Harlem Fliers

October 11, 2015:

Falcon returns to New York and meets up with some people

Harlem - New York


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It's early evening in the heart of Harlem; late enough that most people are home from work, early enough that the real night life hasn't quite started. People are out in the streets, of course — it's never deserted around here — but there's a lull, to be sure.

Into this descends a black man with metal wings: Sam Wilson, born and raised here, gone too long. He's in the gunmetal wing suit, not the flashier red and white Avengers version, which suggests that he's either been sneaking around or that he's now sneaking back. Maybe even both? He alights on the top edge of a nondescript brownstone, thrusters hissing to silence and wings folding neatly into their housing. He perches and takes in the sight of the street below. A slight smile creases his features below the suit goggles.

Or he likes variety in his wardrobe! Nothing wrong with variety. Lunair is out and about, trying out her power armor as usual and sort of bobbling along in the air.

Up high, a glowing streak crosses the early evening sky at altitude enough that only enhanced sensors would be able to pick out and magnify enough to identify one Carol Susan Jane Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Wonder who or what she's flying after?

Jesana is asleep when she arrives, or she had been. One moment she is curled up on the sofa with her pups and the next she is sitting on the sidewalk below. Standing up quickly Jes looks around and then down at herself.

"At least I'm dressed I guess." She's wearing cut off jean shorts and a black bikini top. No shoes, and no weapons. Just her pendulum necklace. "Grrreaat. I swear to Fenris I am going to-" The rest is cut off into an angry growl. She knows swearing by the God-Wolf's name isn't a good idea unless she actually intends to carry through with the threat. It's tempting right now, but her Father would just rise again so really it's an exercise in futility. Jesana sighs and shrugs. She might as well take a look around here before heading back.

Brin has information on the Purifiers that's led her to Harlem and hunting it down has taken longer than expected. Which is why the brunette mutant, dressed in black cargo pants, red collared tshirt with a stylised X over her heart and a black waist length jacket is sitting on the corner of the roof on the brownstone opposite where Falcon has just set down.

She might be hard to miss… with glowing green and gold wings set on her back.

It might be the hiss of Sams thrusters, it might be the emotion she detects - being an empath sometimes she picks up things without realising, and she murmurs to the owlet perched on her shoulder, half hidden in her hair. "Seems like someone else had a similar idea." The owlet simply blinks out into the night… if it understands Brin? Who knows?

Detecting Jes' and Lunairs arrival - she recognises those emotional patterns… the brunette X-Red glances around … "Where are they…."

Far overhead, the shrill cry of a raptor catches Falcon's attention. It's not the usual time for a hawk to be hunting, of course, but Redwing keeps odd hours. (Sam's fault, of course.) The bird is alerting his partner to the presence of other fliers. It's no great surprise, in New York, but still worth checking out. A quick flick through a few filters on his goggles, and he's picked out Carol, a young woman with immaterial energy wings, and someone in an unfamiliar robot suit.

"Guess we started a trend, Red," Sam says with a quiet smile. Yes, he's taken to talking to birds while he's been away. At least he doesn't imagine they're answering back… right?

His first action is to dial in the comm frequency the Avengers were using when he left — in other words, a very old one. "Carol? You need an assist with anything?" Next, he's stepping off the edge of the building, extending his wings to swoop low over Jesana's head, and navigating toward Brinley's perch. He'll check on the robot suit next.

Lunair is in her armor, and it's flying! Good times, really. Lunair probably doesn't notice an owlist yet. But owls are pretty cool, and that's how it goes. She pauses. "Bird is the word." Yes indeedy. If she notices the others, she doesn't seem bothered in the slightest. Actually, there's a lot to mind.

When the unit worked into Carol's belt picks up a transmission on an old Avengers frequency and encryption, she adjusts her comm unit to compensate and responds. She has long since secured such codes, and always listens in, just in case someone might use it and call for help; help is what she does, after all.

"Me? No assist necessary right now. I was just flying." She banks and rolls over, triangulating on the radiant signal of the message to figure out approximately where Sam would have to be. "You need anything?" She wouldn't want to just fly off and ignore someone, after all. But it has been years since she spoke with Sam. Ironic that both have found ways since to fly without planes, isn't it?

