Japanese Girl In Tokyo

October 13, 2015:

Mystique goes after the data on the Reavers



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X-Red have been following leads on The Reavers. Tabitha, as a member of X-Red, has access to this information… she knows there's a facility, owned by Organised Crime, in Tokyo Japan.

X-Red may have shared this information with certain other contacts they have… and the fact that Tokyo is one of the last, but not the last, facility they have to investigate.

The building, situated in a busy manufacturing district in Tokyo, is surrounded by a tall metal fence and whilst there are no other obvious defenses, it's known from previous facilities, the Reavers use I/R and other high tech security precautions - like an I/R fence inside the perimeter between the main fence and the building…

What's not known, is what this facility has ….

Well Tabby isn't who shows up for this facility. It is getting down to the end of the line for these and in case there is something actually useful to be found Mystique wants to find it. She hands the binoculars she was surveying the facility off to a guy with green pebbly skin. "Well it will definitely have some security. Jailbreak I'll need you to come short out the system." a glance to the latino standing by her and then she looks ot the hoodied mutant with the pebbly green skin. "Smog.. I want you to cause some congestion… whip up some extra pollution and cover… drive the mortal pukes away from the area." she does a double check of her gear as Smog sets to work.

As the intel came from X-Red, it only made sense to have someone from X-Red along. Agent May decided that the best way to keep the denizens of this particular Tokyo facility from knowing SHIELD was on their case was to not have a quinjet flying about, or anyone on a commercial flight that could be tracked. Now, for her own part, that's no big deal at all. For anyone she drags along, perhaps a bit more so.

After arriving well before sunset at the nearest ley line — the garden of a monastery about a mile away — May gives Brinley Myers a chance to recover before they start on their way to the warehouse in question.

The smog swirls and deepens as Smog does their thing, forcing people out of the street and leaving it mostly empty… except for the braver few.

If Jailbreak has the ability, he'll be able to tell… that for a supposedly abandoned facility, this one has some very high tech security. To disable it, the main power box is located well inside the fenceline and inside an Infrared barrier. From the outside though, there's no indication of how many people or what might be inside.

When May had called, Brin had asked other members to come with her.

Stepping through the leyline, Brin shakes her head and wobbles for a moment, she might look a little green around the gills. "I'm alright, Agent May…" she doesn't sound it, yet, but she will be "Let's get going shall we?" It's not far to the facility, but the smog that they're seeing is deepening as they get closer.

Mystique looks like a pretty young japanese woman right now as she studies and waits. Her lungs already adapted to the smog. She pauses and hands Jailbreak a small mask. "So infrared and powerbox outside your range.. well fine… I'll go hit the power box but you stay on comm I may need you to crack some safes for me. In the meantime keep a lookout and keep Smog safe in case some japanese cape swings by." she starts walking to the fenceline messing around with a phone, looking like any other young japenese girl. She takes the last ten feet at a run and then leaps pulling herself up onto the fence and draws an energy small disc. It pops small spikes and she hurls it at the power box .. it should short it out now that Jailbreak has pointed out what she is aiming at.

Melinda May nods to Brinley and starts out at a brisk walk. Better be able to keep up. She's leading them to the warehouse from a direction other than where Mystique and company are working their B&E magic. She figured on making use of Bobby's abilities to skip over the fencing all together and make their entrance via the roof.

It's a good thing that the fence wasn't electrified! Mystiques disc takes out the power box and she gets confirmation that the I/R fields are down. Has it tripped an internal alarm? Only time will tell. Mystique now has to get inside the building - there's a front entrance (of course) and one on the west side - both are unlocked with the power short.

"What is this smog, Agent May?" Brin coughs as they start to enter the more heavily smog cloaked area and pulls a mask from her pocket and fits it over her head. She's come prepared.

Concentrating on the building as they draw closer, she looks to May "I sense people inside. Just the like others. A mix of fear, apprehension and exhaustion."

May has the blueprints for the building, Mystique will have too, for all intents and purposes this appears to be a research facility. Offices lining the three floors of the building, some maybe research labs - the plans that they have aren't clear on that.

When May and Brin finally get to the facility, they'll see the arcing power box inside the perimeter.

Jailbreak is making sure no alarms get out of the building and has actively started to suppress cellular and radio communications in the area as he leans in the dark alcove across from the warehouse with Smog.

