Where in the World are the Outsiders?

October 20, 2015:

Somehow, someway, the Outsiders slip back in time to the Wild Wild West. (Part 1)

Wild West - 1875


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"Draw, pardner."

Roy squinted at the sun. Of -course-. High noon. And stuck in the middle of nowhereville.

How they'd ended up in -this- situation, well…

Rolling his eyes.

With a quick swing of his hand, Roy draws and fires his crossbow before the other gunfighter had even drawn his gun, before turning and walking. Now what was he doing… oh right, reminiscing about how they'd ended up in this.

Last he knew, they were aboard the HMS Starfire, minding their own business, sorting out things when some -sort- of panicked intercom shout from K'tten draws their attention. "Captain, the engines… they're firing up! And we're on a programmed course. I can't abort it…! It… it looks like it's on course for a… a slingshot maneuver! B-but… that's impossible…!"

And then came a voice, almost mechanical. "Goodbye, Outsiders."

Great. So who -had- they pissed off, how did they end up here in the middle of nowhereville… and more importantly…

"Hey, where are we?" Roy asks a passerby.

"Mesa City. What manner of outlandish dress is that?"

"Uh… what's today's date…?"

"October 21, 1875."

Lunair has a time traveling uncle from 1865 that dropped into 2015, ironically. He's a federal marshall and someone Lunair looks up to and adores. For her part, she loves spending time on the Starfire with her friends. "Um. What." And then suddenly, Lunair is dropped into an era where wearing pants was just for dudes. Thankfully, she was wearing Gothic Lolita and is a total, bedressed rufflemonster.

"Oh dear. Um, thank you." She is grateful for the help at least. She looks to the others.

Starfire was a bit…miffed. Ruffled. Petted backwards? One second she is speaking with K'ttn about happenings, issues with agencies now and the need to move as well as Roy and how he had taken command….

Then there is this. The recording on her comm making pupiless green eyes narrow and if those lightly pointed ears beneath the fall of flame huen hair could; they'd lay back in the irritation.

Standing in the middle of the desert her upper lip twitches, drawing down her silhouette is negated at this time but her body soaks up that direct impact of sunlight, the narrowed gaze of irritation one that can easily be chalked off to a squint while she draws a silence from the ladies who gawked at the tawny skinned alien who was wearing a manner of….purple straps and a mild look of pleasure at their evident horror.

"I do not think coveering my ankles is going to save me from…anything." Blinkmutter. "Great X'Hal with your blessings and curses…."

'Goodbye, Outsiders!'

The voice awakened Reese from a deep sleep, a shrill of her breath is heard as she launches upright within her bed. Max sat upright as well, letting out a few huffs of a growl as the flash.. it happens..

And then they were there.

Reese wasn't entirely separated from the group, but she was alone, her hand palming the pendant which was soon tucked within her shirt as she tries to sniff and at least find her way to some food.

'Oy! You dere!'

Reese begins to pick up the pace, swishing her cane back and forth against the dusty ground.


Skaar was studying the ship's logs of the alien attack on Metropolis. In part somewhat grumpy about missing a real battle. In part because it is baffling so many humans think this was the first alien contact. It is just weird!

Now, he is… somewhere else. It is hot and dusty and definitely not Metropolis. The first he doesn't matter, the second is disconcerting. Also, a number of people is staring at the seven plus green giant, which stares back, adding to the stare a fearsome scowl.

With the others remaining on board to fix the ship, the crew out here, well… were curious and scouting. And then they'd run into -someone- who took quite an interest in the crew, and challenged Roy to a gunfight, primarily because, well…

Roy tilts his head at Kori. "Sorry about that, but you know, town like this, they haven't seen a woman dressed quite like you, so… yeah, gunfighter. So, uh… we've established boundaries, and…"

"Why's the giant green?"

"Uh, ask him!" Roy interjects. "Anyway, we might as well figure out how we got here. Anyone got any ideas? Maybe we can hit the, uh… saloon or something."

The shouting about an injun, however, has Roy spinning to look around. "Hey, she's no injun, she's… uh, a moor!"

"More what?"


"… what's a moor?"

Disoriented? Maybe, Kori took a moment, and when a drunk cowboy staggered by and about fell into a horse trough Kori simply tilted her head and walked almost sidelong towards Roy after passing Skaar and patting his scowl. "There's a quote in a movie with a tornado, flying monkeys… She says it and it fits….Is this Kentucky, Roy?" She asks with half the memory of the states true name from the movie all the while for once, seeming a bit unsure.

"I've adapted to stares, but the women… I think they want me dead, even the ones with…" Kori gestures and sucks in her gut, pushing up 'bustiered' appearance… "Looks uncomfortable, that may be why…"

Darting gaze around though she spots Lunair as well as Reese, whistling to one while giving a low wave to the other, unsire of exactly how this oddness is going to go.

Lunair adores Skaar. His scowl is impressive! She's biased though. She stays near him, eyes a bit wide. "I have no idea. This isn't the first time I've been thrown through time," She admits. "I think I'd look nicer with a corset but…" She muses. Poor Kori. "I wish I could help." She doesn't seem to understand what's going on. And Lunair will wave back, moving to the others.

'Aye you damn injun!'

The crack of the whistle had Reese immediately turning into that direction. She knows the sound of that whistle, just like she knows the sound of dumplings frying.. or the sound of Hal's footsteps as he approaches the door.

"A moor?" Reese snaps out towards Roy, obviously in a bad mood. The heat was bothersome, the many clothes that she wore did nothing to help her irritation. "So polictically incorrect. I'm not even really a moor, I'm some.." What the hell was she.. anyways. Screw it, she's a moor.

"We need to get out of here. It's too hot. It feels like everything is on fire.."

