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October 18, 2015:

Lady Braddock and Captain Britain come to SHIELD fro research


SHIELD HQ and what not.


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Betsy Braddock's various aliases are fairly well hidden. Outside of SHIELD, no-one knows her activities supporting the mutant world. And outside of Brian and one phase-shifting mutant, no one knows her affiliation with the Captain Britain Corps.

So, dressed smartly in a charcoal pantsuit with a lavender blouse and matching heels, hair done back in a smart and intricate bun, Betsy leads Captain Britain- not Brian Braddock- into one of SHIELD's downtown office spaces. It's hardly classified information, the location— everyone knows the people in dark suits and sunglasses with government plates on their cars leave this building to go get lunch around the same time every day. It's just before that appointed hour, now.

But it is relatively secure for a 'public' face of the secret organization, and made one meeting in particular much easier to accomplish. At the behest of the Ambassador to the Americas from Britain, and as a liasion of sorts to the Crown and aristocracy, Betsy escorts Captain Britain to a comfortably appointed meeting room to meet one of SHIELD's oldest and most reliable allies.

The living legend, Captain America.

~Brian, don't forget. Call me Bets, Psylocke, or god forfend reference the Corps, I will have your guts for garters.~ She eyes Brian steadily, before stopping in front of the door they were directed to and waiting for Brian to open it for her. Because that's how it's done.

It was a meeting that was bound to happen since Britain was sent state-side by a mysterious quest from Roma and Merlyn. All the hoops that had to be jumped through nonwithstanding in order to get to America, the good Captain has finally had to get through all the jetlag, get his bearings back around him, and rally himself.

~I'm very well of the delicate nature of this meeting, Betsy.~ comes the response. And that's all he says. There's no banter - no defending. He doesn't have the want or need to fight with his sister's obvious needling and her own secretive nature. It's the advantage that he's known as Captain Britain. It's just how it works.

"Thank you for your assistance, Lady Braddock." It's the use of their parents official title that was passed down that they rarely use informally, however, this is not an informal situation, in his mind.

Dressed with military care and percision, from a perfectly cleaned uniform to highly shined combat boots that are strapped on tight, the embodiment of the British Empire is display fresh, as it were.

And with a polite bow to Lady Braddock, he opens the door for her, and stands aside, a polite bow of his head off in deference to title.

When the door opens, Steve Rogers stands from behind the wooden meeting table and smiles, reaching out towards Betsy and Brian with arm extended. "Good afternoon Lady Braddock. My name is Steve Rogers, it's really nice to meet you." He then turns towards Brian and gives another nod. "Captain."

Steve looks a bit out of sorts with all of this professionalism and regality. It's not his forte, as a soldier, but he does the best that he can. "Would either of you like anything to drink?" he asks, wondering to himself why the powers that be always set him up with these types of meetings.

"Please, have a seat."

Betsy steps forward smoothly and shakes Steve's hand in a politely European fashion, barely squeezing his knuckles. Her fingertips are surprisingly callused, however, for a woman of her social stature. The Braddocks are not close to the throne in terms of bloodline, but Betsy in particular is well known in the social scene of the British peerage.

Also, though only Brian would notice, she swoons just a very little bit. It's Captain America, after all.

"Thank you, Captain," Betsy says, standing next to her seat patiently. "Water would be much appreciated, thank you, if it's not a bother."

"It bears mentioning that we're here strictly on behalf of Queen and country," Betsy tells Steve in cool but quite correctly polite tones. "Captain Britain is recognized as a faction of the monarchy, not Parliament. I'm here on behalf of Countess Windsor, at the Queen's behest, to help facilitate this meeting in any way necessary. This is… not /strictly/ a social call— professional consultation might be the better term?" she says, glancing over her shoulder at Captain Britain for better clarification.

Betsy is the diplomatic liaison, she goes first. After seeing her though the door, Captain Britain follows, closing the door behind them. "Captain Rogers, your reputation and service proceed you and should be emulated by many that wish to strive for excellence." the younger Captain from the older country offers, accepting the hand after Betsy has had her term. His grip is firm, as it should be, even through his gloves. His comment is as close to fanboying that he allows himself, and if he notices Betsy's swoon, it's not shown.

Instead, in polite fashion, he pulls out the chair for Betsy to be seated. "Do you require a drink, Lady Braddock?" he offers to her. Perhaps he has to say a little something on her swoon. He can't resist.