Smog meanwhile is producing a lot of… well Smog. I mean seriously it is what the man does. He just exudes toxins … though well it is more complicated of course… he is also drawing all the exhaust and air polution from the city into this area at the same time. Not good.

Mystique is.. well confident is the word. She lands easily inside the fence and strolls to the side door, reaching to open it with one hand while drawing an energy pistol with the other. She still looks like a teenage japanese school girl of course. Though one unbothered by the smog.

Melinda May tenses at the weird smog and intentionally breathes more shallowly. "Be alert. It could mean competition." And then it's confirmed when she sees the sparking power box. She thinks a few choice curse words as her irritation spikes a bit, but then she reins in her emotions. "Someone else is trying for the intel here. We have to move fast." At least that means they dont' have to worry about the security around the building. Speed is more important than stealth now.

"On the way." Bobby had been holding back but the news that May needs backup, or that they're in danger of loosing his intel, gets him moving. He's got his uniform on and his ice bridges running so he can slide on town. No use in hiding. He's with SHIELD. Official cover, handled.

Mystiques entry to building isn't met with any resistance. From her information she knows that the first set of offices are up ahead on the left. To the right is some form of reception area. What might intrigued her is the sounds she's hearing… it's faint but there's definitely something coming from the offices to the left.

"Acknowledged Bobby. Watch the smog, it's quite toxic." Brin responds to the Ice Nerd and nods to the gate before trying it. With the power down, the gate opens … who designed this security system? Shouldn't it fail closed? "From previous missions, Agent May, they may have people in the research labs and there may be Reavers here." She's moving quickly and she looks to the other woman "Through the front, or do you want me on the roof?"

Smog and Jailbreak fall even further back, and Jailbreak amps up the interference with radio and cellular. Well other people's radio and Cellular. To Mystique there is a whispered "Company boss."

Mystique was just about to kick the door when she just sighs "Damn." and kicks in the door to the office to the left ready to shoot the hell out of any Reavers if they are present. She isn't sauntering now, no she is moving fast wanting to get the intel she came for.

"We're losing time. In the front." May's even more terse than usual to avoid breathing more of this horrid smog than necessary. She rushes into the building with her ICER in hand, mostly because she's trying to keep from breaking into a cough. That smog is HORRID.

Bobby ramps in and swings wide to the left. He's going roof. Executive decision. Moments later he touches down and starts looking for exits to ice off. No escape. They're going to want to get some live captures here and if there's any metahuman powers at play the roof exits may definitely be an option. "On the roof. Will be down soon."

As Mystique rounds the corner, she'll see two Cyborgs standing guard outside an office. She's going to have to get past them to get into that office … if she's after data, her intel indicates it's in there.

Bobby will find a skylight or two and roof top door way exit to ice up. He's going to come in on the third floor. When he comes down through the roof he'll find himself in a corridor … lined with offices.

Brin nods to May and manifests her bow, this time the arrows have Bodkin heads - if May has seen Brins arrows before, she may note that change - seems the brunette mutant is learning. "There are people, scared and frightened up ahead, Agent May. I can detect them." The two women head down the corridor to near where Mystique is. "Bobby, I think there are people up your way. Like the other times." Brin can only sense emotions "There's a feeling of anger laced with fear." A potentially dangerous situation.

As Brin and May head towards the room, a Reaver exits and turns to look at them.

Mystique eyes the cyborgs, letting them eye her for a moment. "Smog. Flood the building." there are open doors now after all and Smog will have it pour on in. Mystique simply adapted around it.

After that moment of pause she springs forward into action, ready to dodge any return fire as she opens up on the cyborgs with her laser pistol. Aiming for joints baby.

Melinda May doesn't even really slow down, firing an ICER into the Reaver's face point blank. She doesn't know that there's about to be a huge roll of smog following them. UGH. "Who's ahead of us, Myers?" She knows Drake took the roof, and she knows he can totally take care of himself. Maybe he can do something about whatever is creating all of that smog.

Bobby spreads ice as he moves and flips off the top of the building down onto the level below. What, it's only one story and he's been working out. "At the far end." He calls out to the other two as he approaches the door. He needs to get a… gas mask or… something… "Want me to put the chill on that?"

