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October 24, 2015:

While at the Celtic exhibit, Lynwen and powered down Brian Braddock come across a scouting party of the Goblin King that is seeking out the sword makers, starting with Ard Draoi.

Met Museum


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The Met has seen more than it's fair share of activity lately, and with it's housing of artifacts, is it any wonder it draws in those type of events? While outside there is a British market going on, inside Brian Braddock is currently at the Celtic exhibit. Site of a recent robbery, the exhibit has just now reopened, with one of it's exhibits missing half of it's pieces.

He's currently not where the mirrors of Guinevere and Arthur were located at, instead he's trying to pass himself off as a tourist, studying a few early pieces of armor and pottery.

A student like any other students in the area walks into the exhibit. The student is female and she is not tall but she is not short. Her long golden hair has been braided and pinned up with golden combs around her neck she wears a heavy gold torque and around her arms are matching arm bands. She is dressed in jeans, walking boots and peasant blouse. Over her shoulder she is carrying a backpack. With her comes the sense of warmth and peace, a few of the artifacts in the exhibit awaken and begin to hum with magic. As her green eyes take in the sight of the artifacts there is amusement in her eyes. She leans in close to one display and squints at the writing explaining what it is and then she snorts with amusement and move forward towards another place. She passes Brian and clears her throat when she goes by the early pieces of armor and pottery. "Excuse me sir, but am I reading this correctly." She says carefully in English. Her accent is thick and sounds a bit Cornish at times and at other times it tries to pretend that it is Welsh. She points towards a description in one of the exhibits that is showcasing knives.

"Yes, I think you are, if you're asking if they were made sometime in the Arthurian times?" Brian responds to the young woman that comes to stand next to him. He offers her a warm smile, his own accent is distinctly British - though to her it might sound just as Welsh. He seems to be able to adapt easily to any tone that may be around him at the time as he studies the knives with her. "Though I would think that the daggers would be far more pointed and dulled along the sides - they were more to pierce the armor than to try to slice into it." he admits with a faint shrug of his shoulders.

While the two talk, the unbroken mirror emits a faint glow of light, and there's a whisper in the air.

"She's here.
The sword forger.
She's near.
The sword forger.
She'll hear.
She's not alone.
Nothing to fear."

A small portal pops into existence at the base of the display of the mirrors and small creatures, no taller than the knees of the two start to come out of the opening tunnel from Otherworld. Ugly little creatures with wide and flat heads, gnashed and broken sharp teeth, wrinkled, few hairs, large pointy ears. Their rountound bodies almost look like they should roll out of the portal. Otherworld goblins.

"We have found you sword maker, now you will come make our swords."

"They are done wrong, it is Roman for that time, is after all when Rome pulled out. Arthur rose from the ashes and many answered. Then came the Saxons after the fall of his kingdom." She says to Brian and she finds herself starting to speaking ancient Welsh it rolls off her tongue like she has been speaking it her entire life, there is comfort in the words and it can be seen in her expressive green eyes and in her excited gestures that he is speaking to her and at her. Realizing her mistake she blushes and looks sheepish for a moment before she begins to speak in English again. "I like history, to me it is like," she looks a little distant for a moment as she searches for the phrase. "Current events, thank you for your time, good Sir."

The hum of magic, the sense of it feeling of the Unseelie's magic as her turning her head towards the direction of the mirror. She can hear the words. She reaches out to take her companions arm. "Perhaps we should look in another direction."

She then hisses under breath in the tongue of homeland and mother. "Word did not get out, little buggers." The language is musical. When they step out of the mirror, she tries to tug her companion in a different direction. Her eyes take them in them and she offers the goblins a deep frown. That frown screams of disapproving mother or Druid. Her frown deepens as they speak and her eyes narrow.

When she touches his arm, she may very well feel even more familiar magic - the touch of Merlyn and Roma is upon this one. A deep frown crosses Brian's features as he steps back, while it may look like a retreat, he is actually putting himself between the goblins and her. "Are these part of the display?" he starts to ask innocently. And then she speaks his father's tongue. The Otherworldly tongue and homeland. The young man frowns suddenly as he's reaching behind him, his hand settling on her waist to guide her behind him. "I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Brian Braddock." he says quietly, using her own tongue.

Using his foot, he sweeps down one of the poles protecting the display and takes up the item as an impromptu weapon. "If you can arm yourself, may I recommend you do so, m'lady?" he asks.

Because she may feel it - he's not got access to his powers. The confidence of the hero is not present. Instead of Captain Britain, hero of the Isles and Otherworld, she's stuck with Brian Braddock, fledgling physcist, unless she has some way to bolster him and quickly.

A pair of Goblins draw out blades that look a lot more like the ones in the display. "We know you, Braddock. Give us the sword maker, we kill you quickly. No power you have here." As one of them approaches, he swats it hard with the pole and there's a resounding clang.

"Perhaps not.. but I shall defend her from the likes of you." he responds, swinging the pole back and forth like a cricket bat to protect the two of them.

There is surprise in her eyes and in her voice as she responds back to him when she hears him speak in tongue of his father. "Pleasure Brian I am Lynwen, I have not heard another speak fluently as you have since I have arrived, outside of Joshua whom I taught. How did you learn?" Her gaze goes to the goblins.

