Feral In M-Town

October 23, 2015:

Purifiers target M-Town again but are distracted by …. something (emits by Mana)

M-Town - New York


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M-Town always seems to be unsettled. Between Purifiers, Evil Water Cults and … well just being M-Town, there's always something going on.

The X-Men are aware of The Purifiers and Reavers… they should also be aware of the Water Cult and it's plans - X-Red have been keeping the other X-Teams updated on that.

So it's probably not such a shock when a group of twelve, well armed people, come marching up a residential street, shooting anything that moves.

What might be a shock is the howl in the background as … something else draws closer.

The X-Teams will get the alert that there's "Something Bad (TM)" happening in M-Town.

Kadaro had been in mutant town. He in general liked the place. Sure it had it's down falls like all the evil people trying to kill folks, have cults or cause trouble, but otherwise was quite nice. And it was rather peaceful untill he saw the group of 12 armed men. He looked 'normal' today as he wasn't expecting to be doing anything dangerous, but it seems that was about to change.

It hasn't been long since Oliver has returned from his trip overseas. He needed some time to get his bearings and while he's had plenty of practice, he's not ready to show up in Gotham with a dozen tulips and a smile. 'Yo Bats, I'm back, can I play?'. So instead of instantly returning to the old haunts and stomping grounds, he decided to try a new area. Like a new pair of pants. Try it on, see how it feels. Make sure it doesn't grab you too hard in the crotch or feel wrong in the butt.

The sound of gunshots are familiar to the hooded archer as Green Arrow bounds along the rooftops, using a couple of grappling arrows to clear the wider expanses of the buildings to make his way to the front of the column, though he remains on the roof. After all, going down there to take on all twelve at once? That would be a problem.

Seven? That he could handle. But twelve is right out.

Reaching into his quiver, Ollie feels around and pulls out a smoke bomb arrow first. Easier for dealing with them if you cut them off at the pass. Aiming the arrow just ahead of the front of the column to release.

It smacks into the ground and with a hiss, starts to billow smoke forth to screen further targets from the shooters.

Drawing a second arrow, he sends it towards the back of the leg of the very front shooter, looking to slice into his calf muscles and tendons and send him to the ground.

"Hey guys!" he calls down from the rooftops, allowing his voice to echo, "..didn't they tell you that this was a no-indiscriminate-shooting zone. I'm afraid I'm going to see all of your licenses and registrations!" Even as he calls out his taunt, he's starting to pull another arrow. He knows he's about to draw fire with his aggro.

Lunair looks M-town. Kinda. She's grown close to some of the residents. She promised Magneto she would look after it. And she does bring groceries to a few of her friends, as well as just generally patrolling around. She decides that on hearing gunfire, it is time to return the favor.

In power armor, Lunair swoops in, swinging her shockwave staff in the middle of them. BOWLING FOR BIGOTS!

Normally, Betsy doesn't have much consideration for humans. Even highly skilled ones. It's not that she's racist, but it's hard to take someone seriously as a threat when you can kill from utter silence and distance with your mind, at will.

That said, she's somewhat impressed by Ollie's accuracy and speed of fire. She can respect the effort required to attain that level of martial discipline, if nothing else.

Betsy ghosts in behind Lunair's very electrifying, very distracting attack, staying in the shadow of her wake. Without consideration for the smoke Betsy leaps into the fray, lashing out with her fists and legs to disable and disarm. She might not look like a mutant, even in bodysuit and halfmask, but she's moving a bit too gracefully to be anything less than perfect.

The armed group is very well armed. Those that know will see that it's military grade equipment they are using and the fact that they don't break formation when Ollie's arrow starts belching fire belies just how good their training is. What they do though is turn their automatic weapons in his direction, spraying bullets everywhere — there's his licence and registration that's he's requested.

Which is when Lunair's shockwave hits, knocking three to the ground … they're… down but not out… until Betsy pummels them and two more. Now… there are Seven.

In the background, that howl gets louder - it's getting closer and quickly … and there's more than one, it seems.

As the local heroes rush in for the rescue, Ollie smirks as he notices the two. "If you want, I can sit this out - you know, order a pizza, wait for the smoke to clear and you've laid waste to everyone here. But that sounds absolutely dull."

So instead of doing that, he keeps an eye out on the two women, playing overwatch. "On your nine, Iron Lady. Iron Girl? Steelwoman? Maybe something like Steel and Velvet with your companion there." he says towards Lunair, loosing a tranqulizer arrow on a target that was trying to draw a bead on her as he starts to reach back for another arrow, ducking back from a wild spray of automatic fire before he makes his way forward again.