After looking around for a few minutes Jes pats her pockets and discovers her cellphone. Good, if she'd been dropped here and her pups left alone… She would totally kill him. Father God or not. "Frederick? Yeah I'm uh.. in Harlem? I think. I'll be back after a bit. Text me if we need anything and thanks." Her sitter/bodyguard need is rapidly turning into a live-in situation. The old man is alright though so Jes doesn't exactly mind. "Hey kid!" She also finds a few bucks and buys a pair of sandals off a passing kid's feet.

Then she looks up and sees first the man flying and then Brin. "Huh." Shrugging again the young native american woman makes her way inside the building and up to the roof. She is not a flier and very much okay with that. It's only a few moments before she steps outside though. She's fast when she wants to be. Double checking that her bikini top is in place, humans are weird about the nudity thing and this isn't a battle so far Jes calls out as she looks around "Brinley?"

The presence of the hawk in the sky causes Brins owlet to hoot softly at her, and move further into her hair. "It's alright." The brunette murmurs soothingly, and offers a piece of meat from a pouch she has at her waist. The owlet takes the food daintly, 'coughs' at Brin and settles, well hidden in her dark hair.

As a member of X-Red, Brin has a public profile and may be recognisable from that. The quiet, reserved mutant, with a penchant for being able to manage business affairs. Codename: Mana.

As Sam approaches, she straightens to her full height - which isn't all that tall in the scheme of things. "Hello, Falcon." She greets the man quietly. Yes… she recognises him, how could she not? She works with both Stark and SHIELD on occassion and really? JL:A much? "Enjoying the night air?"

"Hello Armory. Is everything ok?" the brunette smiles a little at the 'bird' quip. "Over her, Jes… look for my wings…" They glow enough.

Sam's absence hasn't served him well — he's behind on Tri-Cities superhero gossip. He knows of X-Red but doesn't recognize Brinley, and he mistakenly assumed that Carol would have filtered into the Avengers by now. Well reconned, bird scout.

He touches down on the roof next to Brinley, coming to a jogging halt, and tilts his head to give her an inquisitive look. "Uh, yeah," he answers the mutant awkwardly. "Just… out for a nice night flight. Checking on things." Great cover story, too. He is just knocking them out of the park right and left tonight. Redwing keeps his distance. And rolls his eyes, probably.

Actually, Lunair knows Sam. But she doesn't seem aware he's Falcon. Which is a shame because she really seems to like her bird loving buddy. Nevertheless, she is watching people meet and seems curious. "Yup, no one is trying to kill me or kidnap me today and I haven't seen a single Nazi." Lunair has horrifically low standards of what constitutes a 'good day', it seems. "How about you? I didn't know you had an - is that an owl?" She seems curious. And there's a Jes!

"Hello? Just checking, did you fall off the air because someone pummeled you? Or did you miss my response? Damn sunspots." Carol tries again to reach Sam, still unsure who she is communicating with, though she's more than willing to be caught up on matters. It'd be rude not to respond to communications offered her, after all. Right?

Jes comes around the corner silently and strolls over to where they are standing. She's young and fit and dressed skimpily as if she'd been on the beach. Or, her houseboat more accurately. A faint knife scar can be seen on her left side. Jesana moves with stride and body language of a predator and there's a wild and edgy energy about her that even the most mundane usually notice.

"Heyla Brinley." She eyes Sam with interest. "Hello. I'm Jesana." Lunair gets a smile and a wave. She's the only person from the mess the other day that Jes doesn't want to kill. She's observed Lunair enough by now to know she's.. different. Plus she'd given Jes the flamethrower. It's not on Lunair that Jes chose to flee instead of use it. She isn't aware of Carol's presence yet.

"It is, Armory." Brin smiles at the young woman. "I adopted it … after an interesting problem." The little northern saw-whet owl looks out with large golden eyes from behind her hair, it seems quite comfortable there, despite Jes' predatory nature.

Sensing Sams confusion and … is he apprehensive about something? she gives the man a smile "Brinley Myers from X-Red, codename: Mana. Just checking on things, mmmm?" the quirked smile might say it all "Yeah, me too. Got a lead about some activity that may or may not be going on here. Thought I would check it out." Yes, on her own at that! Looking to Lunair and Jesana, she shrugs slightly "Purifiers are still acting up." it's an explanation, at any rate.

