Psychic Suppression Field

October 12, 2015:

Finally snagging Fitz long enough to help with something to suppress the psychic field emitted by the devices they've found, the pair get to test it. With help from War Machine

New York


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Jericho had voiced his concerns about the speed in which these devices had been appearing and with the first device disabled yesterday, a psyborg or two more collected, SHIELD had finally allocated resources - TAC teams to support War Machine and others in the fields.

the next target was chosen to appear to be random, several blocks from the last device, they don't want to tip their hats too soon. So making it look like they're just 'discovering' these devices and removing them as they do.

Jemma's also managed to collar Fitz and explain their dilemma - they need to create a physchic dampening field to help the teams get close enough to disable the devices. And… perhaps protect against the physchic manipulation of the Psyborgs. They've already tested some basic technology that was based on the portal buster technology… maybe he's had some ideas to help the biochem, who has really missed working with her best friend, lately. Oh yes, she's also sent word to Jericho, that SHIELD is ready to roll and is going to - details provided, of course.

This device is located at street level, in the mouth of an alley. The operation is timed to go down when the street is not so busy - less civilian interference and casualities.

The SHIELD TAC teams roll up in non-descript vans, and a dozen, heavily armoured people pile out and start cordoning off the area. Three of the group start moving the civilians that are there out…

Jemma is in the van, in her SHIELD field kit, waiting for the word to go. She's been involved in a few of these before, and she knows they're likely to get nasty. "War Machine, I've got your vitals being sent to me. I'll be monitoring throughout this operation." She really doesn't want to have to deal with another near heartache… the last one was more than enough.

War Machine does not fit into a security van, not one with any equipment or personele in tow, so he flies well over head waiting for the greenlight. The TAC Team assigned to assist him have all been patched into a special comm channel through PATTON so he can relay tactical data gathered from his suits ehanced scanning suite and Stark's Satelite coverage which has been moved into position for this operation. "Copy that, Doc. I've got you patched into PATTON's biometrics."

He says this to Simmons as he swings down into a descent until a little over a mile above ground where he cuts over to stealth field generators and reduces power to his repulsors. The usual Gun Metal Gray has been redone in a matte black. It's not that he requires much in the way of sneaking, or that he would even be capable of it, but it doesn't hurt to add a little element of surprise.

"Anyone have eyes on?"

Leopold Fitz has made some progress, and rapid progress at that. Jemma's recommendation to utilize Portal Buster technology has proven worthwhile - along with a few late night episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

"The damping field will be generated, theoretically, by these three emitter posts," he explains, while going about the business of unpacking three ballistics cases. Inside each, there lies a cylindrical item, about four feet in height and six inches in diameter.

"We'll need to set them up in a triangle formation, no more than fifty meters away from each other. If it works, it should dampen any attempts to fiddle with our… well, our brains."

War Machine's inquiry, which is fed into his earcomm, has him going for a fourth box. "Seekers?" he asks Jemma, ready to get the little probes up and running.

They didn't have 'eyes' on it, till they started looking for it. The operational device was hidden from view, until then. "We've a confirmed sighting, War Machine." the TAC team leader confirms for Rhodey "Still evacuating civilians and deploying the rest of the team along the street." The TAC team fans out around the mouth of the alley, keeping their distance.

"Seekers, Fitz." Jemma nods to the other scientist, he can get them up and running. "Agent Simmons, Agent Fitz, we're ready to get you out there." one of the TAC team indicates it's time to go. "Come on, Fitz. Let's do this." Jemma scrambles from the van with her own field kit in hand, an ICER pistol strapped to her waist. When Fitz joins her, she moves towards the alley — she'll help him deploy his dampening field.

As the two scientists reach their first destination, under the protection of TAC team members, a portal appears and 4 Psyborgs step out Citizens, desist in your actions or face level one repression. By the law of the Psychic Overlords. The words are broadcast to every mind on the street.

PATTON is doing a scanning sweep of the street as Rhodey descends to street level, firing repulsors for stability just before his heavy feet touch down. The auto-cannon moves into position over his right shoulder and links to the targetting system using PATTON's scanning suite for targets, of which there are none. At least not yet.

