Ghost Walks, Bakery Fires, and Rooftop Hotdogs

October 15, 2015:

Kitty Pryde agrees to meet Brian Braddock for a social outing, and they have an eventful day.

Lower Manhattan - New York City

The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east, and the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street. From the arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich Village, SoHo, and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled, working class districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan is one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything can be found here, and often is.


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Afternoon in New York. After going to the British Consulate as Brian said he would, he sends Kitty a text - no not asking her if she had that little black dress still, but something far more innocent.

'Hey. It's Brian. The Consulate gave me this gift basket with stuff to do around the city and I have two tickets to a walking ghost tour. Can't reach Betsy. Wanna come with?'

And he's not really sitting in the rented penthouse waiting for a return text as he idly goes through all the stuff to do in New York items that they loaded Captain Britain down with.

Kitty's sitting at the desk in her room grading papers when she gets Brian's text. 'Ghost tour? Definitely!' is her answer. 'I'm in Westchester, though, might take me a little bit to get to Manhattan.'

'That's fine. I'm sort of busy until evening, anyway.' Brian texts back. Fibber. He's currently watching telly and boggling over the idea that three big boobed bimbos could captivate a nation as much as the Kardashians have. With a sigh, he flips the channel to put it on the BBC so he can have a little bit of home while he goes about preparing.

As Kitty can't tell what it is Brian's doing at the moment, she takes him at his word. He's a busy British superhero here for Ambassador stuff, it doesn't take a stretch of the imagination that he's going to have quite a few things on his schedule. 'Great! I'll meet you by the walk start, there, where is it?'

'Saint Marks in the Bowery is what this says. I'll have to find it on a map.' Brian takes a picture of the tickets and sends it as an attachment so Kitty can look up the directions. She's probably been to the city far more than he has, and it makes life easier. After sending the text, he puts down his phone and goes to look out over the city. It's nothing like his native home. Yet it still feels familiar.

Kitty's lived in Westchester long enough to get a pretty good idea of how to navigate the city. The address is enough to let her know where she needs to go. After a train and then the subway, she emerges from the stop with her magic purse over her shoulder. Lockheed is nowhere to be seen, but it might be inferred that the little dragon has either been given the night off or is in said purse. She's dressed nicely enough, though casual. Comfortable shoes, jeans, a nice shirt, her leather jacket, her hair is not up in its ponytail. Glancing at her phone, she looks about to try and spot Brian.

Dressed in a grey suit with dark tie, Brian dressed up as per his usual. He's not one to dress down to impress, though it's totally not a date. Along with his overcoat and a red scarf, he carries a small leather knapsack. As he's the taller of the two and can get a better look over the crowd, his blonde locks are easily seen as he stands with a few other patrons - a weeknight tour that doesn't draw as many guests as it does on the weekends. A middle-age woman is dressed in the period clothing of the early 19th century and is apparently the tour guide for the evening's entertainment.

As Kitty catches sight of Brian, she blinks and then waves with a smile. "Hey!" she greets. "Man, I definitely didn't dress properly for this. I didn't realize this was a tie sort of event." Moving closer toward the small tour group, she tilts her head slightly upward and grins. "Good to see you again! How was your Ambassador things? I hope they're not running you too ragged. I know the city can be overwhelming to people who've never been here before."

Brian laughs as Kitty make her declaration about being under-dressed. Actually, most of the group are dressed more like her, instead of the tour guide who's paid to dress up and Brian, who just always dresses nice. "I might be overdressed." he corrects with a small amused smile. "But I usually reserve sweat pants and t-shirts for rest time." he says as he gets out their tickets. "I packed us some fruit and a couple of bottles or water, the brochure made the suggestion that we pack a light snack because it lasts about an hour and a half."

At her question about how he's adjusting, he sighs. "Betsy's lucky." he admits wistfully. "She kind of snuck in to America. I had to do it the harder way, and it does draw attention and a bit too much whelm." he winks down at her. "But I do get free time on occasion?" And nightmares. Plenty of those. Presenting their tickets to the tour guide, he offers a charming smile. "This is my first time on a ghost walk, so try not to give me too much of a fright." It's a clearly a teasing lit from the well-built young man who makes small talk with about anyone he meets. As he steps back to wait for the tour to start, he asks, "What about you, Kitty? Ever been on one of these before?"

