Emotion Inspired Riots...

October 10, 2015:

A riot in downtime New York and another device is found. It's disabled in a very different way.

New York


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There's been a spate of 'indentified objects' appearing around New York. The JL:A will be seeing reports for SHIELD Science teams. Others will be noting the publicity in the papers. The latest incident, shut down a foodcourt and had some interesting visitors….

Reports are filtering in that there's a riot breaking out in a downtime shopping district. Something is driving people crazy … Police are trying to control the situation and have cordoned off the block where it's happening. One of the police officers has noted a strange looking device in the middle of the crowd… and that everyone else seems to be ignoring it.

When they finally managed to get someone to 'see' it, SHIELD had been called in … first response TAC teams are onsite now, preparing to go in and look at the device.

Which means calling in at least one big gun for potential threat response. One of those big guns, as chance would have it, is the War Machine. all flat matte gun metal gray armor and shoulder mounted swivel auto-cannon, the hulking defense platform has positioned himself a little bit ahead of the police cordon line to provide point defense. His mission docket said ''nonlethal'' measures and James Rhodes was, at least, trying to hold to that.

But he'd argue there's plenty of wiggle room when it comes to nonlethal.

At least he's got rubber bullet munitions loaded in his shoulder cannon, right? That's a step in the right direction. "PATTON, load riot breaker canisters." The shoulder mounted missile pods slip back into their housing bracket infavor of a tubular single fire click and forget firing system. Once launched, the canisters whistle through the air towards the rioting crowd and twirl on plinking metal axis spraying a thick off white cloud of highly concentrated tear gas.

He's not going anywhere near that thing in the center of the plaza, but he's not letting anyone without proper creditential near it either.. Anyone who breaks the police line from the mob is put down with a swift response spray of rubber bullets center mass.

Ryden has gone to the mall in search of a gift. He really doesn't think a present is going to get him back in Zee's good graces but he's at a loss at the moment and its at least doing something. He just sighs as he notices the disturbance ahead. He's dressed in a red men's dress shirt and designer jeans. Even matching leather loafers and looking normal. Except for his large travel pack and the harnessed and leashed goose waddling along at his side. "Well shit. I guess we should go see what's up." He approaches the police line slowly, eying the guy with the shoulder cannon. The goose looks at the man too and then at Ryden as if to ask "Seriously?!?"

As has become standard procedure, May is there leading one of the first SHIELD teams on site. This time, though, she managed to snare not only Simmons to be here, but Fitz as well. It's entirely possible that she went directly to Fury and demanded the engineer's presence, considering how many SHIELD operatives were injured or killed the last time. Even Coulson took a pretty severe hit on that one. This particular situation is far more volatile than the previous ones, though, because of all of the civilians running amuck (amuck amuck amuck!) around the device.

"War Machine is holding the perimeter," May tells Simmons and Fitz and the armored and armed agents with them. "Ramirez is working on a way to subdue the rioters without affecting the surrounding city blocks. It's our job to get to that object, find a way to disable it, and bag it before its effects spread." She looks at each of them directly. "Any questions?"

Ozymandias is about to relax for the evening with a bottle of cabernet sauvignon from his private collection, when he hears the distress call from his Justice League communicator. A small sigh escapes his lips as he puts the bottle down. "Perhaps, when I get back." Ozymandias puts on his costume, and gear. After a quick double check, he opens the window of his penthouse and fires off his grappling hook, and proceeds to make his way towards the riot.

Who has connections to both SHIELD and the JL:A? Er well, okay that's a lot of people, actually. But the guy who has both of those and experience with these 'psybernetic' devices is everyone's favorite (or least favorite) cybernetic hacker. Jericho arrives on a rooftop in black tactical gear, with a handgun at his side, a shotgun in his hand and that long leather case behind him. This is Aspect to JL:A and SHIELD personnel. What do we have?

Both Fitz and Simmons will recognise the device in the middle of the riot. It's a silver cylinder with lights and instrumentation on it. For Simmons, the familiarity is more recent, for Fitz - it's similar to the device they recovered when he was looking for a way to power his portal buster.

War Machines tear gas canisters are set off and whilst they start to subdue the crowd, they're less than effective than they should be… The crowds frenzy is fuelled by /something/. Those that don't drop seem to get angrier, more wild, and start to press against the cordone, starting to spill over.

This is what Ozymandias will notice when he arrives on the scene.

The agents and police nearest to the device will be feeling that faint pressure in the back of their heads…

"Aspect, this is Simmons. Another device, similar to the one the other day. This one seems to be active though and is causing what we're seeing." Simmons looks to May "We need to disable that device… and those who get close are affected by it." She's already looking in her field kit for something.