Unfortunately, Brin doesn't monitor JL:A channels … so she's unaware of Carol as well.

When he gets a good enough look at Lunair, Sam feels even more behind the times. "Lunair?" he asks, recognizing her. "When did you get a robot suit?" Seems he's also forgetting to compartmentalize his heroic and civilian identities. He really has been out of circulation for a long time.

Brinley's quick refresher is much appreciated. "Ah, X-Red? I'll be happy to help if I can," he tells her with a tight smile. He doesn't know a Purifier from a Brita filter, but they sound ominous. The owl gets a quizzical look — Sam's good with birds, and he's trying to figure out whether this one is a wild rescue or something else entirely. Hard to tell with mutants, sometimes.

A hand goes to his ear as he belatedly replies to Carol's question: "Sorry about that — no problems down here. You looked like you were in a rush, but I think you just fly a lot faster than I do." He flashes a wry smile, then briefly activates a radio beacon housed in one of his wing gauntlets so that she can easily home in on his location, if she wants. "You're welcome to drop in if you want to help me catch up, though."

He turns back to the women with him on the rooftop, and needs to a moment to process Jesana's outfit — or lack of such. "Uh, hi," he finally answers her. "S— Falcon. Avengers. Or at least I used to be."

"Aw, he or she is adorable. Do they have a name? Does it like baths?" Pettings? Lunair is a curious critter. She is ineed curious. But there's a wave back to Jes. "Hi!" Lunair was also labeled a bit of a murderer by Nightwing and Bluebird, so she's not likely to bother with Gotham for awhile.

There's a pause at Sam. "Um. Wait, hi! When did you-?" She didn't know about him and the wings. "Awhile, actually. I have been up to a lot. I did get captured by HYDRA. It was strange," is all she offers. her voice is soft. She's not adding much at that. There's possibly an awareness of Carol, a curiousity. "Oh. You're not Bird Man, at law?" She is a bit wry.

"I usually go by Armory but I am going to change it because I keep getting mistaken for a trucker hat guy and a samurai lady. How are you? It's been too long!"

"Coming in for a landing." Carol sends, as the glowing golden streak of the woman comes out of the darkening sky and hovers just off the edge of the roof, nodding to the others gathered. Seeing Sam, she extends her hand. "Hey. It has been a while. Sorry, I didn't even recognize your voice. Terrible of me." She nods to the women, politely. "Sorry to interrupt. Captain Marvel, at your service."

Jesana grins and there's a glint of amusement shining in her brown eyes. She isn't at all bothered by the cooler October air or her lack of clothing and she easily picks up on Sam's confusion. Her head snaps up at the mention of HYDRA and a silent half snarl takes over Jes's face for a moment before she gets it under control. Now is not the time. She smiles at the tiny owl too. Owls aren't an animal she eats or hunts and the little one surely knows it.

"Purifiers? I ran into some of those bastards last week or so. I'm not sure where.. some kinda fields upstate maybe? They were out for murder and had some nasty fucking robots with them. Where are those assholes getting this kind of stuff? I took out a few and was going to bring you one for questioning but this… thing had ahold of it and I wasn't able to." She'd still been pregnant or she might've tried. Jes gets a bit twitchy and almost moves to put herself in front of Brin as Carol shows up but she doesn't actually move and only someone watching her closely would have noted the instinctive drive to protect. "Hello. I'm Jesana."

It's likely telling that Brin doesn't blink at the way Jesana's dressed. "I haven't named it yet, Armory." The little owlet can be petted, it quite likes them, Brin explains as she looks around those gathered on the roof. "A bit of a long story but one of X-Reds clients have been trying to send live animals through Magiks transport service." Which takes them through Limbo, not that people know that - which upsets animals dreadfully "And this one and two others were sedated in a shipment. I found them and adopted this one recently."

As Carol lands, Brin smiles at her "Brinley Myers, X-Red. Nice to meet you Captain Marvel." and then turns her attention to Sam and Jes "Purifiers are a mutant-hating group, they've been gaining a foothold here over the last couple of months. The robots, cyborgs really, that Jes mentioned are Reavers - stolen technology from Lobo Tech… or so they'd like us to believe." Obviously Brin doesn't believe that. "It's a long story, but we'd welcome the help. Feel free to drop by X-Red HQ for a briefing." That causes her to pause and look at Sam "We've moved, by the way. Out to JFK airport. You can't miss the building when you get out there."

