Low-Down on Long Island

October 15, 2015:

Hand Assassins and jewel heist are unexpectedly interrupted.

Long Island


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Betsy leaps sideways and snaps a foot into her attacker's jaw. It hits him hard enough to almost cause a cartwheel and he goes flying sideways, brought up short by the impact of his head into the brick wall.

Contrary to popular belief, ninja don't always dress in black and put on facemasks- the ones currently engaging her are dressed like service personnel, including Carharts and reflective vests. But the crackling taser rods they use are threatening Betsy with each pass they make, forcing her to more and more conservative blows and fighting defensively to guard herself. It's all she can do to stay one blow ahead of them, the concerted attacks by three well-trained assailants pushing her to the ragged limit of her abilities and preventing her from that split-second of focus that creating any kind of shield or barrier would require. The alley is, coincidentally, right around the corner from a jewelery exchange that is being robbed… under the convenient cover of the delicatessen adjacent being secure due to a kitchen fire.
Jesana had been heading to that delicatessen when she heard the noise coming from the alley. The native american stops and considers for a moment. She sighs. Yeah, she's so going to see what's happening here. She's dressed simply in jeans, sandals and a black leather jacket and tank top and probably doesn't look like much of a threat when she rounds the corner and darts into the alley to see what's up. At least she hasn't yet bought an armful of food to lose this time.

Lunair once had a ninja roommate. Sweet guy, she just never saw him much. She did learn a lot about Japanese cooking.

Nevertheless, Lunair is often in the area picking off cartel members, mafiosos and their ilk. It's good money, and a hobby she keeps VERY quiet about. She's armored and carefully hopping along the rooftops. She doesn't really know about Betsy's plight until she hops down into the alley, landing near Jes.

"oops, pardon me, on the jo—" Wait. "… I hear crackling." She is going to look for the source of the noise. And the distinct sound of some dude's head hitting a brick wall. She saw it on youtube, so she totally knows the sound.

Burglar alarms are usually a thing of the past. However, when you're living in the city that never sleeps, sometimes its good to have one of those old fashioned ones that ring nice and loud so that somebody can hear it. Also, there's the bonus fact that they are significantly cheaper than those fancy pants alarm systems that only alert the slow ass NYPD.

As that alarm gets to wailing and making too much noise, the criminals inside are probably fine with it. It's not like anybody's going to be paying attention. There's a fire going on and then there's some other crazy shit going down in the alley around the corner. It'll take anyone ages to get to them and by the time that happens, they'll be long gone.

Butterscotch boots crunch shards of broken glass near the forced entry location of the jewelry exchange. From the boots up are some rugged jeans that have probably seen some better years. It's the yellow t-shirt, though, that probably makes this person's arrival significantly more clear and perhaps even a bit more intimidating. Then again, it could have more to do with the solid-as-a-Thing musculature that the shirt is wrapped around than the shirt itself.

There are no words from the large black man that stands partially shadowed near the broken window. There's only the sound of his fist slamming into the palm of his hand, followed by the echoing cracking of those knuckles. A signature knuckle-cracking that could belong to none other than: Luke Cage.

"Lunair! Arm up!" It's all Betsy manages to get out before a crackling tazer snaps too close to her face and she has to resort to a dramatic drop to avoid it, snapping a hand around to try and smash that wrist with a counterblow. Another tazer whips at her forearm and she is forced to disengage with a cry of frustration. With her back to the wall, she at least reduces the advantage of numbers but it's a close thing between even a world-class martial expert and a highly skilled one, and there are three of them against Betsy's lone self.

Inside the exchange, the thugs- all of whom are locally procured- step back a few wary paces, reaching for handguns in their waistlines. "Shit, it's Cage," one of them mutters, to the surprise of none of the others. "Isn't he bulletproof?"

"Fuck it!" one of them shouts, bringing his handgun up and whipping bullets at Luke with a fast *crackracrack* of unaimed handgun fire.
Jesana doesn't really care who is the good or bad guys here. It's three against a lone woman. If she did have any hesitation it evaporates the second the strange woman calls out to Lunair. Jes nods and charges forward. It's the first sign she's something other than human. A human cannot move that fast. She's armed but her gun is loaded with silver bullets and they're too exspensive to waste on these assholes.

Jes doesn't yell or growl or make any sound at all to signal her arrival. She's just there and reaching for one of the ninjas, intending to throw him straight at the dumpster set against the wall about twenty feet away.

Lunair remembers Jes! And she does care. Lunair also cares about Betsy. Fortunately, Lunair was already armored up. She had just been about to go ham on some murderers with her sniper rifle. That will have to wait, though. "Lethal or not?" She asks. Lunair will pull the shockwave generator staff, toss one to Betsy and take one herself.

