Tweaking The Suit

October 13, 2015:

Jemma visits Pepper to discuss War Machine and his offer

Stark Industries - New York


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After her meeting and debriefing the other day with War Machine and Audrey, Jemma's taken it upon herself to meet with Pepper Potts, the redheaded CEO of Stark Industries. As War Machine had noted, the Psyborgs represented a clear and present danger, and given that SHIELD were working with the man to work how to create a pyschic buffer, she thought it politic to update the other woman.

Arriving at Stark Industries, dead on time, dressed in a smart business suit, Jemma introduces herself to the receptionist and waits to hear back from Pepper herself.

It's just a few moments later that a posh British accent can be faintly heard from the receptionist's desk and the receptionist is directing Jemma to the elevators. The biochemist might possibly remember JARVIS. The AI certainly remembers her, that's for sure. "Dr. Simmons, a pleasure once again," is emitted through the elevator's speakers as the lift begins its trek to the floor containing Pepper's office.

"Hello JARVIS, a pleasure to speak to you again." Simmons smiles as the elevator ascends. "How have you been?" if it seems weird that the biochem is talking to an AI, it doesn't show. But then, Simmons was the one who had initially helped CorvJimus - nothing weird, not at all!

As the elevator doors open, Jemma steps out and heads towards Peppers assistants desk, a polite smile on her face.

Jemma is promptly shown through to Pepper's office, where a pot of tea is already brewing. Something simple and non-Earl Grey, by the smell. Pepper herself is finishing a phone call as the receptionist gestures Jemma in and closes the door after her.

"Dr. Simmons, it's great to see you again," Pepper says as she stands and steps over to offer a handshake. "Though I got the impression that this isn't a social call. Would you like some tea?" Get the niceties out of the way so they can start talking about important matters.

"Miss Potts" Jemma shakes the other womans hand with a polite smile and gives a little nod "A cup of tea would be lovely, thank you." At least she seems at ease "Unfortunately, no, not a social call. I've some news to share and… well some news to share." beat "Thank you for agreeing to see me."

Pepper Potts nods knowingly, then moves to get the teapot cozied and to pull down to mismatched cups. "Please have a seat anywhere you like." The offer is genuine, and gives Jemma the freedom to choose the comfortable looking sofa and sidechairs if she wants. "Does this have to do with that incident I saw on the news? I noticed Colonel Rhodes was there."

Choosing a sidechair, Jemma takes a seat and nods slowly to Peppers question. "Yes, it does. But let me start at the beginning before I get to that. It's a little convolute." The biochem crosses her ankles and quickly outlines the situation with the 084's they'd been finding. "So what it comes down is the class of object we've found, emits a psychic field that influences people behaviour. The device the other day was malfunctioning and encited Colonel Rhodes anger, the poor man nearly had a heart attack. Thank goodness for PATTON."

Jemma pauses for a moment and lets that sink in "That's part of the reason for my visit. To let you know what Colonel Rhodes is involved with, given his connection with Stark Industries." And that Tony was already involved.

Pepper Potts brings the teapot and cups over and has a seat as well before pouring and offering the first cup to Jemma. "Is Rhodey okay? JARVIS, please let PATTON know that I will make sure he gets the best upgrade ever for taking care of Rhodey."

"I have informed him, Miss Potts. He wished that I convey his anticipation, but hopes you do not insist that he learn how to make waffles."

Pepper smiles at that, but is only mildly amused. The circumstances precipitating this were NOT the best. "Thank you as well, for letting me know. What was the other reason for your visit?" It's not that that whole mysterious devices that are making people lose their cool isn't a big deal, but she wants to hear everything up front.

"He is, Miss Potts. But really only for PATTONS quick thinking." Simmons confirms "And he was out again today, without any incidence, although PATTON and I were monitoring him closely." It seems Jemma has made a connection to yet another AI … go figure. "The other reason is closely related, actually. Colonel Rhodes is working with SHIELD techs to see if his suit can be configured to emit a null physchic field." she shrugs a little self consciously "It's more just making sure that you're aware of what's going on." Pepper might be able to use that type of thing to Starks advantage.

Pepper Potts nods slowly, taking advantage of a sip of her tea to think over what has been related to her. "I appreciate that you've wanted to keeps me appraised." Her eyes snap to focus on Simmons again. "How goes the testing on the psychic field dampeners?"

"Slowly, at the moment. But I expect to have some results in the very near future." Simmons sips her own tea and considers "We've managed to recover some working devices, which means we can test in a more controlled environment." Blowing out a breath, the biochem offers a small smile "And I've asked Colonel Rhodes to see me regularly while this is happening. I… wouldn't want something to happen to him."

"I was wondering, Miss Potts, if you've noticed an increase in people buying things, lately. Um, I mean something unusual in the trend, given we're coming into the holidays." Jemma looks at Pepper as she speaks "This network went up very quickly and the first wave seems to be getting people to acquire 'things'… " Jemma has a vague thought.

Pepper Potts pauses and considers that for a moment. "JARVIS, can you track the sales figures for the past … three months and tell me if there's an overall increase in consumer purchases?"

"I will do so promptly, Miss Potts. However, Sir has begun a series of simulations that are taking approximately forty six percent of my processing power. Perhaps It would be more advantageous to wait until the simulations are completed?"

Pepper can only smile amusedly at that. "That would be fine. And then if you could let Dr. Simmons know the change in spending patterns compared to the previous three months and then the previous year?" She looks at Jemma questioningly to see if that's enough.

Jemma blinks at that. She'd only had a vague idea, but Pepper had intuited it and taken it further. "That would be wonderful. Thank you, Miss Potts and JARVIS, of course. It might give us an indication of how long these things have been around at least."

Glancing down at her tea and then back to Pepper, the biochem settles in to her chair a little more comfortably "I have a little longer, if you do, Miss Potts, perhaps we could be a little more social. How have you been?"

Seems that Jemma is going to take a little more 'down time'.

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