That's when she notices Ryden and nods to May "Isn't that the mage, Ryden? Maybe he can help us with this?" She sends an agent over to seconde to him… Don't argue, Ryden, just follow the nice SHIELD agent.

"Well that was less than impressive…" Rhodey says to himself when the canister doesn't drop large swaths of rioters on their collective asses. Thankfully he's barrelling into them with twin wrist mounted gatling guns and a shoulder mounted auto-cannon spitting enough rubber into that crowd to reinvent the lego.

"Load pop rocks." He says to the AI who drops the crowd control tube back into its housing bracket in favor of a long, flat firing platform that launches pencil thin rockets through the crowd and explode in controlled bursts of high frequency bangs and flashes of bright white light.

"Crowd's getting a little fiesty out here. 'Nonlethal' is starting to get a little more complicated." He says to May and company, smashing his fist into someone who gets a little too close after having taken a few dozen rounds of rubber ammunition directly in his chest. "electro munitions. Set auto-cannon to shock and awe." Shock and Awe is fun. It's a short, controlled sweep of flame that is never meant to set anyone on fire, so much as zombie scare them back away from the cordon. If he spies Ryden amidst the crowd, however, he sucks his teeth and cuts a path with both gatling guns, "Agent May, I'm sending someone across the line. He has a Goose. Must be important." Over comms, then over his loud speakers, "Get your ass over the line buddy."

"Dude! Not cool!" Ryden exclaims and ducks down to pick up his goose. Some asshat just almost trampled him. Damnyou in return pecked the hell out of the guy but the guy just kept barreling past and didn't seem to notice. Ryden is the usual recipient of those pecks and he just stares after the guy for a moment. "What the hell is with these people?!" That dude in the machinery gets an expasperated look. "Yeah yeah..I'm trying." Ryden makes his way through the crowd, receiving a few hits and kicks for his trouble. "Oh you people suck!" He mutters aloud as he arrives at May's side. For once there's no disaster signaling his arrival and he looks normal and ready to help. "What can I do?"

Melinda May nods to Simmons to bringing Trent up to speed, then makes use of her ICER to get one person clear of Ryden's path. "Tell me you have a way to make all of those rioters stop. I don't care if you have to blow sand in their faces to make them sleep. THis needs to stop. Now." Yes, she just told the mage that she needs his help to get the rioters under control.

Jericho frowns as things start to get out of hand. "Got some guy in power armor mixing it up. I'm going to presome that he's yours?" Amber wings made of light flash into existance on the hacker's back once more, along with glowing amber circuit like lines all over the man's chest, back and arms as he leaps from the building and lands at the edge of the crowd near Rhodie. That shotgun goes off, loaded with bean bags. Yes Jericho normally goes for more permanent tactical solutions but… this is riot control. Not a firefight.

Shotguns are one of the best tools available for this but really he's just hoping to give himself and maybe the power armored guy some space before he has to mix it up himself. "Destroy or disable the device. That should do it. I don't have eyes on it from here though." Wherever it is…

Rioters are subdued with War Machines and Jerichos efforts … those that are hit stay down. Those that are 'zombie scared' jump back from the cordone but as the pair get nearer to the perimeter and the device, they'll feel that faint pressure in the back of their heads, messing with their emotions… provoking them to 'act out'. The sensation starts faintly but as they get closer, it gets worse … how strong are their mental constitutions or do they have some other tricks up their sleeves?

Ryden might be able to control the rioters, there's a lot of them though… 80 or more. But with War Machines efforts, maybe it will help.

The TAC team, that obviously includes Simmons, is about to head into the fray… they're going to try and approach the device. Simmons has found the device she's looking for… something that Fitz had obviously made. "When Mr Trent took us to find the first device, Fitz tried to make something that would nullify the field. Our lab testing showed it worked… and it might work to protect the TAC team." Activating it, she gestures to the team. "Get me in there, I want to try and disable it…. " if not, she'll destroy it. She looks to Agent May, is the other Agent coming with them? Or is she going to stay and control the perimeter.

The TAC team takes off, and a group of rioters start to swarm around them. "That's War Machine, Aspect. He's one of ours." May can add to that ….

So there's only so much a War Machine can do to put down a raging crowd without extreme prejudice. Once they start grabbing hold of his armor, his patience starts to wear a little thin, and he's prone to flights of violent response that might toe the line of ''acceptable levels of threat response''. "Okay, they're touching me." That's his way of saying, 'I'm about to hit a mother fucker with another mother fucker.'