His tone reflects Betsy's own, the Braddock twins falling on their upbringing with ease. "It has been requested by Her Majesty's government at the suggestion of the British office of SHIELD that I come to visit and learn how your American teams are formed and learn to bond a spirit of cooperation." Britain explains, remaining standing. Apparently he is not going to sit - it's not socially acceptable to sit when there's a Lady in the room until she allows it.

"As you may know, there are not many of those in the Isles that call themselves super or enhanced. Besides myself, there is Dark Angel, Motormouth, Death's Head.. a few others." Including those in the State such as Banshee and Siryn, but those aren't brought up because they fall more under Betsy's knowledge.

"I suppose it could be called a joint country mission of sorts. Training, observation, and development."

Steve nods to one of the SHIELD agents at the door; the latter scoots away in order to fetch Ms. Braddock some water. Once it becomes clear that Captain Britain would prefer to stand, Steve takes a seat himself, folding his hands over his stomach, and leans back as the pair speak. He isn't much of a dignitary, nor does he have blue blood or come from money. He's just a kid from Brooklyn.

"Well," Steve says with momentarily raised eyebrows and a mini-sigh. "To be frank, I'm not sure how great I will be at consulting much of anything. That being said, I will help in any way I can, and set up any meetings either of you would be interested in. Any way I can help you both out, I'd be happy to."

Steve is unsure of how the English press handled his departure from the Justice League, but it's been pretty hit or miss here. The blonde man took it pretty rough, having a Senator call you out for failures and push to have you banished from the team.

Take the good with the bad, he supposes.

"What sort of things did you have in mind?"

"Thank you, Captain," Betsy says primly, easing into her seat. Once settled she gestures for Captain Britain to take the other seat Steve suggests, putting everyone on equal footing and equilateral distance. She crosses one leg over the other at the knee, sitting quite correctly upright. She could almost pass for an agent herself, except for the designer heels she's wearing, which probably cost more than a small mortgage payment.

"Without alleging any impropriety on your part, Captain, there's been a bit of ruckus in the Col- States recently," Betsy says, fingers folded on her thigh. "Particulary in regard to the rights and privileges advanced to metahumans. Britain isn't far from facing down that particular sticky wicket ourselves," she says, glancing over at Brian. "Her Majesty has impressed on me her desire to avoid the worst of these birthing pangs as we join the rest of the G8 in developing a metahuman rights legacy that we can be proud of. Without any risk of… ahh, conflict. Between the government, her Majesty, and the teams."

Perhaps Britain picks up on Steve's reaction and reluctance, as he considers for a moment. "If I may speak plainly for a moment? I spoke with Her Majesty's represenative before I came to the States, and she relayed a message for me to deliver to you personally should we meet, Captain. Off the official ledger, Her Majesty was a mechanic in the Blitz of the Second World War, and she drew upon your feats and stories to give her, as a Princess, strength to share with her parents when things in the Empire were looking at their lowest to rally and draw strength from that not would they survive, but with men like you on their side, they would win."

"Furthermore, she mourned your loss at the mission that took you away from a world that could have used you for a good long time. She believes that what has happened among the American government is hogwash and tobbyrot and that you were made a scapegoat. However, on the record as Queen, she is not allowed to directly address or redress the politics of other countries outside of Her influence." he offers the ghost of a smile to the older Captain before he finally takes a seat at Betsy's approval.

He settles down quite primly, hands folded into his lap as he nods towards Betsy. "As you may have heard recently, we have had our own issues with a far right feeling as though we are becoming somewhat lawless and unregulated, which I believe may be just the machinations of the American media in order to sensationalize anything that they may." he admits finally. "It is my hope to explore the inner workings of the various teams - and as you are outside of the Justice League now, that I could use your expertise and knowledge on what may and may not work when it comes to forming a team, choosing the right members, and devloping them into a cohesive unit. I guess you could say that I am looking to you for training in what it means to be a leader, outside of simply holding power and title, Captain."

"That's…uh," Steve smiles and nods. "That's smart. Things got pretty bad over here, and I have to take blame for a lot of it. Anything you guys can learn from it and come off the better is probably a good idea."

He pulls some air in and thinks for a moment, before he speaks. "Generally, I think what happened over here was just as much about trying to gain political power as anything else. We made some really, really bad mistakes because we had some young people in there trying to make a difference."

"And," he gives a weary sigh, "When the President dies on your watch, there's going to be a hell of a lot of fall out." He looks to Betsy, "Pardon my language."