The War Machine moves to assist getting civilians off the street along with the TAC team, but his eyes are on Fitz and Simmons. His job is to keep them safe and while that doesn't mean he'd let a bunch of noncombatants get gunned down, they aren't his mission. So when the portals open and psyborgs step out with their mental threats, he abandons his secondary objective to run a defensive screen for the two Techs.

He takes off at a dead run towards one of the closest Psyborgs with repulsor assist, "Level one my titantium ass." Leaping up into the air with his wrist snapping up a chainsaw from an underarm housing bracket to slice in, and god willing, through with the diamond bladed saw.

The cannon swivels on a second and lets loose with suppression fire while his right wrist fires off a trio of mini rockets at a third. It's all an attempt to get their attention firmly on ''him'' however. No way are they going down that easy.

"TAC team move the Agents out of the street and down the east facing alley, I'll keep them busy."

"Done." With the punch of a button, the seekers are dispatched into the region. "Here, you take these." Fitz shoves two of the dampening cylinders into a waiting TAC agent's arms. "I, uh, need a… free hand," he explains, a touch apologetically, before following Jemma out, the third cylinder under arm.

"Whoa!" The Scottish scientist pulls up, startled, when the portal opens and the Psyborgs are dispatched. "Wot? The bloody - Simmons! What does 'level one' mean?"

Any further complaint is cut off by the barrage of fire coming from War Machine. Ducking, Fitz bolts behind a dumpster, and immediately begins setting up the first of three dampening emitters. "Hold on just one bloody second," he calls over the comms, and is nearly drug out from his hiding spot when the device goes online. A soft, green glow comes from small notches lining the cylinder, paired with a quiet whirring sound. "Awright!" he complains to the agent dragging him. "Just - let me - use my own feet, would you?"

The seekers whizz out and around the area and start feeding data back to the Jemma and Fitz. As the portal opens, the readings indicate something interdimensional….

War Machine achieves his goal and the four Psyborgs turn to face him, igniting blades that seem to be made of pure energy that they bring to bear on the now charging man. His first attack - the chainsaw to the closet Psyborg, severs a motorneural connection and the techo-organic being simply stops and drops… that's one down, but now the other three are really focussed and advancing on him.

Citizens, you have failed to comply, you will be repressed. Everyone in the street can now feel a mental pressure - and it hurts. The 4 members of the TAC team that are closest to the Psyborg simply drop to the ground - repressed…

Jemma is grabbed by one of the TAC Agents and she shakes him off "We have to get this field up, first. Help us!" taking one of the cylinders from the TAC agent, she looks to Fitz as the agents drop … "That.." she grits out "is Level 1 repression, Fitz. You have to fight it. Let me take this one and activate." Splitting up might be the way to go.

"PATTON, report on War Machine, please." Simmons hasn't forgotten her other role either.

Two of the TAC team members approach the R2-D2 like device… "Agent Simmons, how do we disable this?" "You don't, hold the ground till Fitz gets his field up." comes her reply.

"Increased cortex readings, Doctor Simmons." PATTON relays, "Adrenol level rising steadily, heart rate one hundred and twenty eight and climbing."

War Machine is a man possessed when it comes to a straight up fight. All this dancing around and secret agent shit isn't really his bag, but you get him out in an open field with clear and present enemies? Oh yeah…

"Reverse polarity on the arc reactor." PATTON sends out brief, half second, pulses of energy that he ''hopes'' will scramble the mental signal enough for Rhodey to not go anger deep into cardiac arrest. For now, he's fighting through the buzzing pain in the back of his head..

The chainsaw curls back into its housing and is replaced with a glowning red blade which he swings down at one of the energy swords being thrust in his direction. Repulsors fire and he's taking flight above the psyborgs with the auto-cannon locking onto one and laying down close grouping fire of uranium tipped ammunition. "Get those pylons up.." Rhodey growls into comms as he lands between the trio he's fighting, batting off an energy sword and ducking beneath a second, with his left wrist firing a sweeping wave of gatling gun fire.

"One hundred and forty seven. Adrenol levels well above norm."

Grinding his teeth, Fitz is slowed by the sudden mental pressure. He eyes the fallen agents with worry and dismay, but keeps up with the TAC agent dragging him along. "Oy! I'd hate to see… level two," he remarks, before reaching out to take the third cylinder from the struggling TAC agent. "Keep your bloody head on, Smitson!"

