Rescue From A Cult

October 16, 2015:

A tip off from an X-Red contact has the team rescuing hostages

M-Town - New York


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X-Red are aware that there is a cult taking mutants … taking them for what? They're not really sure. The last, and first, group of cultists they encountered said something like "Blood of Power" and "Misbegotten Nephil"… things that didn't make much sense at all, really.

Brins followed a lead … that there's been a group of mutants snacked from the street … potentially by people in robes. It's hard sometimes, the leads can be good or the leads can be bad… and she's learned to be circumspect about acting of them to begin with.

She's watching a building, in a 'quieter' part of M-Town, where she believes that the mutants are being held… which might be right given the blue glow coming from the building and the emotions she's sensing within.

"This is the place alright." she looks to her companions, those she's arranged to meet there "We need to get inside … and try to the free the mutants… but I'm not keen on just rushing in there."

Tabitha is leaning against the building by Brinley and messing arund with a glass tablet, checking news feeds and the Googles. "I bet that Nephil means Nephilim.. like they think mutants are the result of Angels in biblical times breeding with mortal women." she looks up "So whats the plan?" to the more experienced.

None of this sounds good in the slightest. Not the robes, not the taking mutants, not the blood of power business. Nevertheless, Lunair is along nd duly concerned. "And the blood of power might have to do with - well." Their genes or blood. She looks thoughtful. "I can be kind of sneaky or bring them outside with loud noises. Or pamphlets."

"… I possibly could, but…" Lunair seems uneasy about venting out her distinctly psychotic side.

"Well, is only option that I see." Colossus says, standing in human form. "Unless there is someone here who can pull off crazy cultist?" He smirks, crossing burly arms across his chest. "I failed only acting class I ever took. Could not ever remember lines."

Tabitha gets a slight nod from Brin "Maybe, Tabby, it seems about right but we don't have enough information" She's thoughtful, in field tactics isn't her thing … but …

"Tabby, can you shift and nose around in there?" Brins aware what the woman can do. "That will tell us what we're dealing with, at least."

She looks between Lunair and Piotr. "Colossus, you're the tank, right? When we need to get in there, that's what you do. Lunair, we're not aiming to kill, disable please and support Piotr…" She looks at the building "I'll provide ranged support and follow behind…. How does that sound?"

If they agree, she'll move the group up a bit closer and hide whilst Tabby does her recon work…

Tabitha rubs the back of her neck now "I sure could yeah.. I mean.. how deep do you want me to go sniffing.. I mean I could probably turn into a .. well a wolf and smell how many scents.. or.. uh… well I can't go like super small like a rat… or a snake?"

Lunair pauses. "Okay." She doesn't protest. Much as she'd be happy to go in, mow them down and go home for cake, well. She seems to grasp social contracts. "I'll follow you along then." Nodnod, to Colossus.

"Tank? I can be tank." Piotr says with some amusement, before nodding at Lunair. "Forgive rudeness, is like asking girl what is bra size or how much she weighs, but if we are to be working together… what, without loud showy example, can you do?"

As they move closer, Brin looks to Tabby "Just reco…." and that's all she get's out. There's a bright flash of light, the words "For The Lord Of The Deep" are heard and Brin winces as the emotions of the taken mutants peak sharply. The others will hear their cries of fright. "Too late… we need to move and move now."

At least from the blueprints for the building, it appears that inside is just a hall with facilities set at the back of the building!

Gesturing for Piotr to take the lead, Brin summons her bow… Tabby can do whatever she wants … and Piotrs about to find out what Lunair can do.

"Lots of things. I'll mostly be working on crowd control and making sure people are out of the way," Since Brin would frown strongly upon her usual C4 based approach and all. It doesn't bother Lunair much, but she tries for the sake of others. Lunair soon is covered in non-copyright infringing power armor (not red and gold - so not her colors) with a black visor nd following. "It's okay, it's polite of you."

Well Tabitha looks really sad about well her clothes but she bursts the nice outfit as she turns into a .. yup she just turned into a Tiger and and prepares to charge along after Poitr and Lunair when they go charging.

Piotr turns his head at the sudden noise and in the transition of one step to another, between heartbeats, the man is suddenly more than he was. Out of his mutant enhanced form, he towers over his female companions. In his full glory, he is a giant amongst men. With heavy steps he proves that not every large thing necessarily moves slowly. With his long stride he claims the lead, lowering his shoulder as he heads for the front door with every intention of living up to Brinley's little adorable pet name for him!

As Piotr bursts through the door, the cultists… yes, they are cultists, seven of them to be exact, turn and look at the big metal man. "Another one to send to our Master." One of them crows…

The cultists are arrayed in a circle, and if the group looks carefully, they'll see there is a circle… and in the middle - the cause of the blue glow… there's something … appearing in it … whatever it is though, it can't be good. Someone might want to try and disrupt that.

For all their posturing though, the cultists are taken by surprise … and may give the group an opening.

Lunair blinks. She relly thought these guys mostly lived in Indiana Jones' movies. She frowns, though she is glad to be near and on Piotr's side. Nevertheless, they have KITTY POWER and it's hard to resist the urge to pet the tiger. But she does. And Lunair notes there's quite a few of them. So time to DUBSTEP and take them out of the fight with the dubstep gun. Wubwubwubwub. It's like Skrillex got attacked by Australian spiders riding Africanized bees.

