Man is Meat

October 10, 2015:

A gruesome scene in Red Hook leaves… scars.

Red Hook


NPCs: Man-Pig, Pig-Man



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'Car 61, we have a caller reporting of a suspicious man in a mask entering Warehouse 98 in your district, please respond.'
'Officer Hughes here, what are the details.'
'Caller says that it's a man in a mask, nothing more.'
'One of the bat-folks?'
'No Officer, someone else. I think it's some sort of animal mask.'
'Ah, alright. I'll go check it out.'


The police radio was a buzz with calls out for Officer Hughes, reports coming in that they've seen his car ripping and roaring the streets, his last known destination some house outside of Red Hook before the 'crime of passion' started. Officer Hughes went off the rails after he visited Warehouse 98, visiting a random home of an elderly man who was shot dead point blank upon his front stoop. The officer was apprehended and placed in lock-up, and the chatter seemingly increases as to 'why'.

Bluebird listened to the chatter, SRD drone hanging over head as she keeps watch upon the narrows. She stops to lean upon her bike as she sends the drone off further into the city, the phone tucked in her back pocket as she hops upon her bike and fires it to life. The dull roar of the beast echoes through the narrows as she takes off into the night.

Her stop? Warehouse 98.

Dick Grayson has been similarly on the case, although you could hardly tell it given that he was sitting in a nearby diner eating breakfast for dinner. Alfred had spoiled him on waffles and bacon at any time of day and he remained a bit of a breakfast junkie, although the place here couldn't measure up to Alfred's standard, of course. No one could.

He has his police radio in an earbud, though. When the report comes in, he quickly pays the check and makes his way outside, ducking into a nearby alley to get suited up.

In moments, he's using the rooftop express and making his way towards the self-same warehouse.

Jesana has a bit of time before she needs to get back to her sitter and pups and is out searching through the warehouse district. She's been looking for some missing street kids for awhile now. The young native american is dressed in jeans and a black leather jacket, red halter top and boots with metal spikes on the soles. She looks human but there's still something about her. A wild, edgy aura that usually has even the most mundane humans turning their gaze aside and not meeting her eyes. She's a predator and they know instinctively. Her casual stroll is quickly bringing her to warehouse 98. Perhaps its just chance, more likely it's her nature or her father's drawing her towards this place at this time.

Red Hood has a Love/Hate relationship with Gotham. Even though he vows to stay away, he somehow finds his way back. Maybe it's because it's easy to do shady Business in the city, maybe it's because he feels he has unfinished business here. Nevertheless, for one reason or another, he's back and has been listening to the Police Chatter, as he's wont to do. Usually, it's to make sure that they aren't sniffing around him or his, but tonight he hears something that intrigues him.

There's movement from one of his Gotham safehouses and before long, a sleek, Japanese motorcycle is purring its way towards the Warehouse mentioned. As usual, he's prepared an arsenal and a few tricks.

This sounds like something the Bats will find interesting.

Fantomex is in the area when he (actually E.V.A.) hears the chatter in the police radios about the warehouse and the policeman shooting an old man for no apparent reason. It is curiosity what drives him to investigate the place, and he arrives through the rooftops pathway. « E.V.A., see if you can get the layout of the building, s'il vous plat » he request to his long-suffering technorganic partner.

From her vantage in the Gotham Clocktower, Oracle monitors the comms channels and security feeds of, well not just Gotham anymore but Gotham will always hold a special place in her heart.

A police officer arrested after attending a potential crime scene is … interesting… and the redhead kicks of her searches.

Hughes, it seems is a family man, a really, really nice man with philanthropic interests - well known for helping homeless people. This behaviour? Entirely out of character.

Finding details on the building ownership is relatively easy - easy enough to make her suspicious? Perhaps. Owned by the city for many years, a sale is in progress to a Randy Fitzgerald — and when Oracle digs deeper on that name … she's sure it's an alias, a false identity. Now she has an avenue to start looking.

Of MOST interest to Gothams Information Goddess, is the fact that there's power to the building - has been for two weeks - even though the building has been vacant for years…. Who… is paying that bill? She wants to know and she'll likely find out. that search started, the redhead then starts scanning the comms networks - is there any chatter (digital or analogue) into and out of the building?

