The End of the Rainbow

October 21, 2015:

Agent Carter is called in to investigate the bodies found at the museum attack. She and Captain Britain find a new lead.


Brooklyn Bridge


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Back home, it's the Rose Cottage or the End of the Rainbow. In the United States - it's the morgue at Midtown Manhattan's Mercy Hospital. Ten victims we're brought here - nine men, one woman. It should have been a pretty standard cut, book, tag, and ship - but something happened. As soon as the first suit was cut through, the ME in charge knew she had to make a call. First, a call to the British Consulate to inform them of the identity of the men and woman that had passed and their plans.

The next was to SHIELD - where a field agent was asked for. How did it end up on Peggy Carter's desk? She likes the weird stuff is the rumor around the office, so that's probably how. Or it be because every last one of them was British.

However Peggy got the call and the investigation, she did. A tablet tucked into her bag with the relevant information on it, she pushes through the morgue doors in Mercy Hospital. Though not on field assignment, she's taken to wearing more modern clothing, though the figure of her outfit still harkens back to something more vintage. Her hair, however, is still curled through pin curls and her make up is still impeccable: she's adjusted to the modern world, but she didn't get a lobotomy.

Heels click on the linoleum as she gains the attention of the nearest person not currently busy, "Pardon me, I believe I'm expected." Showing her SHIELD badge, she gives a smile. "Could you please direct me to the proper doctor in regards to the British victims?"

Looking at the badge, the security officer stands up. "Of course, Agent Carter.. please come with me." He leads her down through a series of hallways into a closed off area where contaminated victims are generally kept. A middle-age woman comes up to the door to meet them. "Agent? I'm Doctor Winters, Medical Examiner for the 19th Precinct. I've never seen anything like this before." she admits as she turns to bid Peggy to come in. "We put them down here when we took a look, because frankly.. I don't know what else to do with them."

She leads her into the room, where the attackers are still under blankets. "Only two of them suffered wounds in the attack that would have even come close to fatal. At first, I thought perhaps Doctor Doom had done something to them.. but.." She pulls back the sheet from one of the bodies, and there's a series of scars that are carved into the man's torso. They lead from around the neck, the shoulers and hips, all coming in whirls and runes before tying directly to the heart and up to the head.

Peggy tucks away her badge and follows the security officer further into the morgue. "Yes, Agent Carter. I would say it is a pleasure, however circumstances would suggest otherwise, doctor." As they move into the contamination room, she asks, "Are they infected with something?" It seems strange that they would put them back here unless they may pose a danger to others.

Frowning, Peggy takes in the damage done to the cadaver. She's seen her fair share of gore and violence, so the scars and cuts don't exactly upset her - but they are hard to look at. "Do they all have similar markings?"

"Every last one of them. Even the woman." the Doctor explains. "And that's not the weirdest part, Agent." she admits as she goes over to where she was carrying out the first autopsy. "The first dating I did on their organs showed that they were already in deterioation." She sighs, reaching for her chart. "At least three weeks. I don't know on the other ones yet, I haven't had a chance. I thought it was some type of tribal marking when I found it on the first one. But when it showed up on the others, I thought I'd need to make a call. But for the life of me, I don't know what these markings are." she admits.

A polite, calm, and distinctly British voice sounds out from the doorway. "They're mystical marks." says Captain Britain, able to not have to duck under a doorway for a change. "I can still sense them a little from here." the hero offers as he steps into the room fully in order to look around. "Not just from here, but from their equipment as well. Where have they been placed?"

"And yet they certainly do not appear to have been dead for weeks," Peggy fills in as she looks at the sheets covering the other victims. "Perhaps the markings are responsible," she thinks out loud. "Some form of ritual." There were those Psyborgs that have been trying to control minds, using rituals to carve into people seems like just the right amount of weird for now. "Where were they found? And were they all found together?" That might hold a clue as to what happened.

The new voice - as well as the accent - is noted. Peggy doesn't startle easily, but she looks up quickly in a manner that suggests she did not hear the man approach. Taking in his figure, she raises an eyebrow: she remembers him from the UN. "Captain Britain," she greets, tone evenly professional. "I will assume you were called by the British embassy?" Not a lot of other reasons to find himself all the way back here. "Mystical," she frowns, looking back toward the Doctor. "I have yet to see any equipment."

