Unearthing Problems

October 17, 2015:

Nightcrawler and Crowley happen upon an unsightly scene..


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For close to a week know, Lillith often does the job and comes home. Home is where her heart was for now, various sketchings of a face.. no.. multiple faces that were almost similiar to one another ranging from human to the utmost atrocious. Demons, angels.. all of them were drawn upon the pad in the middle of the night when she should have been sleeping..

…it always happens this way..

..asleep while awake, fingers sketching and rubbing coal where it should be, papers soon tossed until the actual sleep finally catches her.

But that morning, she was out for a stroll, still wearing her badge which was clipped to her belt, kevlar worn and strapped to her body like a lover, all hidden beneath a dark peacoat which houses her pistols. She stops at the cart, bouncing just a touch.. offering up the change for her pitch black coffee and soft baked croissant, wrapped up in a napkin and coffee cooled with a blow of her lips. "Thanks Hal.." She murmurs sweetly. "How's kicks?"

Kurt Wagner has been making trips into the city again, tentatively returning to help the helpless in Mutant Town and beyond. The trauma there is beyond conception still, sometimes, though he prays about it daily. All he can do is continue to serve and offer himself up and hope that things will get better.

For the moment, though, he's at least able to walka mongst people without inciting a riot, his holographic inducer disguising his appearance. To the naked eye, he appears to be a somewhat swarthy man with slicked back hair and a slight goattee, a somewhat dashing appearance based in part upon Errol Flynn, one of Kurt's personal idols. He approaches the kiosk and reaches into the pocket of his trenchcoat, drawing out a few bills, "A coffee, please, mein freund. Black is fine, I am German, we are used to bitter things," he says with a half-smile, before inclining his head in greeting to Lillith.

'Business is good ever since I've decided to park out here.'
'Traffic, right?'
'Oh yeah, you betcha darlin'.'

Lillith laughs as she steps aside, her gaze drawn up towards the man with the goatee, her brows furrowing ever so slightly as she feels a sense of deja-vu.. or possibly that was her gut.. or something that she usually gets when she has.. well, that general supernatural feel. She stares at the man for the moment, his accent a mystery until he mentions he was German, one brow raised as she turns just enough to take a bite from her croissant.

Once he looks at her, her chewing slows.. it was as if time stood still. Her pupils visibly expand and retract to their normal size within a matter of seconds, yet to her.. it felt like hours.

For there was a sound of gunfire, Lillith herself stripped down to the bare bones of her vest which was riddled with holes.. that same face of the man with the goatee dashing off into the fray. Everything came in fragments, and it all ended up with the sound of her breath quickening, her gaze slightly vacant as she lays within a pool of blood, knees bent at an unnatural angle, her hand pressing hard against her side as that same accented voice yells for help…

Snapping out of her gaze, her head shakes just a touch as she tries her best to force a smile, then croissant soon tossed within the garbage as she reaches into her pocket for another bill. "Going to need a refill, Hal."

Kurt Wagner can't help but notice that something perturbs the woman, that momentary tremble, the way her eyes go unfocused for a moment. It reminds him of when Jean sometimes is reading someone's mind, but not quite the same. Regardless, there's something happening there. Perhaps she's having a seiziure or something. But then, just as quickly, she's back and reaching for more money.

'On me,' he says, holding up a hand to wave off any protest as he offers his own money to the man, "It saves me having to carry around too much change," he says. "My own fault for having cash instead of card, ja? Are you all right, fraulein? For a moment, you looked a bit ill…" he says with concern in his voice.

Lillith looks a little surprised as he offers to pay for her second cup, the first one quickly downed as the other one was quickly taken and cupped with both hands. "Thank you.." She murmurs quietly, bouncing a little bit as she gives a slight shake of her head. "Oh no no no.." She purses her lips together slightly, another smile drawn out as she takes a slight step back. "I'm alright! I'm fine. I was just thinking about some things." She chuckles faintly, a slight shift in her step.

"So um.. is that why you bought me the coffee? Because I looked ill? Maybe soda would have been better." She lightly teases.

