Cutscene: Above and Below

October 12, 2015:

Hawkgirl finds herself separated in the pits of Necropolis

Apokolips: Necropolis


NPCs: None.


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Fade In…

The road to hell was paved with good intentions they say. A saying that’s true once Shayera Hol stepped through the portal on the heels of Wonder Woman with Fairchild at her back. There was a thought that the infamous three would be together, but that was not the case.

Shayera touches down upon the ground after the snap through of the portal. In what was a week on Earth it was mere seconds for them. The land upon the ground was hard enough to send her rolling, rolling down a sanded hill until she comes upon a hitch of rock that nearly sends her careening into a firepit. The heat alone was enough to burn her armor, the Nth bubbling and boiling, sinking back into her skin as she slowly raises up upon her knees with a sideways shuffle, hand pressed hard against the gaping wound within her side.

It takes a moment for her to gain her bearings, hand pressed to the ground as she looks up through a hazy gaze to survey her surroundings, hair wet and matted against her face as the red sky blazes with fire that occasionally bursts against the backdrop. She leans back, eyes closing.. breath slowly steadying as she pulls her hand away, fingers clenching and relaxing, nearly shaking as the blood begins to fill into her palm.
“God, fucking dammit.” She hisses to herself, her free hand extending to summon a small rod, Nth boiling shaping and forming until it is dipped and sizzled into the fire and soon pressed to her middle…
…the pain.. the blinding pain…

It felt like hours as she comes to, but it was only mere minutes, thirst biting at her form as she slowly drags her ass to her feet. Her body at a hunch, blood burned and boiled, skin seared to the max which was soon covered with a rip of her leggings sideways to staunch and hold the pain. Her feet drag along, wings hung low and limp.. the sound of screams and agony far off into the distance behind her causes her pace to pick up.

Until there was a slip, a trip.. a roll and a tumble and something that felt like hours of falling until it was broken by a ledge, and another.. a topsy turn and a fall flat upon her face in the pits of darkness. And there is where she lay, broken.. beaten.. and truly, truly lost.

Lost inside the Necropolis of Apokolips.

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