Test Run For The Collapse

October 21, 2015:

Aspect calls May and requests that she and Simmons come alone… he's found something

Upper Manhattan - New York


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The message had been a simple text. Unobtrusive. Target of opportunity. Bring Simmons. Leave the tac agents. Come quietly. Then an address in Upper Manhattan in one of the nicer neighborhoods. It's from Jericho of course. Terse as usual. Back to those days when he used to send messages like that all the time. Only back then it was usually news about HYDRA and these days it tends to be other, stranger things. And what does that say when HYDRA was the thing that was normal way back when?

Jericho himself is crouched behind a nice decorative brickwork wall at a public park about waist high watching a nice two story house across the street. It's night. Dark. Perfect for the black tactical clothing the hacker is wearing. Only the glow of his eyes, and K'nerts, give any indication that anything is there, and that's only from close up.

Agent May knows to do as Trent suggests and collects Simmons, making sure the biochemist is wearing dark clothing and prepared for a 'quiet' operation. They arrive via ley line just a little bit deeper into the park and move (once Jemma's recovered from the transport) quietly to meet up with the hacker.

It's a good thing Simmons keeps a change of clothing or two in the office and swaps her button up shirt and jeans for dark combat pants, TShirt and jacket. The travel through the ley-line is always upsetting but by the time she's standing in front of Jericho, the pallor is receding.

She has of course bought her field kit, with any number of FitzSimmons trinkets.

By the time they find Jericho he's checking his kit. Guneblade. Check. The way it flips might be interesting to Jemma, going smoothly from blade to gun to… folded up unidentifiable contraption. And the way when it comes out and is active, this liquid metal seems to flow out from under his sleeves and coat his forearms like mercury bracers from wrist to elbow.

Anyway. Gunblade. Check. Pistol. Check. Taser baton. Check. Well, actually it's a cattle prod. And it looks like it might have been modified.

"I just had a psytech signal go online from inside that house, and then offline, and then online again. Thermals show someone messing with an ashcan sized device in the garage. I think we have an agent doing maintenance on their network. Maybe getting ready to replace one of the ones we already took out. Figured we'd pay her a visit… and I figured backup would be good. Dunno what abilities, if any, the agent will have."

Melinda May nods to Trent and looks at Jemma to make sure she brought her own ICER today, even if it may turn out to be less than effective, as well as to see if she's ready for this. "Understood. You're on point." She spares a very brief glance for K'nert. If he helps, she won't begrudge him helping himself to whatever that house might have in its kitchen freezer.

Of course Jemmas bought her ICER! She's had too many close calls in the last few months to not be armed most of the time. And it's an ICER … not a gun … the worst that could happen is a severe allergic reaction.

Jerichos' gunblade is of interest, if only for the way the metal flows … but that's a question for later.

"Another agent, Mr Trent." There's already one in custody in The Triskelian - Jemma makes a mental note to follow up with Agent Carter. "And you called me in for backup?" she … actually might be joking.

"No, I called you in for after the capture." Jericho murmurs as he rises. K'nert skitters off to the side… there may be a plan there.

Whatever it is, it's not immediately obvious. Jericho slips up to the door and stands off to the side, reaching back for his sword with one hand while the other pulls out that modified cattle prod. "Three. Two. One." He mouths to May, then there's a surge of blue in his traces and he kicks the door in with augmented strength, splintering the wood around the handle and latch. There's a surprised gasp from inside the garage and May and Simmons can both see a young man with bleached tips (trendy) grab for something under the workbench he's at, which yes, does have an 084 device on it.

The hacker closes the distance in moments but is forced to sidestep into cover when an SRD issue sonic blaster comes out and fires. It misses Trent by inches and absolutely shatters the shelving it strikes instead. Er… SRD blasters don't do that…

Melinda May follows Trent across to the house, pulling her own taser batons probably based Jericho's choice of weaponry. She dodges in the opposite direction from the hacker, and then does what most weapons masters tell their students to NEVER do: she throws one of her weapons at the woman. Her intention, to get the taser end of the baton to give the girl a good jolt and maybe get her to let go of that decidedly non-standard-issue blaster thing.

"I was joking." Jemma sort of grumps. Jericho might have hit a nerve, there. Or maybe not. Following behind the two of them, she holds the ICER in a weaver grip.

To her credit, she doesn't shriek when the blaster comes out. No, it's more like a 'ngggnnnngh' sound and she raises the ICER, aims for the biggest part of the man she can see and squeezes the trigger, TWICE!, this person is going to go down … if she has anything to say about it.

There's a ripple in the air as Jemma fires and her very on target ICER bolts spatter on it a couple inches from the man's chest. The same happens when May's flying baton strikes true where his temple would have been. And when Jericho jabs his own cattle prod at the man. Both deflect off. "Force field!" Jericho calls out. This isn't like the telekenises they've seen before. Odds are good it's… techy.