"It's not contagious, just didn't want to go spreading rumors…" the Doctor starts to say, and then glances at the tall hero. "…mystical. Like bunnies out of hats, Statue of Liberty disappearing type stuff?" she asks, brow raising.

"No, that is parlour tricks and sleight of hand. This is more tap into another world and use it's powers type stuff, as you put it." Britain offers, a bow of his head to the Agent. "Agent Carter. I will try not to be so in your way as it were this time." he says with a slight smirk.

The Doctor gestures to a corner cabinet. "All of their personal effects are over there. Military hardware. These people were trained. They all had IDs for the veteran status in Britain." she explains. "That is why the Consulate was called."

"And why they sent me." Britain finishes. "They are British citizens and veterans, after all. They deserve the dignity and respect of their station."

The Doctor frowns a little, "Yes, well. To answer your question, Agent Carter, they were found in various places around the museum.." she goes over to pull out the police report. On it is a map. "Two were found in the Celtic exhibit." She gestures at each body in turn. "She was found outside after launching missiles at Falcon. Her parnter over there.." A gesture, "..was found near the remains of the van they destroyed. Two more at the Egyptian exhibit. Two at the arms and armory exhibit. The other two were found between the two exhibits. Report says there was two more, but they got away."

"Though, I would not be surprised if someone capable of magic were also a magician," Peggy replies. Turning back to the Doctor, she nods. "Yes, of course, it was good that you did so, Doctor Winters. With a crime such as this, it is easy to sensationalize it." And that wouldn't be too hard; it's already quite a strange case.

At the quip, she smirks at Captain Britain. "I appreciate that. It was rather rude to get in the way of a lady shooting at large psychic robot. I thought we were taught better manners across the pond."

The mention that the victims were all veterans brings a distinct frown to her face. She is, after all, a veteran herself. "Yes," she agrees with Britain's assessment, "Of course." As Doctor Winters continues, though, she shakes her head as if to clear it. "Do you mean to say they were aggressors? And working in pairs"

"That's what the report reads, yes, Agent." the Doctor says, sliding her a copy of it. "They entered as teams and seemed to die the same way as well - or rather, stopped functioning." she corrects herself.

As he listens to the conversation, Britain goes over to the cabinet and starts to take out their gear. Rifles, pistols, body armor - they were well-equipped. As he sets aside the night vision goggles, he pauses. "Agent Carter, if I may beg your pardon? Can you check the sides of their heads - around the temples, for marks?" he asks, as he sets aside one of the headsets.

"And they were not on assignment from the British Army," Peggy looks to Britain to confirm this. She can't imagine they were, why would they be on a mission to attack Falcon? "Is it possible they were manipulated somehow into these actions?" She's not going to think ill of veterans until it's proven that she should. Also, the manner of their death suggests something else at work. Watching Britain go through their gear, she frowns. "They were certainly prepared for a fight."

At the request, she moves toward the table, picking up a pair of latex gloves as she does so. Pulling them on, she gently lifts the cloth over their faces and takes a look at the sides of their heads. "They do, yes. At their temples on both sides - the exact same place on each of them."

"No, they were veterans, not active services or reserves." Britain confirms for Peggy, as he brings over one of the headsets. "They're still searching for a link between them, but for now, that's all we have." he says as he sets down the night vision goggles. "These things are eminating magicks." he says as he looks to Peggy. "I'd caution you if you attempt to look into them." he advises as he looks to the Doctor.

"I understand that this is SHIELD jurisdiction and the bodies will possibly be released to them, however, I would like, as soon as your investigation is complete, for these souls to be returned to the Isles for proper internment as befit their rank and station. Unless you wish to protest this, Agent Carter?"

"So, the question remains - why were these veterans who did not know each other working in pairs, all heavily armed and making attacks?" It's certainly a puzzle. As Captain Britain again says that they are emanating magic, Peggy eyes both the gear and him. "How do you know that? And if you do, can you tell what kind of magic it is?" Looking toward the night vision goggles she takes a step toward them. "Would looking into these glasses give us a clue as to how and why this was done?"

As for the bodies, she gives him a neutral look. "You must think very little of us to ask us to ensure that we handle these men and women with respect, Captain. As soon as the investigation is complete, if their remains do not pose a risk to the safety of others, they - of course - will be released to the proper authorities so that they may be interred properly."