Fighting the pressure - he's had experience with telepathic attacks before, and he understands that a big part of it boils down to mind games - he struggles to make his way toward the third deployment zone. "Simmons," he calls over the comm, "Charge it to five, then activate!"

Skidding to a halt, Fitz sets up his pylon, then twists the charging knob. One, two, three, four…

Fitz's device charges up with a similar green glow.

"Work, work, please work…"

"Trying War Machine." Simmons responds to Rhodey as she bolts to the next location that Fitz had planned. The effect of the psychic manipulation slows but doesn't stop her but it does the TAC Officer who should have followed her. "PATTON, when they make One hundred and fifty five, get him out of there." Sliding to a stop, she sets her pylon down and activates it …. "Activated, Fitz" she speaks into her comms…. the device slowly charges….

Rhodey's efforts are rewarded by two of the Psyborgs crumpling to the ground - at least SHIELD can check out the parts! The final Psyborg turns a phsychic blast on War Machine ….

And Jemmas pylon finally activates … glowing green. "It's up Fitz!" the biochem acknowledges across the comms. The Psyborg? Is caught in the suppression field - the psychic pressure immediately lowers, a lot, an awful lot, but not fully.

Enough though.

"One hundred and fi-.. thirty seven." PATTON was just about to pull Rhodey out when the pylons kick on and lower the pressure enough that his mind is, at least mostly, free of the annoying buzz. Which means he's free to actually think and not work on muscle memory.

Which means this psyborg is proper fucked.

Behind his helmet, Rhodey grins when he feels the pressure release and brings his arm up to block the sweeping blow of the Psyblade with the outside of his hand. He blasts repulsors and shoulder blasts into the borg, cuts his forward momentum and lets it fly off down the street with him already back in hot pursuit.

Leaping into the air with his duel gatling guns firing down the entire time until he crashes into it again, pounding his fist like a piston into the side of the psyborgs headpart. "Level one repression this, mother fucker."

Seriously, I'm fighting the urge to drop the psyborg at Fitz and Simmons feet with a 'boom, did you lose this'.

"Oy!" Fitz cries out, stepping back a bit and clearing his head with a shake. "It's working! Simmons, hold it steady at 17.542 macrojules. If we increase the psionic tolerance, we have to be absolutely certain not to increase the energy output by more than ten hundredths of a macrojule."

Otherwise; the pylons will short out; and everyone will be totally brain-fucked.

"Dr Simmons, the cylinder…" the TAC team prompts her and she looks over to where Fitz is standing "Fitz, could you help the team disable the cylinder and get it loaded up into the van, please?"

Now that the pyschic dampeners are up, it's a simple disable. Fitz has the notes from Jemmas investigations to draw on.

With the last Pysborg being disabled, the mental pressure totally drops. Now there's clean up on the street to do - the unconscious TAC members and few civilians who weren't quick enough to leave, will be tended by the SHIELD medical team. The rest of the Psyborgs are gathered up the TAC team - it will take a day or so till this street opened again.

"War Machine, how are you feeling?" Simmons asks of Rhodey "Seems you've avoided an extended stay in our Med Facility this time."

War Machine didn't escape unscathed of course, but who wants to pose themself getting beat up?

Once he's finished smashing the psyborg back into something vaguely resembling a metalic paste, he steps off and shakes bits of borg off his metalic gauntlets. Slashes in his armor apparent and at least one hydrolic is severed, but he doesn't look ''that'' bad off.

And kicking that things ass felt hella good. "I'm good, Agents." He assures Simmons, coming over to join them with his auto-cannon still swiveling around his shoulder incase things go sideways again. "Head hurts like a morning after a Stark party, but I'm good… Good work Agent Fitz." Since the pylons where his brainchilde right?

"On it!" Fitz scrambles out from his perch and gets to work, following Jemma's notes to the letter. Of the many things his research partner excels at, note taking is certainly among them.

"Good thing, too," he piggy backs onto Jemma's remark for Rhodey. "You don't want to be in her clutches for too long, you might wake up missing something."

Pausing, Fitz leans out from behind the device and winks across the way to Simmons.

Going back to work, he shrugs in a nonchalant manner at War Machine's compliment. "All in a day's work, sir."

Of course, he's grinning like a school boy. He won't ask for an autograph.

At least not until they're back at HQ.

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