Seeing Bluebird and Nightwing heading in that direction, she speaks into the OracleNet comms network. "This is Oracle. Disturbance at Warehouse 98, in Redhook. Approach with caution. I've conferenced Bluebird and Nightwing together - you can speak to each to co-ordinate." Then she adds the information she's just gleaned so far - succinctly of course.

Using the security feeds from the area she watches for who else may be interested in exploring.

It was a quick ride into Red Hook, her arrival loud as ever until the bike was shut down and the fence scaled to approach. The place was destitute, cans and random trash bags littering the area, bones of some poor old dog and god knows what else upon the property. The fence, even though it didn't need to be scaled, was either way. Harper wanted to do things with flair, Harper also needed to train her upper body strength so that she could always be ready for whatever.

Aside from the half fence that was scaled, the field remains open to approach, and what most could see from close inspection was a row of flickering lights that soon dim and steady. The door was held open just a touch, as if someone closed it and it bounced right back, but didn't have the time to check to see if it was actually latched. There were sounds of a buzz saw, but then it stops abruptly at Jesana's approach.

And then there was the smell..

E.V.A would note that the warehouse itself had two stories, through the middle of the floor upon the second story rotted away due to decay, giving it an image of something hard and heavy that dropped down the middle and fell to the floor, yet cleared for it's current activities. And if she chose to scan further? Infra-red would show that there are many heat signatures.. some moving.. some not.. some squirming, some reaching..

The comms blipped in for Harper as she reaches up to touch her ear. "Long time no see, Johnny-Five. Or hear. Whatever. Nightwing, glad to have you aboard." She figures this would be a simple investigation. Pick up evidence, stare at it, push it with her finger, throw it away. Home just in time for dinner with Cullen. Though, through her chatter she could hear another bike approaching in the distance..

Dick Grayson finds himself landing near Harper, his boots coming down and skidding lightly as he somersaults off a nearby roof. Once Oracle gave the word that he'd have company, he waited to make sure some of it showed up before pushing ahead.

"Look," he says, gesturing and there, on the side wall of the warehouse, a single word has been smeared in red - paint, one hopes, but you can never be sure in Gotham. SQUEAL it says. Nightwing's eyes narrow at the sight of it.

"Let's be careful as we can. Never know what we're going to find inside - or who."

He taps the com in his ear, "Oracle, keep us updated on any movement you see. I got a funny feeling about this place and it's not from the hash browns I ate. Well, not entirely."

Jesana slows and then stops outside the warehouse. She's frowning and her nostrils are flaring as she takes in the scent. Death, death and rotting flesh. The native american sighs. Probably some elderly homeless person crawled into there and died. One thing she hasn't gotten used to here in the outside world is the complete and utter disregard given to the elderly.

It's not what she is looking for but she's hear now, might as well peek inside and make sure then send a text to the police or something. Her frown deepens. Did she just hear something moving in there? Jes runs forward and leaps, catching the top of the fence and swinging over the other side to land in a crouch with a soft thump. "I'm gonna regret this, I just know it." She mutters.

Red Hood's own sleek bike is parked in the shadows about a block away so he can make his way on-foot and in the shadows. Some training just stuck. Noting the movement on one side of the building as other 'investigators' arrive, he sticks to the shadows, but quickly draws one of his guns.

He may or may not use them on the others. It all depends.

The grip on the gun tightens when he catches sight of Nightwing and the gun is lifted just a touch…but now isn't the time. There will be a time for their confrontation, but there are already too many and the warehouse is intriguing. As far as he knows, he doesn't recall this particular warehouse being used by any of his associates or hirelings so it bears investigating.

Keeping Nightwing and the unknown girl in his peripherals, he makes his way closer to the side of the building.

The newcomer who leaps over the fence is noted and recognized. He -knew- she wasn't just hanging around in Mutant Town for kicks and giggles. Figures.

Everyone's keeping their damn secrets.

He's doing his best to be patient as he doesn't plan on being the one to 'kick down the door' this time. Not when he can piggyback on some Bat-tails. Let them do the work…he'll just be happy to piss them off when he starts with the shooting.