It's time for BOWLING FOR NINJAS. "Hephep! Numbers are even now." With that, Lunair will swing at the one furthest from Betsy. A shockwave will send him flying if he doesn't jump or stop going after the best purple haired ninja ever. Also Lunair's favorite color is purple. She frowns. And a gunfight!?

Bullets smack into Cage and the big guy doesn't budge. He doesn't flinch. He doesn't do much of anything but just stand there. He's either pissed off or he's waiting to see how far reaching his intimidation factor goes at this point. He also may be counting the bullet holes that end up in his shirt. He has to stop buying these things in bulk from Forman Mills. They ain't worth shit.

"I got next."

Luke Cage's words are probably not anything that those thugs inside wanted to hear. He tilts his head to the side, cracking his neck in the process and then he's rushing into the building like the center just snapped the football. His movements are quick for someone so large and in charge. And his movements have him practically sliding towards those thugs, his shoulder aimed to crunch into the gunman and his other arm extended to snatch up the next nearest one for a little sliding chokeslam action.

The ninja Jesana goes after with her bare hands isn't inhuman, but he's a professional martial artist and his responses are to match- he snaps his hands into a blur of motion and grabs one of Jes' outstretched hands by the fingers, grabs her elbow with his other hand, and twists, foot lashing out with two quick kicks at her knee and thigh at the same time. It's a brutal combo attack that could easily sprain or break a wrist, or take a human's knee out of the fight. He seems utterly unconcerned by her disparate strength or aggression, face eerily composed.

The ninja Lunair targets whips into the air at the first sign of motion crackling along the ground, even turning it into a neat kick at Betsy's face. The kunoichi grimaces and dodges the blow, getting into a peculiar kick/stomp fight with her other leg against the third ninja, who presses into her momentary imbalance with quick, popping blows. Without missing a beat he comes up with a handgun in his left hand and fires several rounds at Lunair, handgun cracking.

Inside, it's predictably chaos as Luke takes two of the goons out in one fell swoop. One goes flying into the far rear wall of the exchange with a cry of pain, then a silent thump into the floor, while the other one flails and strikes ineffectually against that hand and arm around his throat.

The other thief inside the exchange brings up a shotgun dangling from his right shoulder by a lanyard, takes aim from two feet away, and fires point-blank at Luke's temple.
Jes realizes she'd be in a lot of trouble if she were human. Since she isn't, it hurts and her wrist might be very sore later but otherwise she's just pissed off. She doesn't need her hands and arms free to headbutt the bastard and that is what she does.

With a great deal of strength before she just bodily throws herself forward towards the ground in a sommersalt motion in an attempt to fling the ninja free of her. If this fails, clothes be damned. She's fast enough to shift and wiggle free before leaping back into the fray. When she has a chance she'll look around and check on Lunair and the woman with the purple hair. The noises from inside the store are concerning but not something she can do anything about at the moment.

"Oh my god, freaking ninjas, man." FREAKING NINJAS. There's reasons Lunair prefers to blast the hell out of things from as far off as possible and it's because she is about as far away from a ninja as most things that are not inebriated squirrels get. Still, if these guys give Betsy trouble, it's enough to cause pause.

Lunair winces, though her armor protects her from the firearm's shots. It might smart a bit but she'll love. Nevertheless, maybe she's got to think on her options. Sonic weapons? It's a bit risky to try a big weapon. Gotta think… gotta - Oh yea! Stun staff. "Here!" She'll give Betsy a stun baton staff thing instead and take another potshot with the shockwave stave at the one who shot at her.

Cage lifts the thug by the throat and is about to get some serious glare action on when he's blasted in the head by the shotgun. The force of the arrival sends his head to the side… but that's about it. Cage grunts before lifting his head back up and turning his full attention to the gunman that has decided he has a death wish. Cage plants the criminal in his hands into the nearest wall on his predatory stalk towards the shotgunner.

"Say. My. Name."

Luke doesn't even give him a chance to. Because in the next moment, he's stepping into a thunderous jab that might actually put this punk on the outside of the exchange. Hey, it's not his fault there's a wall behind him. And it won't be his fault if there are ninjas on the other side of that wall either.

It's New York.

The headbutt hits the ninja in the cheekbone, eliciting a grunt of pain. He drops and rolls with Jesana, wrapping arms and legs around her with surprising facility. If she's hoping to just muscle her way out of his grip, she's in for trouble— the ninja seems to be more than comfortable wrestling on the ground, and clearly has a much more refined combat technique than Jesana possesses.

When she shifts, though, he grunts in surprise and kicks at her semi-canid form with heavy strikes from his boots, then whips a small knife out from nowhere and slashes it at the sensitive tip of her muzzle.