He sits back as Captain Britain speaks, overcome for a moment by the Englishman's words, and unable to respond for a moment.

"Can you do me a favor and thank her for me? For her kind words."

After another moment, Steve considers, "I'll help you out any way I can, Captain. Have you had a chance to meet any of the Justice League members? They might be the best place for us to start. It's been awhile since I've talked to many of them, but maybe if I rang the doorbell, they might come to the door."

"Quite, indeed," Betsy murmurs. "Captain Rogers, as I said. We're not here as diplomatic envoys. We are here because you are one of the greatest heroic minds on the planet today," the lady says, turning a palm up in the air momentarily— showing that the statement defends itself.

"We live in a volatile era. Perhaps moreso than even the great War," she suggests. "Accidents happen and mistakes are made. Take some heart of my colleague's words— her Majesty knows all too well the difficulty in preventing the death of a world leader. Regrettably, with political capital to be had, it becomes easy to forget about the thousand times one prevented global catastroph and capitalize on the single occurance where it all fell quite apart. Her Majesty knows her personage is not involate, of course, and the PM- er, Prime Minister, and Parliament, know that an ambitious or suicidal metahuman could spell disaster. All we're hoping to accomplish here is to pick your brain, to a small extent. Learn from your successes, as well as your mistakes."

"I will be sure to pass along your regards, Captain." Britain agrees easily with a nod of his head. At Steve's question. "I believe I have met your Sorcerer Supreme?" he asks, glancing to Betsy for verification. "He has asked to meet with me personally, but that could be just as much because my powers are based upon the magicks of the Isles as compared to technology, science, or birth." he admits with a thoughtful pause. "I am not asking to use you as an in for joining the League. I have to figure out exactly dynamic may work best before I join any unit and I fear commitment to one team may lead to exclusion from other units." he admits with a thoughtful pause. As Betsy speaks, Brian adds an affirming nod to her words.

"She also knows that she may be a tough old bird, but she is also human and that there will come a time when the Monarchy will change hands. It is her sincere hope that when such a time does come, that there will be a smooth transfer and a contingency in place so that there is none of the.. issues.. that occured at the passing of your President Pershing." Britain admits. At her comment about the Parliment, she may notice that his ramrod straight back actually stiffens more. "As much as I would not mind you ringing the doorbell as it were, I would just as much like to remain on the front stoop and learn from one of the best that has lived."

It's clear that Steve is somewhat uncomfortable with the compliments, but accepts them nevertheless. He sits back again and thinks about all that has happened over the past couple of years before they dug him out of that icebox in the Arctic.

"It's definitely been a lot harder these days than it was before. A soldier's life and a superhero's life are similar in some respects, but those are few when looking at the overall picture. In the old days it was easy. See Nazi, attack Nazi. Nowadays, many of these guys come at you from the shadows, use human targets, and are willing to go to places I'm not sure I was ready for. Even with the holocaust."

"There are more of them, which makes it harder. And so, at the center of any team I think you need to ask yourself what you're willing to do, and what you're not willing to do. With the JL:A we were focused on not killing, but the moment that we had to face HYDRA's terrorcarrier, the moment that philosophy was put to the test, one of our members incinerated it.

"The stakes are so high now. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a super power that unchecked could end the world. I think the biggest thing I could offer you is that whatever your philosophy becomes, be sure you know it, believe in it, fight for it, and hold each other accountable to it. Because this spring, we lost our way."

"Was that because of youth? I don't know. We had young kids out there, every war does and the war with HYDRA was no different. Some, like the second Hawkeye rose to the occasion. Others, like Supergirl made some unfortunate choices. I hate to say it but philosophy is everything. What you believe in is everything and it's what you start with and it's what you hold on to when times are tough."

Betsy glances over at Britain. It's a subtle dialogue- an uptick of an eyebrow, an imperceptible shake of the head. Betsy's never been particularly squeamish, but after her return to a second life that lingering sense of preservation had fled her. And she'd made little secret of it.

"Captain Rogers," she says, turning her violet eyes back to the supersoldier. "It's not a coincidence that Captain Britain adopted that particular moniker," she tells the other fellow. "His identity is not merely the nom de guerre of an empowered individual giving aid to the United Kingdom. He is a living, breathing part of us. Of our culture," she says. "He is intended to carry on our heroic spirit. Defiant in the face of tyranny. Boldly entreprenurial. Culturally multi-faceted, but holding hard to the beliefs of inclusion and acceptance that led to the Magna Carta, to the Reformation, to defying the Third Reich during your era."