See, he grabs the offender by the shoulders and hoists him straight into the air and hurls him right back in the direction from whince he came, only long ways what to take out a large swathe of would be rioting crazy people. "New plan." Rhodey grunts, "PATTON, bring up a structural plan of the mall, is there a sublevel beneath us?"

"Yes Colonel, sewers, pipeline running directly beneath the street leve-"

War Machine cuts him off with a snarl. Proximity to that device has suddenly got him feeling a little 'I don't like what this thing is doing and I want to break it with my fists'y. "Good, load uranium tipped munitions." Click, whistle, whirl… and War Machine is letting the rioters do whatever the hell they want. Both gatling guns start cutting through the street in a sweeping motion directly around the device, pounding through concrete with enough force to shatter the steel rivets that run through as support structures upon which the foundation is built. "Fuck. You. Mind. Controlling. Shit."

When and/or if the thing goes down into the sewer he'll drop enough cluster grenades down in that hole to proper fuck plumbing for the foreseeable future. "Boom… If I had a mic I'd drop it."

Ryden doesn't feel the effects of the thing because his mind is well shielded. It has to be, there are things hidden in there that would be very very dangerous for the world to know about. "That guy needs help." Ryden mutters as he sets Damnyou down and fishes a book and antique looking pen from his pack. From the lorekeeper's tone of voice he doesn't mean help with that he's doing but help of a psychiatric nature.

The pen is filled with Ryden's blood and since this is more of a traditional spell, he's giving it extra power with the blood and is pretty much at full power at the moment, he's hoping he can just stop all these people in their tracks and do it without getting the worlds worst migraine. "This shouldn't be hard really." He scribbles on a blank page. "Rioters sleep now!" And then looks up to see if it worked even as he sits down a bit abruptly. No migraine but definitely a headache.

Melinda May uses her ICER on enough people between them and the device to have to load a new clip and then… She grabs Jemma by the collar and yanks her back when Rhodes goes off the reservation and sends the device and its section of flooring into the basement. "Rhodes, stand down. NOW." Okay, so maybe a LITTLE of the device's influence is getting through. She saw those grenades too, and is thinking several choice cusswords in Cantonese while yelling, "Everyone down!" There is no way she knows of to get far enough to be truly clear of THAT level of explosion, so instead she pulls Simmons with her behind one of those ubiquitous concrete-walled planters and hunkers down with the other TAC team members that are sheltered here also. Oh, and she covers Simmons' ears with her own hands. Kid's too young for this Tian Fan Di Fu.

Jericho isn't in the loop on Rhodie's plan and can only hope those rather obvious weapons on his power suit won't be turned on him as he runs out of shotgun rounds and drops the weapon. There's a flash and a harmonic hum as his traces flip from amber to blue and a moment later where there was a man with wings made of light there's is now a glowing demonic werewolf-thing made of blue light about seven and a half feet tall. He snarls and lays into the rioters as Ryden goes to work on them and War Machine starts attacking the source of the all the trouble.

The increase in mental pressure gets another snarl and the wolf's eyes flash bright amber in anger. Yeah the… psychic manipulation has… different effects on Jericho for reasons that aren't probably immediately obvious.

Rydens spell drops about 60 of the rioters, sending them to sleep where they stand. The one rioter that War Machine throws takes out a small group of yet more. There's not many left standing, and Jericho seems to be seeing to those… there's rioters dropping like flies although some actually try to brave those wings and launch themselves at the demon-wolf armoured man. One or two of the rioters left standing, those closest to the device, launch themselves at War Machine - hopefully he doesn't hurt them… too bad!

Simmons is shoved down out of the way by way. She knows better than to argue with the agent, although she gives her a strange look as her ears are covered!

KA-BOOM the cluster bombs go off… causing cracks to occur in the street around the hole that War Machine just cut…. oh dear, even more of a mess to clean up.

Was it effective? The last remaining rioters, there's less than handful, finally run out of steam and stand there looking vague — the pressure on everyone elses mind disappears. Yeah, it was effective.

"Colonel, your heart rate is dangerously elevated. My biometric scans indicate your andrenoline levels are way outside of normal, sir I strongly suggest that you try to relax." But Rhodey isn't hearing words right now or really even seeing images. He sees red and bullets and fury because he's already got a lot of anger issues, it did not help that the mind controlly anger machine was pushing those emotions to the forefront.

Seriously, he's usually a very good soldier who doesn't break formation and follows all the orders. This is not in character.

