Desiccating The Enemy

October 10, 2015:

Something wicked this way comes on the docks on New York Harbour… a building is asploded by Aquaman, and the Waterpeople confront something … large

New York Harbour - New York


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Fade In…

There's an unnatural mist laying over the Harbor tonight. It feels heavy somehow. Thick. As if the water in the air were more than simply low hanging clouds. As if there was intent within the very air to conceal something. A secret, perhaps? Something that should not be.

Or perhaps a predator.

The lights have gone out, or the fog is too thick for them to be any use. Rowan stalks the open streets with a spear that looks like it's made of corral. He can sense the tug. It's like a whirlpool. Drawing everything in toward it, at least… metaphysically speaking. Advantages of being attuned to the elements sometimes.

Ulani is pacing by Rowan, bedecked in her sleek coral armour, a water sword held in her hand. "This fog is like before, Rowan. I've sent word to our people and the Atlanteans letting them know there is another occurence."

The brunette waterwoman looks grim, as she peers into the fog … "I really don't like this…" she murmurs to herself.

Aquaman is growing weary. Even Aquaman can reach his limits with swimming, and between trying to keep nigh constant patrols over the entirety of his Empire and hunting down and stopping what incursions he can on the surface, his superhuman stamina is taxed. He is tired, and angry, and on edge. He is not the only one. That constant threat of invasion has kept the Atlantean military on high alert for over a month now and the strain is taking it's toll on an already angry people possessed of extremely powerful weapons. It's only a matter of time before current stresses bring up old grudges and hatreds. "Always fog with this thing." he mutters, glancing around more annoyed then anything else. He shoots Mera a look, "Civilians?" he asks, letting her reach out with her mind, "We need them gone if there are."

Mera looks back at Arthur and is still for a moment. She picks up on Ulani and Rowan's presences, and gives each of them a small mental greeting. ~ We are nearly there, Emissary. Are all civilians cleared from the area? ~ On the way here, she's tried to give Aquaman as much chance to rest as possible, creating a solidified water 'dinghy' to convey them as quickly as possible without having to swim the whole way. But still, once they're near the shore, they do swim under their own power.

Rowan has no idea if there are civillians in the area. He's about to respond as much when something shifts in the fog around him. It's a small thing. Almost impreceptible. But the dragon Blue has learned that such things often pressage… a great deal of pain…

"DOWN!" Rowan shoves Ulani with his spear haft, throwing them both to the ground as a bolt of black water streaks through where they were and impacts on a building, leaving a crater of sizzling, caustic goo eaten stonework. "FOR THE LORD OF THE DEEP!"

And then cultists charge out of the mists.

Not that we can s…. Ulani hits the ground as Rowan shoves her, skin tingling at the feel of that water. Relaying it all to Mera, managing to look over her shoulder and see the mess that goo has left, she pulls herself to feet … she can't tell how many there are in the fog… and forms three minions from the water …

"Cover me please, Rowan. I need a few minutes and this will give us allies to fight with." It leaves her vulnerable, but the benefits outweigh the risks.

Aquaman rolls to one side, trusting his wife to handle herself, and comes up with a hand pressed against a blue post office drop box. The war cry causes his anger to surge and his fingers crinkle in the steel with an audible noise. He rips the blue mailbox from the sidewalk and flings it side arm at the legs of the charging cultists, the steel kicking up sparks and noise as it bangs and clangs and skips it's way like a stone across the pavement. At least he was kind enough to aim low?

Mera directs her three Tide guardians to help defend Ulani, then starts shooting spears of solidified water at the charging cultists, not hesitating to skewer them. They're making her husband's life very difficult. That makes her angry. And almost no one likes her when she's angry.

The cultists are, to a one, seemingly 'mutated' with fish like features. Scales. Gills. Webbed hands. Stranger featers like their eyes. They're wielding some kind of magic, tossing bolts of black water and attacking with unnaturally sharp… it's a mistake to call them daggers. More like bladed flails that seem to writhe like tentacles almost with a mind of their own. One catches Rowan's spear… and gets hurld across the street, not reckoning on the Blue's strength as he defends Ulani with the tide. Three more simply crumple when a mailbox cuts their legs out. There's something moving behind them. In the mist. Something dark… and tall…

It's all Ulani needed and the three water figures, armed with large sharp water swords, take form and begin moving on their own. Seeing the figure … the shadow … heading out of the fog, Ulani aims three fighters at it — trying to hamper and hinder it.

"Thank you." she murmurs to the Tide and Rowan as one of those tentacle like blades reach for her… spinning into it, tangling her own blade, she heaves the creature out of the way before, releasing the spines in her armour - the ones with the deadly neurotoxin. She's not as strong Rowan, but certainly stronger than expected … "Heads up…" she says to the Blue warrior.

Aquaman follows after the mailbox, the pointed ends of his trident leading the way. He doesn't have to speak aloud to command the Tide, they're living armor is more animal then man and then men inside are linked to it tightly. He bellows as he charges forward into the face of the cultists, the golden trident's staff end swiping side to side as if he were using it to clear a path by simply sweeping the mutated humans aside. His fist curls in the clothing of another and he merely heaves it skyward, letting it fly upward nearly thirty feet. Presumably a three story drop won't kill the cultist, unless he takes a bad angle, but it should keep him out of the fight.

His Tide are right behind him, letting him form the point of the spear that drives into the crowd, trying to work it's way towards the darker shadow, their massive armored forms taking hits and shrugging them away as if the corrosive black water was more irritant then danger, even as it starts to disolve layers of the hard chiton.

