Meet the Waynes

October 23, 2015:

Harper Row and Kane Reynard finally get to see the faces behind the masks of their vigilante comrades.

Wayne Manor

Crest Hill, Gotham


NPCs: Alfred



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"Are you positive about this, Master Bruce?"


"Very well, sir. I will have our guests there shortly."

"Thank you, Alfred."

A click sound and the butler closes the channel for now.

Gotham right now is overcast in darkness and black shadow, a cool breeze drifts throughout the city streets with only the occasional spike of cold air it is a surprisingly pleasant night in Gotham. The leaves have fallen across the Gothic landscape to paint the drab greys, rusts and dark tones in brilliant oranges, yellows and the rarer reds. Alfred is usually the sort to stop and appreciate such beauty but he must get his guests to their destination on time.

First a corner stop in the Narrows.
5RThe 2015 Diamond Black Rolls Royce Ghost is obviously out of place this side of the city but Harper Row was told to expect a guest by means of the 'Batcoms' and this ride is apparently for her. A slender elderly fellow with black gloves, a stylish suit and a sporty black drivers cap awaits the young woman at the rear door with it held open. He waits very patiently in a rather stoic if not dignified straight backed stance.

"Oracle. It is time we let Kane Reynard and Harper Row in to the family officially. You understand what this means and I hope you're ready. Alfred should be there for you shortly… If you are uncomfortable with this Pennyworth will wait three minutes exactly before departing." That was a message young Barbara Gordon had received just moments ago.

Wayne Manor — Bruce wears a deep maroon colored sweater over top a button up shirt and a pair of nicely fitted black slacks. A dinner sits in the large dining hall and the man looks to be staring at his own reflection in a mirror with crossed sabers along the bottom of it. Somber looking and quiet in thought as is usual for the man.
"Dick, Titus is outside right? I'm not exactly sure if our guests are dog people yet." Great Danes though mellow are rather imposing animals and can at times be overbearing if they want attention and the Dane is rather new to the house a gift intended for someone who was not around long.

Cassandra had also been given a message to collect Kane and bring him to Wayne Manor. Which could only mean one thing.

It might take a moment for Kane to recognize his caller. No cape, no peaked bat-ears, just a petite woman in her late teens with dark eyes and a quest manner. She's in cargo pants and combat boots, her tank top leaving her arms bare and giving glimpses to some of the multitude of scars she's accumulated over too many years for her age.

Cassandra stands there in front of him, and if he tries to step around her she moves to stay there. She tilts her head. "Come." She says, in that brief manner of hers. Her lips kick up into a bit of a smile, one hand gesturing over her own face. "No masks." Then she pushes a helmet into his hands.

What, they were going to walk to Stately Wayne Manor? Just don't ask to see Cassandra's license.

Dick Grayson is clad in a dark sweater and jeans, leaning up against the window and looking out, "Harper's not in the best shape, after the other night. I barely got her out of that Pyg lair alive," he says. "If I'd been two minutes later," he shakes his head, remembering the sight of Bluebird dangling from a rope around her throat, the burning flesh of the cultists in the air after Satana…did what she did to them.

No, he wouldn't be forgetting any of that anytime soon. He agreed with the principle of bringing their allies into the circle of trust - it simply made things easier. But it didn't mean he felt any better about being deceptive in the first place, especially given the level of trust Harper had already placed in both Nightwing and Dick Grayson separately. He rather anticipated a knuckle sandwich, if he was honest. Wouldn't be his first.

Well taking a motorcycle is probably better than taking an elk. Not that Kane does that during the day. She'd caught him being rather… blue collar. That is, finishing up a delivery of horse shoes to the GCPD. He can leave his truck here. He does hope its still here he he comes back though. If he has to track it down again.

Either way, that's neither here nor there and it's a rather normal, if fit, looking twentysomething that ends up on the back of Cass' motorcycle. Short dark hair. A bit scruffy. Clearly works with his hands. A lot. Well, he is a blacksmith after all.

Most pertinently, he doesn't look a bit like Aragorn got lost on the way to a Halloween party. There's an instant of a canted head. A slight 'where are we going'? Seems like he's going to find out, as they speed toward stately Wayne Manor.

"Huh. What the blip?"

The call came and not too long after, the car was outside. Was there a need to dress in the finest black and random rainbow pants? Hell yes. Even with the earrings that Cullen picked out for her, simple pearls that are notched into her ear and at the top of an industrial made her look 'almost' fancy. In that well to do fancy look that she could muster. Purple hair tied back, sides shaved, thick choker around her neck to hide the rope burn, boots strapped high and the young woman was off, hopping down the stairs of her apartment building with a wave given to her brother with promises of food and stories to tell.

"Fancy smansy.." She rasps out towards Alfred, hopping into the back of the black car with a sit with legs tucked and folded Indian style. And they were off, Alfred met with a slightly nervous silence, as she thinks back on what she could have done to deserve such a meeting.

Maybe rerouting a little bit of power from the Wayne towers is what would have done it.. Oops! You did it now Harper!

"It's about time." Oracle murmurs to herself as she transfers the feeds for the tower to her Tablet. "I'll be there, Batman." Kane already knows who she is… Harper, well, she'll deal with that.

Meeting the car on the pavement, she enters the car. "Hello Alfred, it's been a while." Babs greets the man "You'll probably say too long, I know…"

"Miss Row, a pleasure to meet you." The slender butler maintains the hold on the door to the large interior of the car until she is seated. Very spacious inside. Though the driver says nothing he does offer a smile while adjusting the mirror.

Minutes later they are before the Clocktower and Oracle. The woman's wheel chair neatly folds and is set in the trunk. Special designs like that are not cheap but they're very eco-friendly and space conservative.
"Good evening, Barbara." The Ghost's door opens again to allow the woman in the backseat beside Harper before they are on their journey to the Wayne Estates just outside of Gotham itself.

"But you weren't and that is what is important. Harper is a tough kid, as tough as any of the rest of you. If she couldn't… " Bruce trails off and depresses a button a wall console unlocking the front gates and disarming some of the security. No sound from Titus in the house so either the dog is asleep or he is outside as he should be. Little harm there either way. "They should be here soon and we can eat." For once he is starving at an odd hour. This is usually breakfast time for him.

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