"Colonel, please calm down, sir. Noting fluctuations in your heart rhythm." But Rhodes aint listening to no computer man voice. Not until he's put a serious hurt on the source of all his anger. Against orders. Ignoring May's command to stand down.. ignoring everything that isn't pointedly right infront of him at the end of his gatling guns cutting through the street.

Until it drops into the sewers and explodifies and the last of his anger starts to fade, just in time to save the would be attacker from the rightious fury that was about to befall him only miliseconds later… Breeeath.. slow, deep, calming.. Rhodes turns and doesn't even notice that he still has someone clinging to his shoulders as he crashes down onto one knee and braces himself up with a palm on the ground. "I can't see anything.."

"Adenosine injections to stablize heart rate, Colonel." Small injectors stab into his arms to quickly push the medication. "Agent May.. what the hell is that thing?"

Ryden's reactions are slowed by the expending of magic and so he doesn't manage to do more than shut his eyes and be knocked flat on his back. His goose jumps up onto his chest and can be heard squaking in alarm as the noises from the blast die down. "Sonofabitch! I'm gonna..do something to that guy. Something bad." Ryden coughs and shakes his head and then moans. Ow. He feebly pushes at the goose and tries to sit up. It takes him a minute to manage it. "Man what a freakin mess." The lorekeeper eyes the hole and sighs. He's gonna regret this. "I can probably fix that." He offers, then blinks. WHere did May go?

Yeah. On a scale of zero to ow, that explosion was a good DIO concert. Front row. May refrains from shaking her head, knowing it won't make the ringing in her ears go away, then lets go of Simmons and starts barking orders to the TAC team around them and the other teams still on the perimeter. "Floor is compromised, get everyone clear. I don't care how. Medical, get ready for incoming wounded, definitely in the double digits." She glances over the amazingly still intact planter toward the War Machine and Jericho and adds, "Trent, stay by Rhodes. If he starts trying to destroy more of the area's support structures, I might need you to stop him."

Unaware of whether Rhodie is incapacitated or in some other trouble Jericho ends up standing over the man, with what appears to be a five foot sword in one hand. The pose is defensive, but the rioters don't appear to be in any mood for further rioting. "I think he's okay." The ex soldier calls out to May on the comms. The one man clinging to Rhodie's shoulders is plucked off and given shooing motions. With a massive hand. And claws that can rend tank armor.

"Agent May, we need to recover that device." Simmons pushes to her feet and brushes her hair back from her face. "I don't care if it's damaged, it will give us valuable information none-the-less." She can be rather single minded!

Pausing as she gets an update on her comms, she looks to May "War Machine is down. PATTON is issuing Adenosine injections to calm him." With a glance to the Senior Agent she makes her way where he and Jericho stand… now… where's Ryden - ah there he is and he's standing! She gestures him over. "Psychic manipulation device." The only explanation she can give at the moment "I've seen two or three now and they all seem to affect emotions somehow. Aspect, are you ok?" She remembers his code name at least. "Perhaps we can continue this conversation, after this mess is cleared up." She glances to the hole where the device is - yep, Simmons really wants to get her hands on that.

The rest of the SHIELD team begins mop actions, blocking off the area around the dropped device. NYPD and EMS move in to start picking up rioters and tend to them…

The adenosine converts Rhodey's heart rate and immediately starts to slow it down, but he's not going to be much good rallying against any rioters. Thankfully, they've all been taken care… and Trent is standing protectively over him with a big ass sword. Now all he has to do is repair his damaged credibility after his little light and fireworks show, that'll only take months.

Not like he's got anything better to do, though, right? Retirement.

"I'm fine.. relatively speaking.." He croaks over comms, clawing his way back to his feet with assistance from the JRXL armor. "Scanning the crater, there's significant structural damage to the surrounding area, Colonel. I strongly suggest caution to anyone going down into the hole to recover the remains of the device. Integrity around the blast point is dangerously low."

"Agent May, permission to go into the hole for recovery." His heart rate is slowing, vision returning… he probably shouldn't be doing anything that doesn't involve a medical tent, but he's the only one in armor strong enough to resist a cave in if the street gives out.

Ryden is standing, if barely. He overhears May tell Jericho to stop Rhodes if needed. "Oh please. Let me." He gives the man a dark look but Simmons explanation brings forth a sigh. He can't really blame the man for that. Not every one is shielded. Damnyou waddles over to May. "QUACK! QUACK!" The goose gives her a beady eyed stare and gestures at Rhodes with one wing. He looks pissed. Ryden turns and squints. "What did I do no-oh no. Shit." Damnyou is not calling May a quack. That isn't happening. He's imagining it. He hit his head right? Hopefully. Otherwise he's liking to go be going home without his goose. Ryden suddenly brightens. Maybe its not so bad after all.

