Fixing The Network

October 16, 2015:

Detecting a disturbance near the UN Headquarters, SHIELD deploys… and heroes respond


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SHIELD, along with the 'Iron Men' and Jericho Trent, have been slowly dismantling the network of psychic devices that has sprung up over the Tri City area. The devices, for new watchers, are silver cylinders no larger than an ashcan with instrumentation along one 'side'. It's been noted that the devices are not generally visible to the public, being psychically hidden from view … you know "You can't see me, I'm not here" type thing… which isn't always foolproof but it is extremely effective.

The first device that was taken out, was the one closest to the UN Headquarters… that was several days ago.

Today, a busy street near the United Nations Headquarters, crowds are flowing by - shoppers doing their things, business people ebbing to and from work… just your usual for any normal day. Well… it might be usual, except if one was very observant, they might notice that the crowds seem to bend around an area near a shop front… that area appears to be quite empty and yet people are avoiding it - and it seems quite normal.

All of a sudden, several unmarked vans appear and two dozen SHIELD TAC members begin to pile out. One group start cordoning off the area, another group start to clear the street of civilians - escorting them quickly, but firmly beyond the cordon … of course, not everyone comes too willingly.

Jemma Simmons, exits a van dressed in her SHIELD field gear and carry her field kit in hand. "Yes, Agent Carter. I'm quite sure of my readings, those devices I'm examining in the lab are responding to something around here." Seems like SHIELD may have the jump on the something.

A TAC Squad member looks over to the two women "The area is nearly secure, Agents." Jemma shakes her head, she'll never get used to being called 'Agent', she's simply Simmons or … Doctor Simmons… but not Agent.

Lunair isn't sure what's going on. But she was shopping. She likes it, as many teenaged girls do. She is just near enough to notice something odd going on and carefully inches over. Curiousity reigns for now, though she is likely confident due to the fact she can armor up in a heartbeat and doesn't have to worry about getting stuck putting her pants on before a fight. SHIELD is here, too…? Curiouser and curiouser…

There are several possible reasons or explanations for why Jes can see these devices. Regardless of how or why, she can and she's also able to resist their effects. Dr. Sexy er, Simmons. Dr. Simmons. Jes hastily corrects her thoughts is over by the SHIELD vans and so the coyote woman heads that way.

Jesana looks to be ready for action, leather jacket, black shirt and jeans and metal spiked ass kicking boots. Her gun and knives are hidden beneath the layers of clothing. She's been briefed about the defenses these things have and if they're triggered, she's ready for it. Brown eyes move over the crowd as Jes searches for anything else that seems out of place and her nostrils flare as she catches various scents. "Dr. Simmons." Jes greets as she arrives.

If only visiting America was all fun and games. As one of his duties as the living embodiment of the British Empire and spirit, Captain Britain is actually visiting the UN this day. He did not schedule to speak, instead, he only wanted to observe the work of the UN in general. After all, he's still young - giving speeches is reserved for more experienced Captains of other nations.

Having completed his tour and speaking with the British ambassador, the Captain notices the SHIELD vehicles coming to a halt nearby. "If you will pardon me.." he asks polietly before he takes off into the nearby airspace, a casual lift over to where the SHIELD agents are gathering, and a faint frown crosses on his features, though his tone is helpful and polite. He's had dealings with British STRIKE, and if they're like SHIELD, this may have mixed results. "Is there any assistance I may offer?" he offers, arms folded over his Union Jack'd chest. The uniform has changed just recently. Gone is the flared blue boots and white gloves, instead, he wears combat boots and his outfit has taken on a more military appearance, complete with the reared lion of Abilion on either shoulder.

Doctor Strange is just minding his business, which are usually strange business, like making sure no one in the UN has been possessed by demons or other extra-dimensional critters. It happens more often than it should. The number of politicians that make pacts with the hellish powers is alarming (and he can't do much about it) but sometimes one gets possessed against his will, and that is his business.

Today it was a good day because no one had to be exorcised, so what is all this SHIELD people doing here. Probably spy business. Should he pry? His common sense says no, his instincts say yes. Strange hates when that kind of conflict happens.

Sighing, he heads towards the agent that seems in charge and cleans his throat. "Good afternoon, I was wondering if I could be of assistance. I am a doctor, my name is Stephen Strange."

