Walking Home

October 15, 2015:

After splitting off from the others in Meeting in Midtown, the Braddock twins continue their walk to discuss a couple of things.

Midtown Manhattan


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"You really wanted to just walk with me, Bets? Or is this going to be one of your infamous interrogations?" Brian asks once the two of them are separated from the group that they were with earlier. "Friends of yours? Or some outreach work?" It's a curious question as he gives a glance towards his sister, and then takes a longer draw from his cherry lemonade, the cup emanating loud slurping sounds as he hits bottom. He gives the cup a shake, tries to drink again, and more slurping noises. "Well." he mutters, tossing the cup in a rubbish bin they pass by.

"If it was an interrogation, how would you know?" Betsy says, giving Brian an arch look. "I don't need pointly pliers and scalpels. You wouldn't even suspect you were being interrogated, for that matter," she says, a bit wryly.

She steps out with a long-legged stride that keeps easily up with Brian's gigantism, without much effort. At least in a nod to common decency she tucks her phone into her back pocket for the moment, which is as much attention from Betsy as anyone can be sure to receive.

"You mean this isn't one of those cases where you try to pin me down on the couch and pull on my ears until I spill my guts?" Brian asks with a wry grin. "How's the shopping around here, anyway?" he asks as the young man folds his arms behind his back, his gait casual, if a bit slowed for his leggy sister. "And you're avoiding my question."

His phone gives a small chirp, and he checks it. And his fingers work the keyboard quickly, before putting it back away. "Kitty was just letting me know she made it back home okay."


Betsy glances down at the bags on her left elbow. "The shopping's quite good. Bergdorff's, Sak's. And no, this wasn't on the trust card," she tells Brian per-emptively. "The only thing I charge to that is my food and rent for my apartment."

She glances at Brian's phone, resisting the urge to check her own. "You and Kitty seem to be getting on like a house aflame. Shall we start planning for upcoming nuptials? Honeymooning in Monaco?"

The quip draws a frown, and Brian shakes his head. "That's not why I'm interested in her, Betsy." he says, glancing towards the woman and lets out a breath. "She's nice, and makes a good friend. And I couldn't reach you to show me around, so she offered. I haven't had a serious relationship since Courtney Ross, and we both know how that ended." She dumped him, considering him a rich playboy coward that ran away at the first hint of trouble, and abandoning her. Such is the life of keeping a loved one in the dark.

"What about you? Got a future Mister Braddock in mind, because goodness knows, you're not taking anyone's name." It's a careful deflection of allowing Betsy to dig too deep as he gives her a glance. "And I know. I've been keeping a careful watch on the finances, especially with Jaime's care now that I've had to come to the colonies."

Betsy snorts. It's an undignified sound that adequately portrays her amusement at the notion. "Marriage, Brian? Me? Not hardly. This line of work hardly engenders stable relationships, let alone finding someone who's marriage material. I had… maybe two actual 'dates' with Flash over a few months. He was sweet, but had that terribly un-assertive wholesome Midwestern farm boy attitude. Then Jessica came along, and we got on like a house afire, except… we never saw each other," she says, with a frustrated flick of one hand. "She had her own obligations and responsibilities. We text and talk, but it's hard to arrange a date when one or both of us are either out of the city, hospitalized /again/, or too tired to do anything but eat and then sleep for a day straight."

"And you wonder why I'm not actively looking for a girlfriend." Brian says with a roll of his eyes and a chuckle. "Hey, I know I just met you and I was told the world may be ending soon, but wanna go out?" he gives out a guffaw at that as he shakes his head. "Hospital or missions, or galavanting, or or.. a million things that need to be done, no time for a personal life. Are you really trying to feed me that line, Miss Super Model, Hero, Sister, ecetera, ecetera? Because I'm about the one person that won't buy the fact that you can't juggle two chainsaw while tight-rope walking over a lava pit with angry geese on your arse."