Lunair is a curious critter. She also has the Hench app and many other ways of hearing things. Alternatively, Lunair seems to be touched by the Wildways. A kindly six armed woman with the funkiest head gear this side of Mad Max told her that shortly before defenestrating her. Lunair took that to heart. The words, not the defenestration. And so the woman in strange power armor (think Laughing Octopus' camo armor from Metal Gear sans tentacles because tentacles are weird and also copyrighted) is ambling up, alternately gently floating and walking. Time to EXPL— is that Jes? There's people here… And a general sense of unease.

Warehouses are often where she haunts, preparing to deal with mobsters and what have you. Then she spots him. She'd know that red bu— hood anywhere. She sneaks up over. "… psst. Hi." A whisper from behind. That's right. Lunair comes from behind.

Fantomex knew the police was on the way, but looks like they got beaten by the bats. Curious and curioser. And if he had common sense, he would leave. But instead he has already decided to beat the other to whatever is the price. If any. Or if none, too.

The thief in white looks for a way in, convenient skylight would be best, but a fire escape also works, and tries to sneak into the warehouse before the other investigators and curious people wandering in reach the doors.

The searches for Randy Fitzgerald reveal something interesting. He was treated in the last month at Gotham Mercy General Hospital, psych wing. Tests performed at the time revealed the presence of an unknown drug … but the results ping in Oracles databases - it seems to be the same composition of the drug used on Bluebird at the 'pig incident'.

As Nightwing says 'look', the redhead activates the camera's located in his suit - one of the best things the Bats had ever done - giving O 'eyes' on the scene, even if she can't be there. Just because Batman often shuts the access down, doesn't mean the rest of the team will.

Oh yes, the feed from Bluebirds SRD drone is also 'appropriated', well… shared…, and now O has eyes and ears exactly where her team are … that might make things a little easier.

"Acknowledged Nightwing. You've a young woman, Jesana by name, entering through the North entrance. She's friendly, if a little eager. Lunair is approaching her - networking her into our comms." Her security feeds pick up Redhoods approach "An unknown approaching a block to the East, monitoring that. And…. " the shadow on the roof, picked up by a security camera but clearly "you may have a visitor on the roof." beat "Officer Hughes was treated for the same drugs that we found in Bluebirds systems after the pig incident." She won't tell them to be careful - Nightwing is Batfamily and Bluebird… well, she may not listen.

Squeal. That was the stuff of nightmares. Where one would think that children and piglets would make the sound seem so adorable, this is the sound and the word that keeps her up at night. "I see it." Harper murmurs quietly, reaching out to nearly grasp Nightwing's arm but.. Batman wouldn't do that. So she doesn't. She keeps her resolve with her chin held high and leather clad fingers curled into a fist that causes the fabric itself to groan.

"Where in the world are all of these people coming from.." She mutters, her question moreso designated to Oracle aka Johnny Five, than anyone. But, the more help the merrier, Blue was hoping not to find something unsightly inside. Just a few butts to kick and to haul to jail. "So everything is linked. We need to get inside and see what's what.." And.. off she goes, picking up at a jog to head towards the west entrance. At least that door is going to require some kicking in..

Entering in from the top was a good thing that Fantomex chose. He managed to get a good aerial of what was going on inside.. and his punishment from being first.

Conveyor belts were not moving but it appeared to be numerous bloody satchels upon them; whatever was inside, they moved and squirmed and began to fight at the first sound of a hitch. It almost sounded as if something or someone moaned, the sharp pin-pricks sticking out through the bagged fabric as one of the things rolls off of the belt to fall to the dusty floor.

There was blood everywhere, some dried, some not. A carving table set up with a dead hog upon it, skinned and flayed while another hung by on a meat hook to dangle and drip blood into its bucket. The light flickers in the background as a rather large man in a pig mask, wearing a leather apron lounges in his chair fast asleep. The snores penetrate the acoustics of the building, his sausage fingers laced in betwixt each other with both feet kicked out and crossed, head hung low.

How he could sleep through the racket was anyones guess. But the moans and whimpers continued, mingling in with the duffel that fell upon the floor and began to try to writhe beneath the table. 'NNNG! HRRRRG! ANNNRRG!' Was the sound that came from it..