No, Betsy's not a SHIELD agent. In fact, she honestly shouldn't have any business being anywhere near a SHIELD operation. But dating two agents of that institute does make for a person who's a bit more 'plugged in' to the scene, so to speak, and so when simultaneous heads up texts come in on her phone, Betsy at least is inclined to go take a look.

Still in her shopping attire, Betsy pauses at a bistro she knows long enough to drop off her gains from the day and then moves out towards the sidewalk, shifting her weight to one hip and watching with great interest from the relative anonymity of a crowd of people surveying the scene with their cell phones.

Dressed in proper SHIELD gear, however with her hair still pin curled and pulled back, Agent Peggy Carter steps out of one of the unmarked vans shortly after Simmons. She's a strange mix of complete high-tech and vintage. A gun is at her hip and her eyes quickly scan the area. She listens to Simmons' explanation and gives a nod of her head. "Thank you," she tells both Simmons and the TAC Squad.

It's clear that their arrival is surely gathering attention. To Simmons, she lowers her voice and gives the suggestion. "I believe I can handle the attention of the civilians, if you would make a sweep to see if you can find where the 084 might be hidden while their focus is on me." Taking situations in hand is what she is used to.

Stepping up, Peggy raises her voice to gather the attention of everyone here. "Everything is under control. This is merely a drill. I would like everyone to slowly back away from the area so that we can continue with our business. Thank you."

A TAC Team member approaches Lunair as she starts inching closer "Excuse Miss, I'm afraid you need to leave the area." She'll lead the teen towards where Peggy and Simmons are.

Peggy's efforts are met with mixed success - there's a general grumbling from the crowd and someone calls out "Yeah, a drill, just like at the shopping mall where War Maching cut a hole in the street and so many people were injured. SHIELD hasn't made any comment on that either… " that general dissent is picked up by a couple of other voices, but all in all the crowds do start move past the cordon. Those that remain, may need a little encouragement.

As SHIELD arrive and the crowds start dispering, there's a bright flash of light, a portal opens and out steps… EIGHT Pysborgs. Twice as many as usual…

Jes, if she can resist truly very, very, very strong psychic suggestion, may note that they fan out around a sandy haired man, about 5'11", rather non descript, bent over a silver cylindrical device. Is he… working on it? And is that a defensive formation those Psyborgs are taking?

Everyone in the vicinity will feel a pressure and voice in the back of their heads Citizens, you are breaching the Psychic Overlords laws, stand down immediately, or face Level 1 Suppression - it's compelling, that feeling, and two or three TAC team members, simply stop moving… they've stood down, it seems.

"Well…" Simmons looks at those who have arrived and breaks off as they Psyborgs appear and /speak/ to them… "damn… Agent Carter. I'd say it's over there… Setting off the Seekers." no she still can't see it and now she has to get into that area that's protected by Psyborgs. Opening a case that she pulls from her kit, Jemma activates a dozen silvery spherical drones, that whip off into the air and start to circle, feeding data back to her phone.

Jes is about ready to go "help" the stupid bastards along when her head snaps around in the direction of the flash. She feels that psychic suggestion but she isn't human and all of her emotions are powerful things.

"Huh? Oh, er, okay." Lunair lets herself be herded. Right up until it gets all ROBOBOOGIE and she's kind of shocked that none of them are asking people for their clothes or motorcycles or whatever. She's still pretty sure this is how Skynet started (or was it Windows 10?). She blinks, feeling the pressure and voice in her head. She doesn't like it, an inner beast gnashing it's teeth and snarling. She furrows her brows.

"What the heck are the overlords laws?" She asks, before managing to armor up. Still, the urge to fight is - really, weirdly, not there.

Jes is about ready to go "help" the stupid bastards along when her head snaps around in the direction of the flash. She feels that psychic suggestion but she isn't human and all of her emotions are powerful things. That alone would make it easier to resist but she's also got over a decade's worth of training in resisting mental and physical torture.

The coyote woman closes her eyes for a moment and stuffs the part of her that feels things inside a little box in her mind, entering that state of being where there's nothing but her and the thing she is supposed to do. Failure isn't an option. She'll stop the Psyborgs and get the device or die trying. She doesn't even growl or snarl just heads towards the group with a cold expression and empty eyes that are focused on the sandy haired stranger.