"I didn't say I couldn't juggle it," Betsy corrects Brian, with an upticked finger. "I said that the timing is inconvenient when it comes to dating in the community. Not to mention the other host of oddities and general weirdness we encounter on a regular basis, multiplied generally by a factor of four or more."

"Of course, the other option is to date a non-meta," Betsy says. "But that is inherent with its own pitfalls and hazards. I don't know many people who've made a successful go of being wed to someone who wasn't also a member of the community."

"Yeah, and we both saw how well that worked for me - going from not being a member at all to suddenly being.. what I am." Brian says with a good-nature smile. He has to roll with the punches as he glances over at his sister and gives her a gentle shoulder bump. "This is great, you know. I really was starting to miss you. I was contemplating visiting before I even was given.. OH!" he says, turning to his sibling suddenly. "I had this nightmare the other night. The usual one.." Ending with him executed by the Fury, but he just glosses over that fact. "But someone was there I'd never seen before. Black hair, wearing a magician's outfit, with stockings. Said her name was Za.. and that's when the dream ended." And his head was blown clear off and the mystery woman was yanked into Otherworld. "Any ideas?"

Betsy frowns, then shakes her head. "No idea," she says with a shrug. "It seems portentous, but I'm afraid I can't help you. I'm not familiar with anyone of that name."

She keeps pace with Brian even after being jostled, smiling a bit despite herself. "I've missed you too, you lummox. I'm quite pleased you're taking up residence here, if even temporarily." She gives Brian a direct and slightly worried look.

"How /is/ Jaime?" she asks, her voice a bit quieter. "He seemed… a little off when I visited last," she says. "Moreso than usual. We didn't get much chance to discuss it, and I worry about him."

"He talks in rhymes and riddles. There are times where I don't even understand him." Brian finds himself admitting as he lets out a breath. "And I know that I'm supposed to be pursuing my own life with school and everything, but part of me wants to just go back and be his caretaker. I wonder at times.." he confesses, his voice quiet. "If perhaps he was the one that was supposed to accept the mantle, and I just ended up with it because he wasn't quite allright." he admits, and shrugs his shoulders.

"I've had contact with the specialist you referred me to, Doctor Moira McTaggart. I'm hoping maybe she'll be able to evntually give me some insight to share with you, but for now, he's just under observation and we are in the wait and see game." he's obviously not happy about this, but he knows he has very little choice in the matter. "Do you want to stop and get some tea, or coffee, or whatever it is you drink now?" he asks her.

Betsy exhales, worry in her posture. "I'm still glad he's home occasionally, at least. I hate to think of him languishing in a mental services center, even one as nice as Muir Island." She gives Brian's tricep a squeeze. "Brian, even I know the mantle isn't meant for a specific person. It doesn't ask for specifics or try to find someone who's already exceptional. It looks for intangibles, and it suits best the person who will take it the furthest, not the person who can do the most with it on day one."

"Coffee would be lovely," she says, releasing his arm. "There's a Starbucks up the street here, if you want something quick, or a little bistro around the corner a little further. They've got a decent menu, too, if you're hungry at all. The coffee is better, too, as is the tea."

"Well, I tried to load up on wieners, since that's what Kitty and I ended up doing after that bakery explosion interrupted the tour and I slipped away for a bit." Brian admits, a little abashed. "Don't worry, I didn't make her come along to help - she reminded me that… her type of heroics aren't really accepted here." Or sometimes anywhere, really. "But yes, I could do with a light snack." He's a large and built man and has the appetite to match.

"And yes, I was trying to have him home every other weekend when I was around, but now that I too have had to leave the Manor, I had no choice but to leave him at Muir Island. I do hope he'll eventually understand." He doesn't comment on who or why the Captain Britain mantle choose whom it does, he's come to terms with it.

Betsy nods. "He'll be all right, Brian," she assures him. "Knowing Moira, she gave him a kindle on the first day loaded with the world's greatest literary classics. I'm sure he's happier there than at home," she says.

"Come along, then. Let's get you fed." She gestures at the end of the block and leads her brother along towards the bistro for a stop and a snack.

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