"I'd make a terrible lawyer," Sam answers Lunair, just as wryly. "But it's great to see you. Especially in one piece, if HYDRA has been after you." There's a definite note of concern in his response to that bit of news, although he's trying not to make her rehash the experience, since she currently seems calm about it.

He's interrupted when Carol lands, but grins and returns the handshake she offers. "Not to worry. I heard about your promotion, even out … where I've been. Glad I can finally congratulate you — although you'll always be Cheeseburger to me."

His expression is more somber as he takes in Brinley's mini-briefing. He nods as she concludes. "I may take you up on that. At the very least, I'll keep an eye out for any of them around here. I'm not big on bigots in my neighborhood."

"I see," She smiles simply. Lunair settles quiet at talk of HYDRA, seeming distant perhaps. "We'll catch up soon. It seems you guys are pretty busy. I might go buy my lilies before the green house closes. But I'm glad I got to see you guys." And ooh, petted owlettes. Muchbetter than moist owelettes. Aw. She pauses. "Be well. And oh neat!" A bit of awe at Carol.

Carol frowns. "I really despise those bastards." the floating, glowing woman offers. Yes, she kows who the Purifiers are. she also knows they've been having a less-easy time of it since their pipeline into the NYPD was cut off and the District 16 was beefed up. "Fly safe." Carol offers to Lunair as she prepares to head off. "I'll do what I can when I see them. But they tend to avoid folks like me. Cowards and bullies."

Jes eyes Falcon thoughtfully. She wonders what he'd actually do about the purifiers. There are reasons that Jes isn't a part of X-Red but helps them quietly when she can. She isn't a team player and she doesn't follow plans and orders for one. Two, she's a killer and a very efficent one and does so without a seconds thought or any remorse whatsoever when she feels its necessary and her idea of necessary and other peoples don't often match up. "Be safe, Lunair." Jes smiles at her. "Yeah they suck." Jes says flatly to Carol. "I've taken down the ones I come across but there's always more of the assholes." She gives a predatory smile. "There isn't any avoiding me once I've seen you and I don't look nearly as harmful as you do." But she is, oh she is and it's often the very last realization her opponents ever have.

Brin watches Lunair go, slightly concerned about the young woman. "Don't be a stranger, Armory. You know where to find me." she calls as the woman departs. Sam and Carol get grateful smiles "Any help you can offer, is appreciated."

Turning her attention to Falcon again, Brin eyes him thoughtfully as well, she's picking up /something/ from her empathy "Out where you were? Oh…" it was probably classified. "So, haven't been back long I take it?" She's digging now, for information … she can't help it, it's what she does.

"Yeah, guys like that pick fights they think they can win," Sam agrees, nodding grimly at Carol. His usual good humor returns in a moment, though, as he smiles and adds, "So we'll just have to find the right bait to get the drop on them. Catch a few little guys and then work our way up the chain — it's an oldie but a goodie."

He turns to Jesana, asking, "So, are you another X-man?" He pauses, squints behind his goggles, and then amends, "X-woman? X-person? Whichever." He smirks ruefully. "You people with powers get all the luck. I look basically as harmful as I am."

He waves goodbye to Lunair, wearing a lopsided smile. "Enjoy picking up flowers … in your robot suit?" When Brin returns her attention to him and asks her question, he winces. "Ah, yeah, I haven't. Measured in hours, actually. Haven't even had a chance to let anyone know I'm back yet. I was on my way, but then I ran into you guys."

Jes smiles and shakes her head. "They're good people. I'm not." Her head tilts to one side and her gaze seems to turn inward for a moment and then a wild laughter bubbles up as Jes follows where her whims take her. "I am Coyote, one of the Old Man's children." For good or ill, she does as she wills.

Jes is usually not in the habit of making herself known when it isn't necessary and it might surprise Brin at least. "He is a god among all of the first people and was there at beginning of all and the creation of this world." She doubts they are familiar with Native American beliefs, or what most would consider mythology. -Put that in your pipe and smoke it Old Man!.- Jes thinks. The low masculine laughter that follows is heard within the mind and this time it's entirely possible that Jesana isn't the only one who hears it.

