage dock as he approaches. Other concerns had prevented him from being here more or less 'on time' but he's still tracking this situation.

"The resources are an issue," Kate grimaces. "Like I said, transport, at the very least, is going to cause some complications. Surveillance is also significant. SHIELD has some serious resources in that department, and our response time is likely to suffer without access to them." Not that Oracle can't still get into them, but no need to mention that to strangers. "Hey, Aspect," she tips her chin up toward the hacker. "Mom and Dad are fighting, so they're taking away all our toys."

"They will remain silent. SHIELD never released me any names or contact information so if they are to continue offering aid to you it will not be through me, it will be through whomever handles such things currently. Unless of course I become trusted enough at some point to add them to my new portfolio I am collecting specifically for this purpose. A fresh push on the Justice League. One that doesn't unfortunately include the Avenger's Initiative assets that SHIELD was presenting the team. Which, were surprisingly not as utilized as they could have been beyond intel and perhaps transport, which hopefully we can do something about. I am largely not in the loop on much details involving the team. It has been kept quite secret."

"And Ozymandias, sorry if I kept calling you Mister Oz. Fury referred to you that way and it stuck. I do not believe any of the League are uninteresting I think that is why all of you are members…" A smile from the brunette in the glasses is given to Jericho as he arrives, her hand outstretched, "Nice to meet you, I am Sadie Sinclair the Justice League's new United Nations Special Representative."

Strange listens in silence, nodding at Kate's words. "But despite our resources SHIELD's databanks have been very useful in several occasions. Hopefully we will still have access, but…" he glances at the crates full of advanced electronics. "Well, I'll leave to the more technically inclined people to assess how much is the Justice League losing."

It is likely only a few minutes after Nick Fury stormed out of this meeting that another SHIELD agent arrives presumably to take his place. SHIELD and WAND agent May steps into the room and holds the door open for SHIELD biochemist Simmons to follow her, her eyes taking in the entire room and each individual already here. The young woman and middle-aged man unfamiliar to her are mentally noted, Trent and Bishop offered nods in greeting, and Ozymandias gets a briefly narrow-eyed glance. He seems familiar. She'll have to follow up on that later.

Leading Simmons to the table but letting her choose where she'd like to sit, Agent May takes the seat Fury vacated and looks at everyone again silently for a second before focusing on the UN Rep introducing herself to Trent.

It is likely only a few minutes after Nick Fury stormed away from this meeting that another SHIELD agent arrives presumably to take his place. SHIELD and WAND agent May approaches the impromptu meeting with SHIELD biochemist Simmons in tow, her eyes taking in each individual already here. The young woman and middle-aged man unfamiliar to her are mentally noted, Trent and Bishop offered nods in greeting, and Ozymandias gets a briefly narrow-eyed glance. He seems familiar. She'll have to follow up on that later.

Stepping into the small group as if she belonged here to begin with, Agent May looks at everyone again silently for a second before focusing on the UN Rep introducing herself to Trent. She hasn't crossed her arms yet. Maybe that's a good thing?

Simmons follows May towards the assembled people, offering a small tight smile to Jericho and Kate and a glance for Ozymandias. For a change, the Bio Chem doesn't have her field kit in hand, she was told it was a simple meeting. Seems that it might be. As May settles and doesn't cross her arms, Jemma stops behind her and introduces herself. WHAT? one of them really should talk! "Dr Jemma Simmons SHIELD R&D, Ms Sinclair."

"Hey, so, if management is changing, that means I can ask for a raise, right?" Kate asks with a sunny smile, hopping off the crate she'd claimed earlier to pass the folder full of files to Jericho. She says something under her breath as she does, though she still looks cheerful as she turns back to the others.

"I thought I was allowed to become a member, because the other Hawkeye wanted to saturated the League with archers." Ozymandias smiles, "Mister Oz, Oz, or Ozy is fine. I prefer Ozymandias, and I am really the uninteresting one of our little group. I am like Peter Lawford of the Rat Pack. Seriously, who really went to see Peter Lawford."

Ozymandias looks over at the SHIELD agents that just arrived, then back to Kate. He just shakes his head before asking Ms. Sinclair. "Send me an email with any questions that you might have, and I will do my best to answer those questions. I would also like to hear about any ideas you have about meeting our needs in wake of SHIELD's absence."

Jericho chuckles a little dryly. Politics. Always, politics. "Nice to meet you Miss Sinclair. Aspect." He says by way of introduction as he pages through the files. He's scanning them… in more ways than one. Hey, he'll have some good bathroom reading for a bit.

