It's Decaying

October 08, 2015:

Simmons has been reviewing the data from the wound Clint sustained in his fight with Owari and calls the archer in to see her.

The Triskelian - New York


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Simmons had received a message that Clint had been injured in an altercation. The information that was given to her about the injury gained her interest and she's been badgering him to come into the lab. She's concerned about the initial results, and … fascinated.

He might have indicated that he could be there today and the British born biochem is currently in there… is she waiting? Yes, but she's also working.

Security have been instructed to send him straight in.

Clint is still limping just a little. His leg hurts. It's not enough to seriously impair him but honestly the wound is unusual and he'd like to talk to a medic who has some idea about what it may all mean. Even if Jemma ends up having no answers it'll at least be good to have her looking at it. So he limps in. To the lab. Just like old times.

As Clint limps into the R&D lab, Jemma looks up from her work. "It still hurts, Mr Barton?" she questions as she assesses the way that he's moving. "Oh, thank you for coming in. I wasn't sure that you would." There's a pot of tea already steeping, and Clint will know that there are drinks in the mini-fridge if he wants one. Gesturing to a chair, Jemma pulls up the report she was given "It looks like an interesting wound."

"I hope it's tantalizing." Clint grunts as he avails himself of a drunk and then hops up onto the table as best he can, already unzipping the running pants he brought for this so he can roll the leg up to the knee. The skin around the cut looks… well not rotted but it looks more wrinkled. Frankly, it looks older than all the skin around it. "So, how long I got, Doc?"

"Interesting, Mr Barton." Jemma gives him a quelling look as she inspects the wound carefully. "I'm not about to let anything happen to you." She doesn't answer his question directly "Tell me how you got it please." On the holoscreen that appears beside Clint, the original images of the wound appear - whilst it's nasty and already decaying - it's clear that the rate of decay is substantial.

Clint is if nothing else an experienced agent and while he may have some sass to him, he does know this is important. Someone else may encounter that woman and it might not be him. They have to know what she's capable of. "She hit me with a sword. I saw some kind of red sheen on it. Glow or light refleting off a liquid, not sure." Beat. "That's it, really. When I got a chance to check the wound it was like that."

Jemma nods slowly as Clint explains and looks between the wound and the original images. "Thank you, Mr Barton." she points to the image "This is an image of your wound when the Quinjet extracted you. You might notice that the wound today looks … older. I did some tests on the cell samples that were taken that day… and …" how does she say this? "the wound is aging … getting older more quickly."

She looks to the archer as she speaks "And it's not a chemical reaction. I've run every test that I know of and then some, and I'm confident in that." That… isn't very reassuring is it, Clint?

"Wait, you're saying the sword cut made the skin around the cut get older?." Clint blinks. "I… okay. Yeah that's not good I'm glad she cut my leg and not anything else. I don't suppose you can reverse it? Will it heal or do you have to… cut it out?"

"Of course." Jemma frowns a little at Clint. "Poisons are wide and varied. And there are ones that can mimic decay." Her eyes widen at his words and she flushes a little - yeah, her mind totally went whereever that was. "But I'm certain this isn't a poison. It's… something else."

Glancing up at Clint, away from the wound, "I'm going to try and find a way to reverse it, Mr Barton. However, right now, I not sure it will heal … and I'll have to monitor it."

Drawing a cart nearer to them, Jemma reaches for some dressing to patch Clint up with. There's a miniature version of the portal buster that Fitz created on the cart and as it gets nearer to them, it starts to 'beep' in a soft erratic fashion, causing Jemma to pick it up and look at it.

"Well, that's interesting… this device is supposed to detect Portals… and it's picking up something around here." That she's calm, means she's not concerned that there's a portal forming anywhere near them.

There is an unknown energy type in Clint's wound. It's residual whatever it is, but definitely there. It's odd. Not dimensional but it's somehow related. Maybe with some fine tuning. Actually maybe with some fine tuning she could figure out what exactly is going on with his leg. At present… some sutures will probably fix it.

"Hmmmm." Jemma looks at the device and the wound. "I'll need you back, Mr Barton. For now, let me try to make you more comfortable." She doesn't use sutures in the normal respect, applying one of her devices to the process.

When she's done, she looks at the Archer "I'll work on a way to try and reverse this, Mr Barton. Do … you have any questions? I mean, I haven't given you the most good news of the week, I suspect."

"No you haven't but… at least I know I'm not poisoned or something." Not that having his leg prematurely aged is any better. Clint sighs. "I'll come back don't worry. Do you think I need to keep off it or am I still good to keep going?" Not that he will keep off it but it's nice that he asks.

Finishing the suturing, Jemma starts to pack up "I'm sorry for that, Mr Barton." Casting a look over her shoulder as she makes notes on her file, Jemma gives a small resigned shake of her head. "I won't ask you too because I know you won't. But I want you back in a couple of days to check up on it." It's a compromise that she's willing accept. "Maybe I'll have more news for you by then."

Clint hops gingerly off the bid and nods, making his way out carefully. "Sounds like a deal Doc. Maybe I'll bring coffee next time. Meanwhile, take care of yourself. I hear you're getting shot at more. Always a hazard in our line of work." And then he's gone.

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