"You look nice," Kitty assures Brian, readjusting the strap of her purse as they gather closer to the group. "I was debating dressing up a pilgrim, but I figured it was the wrong time of year. Plus, I'd always hope for those 20s ghosts. Prohibition, jazz, fedoras. Either that or Old West Saloon." As for how she dresses, she shrugs. "I normally only dress up a bit for class. And if it's necessary. I like to be comfortable." There's a bit of a grin that he brought water and fruit for an hour and a half walk. "Very thoughtful."

"Freetime is good! And I'm sure you'll find your footing. Are you planning on staying here long? I thought this was only going to be a bit of an extended visit." As they approach the tour guide, she grins and bobs her head in greeting and then shakes it at the question. "No, I haven't." Lowering her voice, she adds, "I always find it too tempting to try and give people a scare."

"Well, when they have one of those tours, I'll make sure to schedule it." Brian says with a chuckle. "I believe I would like to see America's wild and roaring side sometime." Because of all of the civility of Britain, right? "Actually, I am on a student visa. No telling how long it will take me to complete my dissertation." Especially since he has to superhero on the sly. A troubled look passes over his features, but quickly dissipates. Yes, the fruit and water may be a bit cheesy, but he was told to be thoughtful and prepared, after all. "I am quite comfortable." he playfully chides. It's been his whole life, he's quite comfortable to be dressed up.

"So no," he says, rounding back to her earlier question. "Not here for some Holiday or summer fling, I'm afraid. Unless you're just that in a hurry to see me off again." he teases her as he gets a wry smile at her confession and leans down to her, speaking quietly. "I wouldn't quite blame you at all. It does sound jolly fun."

Finally the tour guide starts to usher the group together and she starts to speak, "Good evening, ladies and gentleman and welcome to the Ghost Walk of the Bowery. We're starting this evening here at the St Marks Church on the Bowery. Now can any of you tell me what a Bowery is?"

Brian raises his hand. "It's Dutch for farm."

"Quite correct, color me impressed." the tour guide offers with a smile. "What we are standing on now is some of the original farmland of the New Amsterdam, as the Dutch had found it. St Mark's church was built originally as a chapel for Petrus Stuyvesant as part of his purchase of land and bowery from the Dutch Est India Company in 1660. In fact, his remains are interned here. Now, can anyone tell me why Petrus Stuyvesant is important to this area?" she asks, this time Brian keeps his hand down.

With a soft laugh, Kitty nods her head. "Maybe it'll be in your next gift basket," she tells him with a grin. "And there is definitely a wild and roaring side of New York. This place at 2AM is one of the wildest and roaringest. We're right by the NYU undergrad party centrals." Just because she didn't go there doesn't mean she doesn't know the score. "It won't be Old Saloon, but it'll definitely be the Wild Wild West. Or East, since this is the east coast."

She smirks. "No, of course not. Anyone that can get Betsy that riled up is definitely welcome to stay. I guess that must be a sibling thing." Being an only child, she doesn't know how that works. As the tour starts up, she quiets a bit to listen. She's always been a bit of a nerd and loves to know anything knew, so this walk is more than just purely entertainment for her. The second question has her raising her hand eagerly. It's easy to see she was one of those teenagers in class - the know-it-alls. "He was the last Dutch leader of New Amsterdam before it became New York. And he was kind of a jerk."

"I see with have a pair of history buffs with us tonight." the tour guide says with an amused laugh. She looks between the two, "First date?" she asks, noticing that they dressed rather differently, before she goes back to handling the tour, explaining how yes, he was the last leader, very much a jerk, and now his spirit supposedly haunts the area. It started with the expansion of 2nd street in order to make the land more grid like the rest of the city so the cemetery was razed and the bells toiled angrily.

Brian is listening with intent, but something has him distracted. There's a glance around him, as he considers the area. "You smell something burning?" he asks Kitty quietly. Hw starts to add something to it when there's a burst of flame that comes from one of the buildings, and a blast blows out the windows of a small bakery, with tenantments above it.

The small group starts to panic as they dig for their cellphones and such. Reaching out to touch Kitty's hand for just a moment, Brian glances down at her. "I forgot my phone, but I saw a pub that was still open that I can call the fire department from. You going to be all right?" He knows what she's probably about to do, just as much as he's about to. "Go low, I'll take the roof and work down. Stay safe." he says quietly to her as he turns to run for the pub, looking like he's just abandoning his date.