Brin gives Falcon and Carol an appraising look "You should totally come speak with us at X-Red. We've been investigating them for a while. The SRD got shut down and … we've found other information pertaining to the tech they're using." Clearly, Brin is well aware of the issues and heavily involved somehow.

As for being a mutant? She's one of the more benign … she's no fighter, even though she can fight, but she's got a good head on her shoulders.

Jes gets a surprised look - from all that Brin knows of her, which isn't a lot, the womans not shared much at all… ever.

But it's Falcons emotional response that has her interest now. She detected guilt, this time she's sure. "Just hours, huh? And where were you heading when you encountered us?" Gosh she's a nosy one, that one.

As the psychic laughter fades, Sam grimaces and puts a hand to his temple. "Okay. Spooky." he observes wryly. "Sorry I asked." He's been around enough vaguely mythological types not to be completely thrown, but on the other hand, he's unsettled enough that he gives a flip answer to Brin's question without much thought. "I was on my way to my mom's. Or maybe my partner's. Depending on which I would feel less shitty about lying to."

Jes blinks a bit as she realizes Falcon also heard the laughter. Dammit. He got her again. She shakes her head and half grins then gives Falcon and interested look. "Partner business partner or..?" She's flirting just a bit rather than being nosy. She actually doesn't care if he has a mother or a wife or a husband if he's interested. It's also slightly amusing to her that Falcon is creeped out. Jes also likes to play. Not wanting to make it weird though, she turns to Brin next. "What does your owlet eat? He'll need live food soon if he doesn't already. I can help with that and it'll be good practice for my babies. They'll not be ready for hunting for awhile yet but play and practice are pretty much the same things right now."

Carol listens to Jes, but does not judge. How can she? She'd do the same if she could, when she can. "Any time you call, I'll be there. At Mach if need be." She is Captain Marvel, after all. She'd even do exo-atmospheric bounces to get there fast enough. She takes assholes like the Purifiers seriously.

Sadly, the cellular organization and communication of the Purifiers has prevented attempts to 'walk up the food chain' from being successful. They are an evil too pernicious to be solved, or so it seems to many.

"Sam and I used to fly together." Carol explains. Hence why she knows who he is, and he her. The psychic laughter, though, creeps her out. Mystic crap is way, way outside her wheelhouse. "Like a cop partner, I'm guessing, if he's talking about who I think he is." Yep. She knows what's up, if not where Sam has been or why he's been away so long. Then again, her own reasons are pretty freaky.

"Live food now, Jes. Any assistance would be great. Mice and the like at the moment." she smiles, she knows Jes is a flirt but she's sure Sam can handle his own. She also doesn't blink at Jes suggesting her babies start hunting - what's with that?

"If you're lying because of your job, protecting people and the world, it just is." the brunette mutant fixes Sam with a steady look "It sucks, I know it does, but … sometimes… it's what we have to do. The price we pay for doing the work that we do." Raising her chin a little "Go see one of them and let them know how much you care for them. I'm sure."

Carols explanation gets a warm smile from Brin "Flying like this, Carol. Or in 'real' airplanes…" guess things couldn't get much weirder, hey?

"Planes, when we first met." Carol admits. She's a jet jock, and it's not hard to see it, even for those who don't know the type nearly as well. She'd make ol 'Maverick' look like a tame pussycat, after all. "I fly a lot of things. BUt I did start with planes."

Sam gapes at Jes for a second, then laughs and points at Carol. "What she said. We're not that close." Moving on from that topic, he nods to confirm her explanation of their military history, elaborating, "We were in the Air Force before either of us could really fly. She was always a way better pilot than me, but she kept me around because she thought it was funny the way I kept jumping out of the planes." He narrows his eyes at her and adds, "Also, she was glad she had a medic around more than once."

Some of the mirth drains from his expression as he nods at Brin. "I know you're right. Still doesn't make it easy." He exhales quietly, then brightens a bit. "I know some of the best places in the city to take him to hunt, if you're interested," he says, gesturing at the owlet. "I'm a falconer myself."