Another drill? Yep, just like STRIKE. Though as he picks up on Peggy's British accent, the Captain's left eye arches underneath the mask, moving it in time. "Native Cockney, are you agent?" he asks as Captain Britain floats a little higher and out of the way, complying with her request, sort of. With Simmons' drones take flight, he makes sure to stay clear of their flight. Don't want to interfere with the native spooks, after all.

That is until he feels the tug on his psyche and the Captain frowns deeply as he drops his hands to his sides and clutches them into fists as he hears the voices in his head, and then he speaks out in his own turn. "Psychic Overlords? That's a new one.. however!" he adds, lifting his voice, "I know not who these Psychic Overlords are, this area is under the protection of SHIELD. It is highly recommended that you return to your home dimension or universe and not to return here." he says as he eyes the portal. He may not know what a Psyborg is, and it's obviously not psychic in nature, he does know of portals.

Glancing at the SHIELD agents, he asks finally, "Do you have a way to shut down the portal so that they may not have access to reinforcement?" he asks, as he's already making a mental note to ask Roma what world these creatures may hail from and if they have their own version of him.

The Captain starts to ask another question, when the voice of someone calling himself Doctor Strange catches his attention. One doesn't work with magicks or be attached to a magical dimension for a power source without knowing of the name. "Sorcerer Supreme." the Captain offers in a greetings as he offers a tilt of his head. "A strange situation, is it not?" A play on his name. Yeah, he's young.

Strange glances at the newcomers and frowns faintly at the mention of the 'Psychic Overlords'. In his experience someone claiming to be a 'Overlord' tends to have a rather unpleasant attitude towards the common people. "I am going to assume you are here to stop those creatures. Again, I offer my assistance, but…" he blinks at seeing Brian hovering there. What is he doing this side of the Atlantic? "…but I am not interfering if you believe you have the situation under control. Agent… Simmons?"

"Bugger," Betsy exhales. Charles Xavier himself would have a hard time compelling Betsy to do something with such brute force. The psychic compulsion batters against her mind and breaks like the tide against sandy baffles, eliciting only a surprised lift of one eyebrow.

Brian learned that expression from her, of course.

Even while people are being pushed back or even debilitated by those psychic effects, Betsy steps forward into the cordon. Her focus drives inwards, then out, pushing her thoughts towards those individuals being beleaguered by that crushing psychic force. Her eyes lid in thought and her breathing becomes slow and steady. Psychic suggestion is as vulnerable to interference as sound waves, and Betsy starts to cut loose with powerful emanations designed to keep anyone from falling victim to those compulsions.

Peggy ignores the grumbling and the groaning. She doesn't really care what the civilians have to say about getting out of the way when danger is involved. When the Psyborgs show up with their mental compulsion though, she curses under her breath, "Oh, bloody Nora."

The compulsion to not do anything is certainly overwhelming, but she fights through it - she's seen her fair share of strange things and has an incredibly strong sense of will. No doubt, Betsy's own psychic helps with that. "Find them as fast as you can, take a TAC member with you. I'll try and buy you some time," she tells Simmons. To the rest of the TAC members, she orders, "Clear out the civilians as quickly and effectively as you can. I want this area cordoned off."

The question of Captain Britain is met with a bit of a raised eyebrow. "Yes, it's lovely to see the old Union Jack in action again, however I don't believe this is the time to discuss the dear old Blighty." Glancing at the others, she adds, "The civilians are a main priority, we must make sure they're safe. Secondly is a recovery, if you are able, assist Doctor Simmons." Stepping forward, she addresses the Psyborgs, "Those are not laws that we recognize. Leave peacefully now." A hand rests on the holster of her gun.

The War Machine has been running flights around the AO while the on ground agents moved noncombatants out of the area, but he's kept on comms throughout. Loaded with a new weapon specifically designed to combat the mental command, he just has to get close enough to put them down. Two long pylons connected to a single fire launcher are straped to a new hardpoint on the back of his armor, they have to be manually fired, and it required a crash course in their operation with Agent Simmons… thankfully Rhodey is a pretty quick study.

Especially when it came to weapons.

Designed to let him act in full ass kicking capacity.

The War Machine descends in a deaddrop right in the midst of the Pysborgs and straight kicks one while firing his foot mounted repulsors at the damn things chest, but it's a diversionary tactic to load one of the rockets and fire off a pylon directly into the ground with enough force to bury the spike end into the concrete. "PATTON, run activation."

"Roger that, Colonel."