Mera keeps flinging water spears at the cultists, but now intersperces the spears with splashes of clean water to help remove that corrosive black stuff from the Tide that fight alongside their king. And, to see what happens, she intentionally 'catches' one glob of the black goo with a solid water container and then flings it right back at the cultist that threw it in the first place. See how they like a taste of their own goo.

They clearly don't like the taste of their own goo but even touching it pollutes the water that Mera uses to contain it. It'd be pretty horiffic if that stuff were to be released in large amounts into the ocean.

Rowan and Ulani are chewing through the cultists, several of whom are also impaled on spears made of water… which looks weird. Rowans more solid looking spear crackles with lightning as he calls Air to him and does a passable impression of a thunder deity, scything down a knot of them…
The water contstructs and Arthur make 'visual' of the dark form at roughly the same time. It's a massive humanoid, covered in chitinous shell with a massive crab claw on one hand and what looks like a barnacle and coral fused 'club' for the other. Not in the other. For the other. It's bellows and charges straight at Arthur.

Ulani's water constructs fall in with Arthurs tide … strengthening the wedge that they form. When the time comes, they can be sacrificed to give the others a unfair advantage. As the corrupted water hits them, they absorb it … when they hit, they'll be fighting with this creatures own weapon.

As Rowan calls air, Ulani spins into another knot of cultists bringing that viscious water sword of hers to bear, even as she stifles a wince as some that black water hits her. "Grabbing" some of the water Mera is tossing and douses herself in it… that burns… and now she's even more determined and as the last of the cultists she's been dealing with drops to the ground, she turns to find the next group … eyes flashing with anger.

Aquaman only picks up speed, lowering his shoulder and gripping his trident in both hands, letting it's golden prongs lead the way. His scream carries over the din to battle and he manages to leave his Tide behind, armored and strong as they are, they lack his grace and speed, the downside to that much armor. Ducking under the snap of the giant claw, he leaps upward, trident leading, attempting to find a crease in the armor at the creature's abdomen. His anger gets the better of him however and he pays no attention to the clubbing hand.

The impact of it's armored edge against his body rings lightly as golden scales explode under the impacts and bits of his armor rains down across the street. He simply disappears from sight, though a building to the side of the street implodes, it's front brick wall belching out a cloud of broken brickwork, lumber, glass, and red dust that qucikly clings to everything damp. Presumably the King of Atlantis owes someone a new story, what with his asploding it.

Mera starts using the contaminated water to create new spears for cultist-skewering. And then that crab-giant sends Arthur through a nearby building. You know that saying 'so angry she sees red'? Yeah, crab-giant. Mera is now officially angry. 'Pulling' all of the solid-water spears from the cultists they'd impaled, she creates a shell of sorts around the giant crab-like thing with mostly-contaminated water, then with a snarl, she gestures with her hands as if stabbing at something with her fingers, and the water shell suddenly becomes the inverse of a sea urchin, thousands of needle-like spikes all aimed inward at the giant crab-thing's chitinous body.

Well… that's one way to shuck a crab. Oozing corrosive water penetrates it from all angles, rendring it vulnerable. The cultists are now down, dead or fled, leaving just the monsterous crab giant. The question of 'why' anyone would summon something like that is one rowan leaves alone for the moment as he directs that lightning onto Mera's sphere, bypassing the armor and starting to cook it from within. Amazingly the thing is still up, fighting to stand and letting out a defiant bellow.

Ulani watches as Arthur goes flying and her water constructs wade into the frey … as Mera's sphere and Rowans lightning hit it … they slash at it, trying to remove limbs or simply skewer it — the chitinous body hampering their efforts … at least they're distracting it.

The blue woman calls on her abilities… and as Rowan tries to cook the thing from the inside, she manipulates the liquid inside and starts to extract it … bleeding it from it's body … can it survive without any water at all?

The building's rubble wobbles and another wall topples in like a blanket tucking in a small child, burying more bricks and plaster over the already substantial mound. A mound which is shifting of it's own accord seemingly…

Mera doesn't take the time right this moment to go check on Aquaman, adding the fluids that Ulani is extracting from the crab-giant to the solid-water iron maiden, driving the needle-spikes into the thing's carapace even more aggressively, hopefully giving Rowan more openings through which to fry the thing as well as more open wounds through which Ulani can keep extracting its bodily fluids. Then, as if to add injury to insult, she uses the solid water to slice off both of its hands. Or the things it has in place of hands.

The lightning and the corrosive water and the cuts take their toll. The creature would attack, or retreat but Mera has it pinned. Literally. The beast pitches forward and just… expires. It's smoking, cooked from the inside out.

And it stinks. Rowan lets the lightning go and listens. "I'm going to see if I can catch one of the fled cultists." He can hear them out there, and melts into the mist which is slowly clearing.

Mera lets go of the creature when it finally stops struggling, moving all of the contaminated water to a single large puddle on the ground to be dealt with later, then turns and rushes to where Aquaman got thrown. ~ Arthur? Please tell me you're all right. ~

Embarassed. comes the somewhat fuzzy mental reply. The building shifts again and more bricks begin to roll off of the pile, then a section of wall the size of an SUV lifts up and tilts to the side, sliding away in a crunch. Arthur reaches up through the masonry and plants his hand ontop of the pile before pushing, hauling himself out of if with a grunt of effort. This armor is destroyed, the orichalcum metal helping absorb some of the blow, but there's already a large purple black bruise spreading across his now bare ribs, his face scrunching up in pain, "Ow." he mutters to no one as his other arm comes out of the debris, trident in hand. "I wonder if this is what it's like to be Batman."

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