Kurt Wagner smiles and shakes his head, "I bought you the coffee because it seemed the polite thing to do and because sometimes, I am an impulsive soul. I bought it because I wanted to," he says, taking a sip of his own.

"Thinking about things can be a dangerous thing. I think, perhaps, that is why many people do not do it so much anymore," he says.

"I see." Lillith says, giving a slight nod of her head, taking another step back as she gestures towards the large building within the backdrop. "Well, I'd like to thank you with a.. I don't know. A sandwich or a hot dog or something? But I have to start my shift." One look back at OnePP, and then towards the man..

"I mean.. this isn't me asking you out on a date but.. I guess.." She needed to find out who he was. That was the whole deal. Who was he and how is he going to lead her to her death? The smart thing would be to stay away from him, but.. this was the same face that she drew for a night for nearly a week.

"..Okay. I guess I am asking you out on a date."

Kurt Wagner blinks and is a little staggered. He doesn't get asked out on dates. Hell he hasn't dated period in…years. Of course, the most obvious reason for that is that he is so very, very different. And now the disguise that has allowed him to walk freely amongst humans, unmolested and unnoticed, has actuallya ttracted someone.

"I…" he stumbles for a moment. His first instinct is just to say no, to spare this woman the trouble and himself the inevitable rejection. But he can't deny there's something there and…

"Walk with me, for a moment, fraulein? I won't keep you long, if you have to go to work, but…please?' he says. If he's going to be truthful, then he will be truthful, but there's no reason to frighten the poor vendor.

His.. reaction was strange. Perhaps she came on too strong, perhaps he saw through her ulterior motives. This man would be the one to get her killed, but she didn't outright tell him that. How could she? She wasn't even sure. Most of her daydreams hardly ever turned out the way they should, and some were just.. day dreams. And it was foolish for her to rely on that.

"Okay.." She utters out, slightly confused, glancing back towards the Police Station then sets her cup down upon the cart. "Keep it warm for me Hal? I'll be back."

There were a few quick pats to her side as she puts on a smile, then holds out a gloved hand towards the street. "Lead the way."

Kurt Wagner leads her down the street a bit, towards a small corner of a nearby park, where there are a few bushes. Frankly, it probably seems a little suspicious, since he's rather leading her away from the crowd and a bit into seclusion, out of the way where other people can't see.

"I am more than flattered at your offer - stunned, even. But I must be honest with you. My appearance at the moment is…not my true appearance," he says softly.

When they're in a more quiet place, he turns and looks at her frankly, 'To put it bluntly, I am a mutant, fraulein. Born different. That means I have powers, yes, but it also means, in my case, that I do not look like other people. What you see before you is a…disguise, that I may walk among people without…frightening anyone. I would not wish to frighten you. But neither do I wish to lie to you." he says.

This was strange, but no more so than her entire life. In fact, her entire life was a blank canvas save for eleven years ago, when she woke up in the hospital with no recollection of who she was, and only just started to get her life together. Funny, it would end this way. She thought she'd be shot, now she was about to be killed by a man who she asked out on a date. She had to chuckle, just a little.

But once they come to a secluded area, Lillith was on guard. Her feet parting slightly as he reveals his truth.. one brow raised and..


There was a pause of silence, she didn't know what to say to reassure him of his different appearance. "So does that mean that you don't have a stomach? No teeth? You can't chew food properly, but instead you have to like.. mash it into your nose or something?" Lillith smirks just a touch, one step taken backwards so that she could actually get to work. "So I'm guessing we should meet outside of my job. Tomorrow night, perhaps. Hal will still be at the cart, we can grab a coffee and head to the local jazz joint to han…" Her words were clipped.

Something wasn't right. And it had nothing to do with -him-.

Kurt Wagner raises an eyebrow, curious, "No, I…still have a stomach, that is…I just did not want to…Fraulein, what I am saying is that my physical appearance is….well, let me just…turn this damned thing off…" he says. She might scream or run or try to hit him - that was the usual response to his actual appearance. But he'd be damned if he let this girl want to go out on a date with him and make him…hope, dammit…when she hadn't even seen his true face.

He's discombobulated, frankly, and probably not at his best. There was definitely something weird going on here. Part of him even wondered if it was a trap, some sort of…Purifier lure meant to sucker the lonely mutant in to his death.