"Denied, Colonel." May isn't at all angry at Rhodes, this entire situation is … well, WAND territory. And she manages to not sound angry, either. She just sounds like she always does. "You should go get checked out by Medical." Note the 'should'. She knows he's not under her command and can only hope he chooses to keep listening to her as he has been so far.

And then, suddenly, she has an angry gander honking at her and flaring his wings about aggressively. She looks at the avian, then quick as a viper, she snags Damnyou around the neck with one hand and stares right back into his beady little bird eyes. "Back off. I have a recipe for goose." She lets the avian go again without so much as ruffling one of his feathers and returns her attention to the others.

What? May IS the head of SHIELD's WAND division, you know. She's had to deal with giant dragon-like beings who are still learning to fly, purple chaos-magic humanoid cats, were-coycotes, and … K'nert. Getting yelled at by an intelligent goose doesn't really register. Not anymore.

Speaking of 'K'nert' a lizard-like being larger than a cat, but not much larger, appears and near Jericho and subsequently also near Rhodie. He attempts to in fact use the armored mans head as a perch though that might be challenging given Rhodie's present state and possible unwillingness to be a perch.

Either way he winds up hissing at Jericho. Well, actually it's a series of hisses and growls that have the glowing blue demon-wolf thing nodding slowly.

"May do you have this under control? I've got a situation… elsewhere." Also, K'nert, if War Machine slaps you, you deserve it.

Jemma looks at the goose as it quacks at May, blinking in surprise and then Mays denying permission for War Machine to collect the device. That's her cue - she directs one of the TAC teams to recover the device - it will be taken forwith to a SHIELD facility.

K'nerts appearance has the biochem holding her breath for a moment … but there's work to be done. "Agent May, with your permission?" Seems Jemma's ready to move off as well.

"Copy that, Agent M-what the fuck is this thing trying to land o- are you fucking serious with me right now?" Is there honest to god a lizard-light being larger than a cat trying to perch on his head? This does not compute. This is outside Rhodey's pay grade by a few dozen zeroes. Who, in all their travels, has ever seen a War Machine flail trying to dislodge a flying lizard cat from his head?

Well now you have.

Now you've seen him grab said lizard cat and point a gatling gun right at its lizard cat face, but nobodies acting out of turn by this arrival and he's already caused so much damage… and it just seems wrong to kill a lizard cat just for perching on his head.

What Would Jesus Do? I don't think Jesus had to deal with lizard cats. No, that is absolutely not something that was in Jesus' Scope of Practice.

"PATTON, do a neurlogical scan and tell me if I've got a concussion. I'm seeing shit." Still… he lets the thing go and takes a step back away from it glaring behind the titanium shield of his mask. "Stay…" Pointing. "Where's the medical tent… I have serious issues with this development and I require immediate psychological evaluation."

"Sir, I believe the creature is real…"

"Aint nobody got no time for that, PATTON…"

Ryden gives May a look of utter awe as Damnyou stops mid-insult and closes his beak and then meekly back-waddles away once she let's him go. He knew he liked that woman for a reason. She's just good at every thing and so far he's yet to see something disobey her command. That's power. He turns and watches Rhodes for a moment, covering a grin with his hand as he bends to gather up his book and pen. "I'll come back tomorrow and put this mess right but first.." He scribbles something in the book and the pieces of the device, all of them, suddenly appear on the ground in front of Jemma. He probably just saved the team hours if not days of work.

Melinda May doesn't give the avian a second look as Damnyou backs off, but does cross her arms and share an unimpressed look with both K'nert and Trent. "Sounds like you need to be going, Aspect. Be careful." Then she nods to one of the more stoic of the TAC team. "Help Colonel Rhodes get to Medical." The diminuitive Hispanic woman nods and moves to lead War Machine over to the SHIELD specific medics.

Of course, the device — or what's left of it, anyway — all suddenly appear at Jemma's feet, and Ryden has just earned a brownie point in May's mental tally.

Jericho, or 'Aspect' as he apparently is called sighs as K'nert gets grabbed. And then let go. Thank you for not turning the imp into demon salad. The hacker gives the demon an unimpressed look and responds to him in a language that may make Rhodie question his own sanity, since its all twisty and oddly resonant as if Jericho suddenly had an echo chamber uilt around him. The armored man gets a nod and a quick salute. "I will be, May. Drop by soon to talk about this. Promise." And then he's off. After he rounds a bend there's a brief glow and he simply isn't there anymore.

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