Besides Dying, What Else Do We Have in Common?

October 18, 2015:

Brian and Kitty meet at a quiet seaside restaurant to discuss troubling past experiences.

Montauk Point, New York

Located in Suffolk County New York, on Long Island (not part of NYC) Montauk Point is the site of the first lighthouse in the state of New York. It is the 4th oldest active lighthouse in the US and the first public works projects in the US. The village of Montauk is nearby, itself a popular seaside getaway.


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It's not a date if neither of them say wanna go on a date, right? After texting with Kitty for a while, he finally worked up the nerve to ask her if she wanted to get a bite to eat. It might have taken a little convincing, but eventually he offers to meet her at a little restaurant in Montauk. It gets him out of the hustle and bustle of the city, and the seaside community reminds him a lot of home. Sitting at the Harvest Restaurant at Fort Pond, Brian has already been seated at a table for two. A menu for Kitty awaits, if she decides to show, while he idly works on a glass of water, his thoughts still scattered, though he's starting to get them together.

Kitty has lots of male friends and is used to hanging out with them over various occasions. She's not a shy woman and going out to grab a bite isn't out of the realm of things people who have just met might do. There is, of course, the thought in the back of her head that two people going out alone to dinner might have more implications, but that's something for later. It's not an incredibly long train ride to Montauk and when Kitty walks in, she's dressed for a nice restaurant. A fall dress, tights and nice shoes. She's not the type to not show up to a place when she says she would - unless she's somehow found herself trapped in Limbo or Hell. It happens. With a smile, she moves to the table. "Hey! Sorry if I'm a little late."

Or Otherworld, or an Earth that's on the verge of death. Oh the stories they could share if they decided to open up to each other more. "No problem. I kept stalling the waitress. Think I drank half the lake out there." he says with a laugh as he rises to his feet to pull out the chair for her to be seated. "You look nice." he manages a compliment for her before he returns to his own seat after she's seated. "I was famished from meetings this morning and just had to get out for a bit." With a chuckle, he picks up his menu. "And don't worry, I already told her we were going Dutch." Just in case she insisted.

They do share some things in common on the front of finding themselves on different planes at times. "I believe that lake is saltwater," Kitty grins. "So, that might be why you're still thirsty." As the chair is pulled out for her, the brunette settles onto it easily. "Thank you," she tells him for both the seat and the compliment. "You look nice, too, though that seems to be more of the norm for you. I'm used to hanging out with a bunch of guys from school who think jeans and a button down shirt is dressing up." Picking up the menu, she glances over it. "Sorry to keep you waiting, we can order some appetizers quickly so you can get some food in you." As for going Dutch, she smirks, "How thoughtful."

As Kitty smirks, he frowns. "Uh.. well, I can cover it, no problem.." Brian finds himself mentally flailing. In his attempt to make her comfortable, he might have gone too far. When the waitress comes back, he requests a refill for his water, and places an order for pancetta roast shrimp and steamed mussels. It's a good start for a meal, right? "My parents were pretty much sticklers that Betsy and I look the part of the aristocracy, so yes, I suppose it has sort of stuck." he admits with a chuckle. "Anyway, what have you been up to?"

Seeing how uncomfortable Brian is, Kitty tilts her head, the smirk turning into a more serious and neutral expression. "Are you okay? I didn't mean to crack a joke." The ordered appetizers are met with a nod and as mile. Though Jewish, she's not kosher, so she raises no objections. "Well, it has certainly paid off. Betsy has always been incredibly fashionable for as long as I've known her." As for what she's been doing, she shrugs her shoulders. "Nothing quite as exciting as bakery fires. Mostly just grading my students' coding projects. What about you? How has the States been treating you?"

"Any future hackers in your group?" Brian teases and shakes his head. "I'm more used to my sister's humour, I suppose. The play of words is a little lost on me." he admits with a faint sigh as he finally offers up a sincere smile. "It's been a bit of a muckity muck. Bakery fires, attacks at the UN, bait shops, and meeting my American counterpart." he says, quieting his voice to a more whisper, since they're discussing business that shouldn't be leaving the space between them. "It went well. As blinkered as Betsy has been on me about making sure I don't try to go out on a date with anyone, she was right ready to drop knickers and go for a row at the good Captain right there on the table, in her own British way." he says with a smirk. "Asked him bluntly for a date when we were closing a diplomatic meeting. The nerve."

"Oh, there can be future hackers any place. So far, they need to work on their linux commands if they're going to hack anywhere credibly." Kitty grins. She's not about to deny any future hackers their time to shine. "I'm not quite as dry as British humor. But, I do love Monty Python." As for all the things that he's encountered since arriving, she gives a soft laugh. Her voice is already soft as she speaks, "That's quite a full schedule, all things considered. Captain America, you mean? Betsy asked Captain America out?" Her eyebrows raise. "That's certainly something to talk to her about later," she snickers. "She can definitely be a hypocrite. Why didn't she want you dating anyone? Sister thing? This means you can totally pull the brother thing. In America you're supposed be sitting on the porch polishing a gun when the guy comes over to pick the sister up."

"I do not believe it would help diplomatic relations to show up with any weapon pointed at the Captain, would you?" Brian asks as the appetizers arrive at the table, and are set out. "Are you ready to order a main course? I was going to order the Porterhouse, rare.." he says, glancing up to Kitty to wait for her to order before he continues the conversation. "She thinks that I am some type of.. what's the word.. horn dog?" he asks. "That I think with the wrong scepter or some madness. I only had one girlfriend in college and she dumped me when I tended to run from every attack that occurred and was always away. I doubt anyone wants to deal with that lifestyle." he admits as he pokes at one of the mollusks with his fork. "And anyway, he doesn't know that she and I are siblings. I went in uniform, and she was Lady Braddock, my liaison. It's a pretty covienent for us, no?" he says with a faint smile.