Kitty blinks and shakes her head at the question. "Oh! Uh, no, just…we're getting to know each other." The question startled her, as she wasn't thinking along those lines. A lot of her friends are guys and she assumed that Betsy would try and kill her (or mindwipe her) should she think of Brian as something other than just a friend.

"Burning? You're not having a stroke are you?" Then, she pauses and sniffs, too, about to open her mouth to reply when the blast blows out the window. "Jeez," she exclaims, ducking down automatically. With their tour group panicking, she blinks a few times and then nods her head. "Yeah, I'll be fine. Go."

When he moves to run to the pub, she starts to move backward and then disappears into a building. Literally. Reaching into her purse, she pulls out a hair tie and quickly pulls her hair back. Though it's chilly, a leather jacket isn't going to do anything but overheat her inside of a place with fire. Quickly shedding it, she stuffs it into the small purse. Pulling out a scarf she brought in case she got cold - she wraps it around her nose and mouth and then dashes straight into the burning building.

While she's changing in the building, he runs into a nearby alley. Yanking off his coat and jacket, he sets them aside as he continues to strip down, the bright red, blue and white of the Union Jacks beneath it. Taking his knapsack off, he empties out the water and fruit. Reaching into the bottom of the bag, he unfolds his boots and takes out his helmet, slipping them into place. Just as he's about done changing quickly into Captain Britain, he notices a homeless old man just staring at him. The homeless man looks at him and smirks, "It H'lloween already?"

"Uh.. no.." Captain Britain says, as he takes the clothing he just set aside and the water and small bag of apple and oranges to hand to the man. "Stay comfortable, citizen, and try to find a shelter tonight.."

"Fuck you, I'm fine right here. Got any money to gimmie?"

Brian looks temporarily shocked and appalled before he moves a dumpster to block the rest of his change into his alter-ego. Once changed, he lifts into the air to take off from the back of the alley and swoop in to the rooftop in a streak of super-sped red and blue.

"Go back to England, ya jerk!" the homeless man yells after him, before he starts to gnash on an apple.

Captain Britain lands on the roof of the building, and heads for the nearest rooftop access, disappearing within to start his search from the top down.

Another small explosion rocks the building as the bakery continues to burn. The front is shattered out completely, cakes and other pastries strewn about across the floor. From the back of the building, in the kitchen area there is a cry for help. "Please, I can't move.. please.. I don't want to die!" A male voice cries out in desperation.

Luckily, Kitty isn't changing into full Shadowcat attire. Not only would that give away that she's part of the X-Men to Brian and the rest of the tour group, it would take some time that the people inside don't have. She doesn't usually wear the outfit underneath her clothes. Inside the building, she keeps herself phased, but there's still smoke in the air and she has to breathe. Rummaging in her purse, she pulls out a pair of her sunglasses and puts them on to try and help combat the glare of the fire against all the glass and metal equipment.

Coughing, she makes her way through the fire and the strewn pastries, phasing right through both debris and fire. "I'm coming!" she tells the voice as she makes her way toward the back and to him. Not even looking for the door, she moves right through the wall. On the opposite side and into the kitchen. "Where are you?" she calls out. "I'm here to help!"

"Back here!" comes the voice. A big guy, Italian, obviously the baker, is trapped under the debris of the roof and one of his pastry conveyors. He coughs heavily. That is until Kitty literally phases through him and is standing in the middle of the rubbish. "<Oh sweet hell, the Reaper is a teenage girl.>" he says in rapid Ukrainian, looking at the figurative ghost that is trying to save him as he starts to make the signs of the Trinity on his chest.

In the meantime, Captain Britain bursts through one of the upper story windows. Floating down, he helps an elderly couple down, the two of them speaking in Ukrainian, probably their native language before he turns and takes off, crashing through the window of the next lower floor to start to search room to room for those that might need assistance with evacuation.

Down below, the NYPD is the first on the scene, setting up a perimeter as the tour group watches. Whether or not they saw Kitty enter the building is not immediately known, but the presence of Captain Britain has been noted.

Kitty doesn't know Ukrainian, but she does know Russian and the languages are similar. Plus, it doesn't take a language expert to know that the man is scared and thinks she's a ghost of some sort. Ironic, given the tour she was just on. She doesn't respond in Russian, as he has already demonstrated that he's fluent in English, "I'm not a ghost, I'm here to help. Did you break anything?"