He turns and rockets away before the brief null zone created by his arc reactor in reverse polarity wears off. "Alpha pylon down…" Blasting off from the midst of the combatants at fully firing repulsors.

As the Psyborgs array, the portal shuts, effectively answering Captain Britains question. It should be noted that these Psyborgs appear to be not of this earth, they are techno-organic beings that are well and truly psychically enhanced and whilst Betsy's efforts have some effect, she might be surprised by just how strong they are.

The SHIELD TAC team arrays in front of the Psyborgs … and start to open fire … which combined with Betsy's response and Peggy's request … results in a strong psychic blast that drops eight of the SHIELD TAC team to ground - LEVEL 1 SUPRESSION achieved.

Thankfully, Peggy has got the straggling civilians out the way and they mill behind the cordon, gaping… so much for this being a drill?

Fiery energy blades flare to life in the Psyborgs hands, and one makes for Peggy, bringing the blade down on her. Three more turn on Captain Britain, Jes and Lunair (yes, that's one each), one breaks off, seeking the source of the psychic interference. The other three remain arrayed about that space, which has Simmons looking at her instrumentation, before looking distractedly at Strange "What type of Doctor are you?" she asks and then recognises him, maybe Brians greeting helped. "oh do whatever you can. I need to find out why they're here." And then War Machine confirms the placement of the first pylon. Shoving a pylon (a cylinder about 3ft high) at Strange, Jemma gives him the instructions to activate. "This needs to be planted right there." she indicates an specific location about 20 ft from where they are "and activated. It will bring a phsychic supression field." Problem is? Strange has get by at least one of those pysborgs.

Lunair is actually in her power armor now. She would probably be in awe if she could see Rhodes doing his thing. But she will leave the civilian area to meet the Psyborg. "Oh wow, hi!" She recognizes Betsy. Betsy's cool. Lunair makes a note to dye rainbow stripes into her hair one day. For now, though, she's got to worry about helping the downed folks and dealing with - whatever this is. Is this a Dr. Who episode because there's a TOTALLY BRITISH GUY(TM) right there?

Lunair isn't sure. And there's Doctor Strange, too. She makes notes, keeping tabs in her HUD. For her part, she is going to meet the Psyborg, rising into the air and taking a potshot with an alarmingly large laser cannon. It looks to be bigger than Lunair herself, ripped off a Gundam or something. White motes dance around the end of the long, slender barrel before firing at the thing. She can't really use AoE here.

"Of course we shall." Britain offers to Peggy as he gives a slight grin. "I do admire your spirit, but perhaps you should leave the battling of Interdimensional threats to the experts and not to your sidearm." Is that a crack back at her for calling him a 'civilian'? Perhaps. Feeling Psylocke's sudden burst of energy, Britain glances around quickly, recognizing the signature for who it belongs to. ~Eight. Someone in the center, might be a controller, your friend with the babies is going after him.~ he sends quickly as he feels the connection with Betsy.

Despite his inexperience, he's a quick study in command structure, and as War Machine crashes the party, the Captain drops down as the null effect washes over his forcefield, the magicks quickly replinishing themselves as he gives a little shake of his head. "Well, that's interesting. Are you trying to create a reverse portal to send them back where they belong, or break their contacts?" he asks, not really sure if War Machine can hear him. Then he realizes that War Machine is pretty much American and charging straight into battle instead of assessing the situation, and Britain lets out a sigh through his nose.

Thus ends the time of idle chit chat and preparation, and when in America, do as the American's do. Except he doesn't have guns to wave around wildly to shoot, instead the Union Jack'd decorated hero switches from passive defense to active offense, as he drops down into the ground in front of Peggy, bringing up his arms above his head to catch the blade in his forcefielded hands, the energies flaring to life. "There's a gentleman in the middle of this that seems to be the controller, perhaps you could concentrate your efforts on him? I've seen something like this before, well.. really, more like a hunter with the hounds, wouldn't you agree?" he asks as he twists the blade, using the Psyborg's own weapon to twist him and slam him against one of the SHIELD vans, even as the Psyborg that was coming towards him continues to advance, the Captain with his hands quite full. "Or if you want to free me up, I'll be more than happy to advance on the supposed leader myself." He may not be Peggy's Captain, but he is a Captain. And Captain's rescuing Peggy just seems to be a thing.

Even if it annoys the snot out of her.