"It is not a knock against you, Agent Carter." Britain reassures. "I am just making sure that they are treated with the respect they earned." there's a frown at that as he gives Peggy a smirk. "America's Captain slings a shield and was injected with a formula. I was granted the spirit and gifts of our rather unique country, Agent Carter. Magic is one of the things in our very spirit, would you not agree. Dragons and swords and Merlyn and all that?" he says, perhaps teasing the serious young woman as he glances at the visor. "Perhaps. But I fear that my own powers would interfere and cancel out what may be seen." he admits.

"It is not Avalonian in nature, but it is British. It's old magic." he says to Peggy. "I can't offer you more than that. I'm not an expert on mages, as say the Sorcerer Supreme or any gaggle of young mages running around on this plane may be."

"I understand. I am a veteran myself, but even were I not the one in charge of this case, I can assure you they would be treated with respect." With a smirk, Peggy tilts her head just slightly at the comparison. "Are you implying the States are imbued with experimental science, strength and large shields while the Isles are filled with magic, dragons and swords?" With a bit of a laugh, she shakes her head. "The last time I read the Sword in the Stone, King George was still our ruler. I have lived in this country for quite a long time and was part of the project that created Captain America, so perhaps I am the wrong person to ask."

Glancing toward the goggles again, she picks them up, weighing them gently in her hand as if they may bite. "Well, then someone should look and as you may interfere with it, I believe that leaves me as the most likely candidate." Without further ado, she puts them up to her face to peer through them.

Peggy Carter rolls 10 on 1d20.

"As I've seen said Excalibur, I won't add too much to that, Agent Carter." Britain says with an amused chuckle, "And your reputation proceeds you, and having met the erstwise Captain, I can say I approve of your work, though my handler seemed to approve a little more, the randy minx." he mutters.

As she looks through the lens, the world turns to the darks and greens that she would expect from looking through night vision - however, Captain Britain stands out as a bright blotch of blues and reds. So bright he is, that she almost misses out on the faint glow of a red arrow in the corner that seems to be a GPS style marker.

With a raised eyebrow at Britain's aside, Peggy frowns just slightly at the mention of his handler. "I see." Then, her tone is back to professional as she adds, "I did little but help his training. Most of the work was done by Doctor Erskine."

Then, with the goggles up to her face, she looks one way and then another through what seems to be typical night vision. As she looks over at Britain, she has to close her eyes, as if stepping outside from a dark room. Turning quickly to not blind herself, it's only then that she notices the red arrow in the corner of the room. With slow steps forward, she approaches it. "There's a red arrow over here that wasn't there before," she tells him.

Britain notices the frown. He may not be as old or wise as Peggy, but he knows when he's stepped firmly into the cow patty, as it were. "My apologies.. I.. right." he says, cutting himself off before he inserts his other foot, and thankfully there's a distraction as she starts to walk.

The red arrow remains faint, right over the door - as if telling her that she needs to leave the room and the hospital itself. "Mind the step." he warns her as she gets close to the door, moving to open it for her.

Luckily for Britain, once Peggy has her attention focused on the job, everything else moves to the back of her mind. And so, she forgets about what Britain said about his handler and does what she does best: her job.

Keeping the glasses pressed to her face, Peggy follows the red arrow warily. These glasses came from dead people, after all. People who attacked others and then were possibly ritualistically murdered. Following the red glowing trail in these glasses isn't the safest idea, but she has to follow this lead. Through the door opened for her, she follows the signs, glancing this way in that to try and find the next clue.

The arrow leads to the elevator and out of the hospital itself. Once they are on the street, a map comes up and it marks a path that leads from the hospital past the museum and towards Brooklyn.

Britain follows the agent, holding doors, pressing buttons and otherwise clearing the way for the agent following the flashing arrow. "Would it be easier if we flew?" he querries her gently.

As they continue to follow the arrows, Peggy frowns. This is like being led right into the lion's den is how she feels. They continue to walk and she remains surprised at how far this trail seem sot be leading them.

"I'm not sure. Perhaps it would get us where we're going faster. Though, I'm worried I'll drop the goggles."

"Well, hold on to them tightly with two hands, and I will make sure to do my best not to drop you." Britain promises, gently lifting the woman by her sides and carries her off the ground. It might look awkward, but he shifts his hold so that she's more craddled in his arms and she can actually look out with the visor still. "Lead the way." he comments.

