What's A Nephil?

October 11, 2015:

Bobby calls in help from X-Red … there are cultists or … at least people in robes!

M-Town - New York


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Blood of Power. For most it'd be a rather nonsensical phrase that you might expect to find, oh, in a DnD book somewhere. A spell component for a 19th level wizard-alchemist spell to turn dragon farts into diamond or something equally ridiculous. Blood of Power indeed.

Tonight, though, it's deadly serious. The Cult of the Deep, an ancient organization dedicated to an even more ancient and horrific god, is seeking out those with the Blood of Power for their own purposes. They want it. They need it. And the easiest way to get it is in M-Town. Where those of the blood have conveniently congregated…

Bobby Drake still takes walks around the place at night. It's not a patrol. Not really. He just does it to look out for his neighbors because they're all mutants, but not all mutants have the power that he does. So when he sees what looks like a small line of people in robes slip into an alleyway next to a club he's instantly suspicious. "X-Red this is Iceman. I might have some trouble, my location, M-Town."

Brins in X-Red HQ when Bobby's call comes in. It doesn't take long to organise a stepping disk from the airport to M-Town - she could fly or drive, but Bobby's call sounded urgent and time … is of the essence … so stepping disk it is. "This is Mana, on my way." she reports to Bobby.

Collecting whoever else is present in the HQ at the time, Brin steps on the disk and after a quick jaunt through Limbo, ends up by Bobby's side. "What have we g…. What are they Bobby?" she asks as her eyes light on the robed figures.

When will cultists learn that that dressing in robes attracts attention…even in M-Town. Wanda has her feet up in the X-Red HQ; her bullet wound is pretty much sorted so she can get shot again if need be. She is reading a book about International Law when Brinley tells her she's needed. Thankfully she's in her uniform since being caught out last time and she quickly gets to her feet and follows via the disc. Wanda stands behind the others, surveying the scene. "It does not look…obvious…to anyone else?"

It seems to be a 'thing'. It might be tradition in a group as old as this.

Oooooor maybe the hooded robes conceal weapons. Bobby nods to Wanda and Brin as they arrive, already breaking into a jog toward the alley. As he reaches the edge though he hears gunfire, and screaming from the club. Rounding the corner the cultists are dragging out several young mutants in club wear, knives at their throats while others hold guns on the door to discourage pursuit. "HEY!" Bobby doesn't like that and an ice wall comes up at the far end of the alley. They'll have to go through the X-Men to get those victims out. "I want one to talk to." Bobby murmurs.

"Going up…" Brin murmurs to the two with her as her glowing green and gold wings appear on her back and she lifts in the air to the roof top. She'll rely on Bobby and Wanda to cover her.

Landing on the rooftop, Brins wings disappear and her glowing green and gold bow appears… nocking an arrow, she takes aim at one of the cultists and lets fly… nocking another quickly and taking aim again.

Wanda jogs along behind Bobby, fingers twitching and calling on her magics. Gunfire? She hates that. And she hates brutalized mutants even more. Wanda hurls up a wall between Bobby and the thugs…they can talk through it still, just no shooting. A quick look up at Brinley. Protecting her up there as well could be difficult but with Bobby's famous diplomatic skills…wait, did Brinley just shoot one of them?

It's a good thing that Wanda put that wall there becuse the first thing that comes Bobby and Wanda's way is bullets. The bounce off the now crimson air as Bobby calls a halstorm down on the robed ones and Brinley shoots one in the knee. A moment later a dome of… flowy energy, that kind of looks like black water, springs up around them. Seems they have mages too. Bobby's hailstones fizzle and melt on contact. Seconds later bolts of corrosive black water splash on Wanda's shield and near Brinley's feet. "They have magi?!"

The blackwater that lands at Brins feet hissing and bubbles and starts to eat away at the roof. "Heads up" she speaks into her comms "that water is corrosive…" and skips back a pace to avoid the stuff at her feet.