Jesana drops and tucks and rolls between the Psyborgs legs coming up behind it with a knife in one hand that she jabs towards where a kidney would be on a human. She also kicks up and out towards its rear with crushing force seeking to imbalance or knock it over. Maybe it'll impale it's self on that energy blade or she can hack it's head off if it falls. She's got to get to the device and this thing is in her way.

The native american doesn't seem to be concerned about the civilians, the danger, the people helping, or really anything. She's not capable of it in this state. To anyone watching her her it might not be clear that she actually sees them. It's just her and the device and anything between them is just an obstacle to be put down or knocked aside.

Doctor Strange has a well-trained mind and usually can deflect psychic suggestions with relative ease, but he still winces when the 'level one suppression' is activated. "Well…" Captain Britain just told Jemma the kind of doctor he is, actually. His face is easy to spot in the JL:A files, too.

Strange accepts the device with a somewhat puzzled glance. But he offered his help, so it is his fault, "ah, very well, if that is what you need." A couple steps towards the location and he realizes the strange aliens are on his way. So the sorcerer releases the pylon, which instead of falling to the floor just hovers in the air, and makes some arcane gestures with his hands, teleporting directly to the requested position and laying the device down. "Activating now," he comments.

"Flattering, but I'm not really dressed for this," Betsy tells the Psyborg a bit primly as he approaches her. She gathers crackling psionic energy into her fists and forges a psionic blade in one hand, then with the other balls up a fistful of raw power and hurls it at the Psyborg with enough telekinetic force to flip over a truck. She darts forward and snaps that psionic blade around in a whipping series of arcs, fast and deadly precise.

~Psyborgs. Be wary for psychic compulsion,~ she projects to everyone near by, in a cultured and quite prim British tonal that the mental link echoes. ~They're quite strong and fast. I'd recommend not closing into melee given an option. Armory, please assist the man in the grey suit with providing suppressing fire from above. Be mindful of civilians. SHIELD agents, if you can delay or apprehend that blonde fellow who's going to quite a bit of effort to hide from us, that would be greatly appreciated. Captain Britain, please stop trying to look dashing for the good agent and corral any Psyborgs who manage to escape the immediate contonement area. Doctor, you're with me. I shall endeavour to interfere with this psychic compulsion and that fellow's disguise.~

This all comes in within a few eyeblinks, the thoughts supplemented by a supreme tactical awareness that ties everyone in to one another. It's no crude telepathic web, but a sort of vague conception of what everyone is doing at any given time, the terrain, and the motions and intents of their foes.

All the while, Betsy keeps pressing her attack on the Psyborg, albeit fighting with more of a delaying action than strong intent to cripple or destroy.

Peggy stands her ground as the Psyborg barrels in on her. Her gun is pulled from her holster and she easily shoots two or three rounds. Her eyes narrow in concentration as the creature flies straight at her, her legs tensing, readying for a controlled toss sideways at the last moment. Then, of course, Captain Britain gets right in front of her. The gun is quickly pointed upward. The last thing she needs to is to shoot a superhero from her home country. "Of all the bloody…!" she curses at him. Yes, annoyed is the proper word for it.

"You know nothing of the situation," she tells Britain, voice clearly unhappy at being interrupted. "A sidearm works well enough against these creatures." Looking toward where Britain has indicated the center man, her sight narrows on him. Betsy's psychic point out helps bring him into clearer focus. "I can handle myself. Once doesn't need to fly in order to protect oneself." With almost a smirk, she adds, "As you seem to be enjoying yourself with the flying robots, I would hate to deprive you of the continued pleasure. Cover me, if you will."

And then, she's around the forcefield and running straight for the man who is supposedly at the center of all this. It's almost always best to take the fight to them. Pulling out another gun - an ICER - she aims and shoots a round as she moves.

"Something like that." Now that Betsy has connected them, Rhodey responds from the silence of his helmet despite the wind sheer of his speedy flight to Cap'Brit's inquiry as to what he's doing with the pylons, "It's a field designed by smarter people than me. They render psyborgs 'repression' inert." Thankfully, glad that he cannot hear Britains disdain for his tactics, especially since they appear to be working.

Later on, after the fighting is over, the Colonel will get the Captain an armchair to lead from.

He might even wonder where the British acquired this tactical foresight to operate effectively in a combat zone…

But hey, stranger things right?

"Second pylon is active, Colonel."