"Well at least you'll still have the Watchtower and Javelins. That'll alleviate some of the transportation issues. Speaking of those did Ozymandias talk to you about getting Hawkgirls personal transport down here?" He glances between Ozymandias and Kate for a moment before going back to the files. After a few minutes he hands them back and murmurs something low to Kate.

"Hello May. Simmons." Jericho doesn't know Strange except from the files but nods in greeting to the man.

A sidestep and quizzical look towards Agent May from Mrs. Sinclair and she continues to talk, SHIELD Agents… some of them are just weird. "Doctor Simmons, nice to meet you."
"Many of your questions I cannot answer right away not until I have access to more but wait, you were paid for this? I didn't realize. I thought you were all volunteers."
Wayne Enterprises and several other corporations who sponser the JLA actually pay them as well. That is not common knowledge, however. The money just shows up on the JLA credit cards each month.
"Aspect, hello."

"I am going to leave these documents with you, Hawkeye. I imagine your team has a lot to discuss and I must catch up Director Fury about several things. I will be in touch with all of you, please, my number is on that file. Add me. Contact me and I will be there."

A quick wave to everyone and the woman takes off in a heel clacking run, "Excuse me, Agent! Excuse me. Can you flag down, Ni- Director Fury!" The click-clack of her heels audible off in to the distance as she tries to run down the SHIELD's #1. She might be in over her head. Maybe. Or the League is in over theirs…

Melinda May watches the woman chase off after Fury, then looks at everyone in the little gathering again. "If the Watchtower and Javelins aren't adequate transportation, SHIELD can and will still provide transport." She then gives the contact name for who at SHIELD can arrange transport for the JLA, looking at Jericho as she does so, knowing if anyone will remember and utilize the information (even if only on the behalf of others here), it would be Aspect.

Sinclair runs off, and Kate leans back against a crate, scrubbing a hand over her face. "I'm trying to remember what the benefits of being affiliated with governmental organizations were," she admits to the other members of the league, setting the files down next to herself. "Strange, Ozy, thanks for handling this until I could get here."

Jericho snorts. "Red tape and all the bad chow hall food you can eat in exchange for not occasionally being hunted down." Which is unpleasant. The ex-soldier has spent time on the run, granted not from a government organization per se, but it's still not pleasant. He accepts the contact number from May though… he has hers. They still work together often enough. Amusing when you recall that the first time the two met, he was being arrested and interrogated.

"If Ozymandias hasn't mentioned it, Kate, we need to get Hawkgirl's ship. I think it can find her. Something about being able to pick up a particular metal signature. It's up at the Watchtower right now, I believe."

Watching the woman chase after Fury, Simmons looks a little bemused. "Aspect." she returns the greeting. Hearing May's offer, Simmons eyebrow raises and she adds her own sentiments. "The same if you require any lab work done." Or field work, but the biochem doesn't offer that.

" Ozymandias nods in agreement with Aspect, "I think it has something to do with only having to testify when you blew up a nuclear powered craft compared to having people hunt you down with weapons. Bureaucrats normally know where the best pastry shops and golf courses are in the world, so there's that too.

Ozymandias peers over at Aspect, "I sent her a message with the details." Ozymandias turns to Hawks, "No problem, I was in the area, and I thought it was a good time to spend my day. How often do you get to spend time with SHIELD, the UN, and the new Department of Extranormal Operations operative?

Strange has been quiet for a while, but now he speaks again, mainly addressing Kate. "We can obtain all kinds of useful information and support by keeping good relations with the government. So I have to advice for diplomacy and patience and not snarky comments or posturing. We have to be better than that." Even if it is tough. It is not so easy for someone as arrogant as strange to tolerate petty bureaucrats. "Sinclair seems reasonable, but I have to note her discussion with Lord might have been staged. Colonel Fury warned us, I have known him for decades and his warning are always very accurate."

Then he turns to the others, "a spaceship can't reach Apokolips. At least not a normal spaceship. It is not in this universe. However, I believe one of the artifacts used to open the gateways is still fully functional and on Earth. I will share what I know later this evening."

"I didn't say it could reach it, I said it could find Hawkgirl." Jericho shakes his head. Someone's not listening. "Reaching it is another problem, and one I'm not going to deal with now since it's moot until we know where they flipping are."

"Well, at any rate, sounds like you've got some rocky times ahead. You know how to get ahold of me if you need me." The hacker gives Kate and Morien a wave, nods to May and Jemma and heads on out.

"Hey," Kate interjects. "Play nice, kids. Let's not let the nice, probably duplicitous government agents get under our skin." Hopping down off the crate, she tucks the files under her arm. "I haven't eaten in, like, a day and a half or something, I think, so I'm going to grab some food on my way back to the Hall. If anyone gets a lead on opening up transit to this place, let me know, we'll send drones, then we'll pull together a team."

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