Mystiques pistol hits one of the Cyborgs and severs a motorneuro servo… the thing is done … but it's not entirely out. The other cyborg turns an arm on Mystique and opens fire as stomps down the hall way towards her.

Unfortunately, the Reavers have proven somewhat immune to the ICER, May might need to do something a little more drastic! It's stunned a little but it raises an arm with a circular blade attached swiping towards the Agent …

As Bobby approaches the door, he'll hear people behind the door … there's some sobbing and some angry sounding voices - if he listens carefully they're demanding to be let out.

Brin fires off an arrow, targetting a crack near it's neck. It hits and bodkin pierces, causing the Cyborg to stumble maybe giving May an opening. Brin nocks another arrow and starts to aim again. "No idea, Agent May. I can only sense emotions." And Mystiques mind doesn't feel familiar at the moment. "Yes, please Bobby, if you can." Even Brins smog mask isn't holding up to this.

Mystique's mind is both very different in this form biologically oddly and still walled off … so hard to read anything. The cyborg she is dodging blasts from though he might be an easier read. "Reavers" she mutters to herself as she keeps firing and dodging. This one is a bit faster than the last one. Still she keeps moving closer until she can step in to slam a knife into a critical joint. The knife is fairly distinctive actually.

Melinda May uses the ICER to block that blade the Reaver is swiping at her and with her other hand she punches the person in the throat with the speed of Uma Thurman plucking Daryl Hannah's eye out. "Keep moving, then." If it's necessary, she'll hit the Reaver a second time to make sure he stays down. She looks over at the person fighting the Cyborgs in person, possibly trying to place that knife.

Bobby pushes the door open. Hard and starts to put on the cold. Whatever is in here really… really stinks. "Okay… I'm in… can't see a damn thing but I'm going to…" Create a moving wall of ice. Which is already sliding forward.

The second reaver that Mystique is fighting, drops, the laser fire disabling it and the its knee disabled by the knife. When Mystique enters the room, she'll see the computer system… if she's pulling data, that will be her target.

May's punch does the trick and the Reaver drops … letting Brin slip by into the room. When they enter, they'll see a second Cyborg. Brin fires an arrow at the Cyborg, aiming for one of the creases in it's armour… she hits, the bodkin pierces but it doesn't slow the thing and it raises an arm with a gun attached …

In the room that Bobby enters, are people Men, Women and children, in locked cages, and it looks like they're being used for tests of some sort. There's no guard in this room… at least there isn't right at this moment. Bobby should move quickly.

Mystique, the Japanese School Girl Version, with Kung-Fu grip doesn't throw a knife at May, or shoot that laser pistol that looks viscious. Instead she salutes the Agent, knowing damn well who she is and then she steps into the office she just cleared and reaches to shut the door behind her. Once out of sight she moves really fast though racing across the office to the machine and swiping knife to a data spike, which she slams into the machine from the back. USB port out of sight. She knows May has seen them and does not want to let her see this one too soon. Now she points said gun at said door and waits to see what the Agent does.

Melinda May frowns faintly at the Japanese School Girl, then rushes to follow her. Of course, a door slams in her face and she knows better than to just charge in. So let's see if Gogo Yubari in there will show her hand. Standing to one side of the door, she kicks it open and promptly sidesteps out of the line of fire.

Bobby blinks. Twice. "I've got people in here. I'm… er… clearing them out." It doesn't take him long to start, freezing locks and then kicking them open. Cheap trick but it works. "You two… it sounds like fighting in there."

Bobby should be contact with Magik to stepping disk those people out. He might hear the sounds of the approaching Cyborg guard, seems it was out doing a sweep.

Brin keeps firing her arrows at the second the Cyborg and the thing finally goes down … but it keeps her busy enough whilst May goes after Mystique… turning in time to see May kick open the door.

"Mays got someone cornered Bobby. I think we're ok."

There may as well be a load screen as the data spike keeps on plundering. Keep on Swimming. Keep on Swimming.

When the door is kicked open Mystique will fire off a laser blast nearly taking off May's foot. Very precise. "Gaikoku hito no bakku. Anata no kankatsu-gaidesu." which well to those who understand Japanese loosely means Back off Foreigner. You are out of your Jurisdiction.

Stall Stall Stall.

