Meeting in Midtown

October 15, 2015:

A chance meeting in Manhatten


Midtown Manhatten


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Jesana was on her hands and knees scrubbing a mess out of the carpet, having just returned from a quick trip to the store she's dressed and even wearing shoes. This is fortunate because she suddenly finds herself kneeling on the sidewalk in Midtown Manhatten. Last time this happened she'd been half naked and barefoot. "OH sonofabitch!" Jes growls and gets to her feet, angry brown eyes and a wild aura sending people scurring out of her way instead of the usual stares or rude insults such an appearance might bring. Frowning, the native american woman looks around in an attempt to figure out where the hell she is now.

Manhattan. One of the boroughs Julith hasn't spent too much time in. Then again, where has she spent much time? Her presence today is heralded by the roar of polyurethane wheels being put to a stress test they weren't designed for. Indeed, she's breaking the speed limit on a skateboard, racing about the sidewalks and weaving through (or over) traffic on the hunt for something cool. On a side note, her hands are busy feeding her some chips she'd picked up recently. French cut and lightly salted.

Betsy was shopping. Needless to say, she's a bit surprised by the sudden presence of the coyote demigod appearing in front of her with virtuall no warning, and the tall, leggy Asian comes up short with a look of startlement her designer sunglasses can't hide. She's dressed like a fashionista's walking advertisement- long, asymmetrical wool coat in a sandy tan, brown demiboots, and close-cut white jeans. Three bags hang from the crook of her left elbow, and she even stops her one-handed texting of her sPhone.

"…we keep bumping into one another," she observes wryly, with an urbane British accent. "You're the young lady who stepped in yesterday quite unexpectedly, aren't you? The wolf?" she asks, as if such a thing is a commonplace occurance.

She steps smoothly to the side at the sound of skateboard wheels rattling along, not bothering to look over her shoulder at Julith's skittering down the sidewalk.
Wanda wanders. Not exactly sure why she is Manhattan - much too ritzy for her - but that usually just means something odd is about to happen. And sure enough… The Witch can't but help but notice the sudden appearance of Jesana and ambles over. Wanda is not a fashion model at all - her clothes simple (jeans and blouse) and well-used. She is probably not their first owner. "Are you okay?" she asks the coyote.
Jes blinks but that's the only sign of surprise she shows as her eyes fall on Betsy and then Wanda. "Yeaahhh. My Father has a weird sense of humor." Jes answers and blinks again then frowns. "Coyote, not wolf." She can't help but correct though she is quite larger than the norm. Wolves are wolves and she is not one and its almost as insulting as being compared to a dog. "They were trying to kill you, I wasn't gonna just keep walking." Jesana shrugs before answering "Wanda, Hello. I'm fine thank you." She also dodges the woman with the skateboard while she takes another swift look at their surroundings. No one's dying or being attacked that she can see.. so there's that at least.

Dressed in her usual outfit that most may mistake her for being a Greaser, Julith may be out of place.. or, look it atleast. There's a trio of people nearby doing something, to which the loud sound of wheels grinding on pavement is owed before the pompadour-sporting lass approaches the opulantly dressed one is speaking to two less-so others. She's curious.

"…there's a difference?" Betsy asks Jesana, an eyebrow hiking minutely behind her glasses. She shifts her weight unconsciously, turning a knee out and settling her weight over one foot. The purple-haired woman glances again at Julith when the skateboarder makes another pass, then looks to Wanda, not recognizing the witch.

"Hmm." Betsy glances from Julith, to Jes and Wanda, then back again. She seems supremely confident, not moving out of anyone's way, but out of habit sends a glance around the immediate area. It seems prudent. Odd things happen in threes, after all. "I suppose I should thank you for your help," she tells Jesana. "I admit I was in a bit over my head yesterday."

"I am glad you are okay" Wanda smiles to Jesana before noting the others that have gathered. "Hello…I am Wanda" she greets, offering her hand to anyone that wants it. She's not as shy as she used to be and assumes that most people know who she is anyway; X-Red get blasted all over the media. "So you were sent here by your father?"