Lillith said nothing, she seemed a little frozen in place, that same familiar feeling passing over her just as she was about to enter into a room where she was to get killed. And she had to act fast.


She turns and leaps towards him, her arms outstretched in attempts to tackle him to the ground, but following her voice, that alarmed and shocking yell was a hail of *BANGS* that follow suit. If she manages to get him down, she'd immediately draw up with her gun, one knee planted into the ground as she rears up and fires in the direction of where the gunfire came from.

Kurt Wagner reacts in his own way, gasping in shock as the woman leaps towards him and he hears the gunfire. He responds instantaneously as he grabs a hold of her, feeling her tackle him, but before they hit the ground, there's a sudden *BAMF*. The world seems to go orange for a moment, like she's inside a fire, and there's the smell of sulfur that fills her mouth and nose and then suddenly there's another BAMF, all of it in a split-second, and they're spilled on the rooftop of the nearest building, looking down at the ment with their guns drawn, looking on in confusion as he finds himself pinned on that roof underneath the officer.

"I guess that was a gun in your pocket, then, and you were not just happy to see me, ja?" he says.

Perhaps things were as strange as they were! She did tackle him, and she was sure that she shot through the trees. But instead.. she shot through the skyline of the trees on top of a roof that allowed her knees to be slightly skinned. The smell hits her nose, her stomach churning as she lowers the gun to press a hand against his chest, drawing her armed hand to her lips to cover her nose and mouth with the back of her hand as she tries to get her bearings. "What.. the fuck.." She manages to murmur, coughing just a touch as she looks out towards the horizon.

"Where the hell are we?" She nearly shrieks out, standing to move towards the edge of the rooftop to look towards the men, who were equally bewildered. But.. it was just four of them, two armed and searching the area, the others with shovels and a bag. Just what were they doing?

Lillith ducks back, drawing her phone- from her pockets as she cuts Kurt a look. "Stay quiet." And then she places a call to 9-1-1..

Kurt Wagner raises an eyebrow, but at least doesn't bark back. He isn't sure much of anything he could say would make much of a difference. As long as they're at it, he turns off his holographic projector - it's not as if he's going to blend in now, after teleporting openly, and he feels a bit freer without it anyway. Perhaps he should just stop wearing it altogether, then there won't be this confusion about who the monster is around here.

He leaps forward, landing crouched on the edge of the rooftop as he glances down, his devilish appearance now on display, "The question, fraulein, is whether our gunmen were trying to shoot you or me. If you would liket o help me take them by surprise, we can ask them, ja?"

His visage made her immediately hang up the phone, but she had to keep her cool. She wasn't afraid of him, no.. she wasn't going to run screaming, shoot him or try to push him off of the roof. This was another aspect of the pictures she's drawn. The demons and devils that were scratched black and white upon a blank canvas.. though she didn't quite capture the ears.


"No.." She immediately states, reaching out to try to grasp at his arms. She wasn't afraid to touch him, but she was afraid that he'd be seen, and that their new found cover would be blown. "I got a better idea.."

She ducks down, peering over the edge, attempting to keep herself small as possible. "Just think about it from my point of view."

"If we weren't there, then they wouldn't have had to shoot at us. And if we weren't there, they would have done what they came to do.." She points out the man with the shovel with the other, as the two armed men quickly come rushing back. They seem to be engaged in a conversation.

Lillith takes that time to look towards him sideways, not out of disgust, but pure curiousity. "Can you hear with those ears?"

Kurt Wagner raises an eyebrow, frankly impressed at how well she's taking it all in stride. He'd had at least a few people faint dead away at the sight of his true face, not to mention a few attack him outright. She seems to accept him, which speaks well for her character, at the very least. It also isn't necessarily the same as her still wanting to go out with him. But that can wait for now.

"Sadly, no better than you can, fraulein, but I can move us closer, if it would make it easier to hear? I can teleport us wherever you like…" he says, crouching down with her, still wearing the trenchcoat over his blue-furred form.