Moving slowly up the edge of the roof, she looks for an opening… anything that she can breach. It seems to be immune to Bobbys constructs, but they're of the physical world - what about her psychic arrows… will they get through?

Targetting what she thinks might be a mage, Brin lets loose the next arrow … and holds her breath.

"If they have magi, why do they need us?" Wanda manages to get out as her shield dissolves under the onslaught of black water. "Back away, Bobby" she calls out as she casts more walls - though now it is two circles, one in front of each of her teammates. "I don't know how long my magic will last but if I can see a proper target…"

"No idea!" Brin's arrows do go right though, not being actual physical things, and strike one of the magi. Bobby responds by putting a shield up of his own as Wanda's fails. His will corrode shortly and it seems like the mages are already starting to work on cutting a hole in the wall next to them. Brin's arrow slows them down a bit, making them lose one of their number but they're still at it. Work fast ladies.

Now she knows that her arrows have an effect, Brin shoots two more off in quick succession… targetting first mage and then the other … theoretically, all she has to do is disrupt them - it should affect their spells and slow them down. But the arrows are delivered in such a way to push them back and hopefully into Wanda's view.

Wanda steps forward, moving her circular shields like…shields. Blocking and intercepting anything coming from her friend. Then she spots a couple of mages cowering from Brinley's arrows. A snort of contempt at the sight before the shields fly forward and become prisons - enveloping the mages in the scarlet energy. The magic tightening around them…hopefully they didn't want to breathe. Though this does leave her quite vulnerable to any footslogger with a gun.

The water dome falters and Bobby swings into action. Wanda was right to be worried about guns but the ice nerd had already thought of that. He freezes them solid from the inside. No shooting today. Moments later Wandas prisions are augmented with icy cages. The last of the cultists try to kill their captives but they choose that moment to start fighting back and Brins arrows end the fight decisively.

And now they eight cultist captives. Getting closer they can see that rather than looking human, they look fish like. Gills, scales, webbed hands. Bobby stares a bit. "What… the hell…?"

Making her way down from the roof, Brin joins her teammates on the ground. Looking at the cultists, she blanches "Well… they're different. Wanda, have you seen anything like this before?"

Wanda peers intently at the strange creatures. "I see why they need to wear robes" she notes before she realises what she is doing…treating them as if they were in a zoo. "They are not animals though. They think. They know what they are doing, yes? Even if it is not good." She raises a hand, slowly moving it toward a prisoner in her magical cell before thinking better of it. "Maybe we should ask your girlfriend, Bobby?"

"Ulani… maybe… but I'd like to ask them. What are-"

"The blood of power feeds the Lord of the Deep!" One of the cultists cries out. "You misbegotten nephil will not hide from us forever. We will return. The blood will flow to the depths of the sea."

"Well… that's… disturbing."

Brins quiet as the other two talk, 'listening' as best she can to the creatures in her front of them. "Their emotions, feel distinctly human, Bobby." the brunette frowns slightly "although there's a /flavour/ to them… " naturally. "Nephil… as in Nephilim? A fallen angel?" Brin might not be up on her religious lore.

"Nephilim? Aren't they the children of man and angels?" Wanda offers though she has no idea really. "They think we are nephilim?" She snorts in amusement and shakes her head at the talkative Cultist. "No…eveyone said I was a child of the Devil, not an angel. And I am attached to my blood. I do not want to see it flowing anywhere." She looks at her teammates. "Are we taking them somewhere? This will not be an incident with the undersea people? The Blue People."

"I don't know." Bobby shakes his head. "I'll ask. And we'll let the police take them, but I'll talk to them. Tell them we may want to speak with them." 'Interrogations' of course are frowned upon but there's nothing wrong with visiting prisoners to ask questions. That's totally allowed. "Nephilim though. Blood of Power. Brin, Wanda, we might want to see what we can get on that. At the very least they seem to want the blood of mutants, so we should alert the rest of the X-Men." Bobby pulls out his phone to start calling the police to come and get these guys.

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