Jes looks amused. "Yes. Several." She shrugs off the thanks. She'd killed one of the men after all by ripping out his throat and people usually don't exactly line up to thank her for that. She's a bit surprised honestly but hides it well. Warm brown eyes study Betsy with interest. The coyote woman is expert at reading body language and she likes Betsy's confidence despite the sudden strange circumstances. Someone who doesn't scare easily is someone that Jes respects.

"How are you Wanda? Are you hungry?" Jes glances around again for a street vendor. She remembers the starvling way Wanda ate the last time she saw the Witch. Julith's approach is noticed with wary interest. "Hello, there. I'm Jesana." She nods at Wanda. "Yeah. I just got back from the store and was scrubbing a mess the pu-uh kids made on the floor and then here I was." She looks half amused and half annoyed. "Least I'm dressed this time."

On his way back from an eventful evening, Brian Braddock is enjoying a hot dog from a Nathan's vendor that was back a few blocks. Sipping away at his cherry lemonade, he's dressed in his usual suit and tie, but the overcoat is missing, scarf carefully draped around his neck. He'd blend in with the crowd if he wasn't so blasted tall with a blonde hair, and a familiar ping on his senses. ~Bets?~ is thought cautiously as he pauses in his step, quickly trying to mask the earlier thoughts of the evening.

Juls wheels up a bit further back on the sidewalk, still nibbling on her fries while yet another person comes in on the unusual group on the street. She quietly hums to herself as she comes to complete stop, just out of conversational earshot.. to avoid eavesdropping, of course, but still letting her watch from the side.

Betsy shakes Wanda's hand. For a tall drink of water, she's got a handshake that's like iron, nodding at Wanda rather than smiling. "Hullo. Nice to meet you," she says, in a polite manner, her bearing a bit stiff and formal.

Betsy tenses unusually and turns in place, head swivelling, and her sunglasses reflect Brian as if he were swinging a road flare in traffic to get her attention. She exhales between her teeth, though her demeanour seems otherwise unchanged. "Because, of course," the woman murmurs. Still, she lifts a hand to wave at Brian, as if more acknowledging she's seen him than to greet the strapping blonde fellow.
"I am always hungry" Wanda grins. She is a bit feral like that - living on the street makes you value every meal you can find! The hot dog gets eyed…and there may even be a licking of lips…before she turns back to Jesana. "Wait…you have kids? When did this happen?" Since Jesana is a coyote, Wanda has to ask. "How many?"
Jes can't help the proud grin as she answers. "Two. A boy and a girl. Jerimiah and John." It isn't Nathan's but there's another hotdog vendor nearby and Jes quickly purchases a hotdog and soda for Wanda while keeping an eye on the approaching man. Betsy didn't exactly look thrilled to see him and Jes can't scent the man from here. She has no idea who he is. "Anyone else want a hotdog?" Jes eyes Julith. She looks like maybe she could use some feeding too and Jes actually has her wallet for a change. "It's been about oh.. six weeks I think." She blinks, time has passed quickly for her but not all of it had been on earth. Wanda may or may not remember it hasn't been six weeks since she last saw Jes.

Brian didn't even wave. Just felt her presence. Such is the life of the less psychically inclined twin. And then she lifts a hand - possibly in greeting - so he'll translate it as such, because he does like seeing his sister. Adjusting his course accordingly, the taller of the two Braddocks makes his way over to where his sister is and gives her a gentle hip-bump in greetings. "How do, Betsy?" he asks, as he considers, popping the rest of his hot dog in his mouth to chew on and swallow, following it with a tug on his cherry lemonage. "What brings you to my part of town?" he asks casually. Of course, they look nothing like twins, so who knows what they're doing together.

As he notices Wanda's reaction, he glances at the second hot dog, the one he was saving for a bit later, but offers it to her. "I've had my fill, I think." he admits with a grin. "If you don't mind one made all the way. The Yanks put all types of weird stuff on these weiners, did you know that, Betsy?" he asks his sisters, smelling fainly of wood smoke - as if he's been around or in a fire. And recently. A missed smudge mark on the side of his neck. The hints are all there, he's been up to something. "Uh. Sorry, my apologies. I'm Brian." At least he didn't say he was Betsy's sister. See, he's learning!