Rhodey wraps around in his flight and comes over the AO and once more goes into a deaddrop, hits repulsors close enough that he doesn't smash concrete. The null field created by his arc reactor pulses outward from him, creating a temporary safe zone from they mental control radiating out from the device and the beings it's 'controlling'. "Last pylon… down." The rocket misfires..

"SHOULD be down…" SHIELD has been pretty good with their equipment, so he's not -too- sour… but he's still sour. Now he's got to unload the pylon and stab it into the ground himself, which leaves him down on the ground a little too long for his arc reactor's safe zone to protect him. "Son of a bi-…" Pylon's make good melee weapons, it turns out… Rhodey smacks one of the psyborgs like Babe Ruth aiming for the fenses with the device clutched in both armored hands, then stabs it down into the ground.

As Strange and Rhodey plant the last two pylons, the Physchic Suppression field activates, answering Britains question again. Which leaves the Psyborgs as simply that … Cyborgs… big mean, tough, technorganic beings with no psychic attack or defense capabilities. Unfortunately… it will affect Betsy's ability to communicate with the group, as well. It's a blanket. Oh yeah, those energy swords? They blink out too.

Lunairs laser cannon takes her Psyborg right in the chest, pushing it back, but not stopping it… clearly it's effective… but might need a little more focus.

Jes's efforts have the Psyborg stumbling but they swipe their energy sword at the woman … before the field goes up of course… Jes finds herself locked in a battle with a highly trained and experienced being… it's not going to be quite so simple.

Similarly, Britain finds himself locked in battle - these are not easy foes to fight at all… in fact, with him freeing up Peggy… there's two to consider. The first one injured by Britains first attacks, the second sporting several bullet wounds… it's nearly down, but still … they're trying to fight with fists now until they're distracted by Stranges teleportation… Perhaps a team up between Strange and Britain will finish those two nicely.

Besty finds herself in a bind. She's lured her Psyborg beyond the suppression field and it's glowing energy sword hacks and slashes with deadly precision. These things are good… Any pyschic projection she makes into the field… is lost…. the team will have to work on its own.

Rhodey hits a home run on the first Psyborg… the thing simply sails away and lands with a thud against a wall… well more than a thud, the wall trembles and bits of masonry fall on its head. It's down and out. That leaves two guarding the device and the sandy haired man.

Simmons blinks as Betsy's 'instructions' are received. "Disable the Psyborgs, if you can. We will want to examine them." She calls out to the group and seeing Peggy heading towards the device and the man, grabs two TAC Team members "You're with me. Cover myself and Agent Carter. I'll disable the device." She thinks Peggy will have her hands full for some reason… and she's right….

As Peggy approaches the sandy hair man, he turns to face her… and without saying a word launches himself at her, fighting her hand to hand… and boy… is he good.

Poor Jes. "Need a weapon?" Lunair asks. "Or armor, I guess." She's not sure. Lunair frowns, seeing that the thing is merely pushed back. So laser or energy weapons work. But she's going to need more oomph. Time to shift it from burst to beam. "Right. EAT BEAMS, EVIL UNISEXBOT." This is probably why Lunair is banned from combat dialogue. Lunair blinks. « Hi Betsy and everyone. I am blasting them. Let me know if I can help. Um. Busy. » And things get hairy as the blanket telepathy thing goes down.

As energy swords blink out, Lunair has to think fast before beaming. Oh yeah, two purple lightsabers for Betsy.


Jes isn't experienced in several forms of combat but she's not a bad boxer. She's also very fast and a lot stronger than she looks so she just keeps moving and doesn't stop once she realizes this isn't going to be easy. She ducks and darts around the machine man while stabbing with her knife. She doesn't try to slash at it, that's too slow and not likely to be effective against this thing. She shows zero reaction when the psyborg manages to hit her. Later it's going to hurt, and badly but she isn't feeling anything at the moment. Lunair's question gets a short shake of the head and proves that Jes isn't completely unaware of the rest of the battle. She'd heard Betsy too before the field went up, just didn't give any visible reaction. Something would seriously seem off about her right now to anyone who knows her a little.

"Trying to keep her from ending up skewered like an ice lolly! And clear her a path to the guy in the middle of all this." Captain Britain snaps back at the voice in his head, though he gets the message as he slams his fist as hard as he can to grab a hold of the internals of the creature, lifting it off the ground and then snorts as Peggy joins in the initiated by Betsy. That is until the Psyborg he left himself open to clear the way for Peggy gets a clear path slams into the Captain's left side, the blade driving into him. Well, that should have been expected as the blade presses harder into the forcefield and the Captain can feel the magicks that power him flaring to try to compensate for the blade.