Jes grins. "I am not a flier but I can get to the wilds nearly anywhere fast enough. We'll be able to find all the mice you need and it's healthier." What the hell, she's already gone this far.. the next admission is nothing. "There are some places in the city." She nods at Falcon. "And of course rats and mice everywhere but the wildlife here is.. not. Things are so used to people they are easier to catch but they are all full of people garbage and the meat is terrible. Often they're infested with diseases and bugs and it's just.. not tasty." "Also, posion. It's really not the best pest control method but a lot of it used here."

Carol fishes out a card from behind her belt buckle and offers it towards Sam. "Give me a call, Sam. I'd love to catch up more. But I should get going. I'm needed in Metropolis. Take care." She offers another to Brinley. "I meant what I said. Call me, anytime. I'll be there."

"Air Force. I could have guessed that" Brin smiles between Falcon and Carol "but I try not to assume too much." it can cause for awkward moments and silly mistakes. Taking the card from Carol, Brin nods "I'm sure to be in touch, thank you." and then to Jes "Please do Jes, it will be very helpful to have a small supply" emphasis on small and then to Falcon "That… would be awesome, taking him to hunt." she's a realist "I know he needs to learn and I should know how to care for him."

"Sure thing, Carol. Can't wait," Sam answers, taking the card with a broad smile. God knows his harness has enough pockets to slip it into.

Scary mythological figure or not, Sam can't help but frown at Jes. That's his neighborhood she's talking about! Well, its vermin population, anyway. He holds up his left arm and whistles, and after a few seconds, Redwing swoops into view and perches comfortably on a leather ring near his wrist. "I didn't just raise him on subway rats, you know," he says, his pride obviously a bit injured. "But if they don't hunt enough, they get a real attitude problem." The last is partly for Brinley. "I'd be happy to help out. It's a beautiful bird you've got there."

Redwing, for his part, just glares, mostly at the owlet. Raptor staring contest!

Jesana blinks alittle. She's expert at reading body language and isn't entirely sure why Oh. Well, he isn't the one eating the things but neither is she and keeping animals as pets is something she has no interest in. They are either food or not food to her and beyond that she doesn't have much interest. "I'm sure you didn't. It was meant more as warning to be careful. A poisoned mouse could be deadly to a bird and I've eaten a few animals from central park and forests around the suburbs. It's just not the same. I'm not a raptor though and for all I know they can't tell the difference or taste things the same." She shrugs and is just happy to have something easy to do to help out Brin. There hasn't been much easy in her life of late.

Brin watches as Redwing settles on Sams wrist and senses his pride in the bird. She get's that - she's a new owl mama and she already loves it. Her little owlet peers out from her hair, not blinking at the other raptor "Thank you. And any advice you can give me, is totally welcome."

Looking at Jes, she smiles again "I hear what you're saying." she murmurs "but trust me, he knows what he's doing … I … can sense it." Jes knows that Brin is empath.

Just then, her X-Red communicator beeps at her and she taps it "This is Mana." "I see. I'll be there as quickly as I can." With a look at the two with her "I'm needed in M-Town, I'm sorry, but I have to go. Don't be a stranger, Falcon. Jes, you're always welcome to drop by." And with that, the brunette mutant lifts off and heads in M-Towns direction.

With a few more seconds to think about it, Sam realizes that he let his affection for his hometown and his pride in his bird get the better of him there. But he still gives Jes an odd look when she mentions eating animals in Central Park. "He definitely likes going out of town to hunt, don't get me wrong," he allows. "But he'd rather hunt than not hunt, here or anywhere. If you can't make a trip, you can still make it work." He shrugs, then raises his free hand in a farewell to Brinley. "I should probably suck it up and take that advice you gave me. I'll see you both around, I'm sure." He offers them a casual salute, then snaps his fingers twice. Redwing takes flight, followed a second later by Sam himself.

"Be safe Brin!" Jes watches for a moment and then nods to Falcon. "I need to get back to my babies. This was sort of an unexpected trip out. It was nice to meet you though." She gives him a warm and sincere smile. Her sudden appearance in a place is often in the midst of some sort of disaster or battle. This was a welcome change of pace for sure and she's right on a leyline and all she needs to do is grab the strange leather wrapped crystal hanging from neck and she's gone.

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