Just what in the hell..

Security here wasn't exactly high tech by anyone's stretch of the imagination. Whoever was operating here wasn't doing it with a high budget or much of a mind to keeping people out. The worst part is, they probably weren't the first to wander in here - and those who'd preceded them likely had been far less prepared and met far grislier fates than they would. At least, Nightwing hoped.

Once he gets a side door open, he makes his way in, leading Harper along beside him. He moves with stealth but alacrity, acknowledging her question with a slight shrug. Trouble sometimes attracted a crowd and whatever was going on here could draw buzzards, from the first whiff that hits his nostrils. He'd have to see how these other people fit into things, but he could only account for them as best he could, not change his whole modus operandi. Gotta show Harper how to do it right.

"What the hell?" he mutters under his breath, disturbed ins pite of himself at the noises.

Jes had been standing back considering the door. Kicking it open would have no problem. She's far stronger than she looks and she looks like a muscular and sturdy young woman. It would make a lot of noise though and she can hear some freakyass sounds coming from inside the building. Once the two strangers have it handled and entered, Jes follows silently behind them and in a soft voice that won't carry far murmurs "Hey. I'm not an enemy so please don't turn around and shoot me." She decides it's better to let it be known she's there. Something is seriously off in this place.

Red Hood's narrow under his helmet as he recognizes the voice behind him, "What are you going here? You're going to get yourself killed…this isn't like sniping from the roofs of New York!" is hissed. He's only upset because he cares. Sort of…in that she's done nothing to make him want to harm her. Yet. This might be close.

Even warehouses usually have a back entrance…there has to be another way to enter and exit, especially for the inventory. Red Hood gives a wave of his hand and gestures for Lunair to follow him as he starts to move around the building towards the back. "Don't get shot," is instructed as he slips around the back, attaching a silencer onto a couple of his guns.

If there's anyone back there, he's prepared to shoot them.

Fantomex is… delighted. No, really. It is the first time he stumbles into what must be the lair of one of Gotham's infamous crazies. He will call the cops, and the hospital (well, E.V.A. does right now - Oracle probably will hear about it in a few seconds) but meanwhile, he is going to be himself. Annoying.

Which means sneak-sneak-sneak to the man on the chair, grabbing said chair and pushing it back so it crashes on the floor. "Bonjour," he greets. "Fancy place you have here, monsieur," he says in his happiest voice. "My apologies for the disturbance, but in my defense, I have to say we are going to receive several visitors in the next few minutes, so it doesn't matter. Who are you?"

"I would ask you the same," Lunair whispers back. She cares back! She might toy around with him, but she does care and seems loathe to let the red headgear having gentleman get hurt. "I'll keep an eye out for you," And observing him put on silencers, there's a moment of thought. She'll keep an alarmingly large rifle slung over her shoulders. She has his back, at least. She hears Oracle if they are linked up within her helm.

Unlike the honey badger, Lunair really do care.

And indeed, Lunair is following Red Hood, unnerved by what she is hearing and seeing.

The search Oracle started on who is paying the electricity bill returns a result. A company … who's origins are murky. More digging is required … and this may go offshore by the looks.

"Well that's a pleasant look, I'm sure." The digital disguise on her voice hiding the dryness of her tone. "I've access to the building management systems, which gives me … everything, really. Monitoring your situation." and she falls quiet. The team on the ground know what to do.

What in the hell was right. Harper stands a little bit behind Nightwing with a worried look upon her face. No, it wasn't worried. It was pure, abject horror and total disgust. The smell itself was pungent and her stomach was already tightening with the need to expel the burger she had just earlier. "What the fuck is that…"

Jesana's approach had her jumping, the taser embedded within her wrist immediately snapping out with but a flick of her wrist and readily aimed at the coyote woman to shock her into submission. But, she was wise. She listened first, and Oracle already mentioned someone was there, and they were friendly. "Which.. one are you?" She mutters quietly. That should be clue enough that someone other than the two were present.

The man who slept within the chair was easily thrown off, flat upon his back and wide awake.. thank you for that one Fanty..

For that brought at least three goons' attention towards the area, the taller of the two (with an obvious hunch) managing to lumber forward, only to be met by the entrance of Lunair and Hood.. and then..