Lunair suddenly has /all/ the ninja's attention and he barely leaps out of the path of the shockwave with an explosive cartwheel, bounding off a dumpster and letting the crashing blow smash a handful of old trash cans flying behind him. He lands a few feet from Lunair and rushes at her with a stun baton in one hand and his handgun in the other, firing at her with hammering shots and a cold, murderous professional expression on his face.

This frees Betsy up to deal with her sole remaining antagonist one-on-one, and she smacks him sideways enough to grab the baton she catches flying through the air. He hands smack around in great, whipping circles, exchanging parrying blows with the ninja and forcing him into a defensive posture as they both start a fast exchange of escrima sticks and kali strikes.

Inside the jewlery exchange, Luke puts a crook-shaped dent in the interior drywall. It's an old New York building, too well made for a squishy sack of mostly meat to seriously damage the brick. However, the damage it does to the /crook/ is significant. He hits the ground next to his friends, unconscious or worse, leaving just the ringing alarm resonating in the dust-filled room.

Jes yelps in pain as the knife slices through the skin just over her nose. It's an instinctive reaction rather than an I felt that and it hurt reaction. She'll feel it later, right now she's too pissed off and too well trained to let it affect her. She might not have the skills the ninjas have but over a decade of torture at her stepfathers hands has left her with the ability to keep going unless she's completely paralyzed or torn into a bunch of bits on the ground.

A loud growl follows the yelp and large canines wrap around the ninja's wrist twisting and tearing with enough force to break it. She's got the strength to lift well over a ton since her awakening and isn't worried about holding back so as not to kill someone now. She's pissed and at the moment wants nothing more than to tear this ninja's throat out and that is what she'll go for next.

Grumpgrump. Okay, power armor is nice but there's only so much one can do with a determined ninja on one's case. She's been working hard on melee, but she's still no professional. The best she can do is watch him for a moment, keeping her stave in hand. But she does have rocket power, and she's going to do her damndest. Bullets ping off her armor, and Lunair is concerned as there's a dent or two. No time to concentrate and mend.

Instead, she tries to fight her own way. She rushes at him, abruptly activating her rocket boots in a bull rush to slam at him. Stave comes out to swing and catch that stun baton. She's charging bodily. Here's to hope, yes?

Cage narrows his eyes at the group of criminals that are piled up on the inside of the jewelry exchange. There's a huge chance that they won't be waking up for some hours so Cage turns his attention to making himself as scarce as he needs to be. He's still a black man and this is still a place that was about to be robbed. He snatches up the guns and crushes the barrels of them on his way out.

Outside, there's some different commotion going on and he finds himself turning his head towards the direction of the alley. Which is why he's headed in that direction with an annoyed but driven stride.

"This the last time I leave my Metro Card at home." Knuckles of Cracking. Again.

The ninja under Jes screams in pain as his wrist is broken in multiple places. He kicks her furiously several times and tries to cover his throat with his other arm, but Jes surges through his desperate dodge. No one taught him to apply jiujitsu to coyotes. The result is predictably gory.

Lunair's ninja blanches and tries to dodge, but it's too little too late, and little Lunair has a lot more mass than she would normally courtesy of her armor. It hits him with a resounding *crack* of breaking bones and he goes flying backwards. Instantly he tries to recover, but it's clear that a broken clavicle and several broken limbs have rendered his gun arm useless. All he can do is cough and wheeze in pain, legs kicking fitfully.

Betsy presses into her attacker with renewed fury, having gained her balance, and finally pushes him hard enough to force him to break contact. It's enough for the telekinetic ninja to get her bearing back and she throws a kick and an uppercut. A very professional eye would notice the uppercut was going all kinds of the wrong angle, and the fellow goes up a few feet too high for his head to still be attached with that kind of force from a real fist- but the end result is the same. He crumples to the ground and Betsy rather calmly breaks his ankle with a stomp of one four-inch high heel (holy hell, she was doing that in heels the whole time) and then reaches down and snaps his wrist with a calmly controlled motion. It's the sort of injury that won't heal properly for years- perhaps eer.

"Is anyone hurt?" she says breathily, shoulders rising and falling. She tosses the stun baton aside with a nod of thanks at Lunair, looking from her to the coyote shapeshifter, then blinks at Luke's huge form filling the alleyway. Instintively, she steps a half pace forward to get between him and the other two metahumans, hands coming up in a martial fighting posture. "Who are you?" she barks in a surprisingly threatening tone.
Jes is far larger than the average coyote. This might also have had something to do with her opponents failure to win. For a long moment she stands growling over her kill but the fact that battle is over and that this isn't something she eats registers and Jes shifts back instantly. She ignores the large man after a swift glance to make sure he isn't attacking and checks for Lunair and Betsy while she hurries back into her clothing. "You two alright?"