When Jes beats him to the hot dog offer, he shrugs his shoulders, a bit helplessly. "Anyway, Betsy, I was on my way back to the Consulate and just had to say hullo. I won't intrude." offers the taller and broader than Betsy drink of water.

Julith tilts her head when foods are exchanged. Being polite and not eavesdropping means that Julith isn't in a position to hear what they're saying, nibbling quietly on… well, she could be, but her paper pouch is now devoid of fried spud sticks. She crumples it up and puts it inside her vest for now, wheeling back and forth on her board while she's observing the group. The internal debate to sneak in, or to mind her own business further rages on.

To her credit, Betsy doesn't move when she's hip-checked. At all. Which is saying something, considering the near one-hundred pounds Brian must have on her. She does turn her glasses towards him, slowly, though her eyes are invisible behind the wide frames.

"Shopping, Brian. Some of us don't like wearing the same three pair of pantaloons for weeks on end," Betsy points out. In fairness, anyone who knows Betsy well would recognize that she doesn't wear the same outfit for even an entire day, quite often.

It 'clicks' for her finally and she looks at Wanda again, pulling her sunglasses away from her haughty features. "It's Wanda, isn't it?" Betsy states. "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you immediately. Betsy," she reminds the witch. "We have a mutual friend- Bobby?" she says, her tone unflappably polite but rather pointed.

There's a sense that she's vaguely 'aware' of Julith, but doesn't address the loitering skateboarder. Not yet.
Hot dogs incoming from all angles! Wanda grins as she takes the offered one from Brian and then Jesana has got her another one. What an awesome day; any day when Wanda is not altering reality is a good day. "Yes. Wanda. I am sorry but I do not know 'who' you are." She means superhero wise of course. Betsy has that confident air about her that suggests she is one. "Congratulations, Jesana" she smiles about the kids. "You should tell me who the father is one day but I must be away. Nice to meet you all." With that Wanda turns on her heels, hands laden with food, and sneaks off before anyone takes the hot dogs from her!

Jesana laughs and shakes her head as Wanda hurries off with her food. She's got to remember to stop by X-Red and check on her more. Things have been very hectic lately. Jes relaxes slightly now that she can tell Betsy and Brian are siblings. Not that the purple-haired woman needs any help but her body language had Jes wanting to bite the guy.

Maybe her hormones are still out of whack or something. "Are you alright?" Jesana's nostrils flare and she frowns slightly at Brian. Smelling like woodsmoke in the city isn't entirely common and he's also got a smudge of soot or something. She's noticed Julith hovering and watches her without appearing to. It's not likely the stranger is a spy or assassin sent by her stepfather but.. it's ingrained in Jes. The awareness of her surroundings and the people nearby.

Or that Brian didn't hip-check her that hard. He's not looking to embarass her. Feeling the stare on him, he shakes his head, and smiles in amusement, his own blue eyes filled with warm mirth. "Shopping, eh? Well, try not to bankrupt us in one week." he teases her. "I'll let you get back to it." Apparently he's not going to press his luck with his sister this evening.

A grin is offered to Wanda as she takes the hot dogs and he glances around, giving a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Oh, I'm quite fine." he responds to Jesana, "They have 2nd street blocked off near St Marks - Miss Pryde and I were on a Ghost Walkabout and a fire broke out at one of the tentaments. Smoke billowed all over the place. But I think the local constables and fire brigade have it well in hand." He gives his sister a warm smile. "I'll see you later." he promises her before he continues on his stroll towards the Consulate building.

"I'll walk with you," Betsy tells Brian. She looks at Jesana. "Thank you, again. Quite sincerely. If I can ever repay that favor, I shall," she assures the coyote. It'd sound pompous from anyone else, but from the leggy Brit, it just sounds quite certain and sincere.

She nods politely at Jesana and gives her brother a firm hip-check in response, then falls into step next to him as they start heading towards the consulate office.

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