"Let's wait. It's obviously important enough for them to stay there to get the job done, I think with your.." Wait a minute, did he say teleporting? "Is.. that how we got up here?" She lets out a faint huff of a laugh, her head shaking, her hands immediately peeling off the rest of her peacoat. She even shakes her shoulders, allowing the coat to drop to the ground as her badge was soon unclipped from her hip and stuck upon her kevlar.

"..Anyways, we can get the drop on them and take them down." She pops the clip from her pistol, checking it to make sure her magazine was still slightly loaded, slamming it back into its place to remain at her kneel. "..it seemed like seconds. What you did to get us up here. That's going to be handy, because where I want to go is going to take us a while to get there. Ever try that vegan restaurant in Salem Center?"

Kurt Wagner laughs softly, raising an eyebrow as she's still talking about dinner, "I am aware of it, but I have not been myself," he says. "And yes, I…can teleport. Also, I am very flexible and dextrous. Also, I have a tail," he says, flipping up the back of his coat to briefly let his devilish appendage flick into view. "In the interests of full disclosure," he says.

"But yes, we can get the drop on them as you like. Just say the word and I can put us…well, right behind them, really," he says.

"Really?" And.. at the emergence of the tail, Lillith.. tries not to laugh. He was almost like a monkey, a deep.. blue monkey devil. This was strange, but she couldn't think about that right now. She was officially on the job. While she didn't call the team at OnePP, she had to know what they were up to. Surely someone must have alerted the cops by now of shots fired.. but their response time? No.. that means someone probably had the bystander effect; thinking someone else called while they did nothing but move on with their daily lives.

Two of the men below mark off a tree and begins to dig, while the other two with guns stand near each other and begins to chat. One begins to point, and the other holsters his pistol to run back to pop the trunk of the car.

It was a split decision then, to alert the police.. her phone drawn out again as she calls it in, offering up her location before the phone is soon tossed down to her peacoat. Pistol at the ready, she braces herself, standing to her full height (which wasn't much)..

"Alright.. Lets… ..you.. do your thing.." She doesn't close her eyes, she doesn't want to miss a thing.


It's much the same, the flickers of orange, the sulfur, the sudden dislocation and shifting of pressure. And then, suddenly, they're right behind the two with guns, one as he heads towards the trunk, the other while he lazily flicks his gaze towards the diggers, only to raise his eyebrows at the sudden sound behind him.

At which point Nightcrawler casually backflips and kicks him in the face, driving his forked foot up and across the man's chin and jacking his jaw, sending him careening backwards. "I have had quite enough of thugs with guns, mein herr. So we'll be relieving you of yours, ja?' he says, flipping back forward to drive his feet down into the man's chest and rather assuming that the cop can handle her own.

That orange, dizzying flicker nearly blinds her, and as soon as they land and the man jumps into action, Lillith couldn't help but take a moment to wheeze out a breath with a slight stagger. The men who were with the shovels shout orders to one another, Lillith's gun-hand down as a guy charges at her with a shovel. Her danger sense flares, allowing her to jump back, staggering to a fall upon the ground with a roll backwards to hold up her pistol.. not sideways, but the right way!

"Drop the shovel!" She barks out, but the man continues to come, swinging the shovel hard at the gun as the pistol fires to plant a bullet into a tree. She falls over, grasping her hand as the man leaps to tackle her fully onto the ground. They were in a full on scuffle, as the three other men rush towards Kurt, one stopping to pick up the gun that was tossed aside to fire shots at the blue mutie.

Kurt Wagner catapults himself into the air, somersaulting over the bullets fired his way. He was concerned about the etrouble his new friend had already gotten herself into, but, for the moment, he had his hands full with the three thugs in front of him. He twists in mid-air and lashes out, spinning a foot out to crack one across the face as he tumbles, suddenly porting again with a BAMF and landing on the back of a second, "Sorry, jokers, but I am afraid you are out of your league, this time," he says, hooking the man's nose and giving him a hard chop to the throat that sends him staggering before he springs of him to headscissors onto the third, sending him sprawling as he lands on his feet once more…

The three thugs had their hands full, and apparently so did Lillith. The man who jumped her was far larger, bigger than her, but with a few quick punches and a smack of her hands against his temple sent him rearing back. She pushes him off, then rolls and half jumps onto her belly and begins to crawl, quickly shuffling towards her own gun until the man lands a hand upon her ankle to drag her back. With another half turn, she begins to try to kick, slamming the heel of her boot against his fingers and his face, the man roaring with pain as Lillith tries to reach for her gun…

…and instead grabs a stick.