He squeals.

"CRAP! Oracle, hit the lights! Someone needs help!" Yeah, Harper giving orders? Probably won't go over well, since she's already dashing off into the fray…

The man in the pig mask lays on the floor for a moment, stunned as he starts to come to his senses and finds Fantomex staring over him. The mask is grotesque, unmistakably carved from the actual skin of a pig, the thick snout of it blowing with his breath. His mouth is left uncovered, drool running down an unshaven chin as he sits up, pulling himself up to his full height. He seemed massive enough sitting, but standing, he's clearly just short of seven feet in height and not skinny by anyone's stretch of the imagination, with massive hamhock thighs and tree trunk arms.

Also a cleaver, a very large, silver one, bloodstained as he draws it from the small of his back. He was sleeping on it, the blade nestled against his spine and leaving marks on his skin. Which would matter if he was capable of feeling pain anymore. But the Professor took care of that, yes he did.

"MEAT," he mutters, casually swiping a hand at Fantomex.

Meanwhile, Dick scrambles forward towards the writhing sack, going to get it and try to free the man inside. He can't pay much attention to Jes or the ruckus upstairs right at the moment, focusing on the person who might be suffocating to death in a sack in front of him…only to scramble back in horror as he pulls open the bag…

Jes raises a brow at the taser. It would not have shocked her into submission. It would have pissed her off and since she hasn't mastered her newfound strength yet, it's a very good thing that she wasn't hit with. Then the woman's running off. Jes eyes the strange man. She kinda doubts he's this Oracle. "Hi. I'm Coyote. Nice to meet you too." Jesana mutters as she moves forward with a slower and more cautious pace. She's pretty sure that anyone alive in here is either in need of killing or past the point of help.

She moves into the room needing only a seconds swift glance to take in the situation. The pig corpses don't bother her, she's a hunter. Her eyes focus on Fantomex and the.. thing next to him. She recognizes Fantomex. The..pigman? Yeahhh okay then. "Fucking Gotham." Jes hasn't a clue what's up with that but the other guy (Nightwing) scrambling back suddenly has her turning quick to see what the hell it is.

The hubbub has started. Red Hood lifts a finger to his lips in a 'Shhh…' gesture to Lunair as they start inside — only to be met with a guy in a pig mask. "The Hell?" is asked before he just lifts one of his guns and shoots the man right in the forehead, silencer on.

Apparently he is going to shoot first and ask questions later. It seems to be his general M.O.

"This is whack. Just don't kill the 'good guys'…" is offered to Lunair. Note that he didn't say not to shoot them.

"…" Lunair nods at Red Hood. She follows quietly. She seems to be an ally of his, to anyone observing. She keeps her silenced rifle at hand (for all the good it will do) and takes a potshot at one of the goons, likely adding a structurally superfluous hole in his abdomen. It won't be lethal right off, but it will hurt. She seems thoughtful to leave him a tleast a little alive for questioning. "Um. Yeah. This is wiggity whack," She offers quietly back to Jason.

She seems familiar with some of them. The pig corpses aren't a bother. "What's in Gotham's water, anyway?" She's covering her and Jason's back, likely looking after Jes at least.

"Lights On, Bluebird." Oracle doesn't mind getting instructions like that. Her teams know what they need when they're on the ground - she's support. Admittedly very well informed support. Within seconds the lights flare to life, bathing the warehouse so all can see.

Hacking into the Gotham PD system, Oracle enters a despatch… calling Police and Ambulance services - Bluebird did say someone needed help. "Police and Ambulance, ETA 8 minutes." Nowhere is particularly far in Gotham.

Fantomex waits patiently for the man to stand, noticing his movement with some disappointment. No intelligent conversation for this guy, nope. "Actually, monsieur," notes the faux-French thief, grabbing the swatting hand at the thumb, "my name is Fantomex," he breaks said thumb, then slides out of the cleaver reach, drawing one of his guns with the other hand. "Stay there," if he ignores his 'suggestion' he will shoot at the hand wielding the cleaver.