"Uh. Who let the dogs out?" he asks as he notches another arrow. Sure, there is indeed seven, but the two women seem to have them well in hand.

In the chaos, Kadaro form shifts quickly, covering his identity. Still humanoid it seem like he is wearing some modern full body armor his face hidden as well. Kadaro now Rustung charge into the formation intending to tackle two of the people in the group closest to him. He has to wonder where there a pizza joint in Mutant town "Huh didn't know they had pizza" he says before he goes on "You can ask the archaic archer about it latter. Bullets first unneeded food consumption latter" he groans "FIne fine" and tackling he goes paying mind not to accidently tackle Betsy and Lunair while he at it

Lunair doesn't seem ruffled by military equipment. More to blow up or ki— okay, there's people who object to killing here. Lunair is sort of impressed because holy crap, fire arrow and also good shot! She is glad Betsy is there once she figures it out, but Lunair is busy. She's got power armor.

"Well, okay. I was gonna use C4 but that makes people grumpy." Was that a joke? It could be. It's hard to tell with Lunair's problems expressing emotions. "Doggies?" Lunair seems somewhat hopeful. She likes dogs.

Nevertheles, she pauses. "Thanks. And um. I'm figuring out a new codename. I think Iron Whatever is copyrighted." And lawyers? Are scary. Nevertheless, Lunair is going to take another swing at the next nearest gaggle, mindful of the Betsy(TM) and Kadaro. She seems to be working on keeping her armor up and being a giant bother.

Betsy whips her head around, eyes narrowing, and parries a punch without needing to look. ~Lunair. We have incoming from the south. I think we need to get off the street,~ she projects, in the calm tones with which she does everything.

"Off the street!" she barks, her instincts twinging at the nape of her neck. "Quickly now!" She throws a few more smoke bombs at her feet with a ninja's celerity and starts trying to get Lunair and Kadaro moving towards Ollie's position, sensing if not a friendly then at least a temporary ally.

Ollie might not want to sit this out, one of the Purifiers takes a distinct dislike to his quips and focusses their intense firepower on him.

Kadaro takes down one who tries to fight back, he's going to have his… hands full for a moment.

Betsy and Lunair take down two more…

And that leaves four….

Four who turn their attention their on the heroes…

The source of the howls become obvious in a moment, a group of … werewolves? No… not just werewolves … mutants as well. Betsy may be able to tell that these mutants are feral and they're intent on the Purifiers in front of them. Are they allies?

"Better than Overcompesation Gal." Arrow points out as he notches the new arrow and prepares to fire. "Whoa, got another friendly down there." he reports to the two women, sending an arrow down that when it strikes the armor, sends an electrical burst throughout the attacker, working on stunning him.

At Betsy's barked order, Ollie stops chosing dsicminately, instead he draws a pair of smoke arrows to add to the chaos and confusion that the ninja is creating with her own smoke bombs.

When the Werewolves arrive, Ollie arches a brow above his mask. "…is this London?" he asks noone in particular, even as he notches a sonic screamer arrow, just in case they're not friendly.

"Ever wonder it was like to get caught between the Earps and Clantons at the OK Corral? We mixing it up in this dance, ladies?"

Well a fighter is a fighter. Rustung says frankly "Well, apparently dancing is like fighting" he muses as he wrestle with the Purifier. And then he remember he has super strength and well let face it a regular human punches does nothing to the mutant/alien. SO he takes a hand and wraps it around the Purifier neck and squuzes hard enough to cut off air but is careful not to actualy kill the man. He nods to Betsy and he soon shifts becomming nearly invisible. He looks to where the howls are. This was going to be intrsting "You know C4 may not be a bad idea" he says thinking of lunair. "Are you crazy. These builing and people are not nearly as durable" he blinks "Oh, right. We sometimes forget that"

DOGGIES! Okay, wolfies. Whatever. Lunair doesn't think about it for now. A pause. "Okay, fair." Lunair will do as Betsy asks. She takes off into the air, easily enough. She'll move towards where she's being nudged. « Okay, » This is fair. And then there's woofs! "A what and a what?" Ollie confuses Lunair. Someone lives under a rock.

Nevertheless, it's time to resume bothering the fighters. Dismissing the staff, it's time fooooooooor- the Blamethrower. Start a slapfight!