"I'm not going to rub this in her face and try to go out and get in the pants of the first girl that I come across. I just don't believe that's right in any way." Finally, he pauses, realizing that he's over-explaining and coughs. "Sorry." he manages, trying to change the subject. "When we were talking the other day, you said you hadn't been outside the school since July. Did something happen?" he asks, a hint of curiosity mixed with worry in his tone.

"This is America, it might make him feel welcome!" Kitty tells him with a grin. She's joking. "I've never met the guy, but who knows. Weirder things have happened. Horndog?" She raises an eyebrow. As the waitress comes, she puts in her order for the chicken entree and hands in her menus. "I'm sure she's just worried about you, as sisters are." As for him not knowing they're siblings, she nods. "Ah, well, that would make that a bit different. And there's a total creep factor in pretending to be an old boyfriend. Looks like you'll just have to watch from the sidelines!"

Then, she raises her eyebrows at the getting into the pants of the first girl he comes across. Hopefully he has come across other girls. "Yes, I believe that's a wise course of action," she tells him, smirking. "Rebounds are never the way to go." With a laugh, she shakes her head. "It's fine. This is just dinner, there's nothing to be sorry about." The mention of not being out of the school since July is met with a cough. "Well, not so much the school as just about anywhere. It's…a long story. I don't like to think about it. And it's not the most believable of stories. Though, you know, no fairies."

"That was a few years ago. I don't think the term rebound applies." Brian says with a laugh as he continues to work on the appetizers. He does have an appetite, after all. "And to hear Betsy say it, we only have met twice and she's asking if we have wedding plans. Something else you can discuss with her." There's a smirk as he shakes his head. "We're twenty-five, not fifteen, she can make her own decisions on who and what she does. And I'll just let her continue to assume that she has some semblance of control over my life."

With the change of subject, Brian pauses and sets aside his fork for a second to reach over and take a long drink of water. "Try me." he finally says, looking up to meet her eyes, searching her out. "Unless it makes you too uncomfortable to talk about." He can understand that, after all.

At the idea of wedding plans, Kitty's eyebrows shoot right up into her eyeline and she coughs on one of the mussels. Washing it down with some water, she takes a few deep breaths and blinks at Brian. "I, uh, yes, that is…yes. Uh.." The teacher is 23 and has already had her fair share of bad relationships and heartache. She'll just let it lie there for now. "I think that's something all family members try to do: control the others because they think they know best."

As for why she hasn't really been out much since July, she frowns and shrugs her shoulders. "I was helping a friend. It involved getting trapped in Hell. I was there for weeks and I nearly didn't make it out alive." It comes out in a rush. It's not something she's told anyone who didn't already know her or needed and explanation about why she was missing.

"Hell? As in the fire and demons.. Kitty.." All joking of Betsy and everything else is lost as he gives her a frown and his eyes soften to become concerned. And he dares to catch her hands, unless she phases them, of course. "I'm sorry." He believes her. He honestly does.

Letting out a breath, he releases her hands after a quick squeeze and gives a frown. "I know the feeling. In a way. You know how you have your companion? I used to have one. His name was Jackdraw, and he followed me around a lot.. until we were sent to another Earth. He didn't survive a day. And I didn't last much longer, either." he says quietly, looking down at the plate. "I was alone. No other heroes. They were all dead. I was all that was left. And I failed them."

"Yes. Multiple Dantean levels of Hell," Kitty affirms. Her eyes are looking down when she says this, so Brian's reach out to take her hands is successful. It gives her a bit of a start and she looks up at him for a moment and then down at the hands holding hers. "Th-thanks," she replies. She certainly believes his sincerity.

She listens to his own story and frowns as he tells it. "I'm sorry," she tells him with the same amount of sincerity as before. "I don't know what I would do if something happened to Lockheed." After a breath, she asks, "How did you make it out?"

"I didn't." Brian admits quietly, and picks up his fork, studying it. "The two guardians that watch over the Britains.. found my the remnants of my remains, and resurrected me. Being dead.. feeling nothing. I.." he falls quiet for a long moment. "I can't explain it." he finally comments.

"It was four months before I was fully reanimated and reformed." he says quietly, plucking one of the mussels to chew on it. "And nothing had changed. Noone even knew I was dead. Pathetic, right? I don't even think my own sister knew - and I /felt/ it when she died."

"Oh." Well, that put a bit of a damper on her attempt to have a message of hope. Kitty sighs and nods. "I don't have any siblings, so I don't know how that goes. It's just my mom and me now. We check in with each other, though. Was this…recent?" She's not sure how else to ask about such a traumatic experience.

Kitty looks down at their appetizers and then at Brian and frowns. "I think this conversation needs a lot more booze to continue. Unless you don't drink. In which case, I'm sorry for bringing it up."

"..just before I came to the States." Brian shrugs, and then chuckles. "I can handle a pint, but not much more than that. I'm trying to cut back." he admits when he looks to study her face for a moment, and shakes his head. "You have nothing to apologize for." As the waitress starts to bring out their meals, he stops her. "Ah.. I'm sorry. We're not having a very good date, I fear." It's a light fib to aussage the idea of what they're really talking about. "If you would, could you have those wrapped and donated to the local shelter? And direct us to a decent pub nearby?"

Kitty raises an eyebrow at Brian's fibs. As the waitress leaves to wrap their meals, she laughs. "I…I meant we could order a bottle of wine or something!" But, the damage is done and she shakes her head. It might be better to head toward a bar to discuss these sorts of things anyway. "And he means just wrap them for us to go. We'll take them home." Or eat them in the bar, she's not picky. And she'll also truly pay for half of the meal. It's only right.

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