Holy crap. That is way closer than May was expecting. Whoever Gogo in there is, she's good. She doesn't bother to reply to the warning, instead pulling a pair of little disks she borrowed off of Romanoff. A hasty flick of her hand in the doorway, and the two little shock disks are sent into the room. She's not picky. If the things knock the kid out, fine. If they fry the computer systems in there, equally fine.

Bobby is already doing just that. By the time the cyborg comes in the room should be empty but for the ice nerd. Who instantly grows several thick ice spikes from the floor and cieling including several pointing at various vital spots. "Don't. Move." He smirks as he slips out to find the others. "Iceman, on the way."

Mystiques download is nearly done as May's disks fly one of the hitting the computer and frying it… and presumably the data stick as well. "Excellent. We could use a hand after all" Brin speaks as Bobby updates them. Aiming an arrow that the Japanese young woman, she aims for her thigh… or her knee "Could probably use an ice cage when you get here…"

The Cyborg that Bobby has penned, tries to smash through the ice spikes …. but to no avail. There's at least one completely operational unit for X-Red to examine.

It is true, Mystique is good in ways that are pretty much cheating. Not even remotely human or structured internally combined with the fact she has decades of experience at war and covert ops. She squints at the discs. Well those look vaguely familar. Thankfully not Hydra's new toys though. She shoots one right out of the air and then twists to dodge the other.

Of course the damn computer takes a hit and shorts. Damnit who knows how much is on the data spike now. It is military grade. Who knows if any survived. Of course Mystique snags it and into her comm "Kuso. Misshon o sukurabu. Deta ga subete ushinawa remashita." which loosely translates, which she is sure May understands but she acts like she does't… to Fuck. Scrub the mission. Data is all lost. Just a bit of sleight of verbal hand as it were.

When Brinley pops into the doorway to shoot an arrow. Yup an arrow of all things. That actually makes Mystique blink. She twists but well psychic constructs do tend to fire pretty quickly and she gets grazed in the thigh, which is surprising really all things considered.

The terrorist in disguise returns the favor with prejuduice not even staggering as she shoots for Brinley's legs in a rapid volley. Her free hand flings her own disc at the wall behind her then sidesteps to more cover. Planning on blowing the wall and diving through to make an escape.. somewhere.

Melinda May ducks into the room after Brinley and fires her ICER at Gogo past the empath, then tries to yank the younger woman out of their opponent's line of fire. On, and the data spike? She could not care less if it were completely ruined. This eerily efficient kid is not leaving with so much as a USB mouse from this place, or she's not leaving at all.

Bobby moves quickly down from the back into the main level of the building where the fight is taking place. Things are about to get… chilly. In fact Bobby is broadcasting that cold in hopes of encouraging a hasty retreat. That and he knows that computers don't like water. Already what of it is in the air is starting to form rime on surfaces and monitors and exposed circuits if any. He'll be here… any minute.

As Mystique shoots at Brin, one of the bullets grazes her thigh, causing her to stumble and brace herself against the wall. She's out of action for the next moment or so … The electronics respond badly to Bobby's Ice… who'd have expected that, really? … hissing and fizzing as they let their smoke out.

When Mystique blows that wall she'll find herself in the compound near a loading dock….

Apart from the penned Reaver? Seems like this mission's a scrub.

Melinda May might not be able to see the small explosives that the escaping woman dropped, but she does manage to hear one or maybe two clatter against things as they fall through that wave of smog billowing into the room. If May has anything even vaguely resembling a spidey sense, it kicks in right here and now.

She turns for the door to get out of the room again, dragging Brinley along with her as she's still got a grip on the younger woman. There's likely no time at all to take proper cover, so she's just hauling Myers around to likely slam her against the wall next to the office door. It's the best she can do on the short term, and it could well leave her still in the blast range.

The muted 'boom' even manages to send Bobby ducking for cover and he's not in the line of fire. What? He's an X-Man yes but it's not like he's a trained soldier. People duck when things explode. Or at lound noises. It's a survival skill. Either way, provided Mystique doesn't come right at the Ice Nerd, it's unlkely he'll seriously impede her escape.

Brin … her bow construct dropped when she got shot… summons her glowing green and gold shield, wrapping it around her and May as the explosions go off…

And that's all she wrote, folks… The missions a scrub until you consider getting the captives out and trapping a fully functional Cyborg. The X-Red team, and SHIELD, now know there's someone else after the data.

Time to mop up and make like the birds - get the flock out of there….

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