Betsy helps Lunair and Rustung get up onto the roof near Ollie, then looks over her shoulder at the smoke and swirling, confused melee. She gets a two-step start and runs up six feet of building, grabbing the edge of the rooftop and hauling herself up effortlessly.

"Feral mutants," Betsy advises the others calmly, voice faintly muffled by the red silk covering the lower part of her face. "I think they're bersekergang- mad with bloodlust. Listen to them," she says, tilting her head towards the baying howls. There is nothing animal about it- it's all cruel savagery, not natural hunger and excitement. "They'll kill anyone they meet, mutant or not. Best to let our enemies grind each other to dust for us."

She glances at Ollie. "…why do you have a bow?"

"I'd use a spoon, but it hurts more." Ollie responds as he draws back the arrow. "Cover your ears, this is going to be loud." he comments as he lets the arrow loose. It slams into the ground, reverbs and suddenly /SHRIEKS/ in a massive blast of overloading sonic waves, shattering the windows within the block, breaking anything glass related, and hopefully overloading the sensitive ears of the mutant werewolves and the armor of the Purifiers.

The last of the Purifiers drop … Kadaro knocking one out, the arrow fixing the others.

The Werewolves and feral mutants … aren't about to run riot. They had been uniquely focussed on the Purifiers … at least until Ollie's arrow went off. The Wolves and mutants all cover their ears … the Shrieker hurts … and they actually whine.

Recovering, slowly, the leader of the group, a huge Wolfman, looks over to the heroes, eyes narrowing. He's not attacking… Betsy might detect that he's considering it, but he's holding his action as he waits to see what the group will do next.

Perhaps attacking them is not the right thing to do.

Well that shieker dosn't just work on Purifiers and wolfmen. It has a /sever/ affect on Rustung. He cover his 'ears' seeming in extreame pain. Pain enough to make him go from nearly invisible to visible. He stumbles back while the sonic attack is going off. The symbiote that acts as his costume and clothes begins to retreat into Kadaro. They were very young in their bond and well sonics were one of their major weaknesses as Kadaro human half is finding out in a very painful way. Well needless to say his 'secret' identy won't be so secret as he falls onto the pavement of the roof. His heart was racing and he wasn't moving so much, might take a few moments to recover.

Notching another arrow, Ollie frowns. "Why don't you go back home, have some kibble, talk it out." the archer offers as he rises to his feet. "This isn't the time or place to go about killing each other. Or anyone else. I have plenty more where those came from."

Lunair blinks. Her eyes widen. "Hi Mister Wolf! I remember you! You helped last time. Thank you," She wavewaves. "I can buy you some meat, but the people here object to killing, if that's okay. It's good to see you. Please ignore Mr. Arrow. He's very excited to use arrows," Or at least, that's what Lunair things. "I bet he has an electric lute."

There's awe and curiousity. Sure, Lunair knows the Hawkeyes but that doesn't mean she really /gets/ archery. Fortunately, Lunair's power armor is noise proofed after a mishap with a guy chucking flash bangs around. She looks to Betsy and nods. "I am made of meat," She states sagely.

Betsy ducks sideways and covers her head. It's not loud, it's LOUD, and even her training isn't helping her manage that level of discordance and pain. It takes her a few precious moments to regain her equilibrium, and she does so only in time to brace Ollie, trying to grip his arm.

"Do not," she says, in her sternest of British elocutions. "If you attack the Purifiers, then you'll mark us to the ferals. If you attack the ferals, they'll abandon their hunt and attack us— and the Purifiers will have little qualm about abandoning us to our fate or peppering us with automatic fire from afar." She stares daggers at him. "Attacking them now will just put /all/ of us at risk."

The Purifiers are all down. They'll need to be seen to… police will need to be called etc etc etc.

The band of feral mutants are slowly recovering from the Shrieker and fanning out behind the big wolfman, who looks between the four heroes before lifting his chin to Rustung "See to him." it rumbles. The look it lands on Ollie is… condescending… like he recognises then Archer is nothing more than human.

If he recognises Lunair, he doesn't show it, but Betsy gets an appraising look at her comments and he 'chuffs', a slightly amused sound. With a gesture to the others, they all turn and start to walk away… and with one last look at the group, so does he. Turning his back as he departs.

"Better us than each other and whoever gets caught in the crossfire, lady." Ollie says, meeting Betsy's glare evenly and not backing down as he holds his arrow in a ready to fire position. It is only when they leave, that he finally lowers the arrow, and he turns his attention directly to the ninja woman.

