Contact The Political Leaders

October 22, 2015:

Ulani goes to find Rowan to discuss the Lord Of The Deep threat

New York


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Ulani has sought Rowan out … where the dragon suns himself … out in New York Harbour. There's a number of things happening around her and the trip to Los Angeles may be weighing on her. She's still a little way away from his sunning spot - she hopes he's there, although she had sent him a message to let him know she was coming.

It might be telling that she's wearing her normal Blue clothing, she knows she has to blend in but … she needs something familiar.

Rowan had traveled back from Los Angeles but only briefly to see to a few things and then he's headed back. It's a long flight and he can't make too many of them. Besides he's expecting to see Ulani there soon and she could hydroport at any time. When she approaches him on his sunning rock he's… a bit understandably surprised.

Ulani had expected to hydraport the group of them, Blue and Atlanteans, to the waters near Los Angeles. As she approaches the Dragon Blue, she slows her pace "Dragon Warrior, are you well?" she winces slightly "I will transfer to Los Angeles soon. I find myself, unusually unsettled at the moment." Maybe that's fair given all the changes happening in her life. She hadn't remembered he was heading to LA already… but now she does "Did you find anything of use in this Los Angeles?"

Rowan looks over from his sunning and stretches his wings. "Unsettled? Yes, I did actually. There was another blood ritual there. More mutants. Whatever they're up to they are using mutant blood and I have to think in some numbers whether communing with their god or just… summoning monstrosities. We need to put a stop to this and quickly."

That the Blue Envoy admits that she is unsettled, certainly says something. She trusts the Blue Warrior at the very least. "More mutants… that is unfortunate. I have advised people within the mutant community that this is occuring. Perhaps the 'supply' will slow down." She doubts it, Mutants are really quite numerous. "Given what you know, what do you recommend to stop this?"

"Were this back home, covert action to find the leaders of the cell network and shut it down from the top. Infiltrating it will be next to impossible given our time frame. But, since we're not back home, er, my home, I recommend that you contact the Blue and work with Atlantis to stage a full intervention… and… honestly, this may be a good time for a small 'coming out' to the surface. Contact the political leaders in Los Angeles. Alert them to the threat." Rowan shrugs. He's not a politician. Or a general.

"Uh…" Rowan has actually stumped Ulani. What he says makes sense, but Surface politics, the revelation of the Blue… she had hoped for so much longer. "I will take your recommendations to our people." our people, not hers "but I can't guarantee they will agree with it. I will be most strident though." From everything the Blue female has seen of Surface media… it won't be a small coming out.

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