"Suppose you'll do as a bowler." he rumbles as he crumples the Psyborg in his hands, lifting it above his head before he twists to the right, using the ruined Psyborg to smack the other Psyborg, but he did hear that Simmons wanted one of these creatures alive. So after the initial hit, he tosses aside the ruined Psyborg and grapples with the second one, looking to pin it down so that he can subdue the thing without bashing it to pieces.

Strange looks with some veiled respect to the device. His own psychic powers are product of rigorous training, which some would call 'magic'. Technology that interferes with them in the hands of normal humans is a problematic concept for the sorcerer.

But then again, so are alien cyborgs with hostile intention. So the Doctor concentrates in the immediate threat and in consideration with Agent Simmons request, casts a Bolt of Bewilderment to the closest psyborg (not the ones Brian is handling) aiming to stun him, instead of blasting him to bits or transmuting him into something unpleasant.

Betsy lunges back and forth, almost dancing with the cyborg. Parries and strikes turn into a flowing dance, the blows fast and beautifully fluid. The cyborg lunges at her in the same moment that Lunair manifests those glowing amethyst lightsabers in the Brit's hands. Psionic blades are lovely and quite useful, but there's no substiute for putting controlled plasma arcs under your fingers. She snaps one blade around to parry the Psyborg's swipe and snaps her other lightsaber around at his wrist, then steps forward in a blurring, mesmerizing display of swordplay that slashes through a wrist and a knee, and a neat surgical strike that leaves 'her' Psyborg paralyzed and on the ground.

"They seem to be inhibiting psychic dialogue," Betsy says, raising her voice to make herself heard around the battlefield. She snaps the lightsabers in a buzzing circle and charges straight into the swirling melee, darting like a fox. She doesn't linger long enough to engage in swordplay with anyone- instead, her blows are snappingly fast and aimed to cripple and hobble her targets, rather than maim or kill.

And she cuts a swathe towards the blonde fellow assailing Peggy, though her progress will take several precious seconds.

Launching herself right into the fight, Peggy easily leaps into the fight. She's well trained in hand to hand combat, countering his attacks with her own. Agent Carter is not an assassin or a woman trained in martial arts: she is a brawler. The other fight around her is background noise, something that she is aware of to make sure she doesn't duck or leap into the oncoming traffic of the Psyborgs.

The man she fights against is strong and fast. She is barely able to keep up with his press of an attack. She keeps attempting to aim the ICER pistol at the man in front of her. While they don't work on the Psyborgs, she's almost positive this man is human and will be able to be taken down by them.

The rhythm of the fight is a hypnotic one and finally she attempts to change the game by allowing one of his kicks to get through her defense. Hopefully, she will be pushed backward and able to get a better shot at him with the ICER round, putting him down for the count.

Free to finally engage with impunity, War Machine's swivel cannon locks onto one of the pair of psyborgs guarding the blonde haired fellow tussling around the device. All the while he's rushing towards the creature bouncing from foot to foot as bullets rip into and through its body with effective stopping power. Still it's standing by the time he's close enough to engage with the undermounted Pancor Jackhammer, but with each rapid fired round, bits of the creature are blown clean off.

He clearly didn't get the memo that they're suppose to be keeping the psyborgs alive.

That or he knows they've got a stack of these things neck deep back at Traskelion.

The creature, despite having three of it's extremities blown off, keeps trying to claw up at him. Until he stomps his foot down on it's biomechanicl face like a pumpkin beneath a steamroller and moves right on through the gore towards the other, firing ''at'' the blonde haired man, but not directly engaging him on his path to the other of the two guards.

With whom he shall begin paving another destructive path of bloody body parts and internal psyborg organs. Sure, they get some licks in… but what good is punching a War Machine! Higher education through superior firepower.

It's a good thing that Lunair gave Betsy lightsabers… her own weapons wouldn't work in the field that the FitzSimmons twins had developed. Her Psyborg does indeed crumble, the blade severing a motorneuron connection… leaving it in good shape for Simmons to use.

Jes's staps manage to land in a delicate area… whereever it is, the Psyborg just drops. Hopefully they'll be able to work out just what Jes hit… that could be interesting.