The surprise is replaced by amusement which is heard in her voice, "Are you breaking a pact?" This is said to the goblins. She continues to speak in that musical tongue, "Appearing where mortals can see you?" She is firmly behind the Brian. She then begins to draw upon magic. The magic is old and willing to come to her hand. She is not a happy woman. She then says to Braddock, "They bite, the wounds fester quickly." The a breeze picks up in the room and the other items left by thief are all but humming.

The wind gathers around her and Brian, it twists around and the smells of fall. She cries out a command and in her hand a spear of ice appears. She continues to chant as the five elements are called upon in their raw form and then that magic is gathered and offered to the champion. The power is gentle and pulses with life, it smells of winter, summer, autumn and spring. The air hums with it and shimmers. It is there for him.

She then addresses the Goblins. "Go back or you will be sent back, this is your last warning."

"He is not mortal. Not all mortal. But he will bleed like mortal." Just like Lynwen, they can sense the magic around Brian. For his part, the young man is holding his ground as he listens to her instructions. "Right." he says, giving a sharp nod of his head. "So don't let them get close enough to bite or scratch." It's a basic observation as he deflects away a goblin that tries to get in close to stab him in his side, a swatting motion to send the creature tumbling.

The whirling weapons and elements catch Brian off-guard. "…you are one of those related to the Lady of the Lake." he finally realizes, and feeling her bolstering spirit, the faint glow of the forcefield that surrounds him starts to go stronger. "You shall not go further, nor will you be taking the Lady.." Brian orders in the mother tongue, far more forcibly. "She is under the protection of the Corps until she is seen safely to the Knights of Pendragon." he rumbles, the powers of Captain Britain slowly starting to reignite within the young man's spirit - powered by the Amulet of Right deep witin his chest.

His own magic mingles with hers. It's very familiar, warm, close enough to form pacts and bolster her own powers along with his, increasing her abilities. While he does not need the pole anymore, he holds onto it for appearances sake as one of the goblins tries to make a leap for Lynwen and he steps in the way, his forcefield absorbing the blow before slamming it into the ground, cracking the marbling as he does so.

"My father and on my own, m'lady." he responds to her. "Joshua is your husband?" It's an honest question to ask, as with his increase in powers, his skills start to return as well, spinning the pole around to bring it down in a more defensive posture. "There is but a couple left. I believe that they have thought to caught you alone, m'lady."

"This is mortal lands and there for the because of the nature of the Pact you have broken it." She calls out to them and there is no anger in her voice, just disappointment. She then address the champion, "No, I am not alone they just assume. Many do, I am never alone, I have the five with me." She is frowning as she takes her spear and sends it flying at one of the goblins. The spear shines in the light and when it pierces one of goblins it turns them to ice. The one that leaped bounces back and falls back to the earth. The magic moves and twists with his. It is there and strong. Eager like a puppy to be summoned and used, "They most likely, they know better to come to the island I claim." She adds another sharp command is called out. The earth beneath their feet begins to move and the marble reaches out to grab at the remaining goblins.

From the portal, the Goblin King watches the events unfold, as his scouts are decimated. "The sword forger is protected by the Champion of the Mortal Isles. Retreat!" he says, and then sneers towards the woman as he starts to step back through to his lines. "You, who breaks pacts by running to the mortals dare to address me on such things. You will belong to me, swordstress. And you will make more than swords for me." he says, a mocking cruel laughter and tone to his voice.

He steps into the portal, closing it behind him, and leaving his poor scout team out for destruction. The ice pierces, the earth claims. As they are defeated, now that the magic has been cut from them from Otherworld, they collapse into piles of dirts on the floor, defeated between the strikes of Captain Britain and Lady Lynwen.

It is a much shorter battle now, and once they are done, Captain Britain sets down the pole and draws in a few breaths, not only as a refresher, but more to absorb the very closeness of the familiar magic that Lynwen allows, it recharges him - breathes in new life and power. "I thank you, Lady Lynwen.." Brian offers as he finally relaxes, turning his attention to the young woman. "..I do not believe I would have done half as well without your presence."

"You have done well, you had the warning of not letting them bite you." She looks at the chaos that is around them and frowns. "I think we should disappear from here. Also just Lynwen, Or Ard Draoi, I am one of the Lady's, but I am not a Lady in the sense of esteemed birth. My mother was one of her druids, my father a druid, too most likely." She nods her head. "Are you okay? This world is funny and he is wrong I can talk to him about pacts, they have forgotten then again much has been lost." She shakes her head. "You fight well, who is your mother and father?" She asks him. There is curiosity in her voice. She waves a hand and the wind and earth begin to clean up the mess, the marble is knitted back together as if it was never cracked. She is starting to head out the door. She is also still talking in her native tongue.

"My parents have since passed on.. they were Sir James and Lady Elizabeth.." Brian explains, watching the repairs around him, and it's still surprising to him. It's one thing to have magic-powered abilities and skills - it is something else to see someone that has total control of her magicks well in hand. "I should return to my quarters for now, but I will be in the city shall you wish to talk, you may speak to either me of my handler." he says, offering a card with Betsy's contact information on it. "Thank you again, Ard Draoi, I find myself in your debt and I will endeavour to repay it." With that, like she suggested, he is already making his way out of the museum, before they ban him from the blasted place.

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