Moving quickly, she's through the debris of the roof and the pastry conveyor. For the moment, only her head and shoulders are visible to the baker, the rest of her phased through everything else. "Plus, a ghost would be wearing Ray Bans, right? Now, I'm going to move you, but I need to know if you've broken anything. I don't think I'm strong enough to lift you myself."

"My leg.. my leg. Can't move it. Hurts." the man says as he looks up into Kitty's glasses. She could be a young hip new Reaper. Didn't she ever watch 'Dead Like Me'? He shakes his head at the young woman, paralyzed in pain and fear.

Finding the third floor clear, Britain makes his way down to the second floor, and comes across a middle-aged woman dressed in a robe, trying to fight the flames from below with the spray hose from her sink to wash dishes. "<My husband is down there!>" she yells at the Captain, spraying him with the hose when he tries to evacuate her. "<I'm not leaving without him!>" Cap frowns, and calls down into the space below. "Anyone down there?!"

"It's going to be fine, I got you." Kitty's used to civilians not knowing what to do when they see her pop out of a wall. It can be disconcerting for sure. Looking down at the leg, she nods and frowns to see it broken and pinned by some of the debris. This is going to make things a bit harder. "Okay, look, I'm going to pull you through the debris with me, alright? It's going to hurt because I have to jar your leg a bit. You're also going to have to hold your breath on the count of three and then until I tell you it's fine to breathe, got it?"

It's going to take her a little while to pull him through all the rubble, but then, she hears the yelling. Pointing her chin upward, she yells, "Yeah, I've got the baker here. He's trapped under part of the roof. If you can spare a minute, I could use your help!"

"Trade you, I have his wife, I think!" Captain Britain yells back down, even as he gets sprayed with more water. And more Ukrainian cursing after him as he frowns. "I'm going to help your husband. Go with the young woman that comes up." Not sure if she even understands him, the Captain starts his way downstairs, his force-field flaring as the heat reflects off of it.

"Okay, okay.." the man says, listening to Kitty. He cries out in pain as she pulls him literally through the debris. Not because of panic - which plenty of is there, but also the leg is broken. His breath is sucked in tightly however as she counts to three, finally listening to her.

"I'm here.. uh.. Princess Cucpake." he never did get Kitty's codename, and she's standing in a pile of them, so why not.

After a moment, Kitty gives the proper count and then starts to pull. She takes a deep breath herself before she disappears through the conveyor and pulls as hard as she can to get him through. As he holds his breath, it takes her a few moments to get him entirely through and on the other side, free from the trapping debris. Taking a few deep breaths, she drops to the ground for a moment to recover. She's built more for speed than strength. "I've got to lift more," she mutters to herself as she picks herself up and leans over the baker. "You alright? I'm going to go help your wife. Captain Britain here'll get you up and out."

Turning around, she gives him something that might be a glare through the sunglasses protection she's wearing. "Princess Cupcake? No, absolutely not. Unknown Girl better than that. And I called myself Sprite at one point." That was when she was still a student at Xavier's. "I'll be back. He broke his leg, so be careful!" she tells him. Then, she's off to the second floor and the woman cursing in Ukranian and brandishing a water hose. "<Your husband is downstairs. I'll take you to him, okay?>" she explains in slow Russian.

"..very well.. Sprite?" Captain Britain says to the young woman he's obviously never met before, which was the idea right. "My apologies." And with that, they switch dance partners. "Thank you." he offers to her quickly as he moves to pick up the large man. "Hold tight. I've not tried flying backwards before." he admits as he uses his body as a buffering ram, flying backwards to crash through the wall and into the street beyond, landing near the paramedics. "His leg's broken, there's still one inside." he says to one of the EMTs in a clipped tone.

The older woman looks at Kitty and frowns. "<You need to eat more. You are a small thing. Need to be rounded if you want man!>" she chides the little one, that is before she nods. "<We go. Thank you.>"

Though he can't tell through the scarf wrapped around her face, Kitty smirks and shrugs her shoulders at Captain Britain. An old codename is better than Princess Cupcake. There's no real need to phase at the moment, not in a way that the woman would notice, that is. She reaches out a hand to take hers and starts to escort her downstairs. The tone of voice is met with a grin and she replies, "<You and my mother have the same advice,>" she tells her conspiratorially.