"Arizona," grumbles Skaar. He knows his geography because he spends most of his time exploring the world. And he has an excellent memory. "We are two thousand miles and 140 Earth years in the wrong place," he points out. Someone really dislikes the Outsiders.

He sighs and helps Lunair back to her feet. "I am from Sakaar," he tells the natives, "it is north of Australia, everyone looks like me there, so go away." He is learning to deal with idiot crowds: Lie like a bastard.

"Right. Lunair, uh, don't suppose you know what kind of guns are good in this era? Wouldn't want to mess up the timeline anymore than we have…" Roy asides to Lunair before shrugging at Reese. "It's easier!"

Kori gets an apologetic look. "They're just jealous that you don't need a corset," he adds, before throwing his hands up. "Well we're not gonna get anywhere like this. Anyone see an, uh… clock tower or something? You have a town hall…? A library…? Anything at all?"

"Schoolhouse," someone volunteers.

"It's Sheriff Tane!" bystanders whispers.

The sheriff spits on the ground. "If you want information, my boy John's there. Him and his booklearnings."

Starfire is remaining right behind Roy, acting as if his form could cover her own all the while she dared not use the inducer for herself or Skaar now that they have been dropped in the middle of this and /seen/. Though when he speaks up her head tilts and the pupiless gaze of emerald slowly morphs to gain a pale pupil that darkens, an adaptation that hopefully no one notes in its slowness to induce. The best she could do…

"You one of them Irish lass'? What's with the odd tan? Where'd you're clothes go?" A sweeping gaze from the drunk and he is spitting to the side a glop of dark ooze that has Starfire wrinkling her nose from her peer over the top of Roy's hat.

"Robbed." The rest she will let them assume, humans were best that way to simply be /allowed/ until a limit is found. Leaning down more though her words were just for the regrouping crew.

"Who did we anger now? Why here? K'ttn, Irish descent, please…" Hoping to get a data read and act the part if contact can be made.

"My uncle is a federal marshall. If he were here, he could tell me. And um, thanks." Pause. She looks around. Lunair is baffled. "I wish I could help find that out." She looks to reese, worried. "Thanks," A beam at Skaar. She adores him. And seems quietly amused by Skaar's response. She's impressed. At least her goth lolita might blend in a little, yes? "In this era, it was largely things like revolvers. Colt was starting to come ito its own." "And salutations. Thank you," She nods to the Sheriff.

Reese was as about clueless as they come. It's been nearly a hundred years since she's been in the wild west. The wild wild west. She could barely remember her time there as it's all been under an opium filled haze. But never the less. She reaches out to grasp Roy's arm, keeping herself close to at least the only one who looked normal save for her but yet dressed differently. Though.. it's suspect. The way Reese is dressed now, it kind of places her well into Injun status.

"Booklearnin.." Reese muses, though.. still hot and irritated. By now, she was sweating. "..haven't heard that in years.."

Skaar shakes his head to Lunair. "I don't think your uncle could help us now. Hrm, at least we still have the spaceship. But this is not your world anymore." Either. But why time travel and why here. "If someone wanted to get rid of us, why would they send us to this place. There is nothing here that can harm us." Or is there?

"Irish lass… yeah, good one. Uh, which way is the schoolhouse?" Roy inquires.

"North side of town, can't miss it. Get some proper clothing, hear? Jeannette Walker set up shop on the way, so she can eek out a living while getting that newfangled photography thing goin', so stop by on the way," Sheriff Tane responds, spitting again on the ground. No, he didn't seem terribly progressive about these things. He does seem a bit more cheerful upon listening to Lunair, though. "Marshall, eh? Whereabouts, name?" He regards Reese, then Skaar. "Dunno what you're doing out here, but you probably should head back where you came from. We don't cotton to strangers here, hear?"

While Starfire is listening to comms covered in white noise she attempts to garner the proper Irish western accent ripped from a corny old western and something called Hell on Wheels, K'ttn found. This… was going to go badly…

Though once directions are given from one spitteer the other smiles towards Star and the Lunair, giving her a roving look of a proper western scoundrel with teeth yellowed and between bearing the tobacco leaves of chew. "Then stop on back by, we ain't seen nothin' new in ages… Before ya leave I mean." A dart of eyes to the sheriff and he tips his hat lower to head off into deeper town.

"I think I kin get em to tha' schoolhouse sheriff, dun you worry that head. Here n' gone!" A kiss of finger tips and she pivots on heel to take them towards the clothing shop of this Jeanette before the school house. Whether or not Jeanette provided what was needed, Starfire sould at least /make/ it happen. Though in their trek she casts a worried glance to her fellow Outsiders, leaning down to Roy and whispering.

"What kinda learnin' we gonna git at this schoolhouse that can get us out of here?" That western tinted brogue irish faltering here and there though spoken through amazing smiling teeth!

"Marshal Enoch," Pause. "Marshall Benjamin Enoch," She explains. Lunair smiles. He's of some repute (http://cmbeta.wikidot.com/cast:marshal-enoch), especially for being fair and also good at gunslinging. She ahs softly at Skaar. She looks thoughtful. "And thanks." She looks to the fellow smiling back to her. There's a blink and a curious look. She lowers her head politely. "Um. Okay." Right. Visit. Sounds good, yes. "We'll do our best. Thanks for having us." She's duly polite. Deep breath.

Skaar nods to Lunair. That is him being polite, as sure… maybe she knows someone from this time, but this Enoch guy wouldn't know her now. And chances are against he is in this rather small town.

The green giant is heading to the school, though. Even if for some weird coincidence there are clothes his size in the shop, there is no disguising the fact he is green. Maybe next time he can get one of those fancy image inducers.

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