Lunairs beaming… smashes the Psyborg to smithereens… and bits fall to the ground. At least the SHIELD scientists will have spare parts to work with.

The Psyborg Britain holds down struggles for a moment and then … stops. When it's picked up off the pavement, they'll find it was impaled on a piece of debris… still quite usuable though.

Stranges Psyborg reacts interestingly … it simply sits on the ground … and if it's possibl to work out the facial expression, it… looks confused. A TAC Team member scuttles across the area and handcuffs it.

Peggy is certainly a brawler and she takes her blows from the man … as Simmons rushes by her… and the ICER Pistol? Works like a charm, that ones KO'd by Agent Peggy Carter!

And… well War Machine's higher education through superior firepower lesson seems to take … there's ugh… Psyborg smeared everywhere… some smattering on Simmons as she starts to disable the device.

It doesn't take her long - she did write those instructions after all… and when she looks up there's… Psyborg bodies everywhere… "Thank you…" she speaks into the comms and to those around her. Now it's time to clean up… The question is…

What did Peggy Carter just take down?

Lunair stops the beamings after awhile. She seems relieved that the lightsabers helped Betsy. "Are you okay?" She asks around her in general. Lunair seems concerned, coming to gently land in her power armor. And is there a War Machine? Cool! She waves to the others. "I - should probably clear out. The police kind of make frownie faces at laser cannons. Toodles, noodles!"

Depositing the psyborg he has, Captain Britain can only offer an apologetic shrug. "Sorry, guess I didn't know what he was struck on." Releasing it, the young man turns, reflecting on it all, and just shakes his head. Feeling the ebb of his confidence, he rubs his arm and then takes off so he can get some distance from the area before he completely loses his powers. Time to sleep it off.

Strange is also wondering what is going on. He will inquire to SHIELD through the Justice League channels later in the evening. Maybe adding some divinations… no, this is not a magical problem and he needs to trust human agencies can do their work. He can't do everything.

But before he leaves, he approaches Brian. "Captain, it is a surprise to see you this far from the British Islands. I imagine there is a good reason of your presence in New York. Perhaps we could talk about it over tea? Please, come to see me if you will." He gives the British champion his card, with his address at Bleecker Street.

When the psyborg stops moving Jes turns back towards the device but Jemma reaches it first. Jes isn't really functionally with all her facilities at the moment. She's still focused on getting the thing and is headed right for Jemma when a middle aged looking native american man moves out of the crowd behind the barriers and heads toward her. Most people don't appear to see him and he walks quickly up to Jes and grabs her by the back of the neck and shakes her. She goes limp rather suddenly and lands on her knees on the pavement. The man eyes her for a moment and nods before just kind of disappearing.

When Jes gets to shakily to her feet a minute later she looks rather pale and those psychically inclined can brobably feel the intense surge of self loathing and hatred rising up within the young woman and the need to do something, something not likely to be good for her health. Her eyes dart around the area and she bursts into a run to disappear into the crowd.

Betsy whips a kerchief from her coat and wraps it around the lower part of her face. Nothing much can be done about her hair, of course, but at least between the sunglasses and the improvised mask, people will be a bit less quick to put features and skills together. And who knows from where those lightsabers came, anyway? Betsy tosses them aside, knowing well that Lunair can make them vanish with but a thought.

She takes a few steps and vanishes into the crowd, herself, erasing the memory of her passage as she goes.

Rhodey surveys the scene of the blast zone what was once this battlefield with a satisfied nod of his armored head. "I'm really starting to enjoy breaking these things…" He's not very good at letting grudges go. 'Give me a heartache will ya? Well I'll show you. Over and over and over again. Until forever or you're extinct. Whichever comes first.' He steps over towards Jemma to assist, as he can, with transporting the blonde feller to one of the SHIELD vans, "I'll do one last sweep, but I think we're clear?"

As soon as the man is down, Peggy takes a breath, putting an arm around her stomach where the kick landed. The man was stronger and faster than quite a few people she's seen. With the Psyborgs being taken out by the others, she looks around, eyes find Simmons. The scene seems to be locking down and she starts to take charge again. Kneeling down by the downed man, she pulls a zip tie from her belt to secure the suspect's wrists behind his back.

"We need containment for this suspect. And we need a team to clean this up and take the specimens back to the lab. Thank you for your help, let's contain this scene as best we can."

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