Stars Are Brightest

October 16, 2015:

A cultist tries to take out Rowan - hint: bad move - and Ulani and Rowan interrogate him

Deserted Beach


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Fade In…

"We're going to have a little heart to heart." Rowan is in a mood at the moment. Several cultists decided to show up at his favorite sunning rock to try to kill him, you see. That's… not quite literally true but it's close. Apparently the cultists of the Lord of the Deep finally got wind that there were waterfolk up here and, after burning them in effigy no doubt, actually tracked him down during his morning run along the beach. A very isolated beach where Rowan - presently a fifty foot long fire breathing lizard with 'hands' the size of car tires - is pinning down a cultist and threatening him with a rather toasty end.

Rising up out of the water and walking up onto the beach, is Ulani… water streaming from her and a rather fierce look on her face… seems Rowan might have sent a message to her. Currently she's unarmed and except from the look on her face, she probably looks quite harmless … particularly in her traditional blue clothing.

Looking down at the Piscine like creature, pinned by Rowans claws, she 'tuts' a little before looking up at the dragon and then back down "I would recommend you speak to the dragon… " her voice is soft and quiet… well modulated but obviously firm.

"Otherwise I'll feed you to the lady." There's a reversal. Rowan might cook the guy first.

The piscine looking man stares up at Rowan. No. This was not expected. "The Lord of th-th-the Deep will… drown your… cities in the Blood of Power."

"ENOUGH!" Rowan roars. It's loud. "I don't want your pathetic memorized lines. TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE PLANNED!" Think he's scared the guy enough? Time for the pretty lady to step in.

The pretty lady … might be comely … but don't let the package fool you. "Don't cook him too much, Rowan." Ulani looks down at the cultist "I like my seafood quite raw." Is she joking?

"Blood of Power?" Ulani winces as Rowan roars and covers her ears till it's over. Standing over the now, hopefully, terrified man she speaks quietly again "Don't get him angry… well, angrier… and I must say, I'm feeling a little peckish."

"Blood of Power… " she looks up at Rowan "means something to do with Mutants…" she thinks. A small smile touches her lips as she looks back down and crouches next the creature "Come now… just tell what you've got planned, it will be just so much easier."

"The Blood of Power will make the waters flow like in the time of the ancient ones from whom it came." The man looks nervously at Rowan's admittedly very large jaws. "The Lord of the Deep will drink of the power and the seas will obey him. The surface will bow… or it will learn the fury of the seas."

"Ritual." Rowan murmurs. "He's describing some kind of blood sacrifice ritual."

Ulani offers the mutated man a small smile "That was painless, wasn't it, now." The phrasing the man has used is interesting and she replays it in her head. "Yes, I believe so Rowan. Using mutant blood." She's watching the man for any indication at all that he might give "drink of the power … will he drink the blood? No, more likely the blood will fuel a great magic." she muses as she works the word through "And it will change the way waters flow… if we are talking about the Lord Of The Deep being trapped in another dimension, that could refer to the portal itself, could it not?" A little like her hydraports.

"What else do you know about this ritual?" she cajoles the pinned man to share the secrets. "I'm still feeling a little peckish."

Fire starts to lick the edge of Rowan's steak knife sized fangs as he leans closer. The piscine man tries to lean back into the sand. "The Lord of the Deep will make his presence known among his faithful. His servants will cull the unworthy and those he chooses will be taken to be one with him."

That sounds… bad. It sounds like they intend to summon some kind of portal or avatar of the Lord of the Deep and… take people. Rowan knows this thing has an army. Growing it like that would be… disasterous.


"In the City of Angels!" In Los Angeles…

Now that is interesting… Ulani raises her eyes to Rowan… "Just char him a little…" she murmurs "When… when will this happen?" the Where being Los Angeles, isn't very helpful. She likely has the same concerns as Rowan … a growing army is not something they even want to contemplate.

"Soon. As the Blood Moon rises…" The man whispers. Rowan frowns. Blood moons, among the surfacers, refer to lunar eclipses. There is no such eclipse at any time that might be considered soon. They're predicatble. Unless… "The humans are moving into a holiday where they… commemorate the dead are they not?" Not the one with candy. The one after it. It's a stretch but…

Rowans been on the Surface way longer than Ulani… but she's had the advantage of Blue Intelligence and a certain number of joyrides to the surface that she shouldn't have… "Surfacer holidays are a little beyond me, Rowan. But there's Halloween and the Day of The Dead." She seems a little confused by that… "I can ask someone, if you like."

The cultist gets a look from the Blue, "And where exactly will the ritual be held?" Knowing the city is vaguely helpful but know where to look, even more so. If this cultist doesn't know, maybe others will…

"In the City of Angels, I told you. Where the stars shine brightest amid the holly and the trees." Ugh. Riddle speak. Rowan'll have to think about that one, he doesn't know. Stars? Trees? Really?

Ulani isn't surprised they speak in riddles, it seems to be the way with fanatics. Looking up at Rowan, she shrugs at the words. She's not been on the Surface long enough to make any connections with those words. "I'm done."

Straightening from her crouched position, stretching her back out she turns her dark eyes to the Dragon. "What are you going to do with him?" Every fibre of her being says they should terminate him, but… "Maybe our people will be able to make something of him…"

"Take him." Rowan isn't going to deal with the mess of trying to deal with surfacer laws on the matter. "He's a danger anyway. Can't let him go." The dragon straightens up. No, he's not turning back right now. He wouldn't want to lose the effect.

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