"Looks woman, you may want to sit back, have some popcorn and watch the bloodbath of the week, but that's not how it's done when you're really trying to make a difference." he gestures to the Purifiers. "We aren't them. No matter how much you may want to be, I'm not. And if you are, you can just carry your cute little ass on back out of here on the power armor you rode in one."

Kadaro groans and is very slowly recovering, his head was pounding as he slowly tries to sit up. Dizzy wasn't even the world to describe it. He really wouldn't describe it, this was one of the first time he even felt a downside to being one with his symbiote. He looks to the other three heros dazed by dosn't say anything, their words only half heard by the mutant symbiotic pair. Though he does managed to speak somewhat "Wha….. wah…was…va..vat?" he stammers out before laying back down.

Lunair hops down and over to Kadaro, confused. Well, her confusion would be evident if her black visor were open. "Huh?" She seems baffled. "Well, okay. She can ride if she wants to. But she didn't ride in on me." She's baffled. Nevertheless, she offers. "It was a really weird arrow," She offers. "Are you okay?" She offers to help prop him up. "Or to give you some tylenol?"

Betsy stares at Ollie. She honestly can't remember the last time someone mouthed off to her like that. It was probably Scott, and she found it… rather intensely infuriating. It didn't end well.

Betsy's hand arcs out, but instead of a slap, she aims to cold-cock Ollie with a right cross. She's a bit too fast to be human, and with that perfect precision of someone who has spent literally a lifetime training in martial disciplines.

And she uses her telekinesis to cheat a bit, too.

"Thank you. I /know/ it's a cute arse," she says, primly. She looks over to Lunair without quite taking her eyes off Ollie. "Does he need medical attention? Dos… sie brauchen krankenhaus?" she says in a bit halting but quite urbane German, not quite placing his accent.

Betsy's good. Ollie's just as good. What should have been a knock-out punch from the ninja instead is just a glancing blow as the Arrow accepts it across the corner of his jaw and rolls his head to pull out of the way. Even with the cheat, and the pull forward, he manages to take most of the sting out of the punch as he rolls and comes back to his feet.

She may have a lifetime of training, but he is a very very quick study. He reaches up and rubs his chin. "Now if you'd shown that type of dedication in the battle down there, lady, perhaps we'd never had a problem with the wolves to begin with." he points out to her before he pulls out a grappling arrow. "It's also an arse that needs the pole pulled out of it. Unless that's your thing." he says as he fires the arrow and slings out across the rooftops and on his way.

Lunair is checking on poor Kadaro. "Do you want a ride back?" That is to Betsy, providing Kadaro does not need a ride, too. "Bye strange forest green arrowman!" Uh oh. Ollie should introduce himself sometime before that becomes his permanent name to Lunair.

Kadaro is still disoreinted as he get to his feet. The symbiote begins to come back out and coat him rendering him decent again. "No. Vee vill be fine" the symbiote has completly taken over, since his human counter needs time to adjust to the shock. His voice was devoid of emotion as if guarded. Hospitals weren't a good thing for them. Soon they fade as they blend into the enviroment, time to go before the safty of his host was jeopdersise more then what is needed

Betsy, being more than a little familiar with this particular brand of symbiote, offers Kadara a willing hand up. "Ich… habe einenfruend … schwarz," she says, in that slightly limited German. She nods at his chest, where the symbiote clings to his skin. "Er kann ilhnen helfen?"

She watches Ollie arrow away, eyes narrowing and a bit suspicious. "Lucky bastich," she mumbles, under her breath.

Lunair is checking on poor Kadaro. "Do you want a ride back?" That is asked to Betsy, as Kadaro seems to be wanting to go. "Bye strange forest green arrowman!" Uh oh. Ollie should introduce himself sometime before that becomes his permanent name to Lunair.

Kadaro dosn't leave quite yet as Betsy speaks outloud, sure they were practicly invisible at this point but it made them wonder. He speaks fluently in german, it's clearly their native tongue "Welche Art von Hilfe Sie zu beziehen?" there a note of distrust. Not all symbiotes are…. good so he has to wonder.

Betsy struggles, not quite able to get the words together in German. "Ach… die est…" she exhales. "Damn. He's a /friend/, ein freund," she tells Kadaro. "He knows about this." She pokes the suit. "You are alone here? He can help you."

She nods at Lunair's offer, quickly. "Yes, let's do get on out of here before the Purifiers return… or the wolves."

With a last glance at Ollie, then a glare at the backs of the departing enemies, she helps Lunair get Kadaro off the roof and into a safe ride away from M-town, to wherever he wants to go.

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