As they move, she keeps an eye out for more debris and fire, ready to phase them should it be necessary. Conveniently, Brian left a large hole in the wall for them to escape through.

With Sprite and the last of the evacuees coming out, the fire department takes over with the fighting the fire. The tour group starts to applaud for the British hero and he glances over with a slight frown, though it barely shows. "I'm glad everyone is okay.. but Sprite here did all the heavy work." he says, placing the honors directly on her. But instead of leaving her here, high and dry, he leans down. "Hold on, we're going to fly out of here, if that's okay with you?" he asks quietly.

"He's being very modest," Kitty tells the crowd, waving her hands in a modest manner. "He definitely rescued me. I was just glad I could help escort this nice woman out while he cleared an exit." She keeps the scarf and sunglasses on in a way to keep her identity hidden and nods quickly at Brian. She gives him her raised eyebrows, hopefully conveying that he doesn't have to push the matter. In the same softer tone, she tells him, "Yup, definitely, let's go."

"Right. She was drinking a Sprite.. or something. Maybe I got hit in the head." Captain Britain is not used to people hiding identities. Then again, the whole team thing is new to him. Scooping her up gently, he rises into the air, and waits for her to hold on properly before he takes off, heading across town.

Eventually they land on a high roof across town, and after setting her down, the Captain holds up a finger. "Be right back." he promises, and flies downward. If she she looks over the ledge, he lands at a hot dog vendor. There's a brief conversation, and then with an armload of fresh dogs and two bottles of cola and two lemonades, he flies back up to the roof to set down the makeshift dinner. "I suppose that we will never be able to go on that tour again." he admits with a sigh.

Raising an eyebrow, Kitty waits till they're out of earshot before she starts laughing. "You really are a terrible liar," she tells him, shaking her head just slightly. Once they're on solid ground, she starts to unwrap the scarf from around her face and tuck it back into her purse. The glasses go along with it. Her hair and forehead have an outline of dust and soot from the fire and she starts to wipe at it, shaking her hair out.

When he returns with hotdogs and lemonade, she grins. "Yeah, I guess not. Might be a little awkward. Sitting on the ledge, she reaches for the lemonade to twist the top off and take a drink to cool her throat. "I'm sure there're other ghost walks around."

Taking his own lemonade, he picks up one of the hot dogs to start on it. Brian gives Kitty a little look. "Betsy was always better at making up stories." he admits as he moves to loosen his helmet and remove it. There's a dark area on his face where he was in the smoke as well. "I suppose there should be ground rules - you don't want to be known. Even by a codename?" he asks her. "I suppose.. I guess. That makes sense. I mean.. my sister is a mutant.. so's my brother." he shrugs. "I never understood the problem. Even if I wasn't one." There's a sigh as he chows on the first dog, swallowing it damn near whole. Heroing builds up an appetite.

"People should not judge you for what you are, but rather what you do."

Kitty grins. "I believe it." At the mention of the ground rules, she laughs. "You're planning on making this running into burning buildings thing while we hang out a regular enough thing for ground rules?" Though, as he keeps talking, she smiles and shrugs her shoulders a little. "No. It's just that…it's complicated. I work at a school that helps mutants realize what they can do and how they can control it. If the Brotherhood or the Friends of Humanity knew about it, they'd try and shut it down. And if someone figures out who I am and where I work? They'll use that to do it." And if, past that, they realized she was on a super secret team that fought crime and protected people? Game over.

She sighs and gives him a smile. "I believe that too, but it's not just about me. It's about others like me and who are counting on me to keep them safe. Okay? Other people know I used to call myself Sprite when I was at Xavier's. They'd know it was me."

"In the meantime, I'm gallivanting around in this.." Brian says, frustration evident in his voice as he tugs lightly at his uniform. He can almost palpably feel the pull of her frustration and worry, and it actually starts to actively affect him, as he starts to lose some of his extra mass, the suit becoming slightly looser on him.

"Well, I will talk to someone.. or something. Make sure they know you weren't there. Or.. whatever." he says, reaching up to rub his head. "Maybe I made a mistake. I shouldn't have asked for your help." he says quietly, worrying on his lip before he takes a draw from his lemonade.

Kitty takes another grateful swig of her lemonade and then grins at Brian. "Everyone has to do their own thing, Brian," she assures him. "You've got your own problems even if you're not a mutant. I should have warned you about it." With a shake of her head, she adds, "Don't worry about it. It's out there already. Covering it up will just call attention to it. I should be fine. My name wasn't on the tickets you gave and no one knew who I was other than a history buff. I doubt anyone could link it back to me."