And lead she does. As they fly through the city, then head south and eventually end up in Brooklyn. In fact, the arrow splits into two, and points to either one of the supports of the Brooklyn Bridge. Britain sets Peggy down gently on one of the many overlooks for the bridge. "So now what?"

"How very reassuring," Peggy tells Brian dryly, though she smirks as she says it. Then, she allows him to pick her up and fly her. Succinctly, she tells him which way to go until they find themselves at the Brooklyn Bridge. Once she's on solid ground again, she lowers the glasses from her eyes, blinking them a few times to readjust to the change in colors.

"It seems this may be why there were two people. However, I think it best if we do not split up. I believe we should check out one and then another. Either we flip a coin unless you prefer left or right."

Peggy Carter rolls 4 on 1d20.

"Right is fine." Britain says, feeling quite lucky today. Nothing like having a beautiful woman with him to bolster his confidence or something, as Betsy would surely point out were she here. Instead, lifting Peggy back into his arms again, the Captain starts to fly out towards the area between the bridge so they can head to the west side of the bridge.

When he's about halfway between the bridge, suddenly Peggy will get a brilliant flash from either side of the bridge, one red - one blue in the goggles. They slam into Captain Britain on either side of the bridge and he suddenly screams in pain, his body plummeting towards the river as he manages to curl up to protect Peggy from the impact as the beams continue to impact the Captain, but instead of pushing towards him, they are pulling power /from/ him.

At the sudden flash of light, Peggy starts. Quickly, she closes her eyes and shakes her head before tearing the goggles off of her eyes. There's no need to go blind. As the lights slam into Captain Britain she gasps, grasping onto him as the tumble toward the water. Looping the elastic around her wrist a few times to give her both hands free, she falls with Britain into the water. The cold, autumn day does nothing to help them, the cold water of the East River causing her to gasp. She swallows a mouthful of water, then coughs it out. Steadying herself, she treads water in an attempt to gather her senses.

Grasping on to Britain, she leans back and starts to pull him to a support of the bridge so they can get out of the water. She has no idea how to stop the flashes from doing what they're doing from him, all she can do is make sure he doesn't drown.

The beams continue to draw away from the Captain. As she pulls him over, Britain finally realizes where he is, and he helps with a pair of powerful kicks to get them to the edge of the water. He tries to pull himself up, and ends up slumping, his body screaming in pain as he tries to get a grip. " you!" he manages.

Coming out of the so-called secret room of the bridge is a woman dressed in the same style as the military attackers they had just seen back at the morgue. Drawing a knife, she starts to charge towards Peggy, and when she speaks, her voice is detatched - and oddly masculine.

~You will not interupt the Fury!~

Attached to the bridge, in the middle of the rock face is a mirror with a blue-stone handle. It seems to be the very object that is pulling power from Captain Britain.

Peggy doesn't let go of Britain as they make it toward the edge of the water. Keeping a hold on him, she yanks herself up and then, with a fierce yank, attempts to pull him bodily upward onto dry land. As the woman approaches with a knife, she only releases one hand - the one with the goggles wrapped around it like a wrist guard. "Crickey O'Reilly!" she exclaims as she tosses that arm up in an attempt to block the attack from the military woman. Her main concern is making sure Britain is up on dry land before actually attempting to fight this woman immediately. One thing at a time.

The knife plunges into the goggles themselves, shorting them out. As the woman tries to pull away her knife, she growls and lets go, going to grab a large sea rock to try to bash in Peggy's head if she doesn't get free quick enough. Britain is pulled onto dry land and flops down flat, the beams still drawing power away from him, before they suddenly stop.

The two beams of light lift and lock on each other, red and blue colors combining together just over the middle of the river as woman attacker finally hefts her rock off the ground.

~ You're too late, the summoning has begun! ~

As the goggles crack against the knife, Peggy winces at the impact. As soon as Britain is pulled up onto dry land, she rolls away from him, attempting to draw the fight away from the beleaguered man. Kicking out with her legs, she attempts to unbalance the woman who is trying to bash in her head with a rock. It's a diversionary tactic, a darting movement before she gets out of the way.

Then, scrambling upward, she pulls out her gun. It only takes her a moment to sight the blue stone handle in the middle of the rock face: all the glowing lights kind of gave it away. And then she pulls the trigger three times in quick succession.

Peggy Carter rolls 3 on 1d20-5.

Peggy Carter rolls 7 on 1d20-5.

Peggy Carter rolls 13 on 1d20-5.

