Lobo in The Market

October 08, 2015:

A surprise visit to The Market and a surprise visit

The Market


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When the moon is just right, hanging low over the city that never sleeps, the Market comes to town. It's not advertised, not found on any maps. It occupies the oddest spaces, which always seem to be bigger than they look. It's mostly not full of people. Monsters, legends and demons stalk the stalls, trading and bartering. No one dares harm another. Mortals are rarely seen though the strange and the lucky sometimes fall in. Those are the rules.

Fenris hasn't been here in a while. He's perusing the wares of a group of dwarves not too far from the main gate. There's some things he's thinking of making but craftsmanship and precision takes time which he doesn't always have. Also, Moonsilver doesn't' grow on trees.

The Market is hard to find, but for a bright young magi like Zee… it's not impossible. A little determination and … a lot of luck… and the teen mage is walking trhough the main gate. From the way she's looking around, it's clear she's looking for something or someone.

Making her way to Fenris, she offers the god-wolf a hug if he'll accept it, "Hello Fenris, doing some shopping?"

Pepper Potts is leaving to return home after an evening conference call, and she waits for the elevator doors to open while checking something on her phone. She steps through and …

…stumbles slightly as she finds herself just inside the gates of the Market a few steps behind Zee. She looks around and sighs. "Not again."

"A little bit." Fenris murmurs, looking up at Zee. "And what are you doing…" A familiar looking redhead stumbles through the gate and Fenris sighs. "… Here…"

"Rawk… welcome back dear." It's a woman with feathers for hair. The Finder, Fenris has always called her before. She's standing at her stall near the gate. Her stall is always near the gate for some reason. "Come in, come in, you're not going to want to be there when someone else comes through."

"Looking for information, Fenris." Zee replies as she turns and watches Pepper. "Hello, Miss Potts" the teen greets, "I'd say it's a surprise, but this is the Market." Her smile is turned on the Finder "And hello to you, Finder. It's been a while since I've been here."

Pepper Potts looks over as someoen speaks to her, then offers The Finder and smile and steps toward her booth to get out of the way. And then she hears Zee's greeting and offers a small wave hello. She's a little confused, mostly tired and ready to be home and in her pajamas. Instead, she's here. And her feet hurt.

There's a familiar presence in right behind her. No sooner does Pepper come through and stand next to Fenris then a very large, impressive looking man in a grey suit accompanied by a smaller but fit woman in a grey pencil skirt walk through. Though they look out of place they absolutely almost command the room… and the almost is only because there's a God-Wolf five feet away. Pepper knows who this is.

It's Maximus Lobo.

"Well… if it isn't Miss Potts. Diversifying, are we?"

Zee stills as the tall man and the woman walk in and turn their attention on Pepper. Moving to stand at Peppers other shoulder, she asseses the 'threat' that this man might deliver… letting her magical senses test the area in his vicinity.

It probably looks like a teen, dressed in street grunge is trying some bravado, and that's fine by Zee… she'll use that to her favour.

Pepper Potts hears that voice and her expression instantly goes from sincere and a little tired to pleasantly businesslike. Most definitely armor in a figurative sense. She turns and graces Lobo and his associate with the professional smile that goes with the mask.

"Mr. Lobo. Ms. Carver. How unusual to see you again. And no, not diversifying. Just revisiting some acquaintances." She is very careful make her words seem light and nonchalant, as if being here were old hat to her. She's aware of Zee hovering at her shoulder even if she doesn't acknowledge the young magician. It's actually very reassuring to have her there. Maybe she can put a very mild hex on one or the other of them. Like … mint-activated halitosis.

Lobo smiles sharply. "Ah wonderful. Miss Carver and I are here to make a few… acquisitions. I always need to go over the fine print with these people. So… Business associates or…?"

"Frends." Fenris rumbles. There's the big bad wolf and even Lobo seems to feel it though his manner of acknowledging it is… curious. He sizes up the tall, lean man. "I don't believe we've met. Friend of yours Pepper?"

Zee won't hex either of the pair just yet, but that's certainly an idea to remember. Setting her biker boot covered feet, the teen mage folds her arms - emulating a certain SHIELD agent she admires. As Fenris rumbles, Zee gives him a sideways look… she won't let her guard down with the man - he feels dangerous.

"Friends." she confirms in a soft, firm voice.

Pepper Potts lets her business like smile get just that tiny bit wider, edging into shark territory. "Allow me to introduce you. Mr. Lobo, Ms. Carver, this is Zatanna Zatara," she indicates Zee, "and Fenriswulf." She tilts her head toward Fenris. And she very pointedly keeps her posture seemingly relaxed, even with the tall man standing within arm's reach.

Lobo looks at Fenris who smiles sharply. His lawyer leans up to murmur something quietly. "Pleased to meet you both. Mister Wolf, Miss Zatara. You're on the Titans are you not? We've been keeping a close eye on your team's heroics…" There's a sudden focus of interest on the young mageling. Perhaps a bit unpleasant.

"Mr Lobo, Ms Carver" Zee responds quietly, trying not to show any discomfit. "I'm a member of them team, yes, Mr Lobo. It's nice to see our activities are being noticed." Bravado, sheer bravado, the man is entirely unnerving.

"You said you were here to make acquisitions? Perhaps The Finder will be able to able to help you find what you're looking for." She's fairly certain that he didn't mean 'goods' in the normal way of things … perhaps services or perhaps people themselves.

Pepper Potts maintains her very faintly predatory smile even as Carver murmurs something to Lobo. "Well, you probably have a lot of 'aquisitions' to negotiate. I won't keep you any longer. Enjoy your visit to the Market." And yes, she did very much intend that to sound like a dismissal. Suck it, big man.

"And you yours with your… exalted company." Lobo murmurs as he moves on, deeper into the market. If Zee and Pepper feel like a much larger target just got painted onto their backs… that is exactly what happened.

Fenris has his hands in his pockets as he watches them leave. "Well, that was interesting. I take it you don't like mister Lobo."

Zee waits till the big man and the woman have left before she blows out a long deep breath. "First time I've met the man, Fenris." She may shake a little "I've faced down Darques people, even Darque himself, HYDRA mages as well… and that man…" her blue eyes watch where he moves through the market "Makes me want to go and shower." beat "Are you alright, Miss Potts?"

Pepper Potts maintains her professional 'armor' until Lobo and Carver are not only away, but gone from her line of sight. And then she shudders. Visibly. "I really want to go home now." Just like that, her poise and regal air almost literally deflate, and she seems smaller and more tired than before. "I'm sorry, I should be going… somehow." She looks toward the gates uncertainly, then with a smile to Fenris and a hand on Zee's arm, she squares her shoulders again and walks briskly back out of the Market. And hopefully back into the elevator in Stark Tower.

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