"He's not perfect," Betsy admits, "but Britannia isn't, either. But we endeavour, and we carry on, and we do so with as much fortitude and propriety as we can muster. Stiff upper lip is very nearly out national motto," she says, a wry undercurrent to her cultured toned. "And Captain Britain emphasizes all of those ideals, in grand measure and in front of thousands of witnessses at a time."

"I'm not concerned about philosophy, though Captain Britain might fret over it in private," Betsy says. "He's already carrying the spirit of Britain on his back. Her Majesty has utter faith in him in that regard. But what he does need is someone to mentor him into becoming a leader."

Britain considers the Captain's words, taking them to heart, and commiting them to his memory. "I have not had many interactions with those heroes that call Britain home, but from what I have met, they seem to be just as commited to the idea of protecting the Isles. However, I do agree with what you are saying, and I will make sure that such a core agreement should exist…" Betsy does quite the fine job of stealing all of his bluster, though it doesn't show.

"It is easy to stand for a country. We are both particularly aware of that fact, Captain Rogers. It is much harder to place such a feeling of pride in self and service in others." he adds for Betsy and Steve both.

Steve nods, "Well, would a job share program work? How long can he stay? I can take him out, show him the town, so to speak. I've had some good luck with the British in the past." He looks over towards Brian and grins lopsidedly. "You met Stark, yet? Everyone who is anyone should have the opportunity to meet Tony Stark."

"Lesson number 1 is about philosophy. Sounds like we have that covered. Lesson number 2 I'll have to show you out in the field."

Betsy doesn't blink an eye when Steve puts the question to her. "Indefinitely, or until Her Majesty requires his services back at home," Betsy informs Steve, without missing a beat. "He's here for training, and I believe the training is over at the maestro's determination."

"Gentlemen, it sounds as if you two are preparing for something suitably heroic in scope, so if you don't mind, I'll bid you adiue and leave you to it. This particular aspect of heroism is not quite in my mileu. However, I am still in New York," Betsy says, rising, "and readily available if called upon."

She offers Captain Britain a handshake. "Godspeed, Captain Britain." ~And don't cock it up.~

She turns to Steve and offers a handshake as well, but doesn't immediately let go. "And Captain, if you're not indisposed some evening, do feel free to ring me up for an evening out over cocktails or the like?" she tells Steve, her tone a bit more direct.

"I have heard much about Mister Stark, especially as his corporation is in direct competition with Mys-Tech." But that's a story for another time as Britain chuckles, "Why do I have a feeling that you are offering me the choice of the Cheshire?" he asks Steve with a wry smirk.

"I am in counrty for as long as it takes to develop a comprehensive plan for both a team and how they will be quartered, supported, and deployed under various scenarios from whose jurisdiction they follow from the mundane to national emergencies."

It seems that Betsy is about to abandon the ship. "I am sure that there will be plenty of time for lessons and such. I know that your schedule may be busy at the moment, but Lady Braddock has my contact information for when you are ready for some field work. I have a few things I shall need to attend to myself." Rising to his feet, he accepts the Lady's hand, before she asks her question of the good Captain America.

"Ah. Well. If you would beg my pardon, I can show myself out." Britain offers, giving Steve a firm handshake, and turns to head out the door before Betsy gets her answer.

~Perhaps I'm not the one that should be addressed about not.. 'cocking it up'.~

And he's out the door.

"Well, I, uh, I mean sure. I mean, I'm just coming out of a relationsh- I mean, yeah that sounds nice," Steve says, wincing to himself not unlike Harrison Ford in a recent movie he was made to watch.

He nods to the departing Captain Britain, unsure of really where to go from this point. His hands go in the back pockets of his jeans.


"Good," Betsy says, looking rather like a jungle cat that's cornered something. "I look forward to hearing from you. I'm free on Friday," she calls, strolling out of the room. "I'll expect to hear from you presently, then?"

And the leggy British beauty is off with a bit of a bounce in her step, and only tangentially contemplating fratricide.

Fortunately, Captain Britain beat feet and escaped the immediate kill zone.

Britian makes his way out of the offices and takes off, slowly at first, but quickly rockets to 30,000 feet.

Because up there, even his sister may not be able to feel him laughing his arse off at her daring.

Oh, there are going to be SO MANY WORDS LATER.

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