The woman stumbles forward, the kick causing her to lose her balance and sending her tumbling into the river. She lands in the water, sputtering and coughing and drowning. Even as she's doing that, Peggy's already drawing her pistol and firing.

The first two rounds slam into the rocks around the mirror, the third shot impacts directly with the mirror, and the magics explode outwards, only a small fraction of them launched into the sky before streaking off into the far off distance, quickly disappearing.

~ You may have stopped us from summoning it, Peggy Carter.. ~ a voice - a song of six in her head echoes, ~ But your world too will fall. And all your heroes will be dead. ~

With that, the voice cuts out, the magic dissipating as the woman Peggy had kicked into the water comes swimming to the edge, trying to pull herself out.

The splash is a background noise to Peggy. Her attention is solely on the gem and her shots. Her eyes narrow and the world around her quiets. It's much like the time she attempted to shoot a bomber driving a cab directly toward her. Her finger squeezes on the trigger a fourth time, but it's unnecessary. The forceful explosion causes the SHIELD agent to turn with the blast, tossing an arm upward to cover her eyes and face against the magic and glass careening outward toward her.

Perhaps another hero would angrily call back at the voice to the sky. Instead, Peggy Carter lowers the protective arm and glares back at the sky as if daring it to try. She only stays there for a moment before turning back toward the water and the woman trying to pull herself out of the water. The gun quickly lowers, pointing at her. "If you try to harm myself or the man over there, I will shoot you and bring your body back to SHIELD for study," she warns her. However, she does nothing to impede her attempt to crawl up onto dry land.

Coming onto the land, the woman finds himself staring up into the barrel of the gun. Instead of charging at Peggy or the Captain, she shakes her head. ~ Our mission is done. ~ And with that, she reaches up, ripping off her visor.

With the connection severed, she falls forward on her face, unmoving, and dead immediately. Across the way at the other side of the bridge support, another female pulls off her own visor and likewise slumps, passing away.

"Wh—" Peggy moves forward, kneeling down to try and check for vitals. She immediately finds none. She looks to Captain Britain, confounded and tired. Instead of standing back up, she just leans back and sits down. Flicking the safety on her gun, she holsters it and shakes her head. "I can assume these are the two that escaped custody," she sighs. Moving closer to Britain, she goes to check on his life signs. "Are you okay? Or have I been talking to myself?"

"Yeah.. yeah, I'm find, thank you.." Britain manages. He looks drained. The pounding his systems took is obvious as he rolls over to sit down. Glancing over at one of the bodies, he nods. "Looks like one of them." he admits as he rubs his head. "And I have a headache like I've never had before. Are you quite right?" he asks her as shakes his head, trying to clear that feeling of powerlessness.

"I'm glad I didn't actually put those googles on now," Peggy tells Britain, still breathing heavily from her drop into the East River, the fight and then the magical power. "Yeah, it does. So, those goggles do more than just point people toward weird areas in New York." She moves so that her back is up against a solid surface, leaning gratefully against it. With her head against the stones, she rolls it slightly upward to look over at Captain Britain. "Yeah, after a hit like that, I'd imagine you would have. Cure for that is a strong shot of whiskey and cup of coffee. At least, that's what we thought back in the War."

Peggy can feel the cold stones of the Brooklyn Bridge seep through her soaked through clothes. Her hair is wet and stringy about her shoulders, but she looks out at the lights of Brooklyn, visible from here at a vantage point she has never seen before, despite her many visits. With a soft laugh, she tells him, "Yeah. I'm fine."

Standing on his feet, Britain puts his hands on his knees and considers. "I can't fly." he says, a frown coming across his features. "I'm not sure how long it's going to take me to recharge." he admits as he takes a seat against the wall next to her. "It's not like back on the Isles, where the power comes back immediately. Here? Though? I don't have that ability." he admits as he rubs the back of his head.

"So.. uh. Have a phone?" he asks. Otherwise, they may be out here for a couple of hours.

"Well, rest a bit," Peggy tells him. She's not the type to carry a flask, otherwise she would offer it to him. Her phone, luckily is a Starkphone and therefore water proof. Smirking, she good naturedly rolls her eyes at Britain. Of course she has an escape plan. "I'll call in SHIELD and they'll extract us. They should know about what has happened here, anyway." With a few swipes and keys, she's put in a call for them to be pulled out and the two dead soldiers to be studied and taken care of.

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