Tabby actually gets distracted for a moment there by the… dubstep gun… I mean seriously her ears go flat and she looks surprised… then she is just up and leaping onto a cultist to maul them … her claws do not have kitty safety caps on them.

Colossus lets the women remove the threat of the robed cultist. He, on the other hand, charges into the light without even a templar's edict on his lips. Instead, with a short curse in Russian, he launches his hefty frame from the earth and leads with his shoulder into whatever godless ambomination that any magical cults that proclaim worship of angels inevitably summon from the dark nightmares of Lovecraftian horror.

Tabby's cultist is down … screaming… in fear certainly … but pain? Most likely.

"Tabby…" Brin sort of pauses as she realises how silly that name seems when speaking to a Tiger. "Disable them. We don't kill." Lunair might not want the 'Mom stare' but Brin doesn't want to have to explain to Bobby…

Lunair's dubstepping get's four of the remaining and the poor things get down with the beat …

Brins arrow takes one cultist in the knee, leaving one more tries to run for the door… someone want to stop this one? They shouldn't get away….

Piotrs leap… has Brin gasping "Piotr … no…" His shoulder charge meets 'something' and the being recedes back into the blue glow although it does try to grasp Piotr and pull him with it…

Tabby isn't even remotely inclined to save Poitr. Cause well…. issues. Not that he is aware of them. Anyhow. The tiger goes from being a tiger to a cheetah and runs along … very quickly to chase the fleeing cultist down and hamstring the robed figure. She isn't killing. She totally will expect cookies later.

Lunair probably doesn't really want to talk to Bobby about it, either. She keeps her killing to herself, thankyouverymuch. "Can we like, pee on those runes or something?" She asks. She's going to keep the cultists dancing, but if there's anything she can smudge or smash- well, it's time to get ICONOCLASTIC!

Piotr was expecting more resistance, and is almost pulled in with the strange figure. That is until he sets his feet, growling in low determination that rumbles in his expansive chest. He's probably as strong as they come within the superhero community, but even still…. his first step is slow and painful as he goes to shove hard at the figure to force it back and to free himself… though one may not be possible with the other.

The Cultists are down or dancing or perhaps they're down AND dancing… Lunair can totally ziptie them all up, for the police to collect. There might be some explanation as to my two look like they were mauled by a big cat.

Brin, seeing Piotrs issue, skids to a stop nearly circle on the floor and tries to scuff it out with her foot… she can't… dismissing her bow and arrow construct, she summons her sword and uses her full force as she brings it down … splintering the floor and breaking the circle.

Which allows Piotr the respite to shove the being back and free himself.

Breathing heavily… Brin looks around… they've succeeded… the prisoners … are in huddled in the corner… "Everyone alright? That… was a good job." and she looks to make sure Piotr hasn't disappeared into through … whatever that was.

Lunair will definitely get the zip ties out.Even if it's tempting otherwise. She blinks at the sword working better than the scuffing. "Well, that works," She looks relieved as Piotr didn't get sucked in. Pause. "Also, I'm very sorry, ma'am but…" She looks to the tiger. There's a long silence.

Longer still.


And then… "KITTY!" Lunair throws her arms up. "Okay, I'm done." With that out of her system, she zip ties the rest of the cultists up. "Someone should talk to them." Pause. "Like, someone with people skills." That is to say, probably not 'well, you aren't dead yet' Lunair.

Tabitha totally drags a bleeding cultist by the foot over to Lunair for them to be ziptied up. She is helping people… helping! She is a cheetah when the Kitty is yelled and her ears go flat. Then she looks about and gives a feline shrug and heads over to paw Brinley for her spare clothes she made the other hold in a small pack. In case emergancy shifting happened.

Piotr gives a distracted nod, clenching a fist. He eyes the lingering after image of whatever horror that the light tried to pull him into, before finally turning toward the others at Lunair's outcry. "Is fine. Closer than liked."

Oh yeah, change of clothing… it's something they agreed to. Brin drops the pack she's carrying and lays the clothes on the floor for Tabby…

With Lunair looking after the zip tieing, Brin moves over to Piotr, placing a hand on his arm. "Closer than I liked, as well." she murmurs "don't do it again, mmmm? I'd have to come find you."

Finally she moves to the hostages and starts to unbind them. "You're safe now. The police are on their way." Of course, Tab might want to change and circle round and Lunair might want to split… but the X-Red members can stay and place liaison. At least… Brin can.

Lunair is relieved as Piotr is fine. She will make sure all the cultists (ALL the cultists!) are nice and ziptied. "Thanks," She offers to Tabby as one is dragged over and summarily joins the others. "Yeah. I'll go. I'm /wearing/ enough hardware to make them give me a solid stinkeye." And maybe a pat down. It's just the nature of the tech. "See you guys soon." A smile and a wave. That, and Lunair is well, secretive. And not registered. And her previous identity is legally dead.

Tabby totally picks up the pack in her mouth and trots off to change. She comes back dressed and holding the empty pack over one shoulder there. "Are we staying to give statements or running?"

"No promises, Little Hero." Colossus says with a smile down at Brinley, as he shrinks out of his battleform. One hand squeezes at her shoulder, as he looks to the frightened crowd in the corner with a sigh. "This… looks like your kind of work. I will go explain to authority what happened."

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