Lets start with Grayson. Because what he finds isn't the typical run of the mill.. kidnapping. Those people who were snatched off of the streets were those many few who have gone missing years before, either due to some mental illnesses or due to being homeless, or those figuring that if they come to Gotham they can hide away from the extra big city lights and make parts of Coventry their homes. And those people were butchered.

Case in point.

The writhing mass looked like a cross between human and pig, snout stitched on and fingers carved and shaved to resemble a pigs foot. The torso was completely obliterated, but this one was starved and on his last leg at survival by trying to roll free and out into the open. In his mind? He wanted to see the night sky of Gotham one last time before he finds a way to drown himself, but he was trapped within that satchel, no way to get free.

There were no legs, yet obvious thick stitching that connects his body to the pig, infected and bleeding, a few maggots clinging to the open wounds as well as the smell of fecal matter and flies that burst from the bag. His mouth opens as he lets out a squealing scream, teeth rotted from being shaved too much, gums busted and filled with postules and stones that causes him to reek.

THANKFULLY! Harper saw none of that. She did see the figure in white apprehending the bigger man.. which thankfully, she didn't have to contend with. But.. she did a drive by scream towards Fantomex. "Cops are on the way! Oracle called them!"

Mid stride she reaches behind herself to retrieve her own pistols, custom fitted without bullets yet taser wires attached, she heads towards the source of where the squealing scream once was, just in time to see the back of the taller man's head exploding and his body that falls limply to the ground. And it was then, her gaze sets upon Lunair and Red Hood.. and that gun that she wields lift and aims.. trigger immediately pulled in hopes the prong snatches against Jason's chest to shock him down to the ground.

And she probably wouldn't let up upon the trigger.

Dick Grayson has to turn his eyes away from the monstrosity in front of him. For all that he's seen during his time, this is beyond madness. Whatever sick mind is producing this…must be stopped. "Oracle, we need ambulances, soon as we get these guys contained. There are people…in pain," he says, when he's able to find his voice. Seeing Fantomex in combat with the pig-faced man, Nightwing reaches to his belt and finds some wing-dings, razor-edged shuriken that he flings and stick into the big man's back. To no effect.

The monstrous man watches Fantomex break his thumb, bone snapping until it tears through skin, blood oozing down his fist. The sick gleam in his eyes doesn't change at the sight of the guns as he lurches forward, prepared to lash out and down with the massive meat-cutting tool, his apron stained and raw with gore as the leathery man growls, "MAN IS MEAT. MEAT IS MURDER."

Jes doesn't waste any time and isn't frozen with horror as the others might be. She's seen alot of terrible things in her life and while this is one of the worst, it isn't *the* worst and she's well trained. She darts forward and kneels, drawing the dagger hidden at her boot and ending the things pain. Not even magical healing could help that thing. "I'm sorry. Find your rest on the side." Then she's up and striding towards the one with Fantomex. "Kill him or I will. They're coming and we need to be gone but that.. that cannot be allowed to live. It's an abomination." Jes snarls. "We need fire. This place needs to be burned. I think they're are more of them. Move your asses and help me or get out of here!" She has got to learn that damn fire magic. As soon as possible

A gun is aimed at him. He knows not to play around with that. Even as it's fired, he's diving to the side into a sommersault worthy of a Grayson and rolls to a knee, one gun aimed at Bluebird, "Shoot at the bad guys, girlie," is instructed before he looks over at the sounds of the squeals and growls. She gets a glance from behind the mask before he moves to stride right past her towards the others. He gestures with his head for Lunair to follow. "It's not Gotham's water unless you're on the shore. Oddly enough, it's actually pretty good. Better than New York's," is offered as if nothing at all is going on.

He still has his eye on Bluebird and if she aims her taser-gun at him again, he's ready to fire at her.

Lunair GTFOs and follows Red Hood, avoiding being shot at in turn. She doesn't need to get all gymnastical, but she has power armor worthy of video games. "Wanna flamethrower, Miss J?!" That's to Jes. If the Coyote assents, there will be fire. If not, Lunair is guarding Jason and following the Hood. She's going to pull a small laser rifle, to avoid creating splashes of blood. To avoid more noise. "We have cops and ambulances on the way," She notes to Red Hood.