As for the asking for her help, she raises an eyebrow. "Asking for my help? You didn't. I was going to run in there with or without you," she assures him. "Just because I don't want to be known for it doesn't mean I wasn't going to help whoever I can. It's…I do that sort of thing all the time." She sighs, picking at the cap of the lemonade as she thinks. It's hard to be secretive around someone so open and trusting.

Brian's more used to helping the British people. They like him. British SHIELD? Not so much. He interferes too much in their opinion. He lets out a slow breath, trying to rally himself around her words. "I know what your saying." he says finally. "Like .. how mad Betsy got when I flew. I couldn't always do that. At least not without the Star Scepter." he admits as he chuckles. "Makes me sound like some anime character - amulets, and scepters. All I needed was some transformation sequence where I show up in nude silhouette." he comments with a small chuckle.

"Well, if you don't want me inviting you along on things anymore, I'd totally understand." he admits as he gets some semblance of his appetite back, and pauses as he notices that she's not eating any of the dogs. It was a Nathan's booth, he thinks, as he offers one to her. He takes another one and starts to scarf it down. "And I'm admittedly not built the same in and out of costume. Though I did give my clothes to some homeless guy - but I don't usually carry a wallet on them."

"I don't think you're Sailor Moon. Not enough hair." Kitty grins. "Though, you are blonde. Grow it out and put them up in knots and you've got yourself some publicity." She shakes her head. "People have a lot of different ways they help people. Or don't help people." She shrugs. "I mean, I have a little purple dragon that follows me around and breathes fire at people."

Taking the hot dog from Brian, she takes a bite. After swallowing, she laughs and shakes her head. "No, this was actually kind of fun. I haven't really been out and about for awhile. I've mostly just stayed at Xavier's since…" she trails off and then just shrugs, "Well, since July, really."

"Shouldn't take a heroic act to make a difference, Kitty." Brian responds, glancing at his helmet. "When I offered a homeless man in an alley my water and fruit, his response was quite rude. Is that what it is like now? Have I been in that gilded tower for so long that Betsy has kept me protected in that I forgot what humanity is really like? I want to believe that there is inherent goodwill in all of us. Even you - you said this was fun for you." he says, glancing to her.

"But you also teach. You're paving and molding minds. You have a great purpose, and it's really attractive in a way." he points out to her. "But at the same time, you want to keep making a difference. I came to America to find people like you." he says finally. "There's trouble coming - and it's going to hit Britain first. And I want to know that those that stand with me.. are willing to do what it takes to stand up to it." he glances towards her. At least he's not trying to hold her hand or anything. His naivety is on full display. Is it any surprise that Betsy wanted him to stay in Britain?

"No, it shouldn't. But, it helps." Kitty shrugs her shoulders and then laughs. "I think that's just New York. Or America, even. That's not what humanity's like. It's just what desperate people are like at the moment. I don't think anyone wants to be homeless and poor and they're upset they need help. A lot of people are told from the moment they're born here that the only thing that's keeping them homeless is themselves. And sometimes it's a bit more complicated than that." As for her finding this fun, she laughs a bit. "Well, I'm a bit thrill seeker that way."

"Well, how do you know which way I'm molding them!" she tells him with a teasing tone. "I could be teaching them to hack banks and corporations and governments! I could be a secret anarchist." Her voice lowers to a whisper. At the mention of people like her, she grins and shakes her head. "What, computer geeks who can move through walls?" As for the trouble coming, the expression turns a bit more serious. "There's been trouble coming for quite awhile, Brian," she tells the earnest man, not in a way to reprimand him, but to concur. "And I'm not here just to watch it happen."

"I would probably buy into it if my sister wasn't a member of said school." Brian says, a little bump of his shoulder against hers as he looks out at the world from this different perspective. "London's not perfect. People can be jerks. You just have to be sure that you're doing the right things." he admits finally with a little breath. "Anyway, I'm sure you're probably tired of listening to me ramble. I can give you a lift back to the train station. Or near it, so people don't see me flying you around and get all the wrong ideas." he says with a small chuckle.