Kurt Wagner drops low and swings, showing expert balance as he's able to drive his feet into the chest of the third man for the last time, lifting him up and flinging him overhead to land in a lump, a bruising thump that probably leaves him breathless as well as unconscious. Kurt springs up again just in time to see Lillith grab a hold of the stick.

On the one hand, he wants to come in and help. On the other, he knows, from experience, that sometimes you only piss a woman off when you 'rescue' her if she doesn't need rescuing. He remains crouched and waiting, prepared to intervene if the bad guy gets the upper hand on her.

As the guy reaches up to grab the waist of her jeans, Lillith grabs a steady hold of the large stick, and with a sharp turn and a swing, smacks the guy atop of the head with a sickening crunch. It was loud, obviously, but not enough to kill the man.. at least it was just enough for him to go comatose for a few days and wake up cuffed to the bed. She flops back upon the ground, obviously exerted.. the sounds of sirens blaring in the distance. That was a two minute response time, OnePP should be proud.

"Ugh.." She manages to get out, her foot kicking to push the man off of her. "I haven't been in a scuffle like that in a -long- time.."

Kurt Wagner makes his way over to offer one of his unusual hands to help Lillith to her feet, looking down at the fallen man, "It is good to get some exercise now and again. It reminds one they are alive, provided, of course, that we do not end up dead, ja?" he says.

He looks back over at the others, still crumpled and knocked out. "I am afraid that I neglected to cuff them, though, but it sounds like your fellow officers should be here shortly. Which means, likely, that I should not be."

Lillith hesitates for a moment, then reaches out to clasp her hand with his, using his weight and assistance to pull herself up to her feet. The sirens were growing closer, and as Lillith holds her other hand against her chest, she looks down at the three with a slight shake of her head. "Yeah, you're right.." She says with a slight huff, dropping her hands down now to draw them against her side.

But a look within the grave that they dug up shows what they had been after. Three bodies, two in obvious gang garbs and another horribly mutilated. They seemed fresh, and if she had the right to guess, she'd put their deaths at about a week ago.

Lillith frowns slightly, then turns to the blue man with an agreeable nod. "Yeah, you shouldn't be here. Look like dinner is going to be put on hold for a while." She glances towards the fallen men to make sure that they remained unconscious, as the sound of slamming doors, shouts and orders given could be heard.

"Get going okay? They frown on vigilantes.. if you are one.."

Kurt Wagner makes the sign of the cross as he looks down at the bodies, "Resquiat en pace," he murmurs in Latin, offering up a quick prayer for their forgiveness and the journey of their souls. A Catholic would recognize it as a fast and dirty version of the Last Rites, without all the ritual and gesturing.

"I wouldn't say vigilante, but…I will help, when I see someone in need," he says. He glances back at the woman, "My name is Kurt, by the way. Kurt Wagner," he says, giving a playful bow as he bends at the waist, "Would, perhaps, sometime early this week be amenable for dinner? Say, tuesday at seven, at the restaurant you mentioned?"

A catholic devil. This causes her to arch her brow. Was he the infamous Hells Kitchen devil that most people speak about once they're in lock up and in jail? "That's.. good.." Lillith didn't know how to take that. Most people who try to help, wind up getting killed.

As he introduces himself, Lillith couldn't help but shake her head in an insufferable smile. "Lillith. Crowley.. now yes. Okay? Get going!"

"STOP!" One cop shouts!

"Wait!" She shouts out, her hands outstretched. "It's okay! He's …" What… is she going to say? He's a good guy? He's safe? It's alright?

She herself? She wasn't even sure.

Kurt Wagner sighs as he hears the shout, having been hearing things like that all his life. "I look forward to seeing you again, then, Lillith Crowley. Be well," he says and then, with another BAMF, he vanishes, leaving only the acrid scent of sulfur and the beaten criminals in his wake…

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