Maybe it can be worn down though. Jericho flares blue again and brings his blade around hard enough to slice through steel, right at the man's midsection. It too hits the forcefield but the impact sends the man flying through the worktable in the center of the garage and landing right at May's feet. And that ripple from the field is definitely weaker now. On the workbench the 084 device sputters to life and starts to thrum. "Simmons! Shut it down!"

Melinda May pulls her pistol while stomping on the force field protected man in the hopes that it'll hold him still then stabs her remaining baton at his face in the hopes that the high voltage will short out the field emitter. And just for good measure she aims her pistol for the man's leg and fires once to see what that does. She's also made sure any ricochet will bounce harmlessly into the garage.

Simmons gapes at Jericho for a moment and then starts running across the area to slide to a stop by the bench… well, more like crashing into it with her hip "Ouch…." Once she's there though, she opens the panel on the device and starts to disable it… she's the one that wrote the manual on this - no, really, she did - and it will take a couple of minutes to go through the process.

Jericho is… well rather capable at this kind of thing. May's stomping does seem to transfer momentem at least though stepping on the force field feels kind of like trying to stomp on a surface made of jello. It's all wigly and indistinct under her feet and makes keeping balance a challenge. The shot ricochets off the man's leg to a much weaker field effect and then the electricity starts to arc over the field. It's weakening.

Seconds later Jericho is there too, adding his own cattle prod to the mix and a lot more electricity. Just… keep him… down…

A cry of pain lets them know the field has vanished. Well that and May actually stomping on the man's chest. Jericho is quick to yank his prod away and not shock May. Hopefully quick enough.

Simmons is dealing with a malfunctioning mental device. She can feel the pressure on her head but it's not urging her to do anything. It just hurts. It'll be off in a minute though. She's got this.

Melinda May promptly shifts the pistol to aim at the captive person's face. "Don't move." Her expression would make it seem like she has every intention of exploding his face if he tries to sit up. Hurry up with killing that contraption, Jemma. She can NOT tolerate a headache the likes of which it feels like she's about to get.

Jemma winces and her eyes tear a little, damn this thing hurts, but she does manage to enter the last of the sequence and cut the wires. The device… should shut off.

Fun fact about Jemma? She's not paying attention to her surroundings, totally focussed on the task at hand, which is why she blinks at the pair when she finally looks in their direction.

It does shut off. Thank goodness. Jericho's eyes had been flashing rather dangerously. But now they have a subdued man beneath them. He doesn't look really like he's in any condition to move. Which is why it may be slightly horrifying when K'nert appears again. "Ah right on time." It's telling that Jericho addresses the imp in English rather than Demonic. "Eat his hand."

"Wait… wait don't you want to talk about this?" That seems to have rather panicked the man. Well that and the hacker's sword and glowing eyes… and traces.

"Maybe. But I want you to know I'm serious first." K'nert grabs the man's wrist and bites down hard. He doens't tear though. Not as if he's really going to eat the guy's hand. He's doing a good job of convincing the downed agent that he would though.

Well, he is a demon. He might. But Jericho's told him not to.


Jericho waves K'nert off. Now the downed man is bleeding. "Well I am a bit busy now that you mention it. So cooperate with my friends here and maybe I won't have to get involved personally." He glances up. "May, Simmons. All yours."

Melinda May keeps her foot on the man's chest and her pistol aimed at his face, even when K'nert gives his wrist a good chomp. "What's the purpose of these devices? What are you trying to accomplish by setting them all over the city?"

"And what's going to happen at the end of the month." Jemma's trying, very hard not to pale at Jericho's command to K'nert … at least it wasn't a liver. She's left the device where it is for now - but that's totally going with her.

"Test run. Test run…" The man looks nervously at Jericho and K'nert. He is about to leave, but he'll stay long enough to intimidate. "Test for the collapse. Taking out some of your diplomats seemed like a good target of opportunity. And a godo way to test the system. Make sure it works on people. Manipulates everything properly…" That seems to answer both questions though what the 'collapse' is… well, that might be important too, if not immediately so.

Melinda May narrows her eyes at the man. "Simmons, call it in." She's going to make sure this man sings like a bird for them. She wants all the details. "You're going to tell us everything you know, every last name, time, place, everything. Or I'll let that thing eat more than your hand." She'll have to share some Haagen Daas with K'nert later for calling him a 'thing'.

Collapse? Simmons has heard that and she wants to know. "Right away, Agent May." the biochem responds to Mays instruction, following them. She doesn't take long and is back to watch the proceedings. "What's the Collapse?" she can't help but ask.

"It's… what we're working for. It's when everything goes…" That's… a disturbing answer.

Jericho steps back and K'nert with him. He knows May'll want to do the rest of this back at SHIELD HQ, where it can be documented and such. "Touch base with you soon." He murmurs. Just to find out what they found out. "Going to check on the other side. Back in a bit."

And with that he slips out. There's a glow from somewhere out of view and then he's just… gone.

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