"Yeah. I know. Danger around every corner. Someone wants to stab you just as easily as they want to hug you. Believe me, I've heard it all from my sister before. I guess it's what we do - offset each other. Anyway.. good people don't ever just watch. They try to make it a change. And if you're all that evil - well, that would probably be the biggest knife I ever take to my back." he gives her a grin. "Should I just point out where you want to drive it in?"

"I think you should buy it because your sister is a member of said school," Kitty laughs, taking another bite of hotdog. Now that she's stopped, it's hard to stop. "Oh, everywhere can be jerks," she assures Brian. "And that's fine. I mean, you could probably fly me to Westchester, lazy," she responds with a tease. "And what wrong ideas would that be? That Captain Britain is a gentleman who flies poor helpless ladies to their trains?"

With a frown, Kitty looks at her hotdog. "Evil tries to change things, too," she tells Brian seriously. "But, no, I don't think I'm evil. If I were, I totally would have poisoned your lemonade about fifteen minutes ago," she smiles back at him. "Though, you know, for future reference, if I ever go evil, it'd be nice to have a bit of a how-to guide."

"Betsy said the school's pretty much under watch all the time. She said I couldn't fly within five miles of it." Brian admits with a shrug. "She may have just been blowing smoke up my arse, but I want to respect her wishes. She knows I'm probably more than a little attention getting." he admits as he finishes off his hotdog.

"Yes, and when you go evil, I'll tell everyone that you're actually Princess Cupcake." he says to her with a bright smile as he runs his free hand through his hair. "You're neither poor nor helpless, Miss Pryde."

"Well, I think she meant we watch it all the time." Kitty'll let the we linger. She's not sure who else she can say about it without revealing things. It's weird, sometimes, to keep other people's secrets. "But, it's not really smoke up your ass. We take the security of the Mansion very seriously. It's already been attacked twice and it's supposed to be a safe place for children."

With a smirk, she takes another bite of hotdog, obviously eating slower than Brian. "That would be Mistress Cupcake if I were evil," she amends haughtily, smirking as she does so. "Well, don't tell everyone that. It's how I tend to get my rides and to make people think I'm more innocent than I am."

"Oh, well, pardon me, Mistress Frostingbutt." Brian says with a laugh, and smirks. "You realize, if that nice couple sends me anything, I'm not obligated to share with you since you totally denied and disavowed any involvement in their rescue." he points out to her, though he frowns at the mention of the attacks. "I do not wish to be the one that redraws attention to another attack.. especially if…" he trails off, then shakes his head. "Nevermind."

"I'll respect the wishes of the Mansion and all that. Betsy already said that I can't stay there because I'm not a mutant, which is why I contacted the Consulate in the first place." he admits as he finishes off his last hot dog and chases it with the lemonade.

"Hey, that guy called me a ghost. I totally deserve something from that. Plus, I pulled him from debris. With a broken leg! That counts for something!" With a roll of her eyes, Kitty finishes her hot dog and grins at him. As the teasing turns a bit more serious, she raises an eyebrow. "Especially if what?"

As for the Mansion, she frowns. "I want the mansion to be more open to everyone, but there's only so much we can do. And the place is there for mutants. We'll definitely be there to help, though, if you need us. Have you found a good place to stay from the Consulate?"

"I told you I may need help eventually and you were all cool and aloof with the 'whole world needs help'." Brian lightly chides, though he didn't mean to. "I know it does.. I've seen a world die.. because it didn't have help. But that's a story for another time." Way to tease her.

"Other than having to be in uniform when I'm there? It's great." he says as he rises to his feet to dust off his hands. "So. Want to try this again sometime?" he asks. Second date request? Or just wants to hang out with someone that listens? Somewhere in-between.

"I didn't realize that was a cool and aloof plan," Kitty tells Brian with a grin. "That definitely seems like a bummer of a story, so we'll save that for a sad movie night of something," Kitty tells Brian with a laugh.

"Try what? A rescue of an exploding bakery? I think it went pretty well this time." With a grin at the joke, she nods. "Sure, we can get together some time soon." She's not defining it as a date just yet.

"Sounds like fun. You pick the movie." Brian says with a laugh, before he gestures. "Now, up up, I need to get you home before curfew or my sister will think you mean ill-will towards me and stalk you." he might be teasing. "Or she'll just smack me. Who knows." he chuckles as he waits for her to rise so he can carry her as close as he can dare to the Mansion and let her walk the rest of the way. No awkward attempts at hugs or kisses. Things need time to be defined as anything.

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