This whole thing is messed up, really. She's not ill, just horrified. It's wrong, like what she had seen in her early days. She does not like it, a slow boiling rage building. "I see… so not the water…" Any bad guy coming too close? Is going to get laser hair removal to the groin.

Fantomex grunts and avoids the cleaver again, kicking at the man's hand to try to get him to drop it. Jes' words draw an unamused glance. "Surgery, nothing more," he states. "He really feels no pain. Pretty good surgery, oui?" He is only mildly disgusted. He escaped the World, where Weapon Plus experiments with human, mutants and sentient machines he witnessed could have made the Joker nauseous.

Despite acknowledging the possibility of the big bruiser ever recovering being remote, Fantomex is not resorting to lethal force. Instead he tries to disarm the thug and figure out a way to stop him.

Well this is a challenge for the Batfamily and their 'no kill' policy. "Leave the man for the police and interrogation." Oracle instructs Bluebird and Nightwing. Jes' approach to the situation is not received with any degree of amusement. "We will need them to get to the bottom of this."

The sirens can be heard in the background … she'd already called the Ambulances as well as Police.

She'll leave Nightwing and Bluebird to /explain/ things to Jes. Later, she might seek the young woman out.

There were many more people on the conveyor belts, some had already passed but the wriggling few who continued to cry and moan out louder due to the ruckus that they hear. They are finally saved, they're finally free.. finally free.. they just want to go home..

"ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!" Harper starts off, taking a step aside as Red Hood says to shoot at the bad guys, then moves past her? No.. the hell he didn't. "YOU JUST KILLED A MAN!" Bad or not, they were not the judge, jury, and executioner. She hasn't seen anyone killed in front of her so blatantly before (the club was different), and this sets off a rage within her that she never knew she had. The pistol was rendered useless as of then, tossed hard to the ground as she takes a running leap, her intention was to knock into Jason and Lunair both to try to either beat them bloody or keep them both pinned for the police to arrive. If she were to get arrested for being a vigilante, so be it. She'll call a fear god to get her out of jail.

Fantomex had a tough one to deal with, so that'll be left up to him. The instructions Oracle gave over the comms were clear to Nightwing, who could easily relay it all.

Though, the problem was Jesana, and the other two who were being attacked by Bluebird. They couldn't kill those people! They couldn't kill anymore people.. they could be saved.. right? Right?

Speaking of.. the remainer two goons? They pretty much hit the bricks. No one likes being headshot. Not at all.

Dick Grayson had been about to try and help Fantomex, but the sudden ruckus from Harper draws his attention. He narrows his eyes as he's finally able to focus on the intruders on hand. She's right, killing isn't welcome, wanted or needed here, but he doesn't need Harper getting herself killed in the process.

"Enough! We don't have time for any of this," he says, still stunned and disgusted by everything happening. He turns and flicks his wrist, sending some pellets full of knockout gas to hit the pigman int he back of the head, even as he's reeling from Fantomex' assault, the big man like a walking slab of pork, absorbing blows and impacts with dull, wet thuds, glassy-eyed and drooling as he tries to kill, his limbs far too slow to come close to harming the French thief.

"You two, get out of here," he says, forking two fingers at the Hood and Lunair, "I'll deal with your bullshit later. You ever bring a loaded gun around me again, though, you'd best be prepared to eat it. That's not how we operate in Gotham," he says.

Jes stares for a moment at the people fighting each other and shakes her head. To force these things to keep living is almost as atrocious as making them in the first place. You can't heal this and if any survive they'll end up in a lab somewhere. An undending hellish nightmare with no rescue. She isn't going to let that happen. She cannot let that happen and she has the flamethrower. She's already raising it when she realizes. This many people.. drastically increases her odds of being caught and while it's worth it and she'd eventually escape.. her babies need her. "Oh fucking.. You people are insane. Forcing these things to live is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life and I have been to literal fucking Hell. Which I imagine you're all gonna see one day after this. You have no idea what you're doing here." She drops the flamethrower in disgust and turns on her heel and is gone. She's gonna have one helluva a headache now, the leyline was a bit far but she's done with this.

