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October 10, 2015:

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It's been half a year since the assassination of President Pershing and over the past two years the United States of America has become a virtual war zone torn between superhuman conflicts, convoluted political skirmishes, media hazing and aggressive organized criminal elements the likes of which the country has never seen before. By and large the security of the nation is at question, Americans no longer feel safe. The answer to this range of threats in previous times has been Stormwatch, SRD, SHIELD and the JL:A. The effectiveness of these organizations has proven time and time again to wax and wane in it's ability to ensure civilians safety.

Following the Ocean Master's Atlantean Invasion public polls had shown popularity of SHIELD and superhuman task forces had increased. This rise in the ratings was short lived and a massive decline followed in Pershing 's untimely death and the arrival of the Apokalyptian obelisks even despite the JL:A's obvious and televised success in defending the world against this new extraterrestrial foe. The government has undergone drastic reform over the past several months, the SRD itself one of the most notable changes of the 27 states the militia was active in it has declined to less than a dozen, it's largest hits being the states of New York and New Jersey following criminal allegations involving up to and including crimes against humanity.

The growing concern of civil conflict, unrest and increased threat from outside (as well as inside) and unknown sources maintains that the United States hosts a force to readily confront any force on equal grounds without reliance on unrecognized defense forces and SHIELD (whose focus is international terrorism and threats of global scale, not just the United States - it is an external intelligence and international peacekeeping agency) previously the answer has been Stormwatch and to a lesser extent the SRD. These two entities have been (largely) declared obsolete.

All of Stormwatch's various assets have been reassigned and reconstituted in to a new program and authorized government agency: the Department of Extranormal Affairs or DEO. Stormwatch like it's predecessor International Operations focused largely on threats outside of the United States of America FOR the United States of America (until recent years as noted by the Titan Towers incident). To ensure this is the new direction and intent the entire umbrella of Stormwatch has been given a new focus. Defense of the homeland and accountability.

The DEO will be a government agency unto itself that will focus on the counterdefense, preparation and governance of possible threats of the extraterrestrial, magical, classified mutant, enhanced and metahuman categories. The DEO will hold priority jurisdiction in any and all incidents involving these types of issues and factors.

What all of this means?
DEO offices and agents will be appearing around the nation - they are public and will have accountability.
DEO will become the primary 'go to' for all action in regards to more than conventional issues and threats WITHIN American borders. They hold priority authorization over SHIELD in national matters and will work closely with sister organizations such as SHIELD itself, the FBI, CIA and so on and so forth.
Stormwatch is no more. All of it's assets have been reconstituted to function and operate under the banner of the DEO. This includes personnel and Checkmate.
CADMUS has become an independent firm known as Cadmus Labs and was bought out earlier this year. They maintain contracts with the DEO for the purpose of science and safeguarding the US.
Checkmate is dissolved and reconstituted to operate under the banner of the DEO.
Task Force X? There is no documented entity in any organization of this title to collaborate on here.
BRPD has been absorbed in to the DEO.
The Traverstein Act though largely modified is a DEO mandate that will legally document and monitor criminal metahumans, aliens or 'extranormals'. It is in development and will have further information for the public over the upcoming weeks. Yes, the word 'Registration' has circulated. Confirmation to what extent remains unanswered.

Largely the people of the US can expect major changes to the political climate. What this will incite has yet to be seen but it would appear the authorities are aware and taking action.
What about the Justice League: Avengers? How will the DEO work with them? This is also another large question and no answers have yet been given. It is likely expected they cooperate with the DEO and act in the same manner any international organization is required.
Titans, X-Men, Fantastic Four and other teams have yet to be given word or reference. Due to come no doubt as will more information.

OOC: Yes there is expected toe stomping and IC drama to follow up in regards to much of this. However, the DEO is not a blunt hammer like Stormwatch or SRD and will be taking a route of legal action before actual action, this means they host lawyers, laws, rules and regulations which they follow accompanied by much paperwork. Like any wonderful government job.
Though it is a public organization it will also have its darker elements which will remain a secret and are to be RP'd with that MIB style approach we're all familiar with and fond of.
The DEO is very capable of meeting most threats on a technological level and hosts it's own range of metahuman and even magical agents (some intended to be players). It has very extensive resources and is essentially Stormwatch going full on public and proactive as opposed to more secretive and reactive.

Obviously there is more to come but please feel free to RP the DEO in your scenes. It is a very large organization despite being new (as it is what was once Stormwatch who was previously IO, Task Force X, Checkmate, CADMUS) and has connections all throughout the intelligence side of things and the seedy underbelly of Earth-626 as well as even some offworld contacts of the nonhuman variety.

Possible Plot Hooks

DEO Agents want to acquaint themselves with the locals.
DEO are shutting down previous operations or SRD remnants (many of which have filtered in to crime orgs)
DEO Agents are butting heads with SHIELD Agents over jurisdiction.
DEO recruitment.
Previous Stormwatch Agents find themselves having to 're-adjust'.
DEO legal actions begin to pressure hidden identities of clients.
DEO Agents with mystical knowledge start to track known cults, covens or supernatural teams.
The list goes on and on! Have fun.

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