Cougar Control

October 24, 2015:

A magical disturbance has a Magi, Wolf and Shaman descending


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It's not recorded by mortal history but the natives of the Americas were very advanced civilizations prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Not technologically perhas, not in the Northeast anyway, but in many other ways. Their understanding of the flows of the land, it's health and it's energy was unrivaled at the time. In many ways it still is.

Because there are few 'caretakers' left and because modern society is what it is, it's not unheard of for 'things' to crop up. Things like angered nature. Many 'Fortean events' have their genesis in spirits weakened abused and ignored to the point of violence. Which isn't to say that spirits aren't violent to begin with but…

It's cats, this time. Big ones. Cougars are not at all common in the Northeast but there have been a rash of sightings outside White Plains in the past week or so. Zoologists are baffled and the animals seem damnably hard to track. It was just a curiosity until the first dead hikers turned up yesterday.

That got attention. Wildlife experts, park rangers and Fenris. Of those, Fenris is the only one who knows these are probably not flesh and blood animals. He's out in the wilderness tracking them now.

He may not be the only one who knows though. Spirits whisper and disturbances propagate. They come to the ears of those attuned to the path of the Shaman or those attuned to the ley lines.

Death and actual spiritual involvement is not a particularly common thing considering the numbers. When it does happen it's noticed by someone or osmething. This someone this time around happens to be Ripclaw.
Almost in casual stroll he walks through the patchy wooded area of White Plains he'd first caught scent and 'feel' of the supposed wild cat presence. A tee shirt, worn flannel jacket with a hood and under sweater along with jeans and cowboy boots. Not exactly a super hero costume or the stereotypical expected attire of a man like Robert Berresford.

Of course Zee senses it … the disturbance. She's been paying attention to these things for a while now … it's part of her duty to the world.

Appearing with a soft 'pop' sound, in the lee of the trees, somewhere close to where Robert is roaming, Zee scans the area with her magical senses before sending through her leyline pendulum Fenris, I'm at White Plains, somethings happening here. Given what she's sensing, Fenris is likely the best one to call on.

I'm already here. Fenris murmurs back to Zee. We have company though… company I think I recognize…

Fenris hops down off a ledge and appreaches Ripclaw. He's a park ranger himself and he's lived here a long time. He knows these woods. And he knows Ripclaw's scent. It's interesting…

"I shouldn't be surprised to see you out here but I am a bit. You hunting the spirits?"

Reflexively the blades where fingers were sprout from Ripclaw's hands upon Zee's arrival but their elongation pauses at realization of who it is.
"The witch." He muses loud enough she can hear him only to slow turn and glance at Fenris as well, "And the swordwolf." A light curl at the nostrils and Robert inhales before speaking, "Following yes. I have yet to see, however so I am merely playing along until it gives more signs. The two of you here is tell enough though, isn't it?"

Approaching Ripclaw and Fenris once she's made, she looks slightly amused "Zee." she reminds the shaman. Fenris, of course, gets a hug from the teen and she looks over to Ripclaw again "I sensed a disturbance, yes." The blue eyes grow concerned "and thought to check it out."

Fenris returns the quick hug. "They're real enough, yes. And not far from here." He's not saying that Ripclaw probably doesn't know. There's a cave ahead at the bend in the river. It used to be a potent nexus of magical energy. It's much less so now. "They're hungry. And angry. This probably won't go over well."

For all his power, Fenris isn't a shaman. He's an alpha wolf. Sometimes he can reason with people or spirits but he always does so from a position of strength and experience. Soothing and negociating with the supernatural isn't in his nature, nor his mantle. "Can you two talk to them, or do we need to simply end them?" If it were just him there wouldn't be a quuestion. But…

"Yes, Zee, I remember. At times when in a certain… " Hunting mode? Tinged with some feral? " I can be a bit off key." The half lived smile fades, "Perhap. It is entirely dependent on whether or not they are of the mood to commune with us. Worth a try. I don't have the delicate or experienced touch my mentors had been able to harness."

That response from Ripclaw gets a curious look from the younger mage "Wasn't offkey at all." Maybe Zee's still a bit touchy about Doom calling her /child/ though.

Fenris' question and Ripclaws response gets a thoughtful look. "I would prefer to try to talk to them, but … " she's a realist and she knows her mentors preference but still she will try.

"Shall we then…" she gestures towards the nexus of energy "let's see how they respond."

"Well they're just up ahead, we'll find out."

The cave is just at bend in the river. It's dark and dank and there's two apparent cougars inside, growling. All three present can see the power radiating off them. They're crouching low. The first hint that something is wrong is that there's two of them. Cats tend to be solitary hunters. "Magi… Shaman… Wolf…" It's a way greeting.

Ripclaw approaches with a tap of claws on the wall of the cave. An open approach where no teeth are displayed, his eyes are narrowed to show less of the whites as humans naturally show more and its often taken as an act of aggression or fear to display too much. Like smiling. That is all mouth. It is just rude.
Spirits attached to living animals often adopt those traits and it can corrupt. Possession is usually a bad thing for these reasons. Not all entities that make a another creature home are demons or devils contrary to popular belief. "Hello, cousins." A peaceful enough greeting. "Are you lost?"

Zee knows her skills don't run to animals, she's more magically focussed. Falling back to the let the Wolf and Shaman lead, she examines the magic that lays on the Cougars and in the area. She does know enough to show no fear and to avoid direct eye contact if she can.

There's a snarl and a growl. "Hungry." They're not at all sure what the presence of three magical beings means but Fenris is an implied threat almost just by being there. Behave. Or he wolfs.

"The fleshlings build, they change the water, they stop the flow of the land. We survive on scraps. No more! Blood has power. We can drink from that!"

"These animals are warped it is unlikely we can save them." Ripclaw says. His first thought but not one he hasn't considered to be a last. Any other option would take too long within the means of his power. "Unless either of you have an idea." Threat is no longer concern. Words convey that much.

"I don't." Zee murmurs from behind the other two. "I can try and block the magic influencing them, but I doubt it will allow them to revert." Which is sad, these creatures are tools … changed, most likely without their permission… Both men will hear her murmur the words of a spell, designed to show her the bindings placed on the Cougars.

"Banish them." Fenris says simply. He could tear them apart. Or Ripclaw could. But… "Did you keep the shard I gave you? Zatanna, send them to the other side. Seal the cave off. They will recover there or they will be devoured by healthier spirits." He'll provide power. In fact he starts now, chanelling toward Zee and encouraging her to channel to Ripclaw. How he choses to banish them, by rite or simple discorporation is up to him, but he'll have the power of a god-wolf available when he does.

Now Zee can see the bindings placed on the creatures and Fenris power directed at her… she directs the power to the Shaman and watches as he chooses the method of banishment.

As the rite completes, Zee takes over, drawing her power to her, eyes glowing as much from her own power as Fenris' and speaks the words of a banishment spell.

It's a push for the young mage, not too much but banishments are rarely easy - the spirits will generally fight to remain … but her will is strong and the spirits are 'pushed' to the other side … which leaves the cave to deal with, a much easier proposition. Another spell spoken and the opening collapses sealing the corrupted spirits within.

"Well done. Shaman, we'll be in touch." Fenris calls out. "Zee we should go. I sense trouble elsewhere of a slightly more urgent kind." He tears a way open. Zee can teleport, but she may need her strength. Then he steps through with her and vanishes.

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