"You were warned," Red Hood offers before he fires a shot at Bluebird. He doesn't aim to kill or even to maim…just to make it hurt enough to stop most people. The gun, however, is then lifted to Nightwing when he gives orders, "And this is why there are still guys like this," he nods to Pig-Man, "Operating in Gotham. Because Arkham doesn't hold the people you throw in there. Because bruises and scratches from batarangs heal."

He takes a step closer, "You ever try to give me an ultimatum like that again, you'll get that pretty face of your's scarred up."

His other arm lifts, the gun in that hand is fired right at Pig-Man, aiming for a fatal shot to the head. He stares back at Nightwing for a moment before he turns on his heels and gestures for Lunair to follow, "Come on. Let's get out of here."

"Actually, yes it is. A lot of people shoot people in Gotham. It's really weird," Lunair replies. She's armored, so it's hard to tell who she is. "Like, seriously, I thought shanking or shootings were just GREETINGS around here. I mean, I saw pigeon with a switch blade." Gotham is weird and terrifying, as far as Lunair is concerned. But man, even the pigeons are armed.

"Wait, hey, what the heck!? I helped you before!" She looks alarmed as Harper tries to bowl them over. She was even helping Jes with fire! She is going to get out of the way. "Okay." She is following Jason, then. TALLY HO! She just leaves a firework in the shape of a middle finger on the way out in the night sky. Passive aggressive escape to the nth degree.

Fantomex slows down, he concentrates. For the others, he is just avoiding the big thug blows, while talking to him quietly. For the thug, he is… not there. The thug is stepping into the illusion of wonderland, falling down a (rabbit) hole that wasn't there. He flails and stumbles to his hands and knees. Lucky, as he does just in time to avoid Red Hood's headshot. But then he stays there, looking at the floor and muttering about piggies and rabbits while the knockout gas takes effect.

"Bien fait," he observes. "I should carry a few knockout grenades myself. But they usually feel like cheating," he admits. A brief glance to the victims reveals maybe curiosity is overrated. "Who is doing this?" He glances at Nightwing and Bluebird.

"Who is that man, Nightwing, Bluebird, Lunair?" Oracle wants to know who this new threat on the scene. The sirens are growing closer, the group doesn't have much time to depart. "Explanations later, it's time for you all to leave … NOW! Let emergency services deal with them."

There'll be a lot questions to be answered and the redhead is already running searches … but for now, they all need to leave, NOW.

Red Hood missed? He never misses! What the Hell? "Sometimes I really hate Gotham," is murmured in Lunair's general direction. Fine. Let the Bats deal with the Pig-Guy when he gets free and does this again, only worse. As the sirens grow louder, Red Hood picks up the pace and reaches to pull Lunair along with him, "Come out. Out. If you need a ride, I'm down the block."

The last thing he needs is to be detained by the authorities. He didn't bring one of his fake IDs to this.

"A friend of mine. He's kinda shooty," But Lunair seems to think that's okay. But then, Oracle also probably knows the full scale of violence Lunair is capable of bringing to bear. "I can fly," She offers. "But a ride is more fun," Lunair is a creature of whim. "And I can watch your back, too," She notes. So, with that, she'll follow Red Hood along.

Right in the middle of her run, Bluebird manages to get caught with a bullet to the thigh. It was a through and through flesh wound, but enough to stop the teenagers in her tracks as her legs give out underneath her. There was a scream of frustration as she lays there bleeding, gloved fist banging against the ground in a fit of anger as she commits those two faces.. well, mask and not, to memory. She was not going to stop the hunt. They're just going to be added to her bucket list.

The ambulance crews as well as the police begin to roll up, each of them rushing from their cars and surrounding the place as they were trained to do, firetrucks also join the scene as the police begin to gather and put everyone on standby until the Captain of the late shift gives the orders to move in.

But everyone was cleared out; Lunair and Red Hood taking their own path, Jesana making her way in solitude through the night to her babies, Fantomex.. possibly with the aid of E.V.A vanishing from the place but not without.. surely.. a way to get in touch with Harper and Richard. He wanted answers, and so did they. And she.. once she was out of pain, would come searching.

But the area was vacated and not too soon after, the police filter in, breaking down doors with riot shields.. some hanging back because of the smell and others vomiting just outside the perimeter..

'Hazmat suits boys, this area needs contained!' An officer calls out… and the scene fades to black.

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