Charitable Discussions

October 25, 2015:

Melody meets with Morien at Umoja Tower to discuss the upcoming M-Town Charity.

Umoja Tower


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The security guard at the front desk has Melody stand in front of the camera as it takes her picture. As her badge printed out, he eyes her from head to toe in that creepy way that some men believe is flattering. "So what sort of business are you in? You don't look like the normal person we get at this time of night." Her security badge is finished printing and he places a clip. "Finishing signing in, and make sure you have your badge on at all times. The elevator will not open on floors you do not have access too, and make you return the badge back here.

Melody was dressed in her Sunday best. Incubus band shirt worn with black washed denim jeans and a pair of chucks. Hair looked alright, pincurls tugged back into a single ponytail that highlights her brown eyes that seemingly glow in the flash of the light. Perhaps it was a trick of it. She reaches out to take the badge, her shoulders lifting a little bit high, the question does have her a little alarmed but she tries to play it off as shy. "Well.. I'm in the video gaming business. I only come out at night because I have this really weird sun allergy." She chuckle-snorts, her head bobbing left and right as she clips the badge to her top. "Ok ok, badge on, got it. Goin' up, alright?"

Awkward waves abound as she makes her way towards the elevator, pressing the button which allows the doors to slide open and a second button which would bring her to Mr. Washington's floor.

When the elevator opens to the third floor to the top, it reveals a high technological business suite. There are several large screen computer monitors and televisions on the wall. There is a small conference table next to television and monitors. The rest of suite has more of relaxing atmosphere. There are a trio of sofas and couches centered around a small glass coffee table. The room is filled with a variety of art mostly the Impressionist. There is also a ebony marbled bar. There is a stairway that leads to the second floor further in the room. Music fills the room, medley of Billie Holiday and Sammie Davis Jr.

Morien calls out to Melody from the area of the sofa's, "Ms Kenway, How are you? I must offer my apologizes for being so busy. I hope you are well. Would you like something to drink?

As the elevator opens up and Melody steps off, she's greeted with supreme fanciness that.. quite frankly, she couldn't have imagined in her wildest dreams. There was tons of technology that she could tap into, but she was attempting to be of the honest sort, especially when doing business with someone that may or may not possibly fall through. "Wow." Is all she could mutter, stepping into the room, immediately heading towards the sofa seat with a slight smile and a lift of a shoulder.

"Oh no, I'm okay. I don't drink much anyways." At this point, it does nothing for her. The code stands up! "And it's alright, I've been a bit busy too with my own endeavors. But I've been doing well.. so.. I suppose we should get right to it?" And.. she helps herself to a seat there after.

Morien returns to his sofa and clasps his hands together. "So do you still want to do the benefit to help the mutant town. I think we were still in the beginning stages." Morien leans back in his sofa. "I was also thinking that I could bring enough support that would ease the tension among the humans at attendance, but I was wondering if you knew anyone among the mutants that would bring legitimacy to our cause if they vocally supported out efforts." Morien smiles. "I really think we would look less like outsiders if we had someone from among the mutants."

Melody takes in a deep breath then exhales slowly. "That's what I want to talk to you about." She props herself upright, elbows hanging upon her knees as her fingers press and splay against one another. "I'd still like to do the benefit, the charity, everything. But the motive or at least.. the reason has changed. Slightly." She quickly adds. Her hand lifts to rub a little at her face, just a touch troubled. "I honestly don't know anyone among the mutants that I could ask to show up.. um.." She thinks. "I know someone who could probably pass the word, maybe? But, I know if it's mutant town a lot of them will show up." And be on their best behaviour. Or she'll kill them in secret.

"I'd like to offer up myself as one of them but I highly doubt that anyone would recognize me."

"You would like to offer yourself up as a mutant?" Morien across the room where a harp is located and starts to pluck on the strings. He sits down in front of the harp as he starts to tune it. "I do not recall you telling me that you were a mutant, perhaps I just assume you were an outside that wanted to help them. Was the mistake mine?"

Morien plucks on one string, "Is that what you mean by the reason has change or is it something else?"

"Yeah." Melody affirms. "Mutants. Meta-Human, they're all really the same thing but with different titles. You know, pish posh crap." She leans back into the couch, one leg folded under the other as she stops to listen to the plucked chords, her head tilted just a touch. "I never tell anyone anything that isn't asked for, I guess I'm paranoid or private in that aspect."

She really didn't know what to say at this point. She still didn't know the full story, only that a dead man was now alive and she pretty much stole his apartment and now he's living there. Out with it, then?

"Something else." She states, slipping forward to stand and prepare to leave. She was sure she was going to be put out. "Well, the focus and the reason for the charity for M-Town is.. well.. he's not dead. He's actually alive. I don't know how but.. he's.. alive." Beat. "It doesn't make any sense to me either and I really don't know how but he's there."

Her statement about Shift being alive causes his fingers to strike the string with more pressure than the previous string, and it reverberates loudly in the room. Ozymandias was there when he died. Shift had reached the relic a few seconds before Ozymandias and shattered into light. He lets out a dry cough and goes back to plucking the strings. "Are you sure that he is alive?"

Ozymandias raises his right eyebrow slightly as he turns to face her. "And do you no longer care for what happens to M-Town now that he is alive?"

The harsh pluck of the string has her fingers reaching up to plug an ear, one eye winced as she settles back down into her seat. "Yeah, sure as the day is.. well, as the day can be an asshole, as my grandmother used to say." She lets out a little 'heh', then leans back upon the couch again, her jaw tense as she stares off for a few quick moments.