It takes longer to get dressed than it does to wiggle free but the native american doesn't seem concerned about her nakedness situation. Or the blood still covering her lips and chin, although she does find a napkin in one pocket and attempts half heartedly to wipe clean. Without water.. not really happening. She spits on the prone ninja with a look of distate. "Yuck." She isn't a fan of human blood in her mouth.
Jes also isn't thrilled by the cut on her forehead, just above her nose but it could have been worse so she isn't complaining.

The unexpected is kind of Lunair's thing. It's what she does. There was no way she could have hung on in an extended martial arts fight. Lunair also had more momentum with the boots, too. She furrows her brows at the ninja beneath her black visor. She doesn't taunt her fallen opponent. Although she kind of tries not to notice the pain Betsy laid down. Whether or not there's an irony in her dubstepping and shooting people, is anyone's guess. She keeps an eye on her ninja. Headshake to Betsy. She will dismiss the stun baton as it's aside. There's sort of an understood 'no problem'.

"I am stinging like crazy but okay! Are you okay?" And then there's Jes. "I am okay, you?"

Then a beat. "Hi Luke!" The armored mutant wavewaves. "Did you forget your pass? Want me to spot you one?" Beam. "Guys, it's okay, he's cool. He hasn't seen my armor but I used to hang out with Iron Fist and him. I helped laser a giant bird that tried to eat him. He punches things good." Yup, Lunair: Best explainer ever.

"I'm good. I don't need to owe you two." Cage explains this right to Lunair as he approaches whatever group that just went through the motions of taking down some assholes. He can tell they were assholes because they ain't moving anymore. And, well, Lunair is kind of making their case while making his own. Things just work out that way.

Cage doesn't particularly smile or anything as he approaches, bullet holed shirt and all. He takes visual stock of everyone in the immediate area and also just gives a quick glance around for possible ambush tactics. In case the grounded ninja were just the first wave or something.

"Cops might be on they way." He thumbs over his shoulder towards the jewelry exchange and that annoying ass alarm that's still ringing. "My bad."

One of Betsy's eyebrows goes up as Luke moves from silhouette to a lighted visage- and then /both/ eyebrows goes up when he gets close enough for her to get some perspective on his sheer size. "Blimey," she says quietly, though barely loud enough to be heard.

"I'm fine," she confirms for Jesana. She glances at the girl's nakedness and removes her tweed coat, passing it to Jesana. Wearing a sleeveless white blouse and grey herringbone trousers, Betsy looks like she might have been on her way to a fashion show or photo shoot. Then again, New York's where every attractive woman in America goes to try and make it big.

"The thieves inside are all local criminals," she says in cultured British tonals, looking back at Luke and Lunair. "But these fools are assassins and killers. They'll be more threat in prison than most," she assures the three. "This might be a matter for SHIELD to handle." She reaches into her back pocket and comes up with her cell phone and sends off a flurry of texts, in reply to which her phone starts going *ding* at rapid intervals.
Jes nods thankfully at the coat and uses it to shield herself as she dresses. It'd be faster if she didn't have to manage re equiping her hidden knives and gun. Things had been so much simpler and faster! before she had to start walking around armed. She's careful not to get any blood on the purple haired beauty's exspensive looking coat. "I'm fine." Jes smiles at Lunair as she hands the coat back. "I could finish them off for you?" Jes isn't the sweet little pup she'd been six months ago. She's been waging an internal battle for her humanity since her awakening and of late the human side is losing. But then.. SHIELD and the cops? That's her signal to get the hell out of here. "I uh, sounds like you got this all in hand so I'm gonna bail. Good seeing you again, Lunair." The coyote woman smiles and waits a moment to be sure it's allright to split.

"It's not a loan, it's a 'thank you for keeping those guys busy while we wrangled what appear to be ninja'." Then a pause. "Um. Need -" She looks between Jes and Betsy and Luke. She nods. "Okay." She doesn't protest. What even WAS Lunair doing out here in armor? She's not going to say unless pressed. "Let's - not," Lunair offers to Jes. "Do you need a taxi or food?" She asks, kind of concerned about the Coyotelady.

"Anyway, I won't force anyone to get help. But I'm glad," She nods to Betsy. That Betsy was okay. "And um. Sure. Want me to wait with you or should I uh-" skeaddle?

Luke's arms are crossed over his chest as he listens to everything that's going on. He does that a lot. Listening. So his response to everyone at the same time is pretty simple. He doesn't particularly feel the need to make random conversation. Especially after there's been so much violence in such a short span of time.

"Good enough."

With that said, Cage gives a nod to the others that are obviously on the good side of the city and he turns to continue on his way. He was going somewhere before all this interrupted him and now he's about to get back on his path. Walking. Because that's what heroes of the city do. They walk. And clean up the streets as they do.

Wait, does that make him a janitor?

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