"No no no, that's not it at all. I figure that.. I told you my reasoning of wanting to do this and to use him in a way as a figure head, I might as well come clean about him being alive and relatively well. But M-Town, it's still his baby and everyone elses, and people go far and wide to protect that place. So why not me in my own way? I can't fight.."

Melody lied. Right then and there she lied.

"But I can donate and try to help build something."

Morien thinks he how built an academy in Africa to honor Shift's sacrifice. He turns back to the harp and tunes another string, "So your reason is tad less selfish, and more idealistic. Morien looks over his shoulder at her and gives her a soft wink to let her know he is joking. "I still think I can help unless there is something else I need to know about this person returning from the dead or not really being dead."

"I guess." Melody really didn't get the joke, she was socially awkward at that. Wink or no.. now she was starting to think he was flirting. Which made her cheeks turn a briht red. "I don't know. I mean.. there was a huge gap from when he was .. I don't know, resurrected? I haven't seen him and when I heard about it, it was maybe a month before I've actually laid eyes upon him myself.." Weird, right? All of it was.

"Either way, I don't think it'll have any bearings on what we're trying to do here. I could talk to my lawyer again to see whats what. But I think he would be okay with everything and give me the go ahead."

Morien notices her cheeks getting red and raises his left hand to try to cover his grin. He coughs a few times before he speaks, "That is extremely weird. I cannot even imagine someone coming back from the dead. I guess if someone can have wings like an angel, an a Norse God can walk around in the city, then I guess it quite possible that someone can come back from the dead. It is still weird."

Morien turns back and looks at the harp. There is a wicked grin on his face away from her amused with himself with his private joke, "Is he now able to always come back from the dead or is this just a one time thing? Morien finishes tuning the last string of his harp, and says. "Yes, please let me know what your lawyers says and send that information to me. I will have my lawyers look it over. Morien walks over to her and politely asks,, "You said you were a mutant or meta-human too? What is your power? If that is something you are allowed to ask?" Morien settles down on the sofa. "I am not sure if it is considered rude like asking someone's age?"

"Weird.. yeah." She shifts uncomfortably, rubbing a little at her cheeks to make the red go down. "Though they do say in the bible that Jesus rose after three days. Not to call him Jesus or anything but we could say that Jesus himself was a mutant." Then she points out.. "I was considered dead, still here.. though mine doesn't count as much." She lets out a little laugh, then leans back, watching him carefully even as he turns away. What was he doing over there?

"I could show you.." She finally says of her power. "But it would be a breach of security and you'd promptly have me thrown out due to my lack of impulse control." Her own little private joke. "I don't know if it's entirely rude. I've never really openly spoke about it. Though I can ask you your age and not feel a bit of bad about doing it."

"Now, you have my curiosity. You never took me as someone who suffers from impulse control, but you probably right." Morien says "I would probably have you locked up if you breach my security in some way, perhaps I can hire you to test my security from time to time." Morien settles down on the couch across from her. "I am only twenty eight, soon to be twenty nine. I am hoping to make this year's Most Interesting People under 30 list."

She would have told him that she was once a smooth addict, but smooth pretty much covered all of the drugs there was, but that was how she met Shift. Hooked on Smooth and nearly taking it by the fist-fulls. "Everyone suffers from impulse control, I guess it just depends on the vice." She does shift a little bit uncomfortably, her hand drawing up to rub along the back of her neck. "Yeah, I can probably do that job. I mean, more money is good money. I can retire once I hit forty and not have to worry about this working thing ever again."

She grins a little, then offers up a slight nod. "I think you'll make the list after this whole M-Town shindig. And if you're really serious about hiring me, we should probably wait until after. If people see me mucking about here more than usual they'll start to think things."

His eyes fall to his feet as she talks about vice and weary smiles appears on his lips, "Yes, it depends on the vice." Morien raises his shoulders in a shrug, "If I don't make the list, I guess that is not too bad. There is a powerful with noone knowing who you are I guess." Morien peers back at the harp, then back to Melody. "What sort of things? I guess if you muck around here too much, then people might not put me on this year's Most Eligible Bachelors of New York.

"My sentiments exactly." Melody snap-points towards Morien as she slowly draws herself to a stand. As he looks to the harp, she does as well, her brows lowering, a question lingering upon the air but it doesn't get asked. "Well, that sort of thing. People are going to say.. 'Oh, he found a nice little hood rat from the ghettos of Gotham and Brooklyn and he's trying to turn a hoe into a housewife type a deal." She laughs just a little, Melody has her own money but.. not the type of Morien Washington money. Cripes!

"And soon you'll never leave your office, you'll be ordering take out, and all of your secretaries are going to get upset and probably beat me to a bloody pulp in the alley way." She laughs again, then reaches down to grab her bag. "Meetings concluded, yeah? Unless you have something else?"

"First, I have a male executive assistant, and he is fifty-five, and has a pace-maker. He is not beating up anyone. Second, I am not really into living out an urban version of "My Fair Lady", and I don't employ people that hold such prejudices." Morien smirks, "Correction, I do not keep those in my employ that hold such prejudices. We have to discuss with the charity, so I assume we will be spending more time together. I prefer this place instead of M-Town until we get closer to the date of the charity. I hope you don't mind. Third, I enjoy your company, Melody. Perhaps, I will play my harp for you the next time you come, or maybe my horn."

Morien smiles, "At the very least, I can tell you where I am playing my horn at, when I do play in the city. Oh yes, I am at the yuppie that sneaks into an open mic night to jam, and I will be playing at the charity too. I am putting up money, so people will have suffer and listen to my music."

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