Fondue Is Just Cheese And Bread

October 06, 2015:

SHIELD is called out to another 084 incident …. what transpires …. is interesting (emits by Aspect)

New York


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The rash of 084 objects is getting a little out of control and clearly SHIELD is not the only force after them which makes it all the more imperitive to respond quickly to reports. Of course who is planting them is still a good question. SHIELD has been unable to secure any captives and the obects they've had thus far aren't really that helpful.

So when the call comes in that someone has sighted a strange object in an North Manhattan Mall… the rush this causes in HQ is a little understandable.

It causes a bit of chaos at the mall too. Folks are being evacuated though it looks surprisingly orderly. Police have already gotten the place surrounded and this time they even have a report of where the damn thing is. Second floor food court.

Well Charlie, aka Misfit, is already in Manhattan for reasons, cough. She does tap her comm on when a search query she has setup on one of O's monitoring machine flags for WIERD ASS stuff going on. She reviews the police feeds after slipping her goggles on "Ooooo right.. mall time!" she looks around "Off to the mall to maybe kick supervillain butt!" and vanishes with a slash of pink and purple smoke >pinkurple> appearing across the street on top of a building looking down at the mall.

Agent May knows of several fast routes to this new 084 sighting. Car, no. Public transport, shyeah. Helicopter or quinjet, fast yes, but also not at all discreet. That leaves only one way she knows of to get there fast AND quiet. Of course, Simmons is NEVER a fan. And, since she's pulling Coulson along as well this time, it could be an even less pleasant trip than usual.

Thus, mere minutes after the call comes in, Coulson, May, and Simmons all appear at the nearest ley line junction. Conveniently, it's in the middle of a small park just across the street from the mall that reported the 084.

Simmons knees buckle as they appear out of the Leyline, the british born biochem looks green around the gills. This leyline travel, at short notice really isn't her cup of tea at all.

At least she had time to put on her field kit and grab her field med and tech bag.

Phil Coulson gives himself a moment to stabalize himself after the abrupt transport, "Remind me to talk to Stark about getting that transporter tech working.." he mutters to no one in particular as he falls in with May and Simmons. Once in a while shooting Jemma disapproving glances. He doesn't like it when his people take lead, and even more so when it's not someone super experienced in the field that let it happen. That's why they're not cleared for that. It's not like he goes futzing about their labs willy nilly, does he? Well, maybe when there's a reason..or he's looking for someone's "potent potables" stash..

The tac teams are ready. For everything but Charlie whom they quite thankfully can't see yet. Charlie can tell with her Bat-Vision (which is, yes, a bit of an oxymoron) that there's a heat signature on the second floor of the mall in the food court. Definitely where everyone seems to be headed.

At the word given the teams enter the mall from multiple directions and converge on a place that was just half an hour ago home to happy teenagers and cheap food, much of which is still on the tables so hurried was the evacuation. Near one of the planters sits an innocuous looking cylender about half the size of an ash can.

And then it lights up and the ten closest men just collapse - out - as portals open up to admit four large, heavily armored, very advanced looking cyborgs. Citizens. Lower your weapons or face level one repression. The mechanical voice sounds in the heads of all present.

Well hell. That was impressive. Charlie adjusts her goggles and then bips down next to Agent May. Man someone is asking for a reflexive punch to the face. Then again she is also pretty ready for it. "I think whatever it is.. took out all your people.. also it is giving off a good deal of heat.. rr… okay several things.."

May's little group were at the back behind all the tac teams that just barged in and… are being threatened by something up ahead. And yes, Misfit ALMOST gets a fist to the face, but even as tense as May is — what with creepy voices in her head — she manages to stop herself. "Misfit… can you get a visual for us?" She really dislikes putting kids in the line of fire, but she's seen Misfit handle herself passably enough in the past. She also nods to the kid, knowing Oracle will somehow see it and link their comms to Gothamite's.

Phils disapproving looks has the biochem worrying. She's sure she's messed up somewhere and has the sword of damocles over her head. One simply did not just /leave SHIELD/, so if she's messed up… Those thoughts are wiped away as the cyborgs and and the mental pressure goes out.

Jemma feels that pressure in the back of her head - fortunately they're far enough away for it to have no real effect - but she rcognises it, none the less. Turning big eyes on May and Coulson, she'd not filed a report on that encounter - she might have been under the effects of Wanda corruption went it happened, "Mental coercion, Agent May." and blinks at the young woman who pinkurples in…

Phil Coulson pinches the bridge of his nose. He doesn't say much at the moment to either May or Simmons. He imagines the pressure in his head to be what Roddy Piper's character in They Live feels like. He wonders if he'll start seeinf funky aliens and subliminal commands all over the place. Hey, wait…

Well… assuming he sees anything at all. The people in the back can hear the tactical agents in front engage with firearems. Then the are… repressed. Something tears the safety railing up and hurls it at them. The sound of breaking bones is audible everywhere. The psyborgs all ignite some kind of blades that seem to be made of pure energy. The next person who gets close is literally cut in half.

So there you have it. Tac teams are scattering, what few of them are still up. Uh. Someone send in the cavalry?

Well… that sounds really bad. "Huh." Charlie watches the railing hurl past and a tactical team member. "Sure though I imagine it is bad guys…" she bounces aiming for line of sight but well out of reach and then calls back "Psyborgs.. Cyborgs.. Sy.. how is that spelled… big robot dudes with energy swords. They look a bit peeved. Also not from around here…. and a mysterious object…." she trails off. That was kind of helpful right. God help them if they try mind control on Misfit.

Considering for a moment, May looks at Misfit. Can you create a distraction without getting too close?" She figures if nothing else, the kid can start bombing the cyborg things with random objects from around the mall. Hell, maybe if she's REALLY on the ball, she can try to >pinkpurple> one with her. May sure as heck would not mourn that enemy.

"Simmons, did you bring those drones that Fitz made the other day?" As vague as that seems, she trusts the biochemist to know exactly which drones she's referring to. "If you did, now's a good time to deploy them."

Phil Coulson shakes his head, "Someday, I'll know how you guys do you're thing but sometimes it seems like you raid each other's labs regularly.." he glances to May, "They might as well be fonduing." he says with a sheug.

Simmons glances at Coulson, "We don't fondue… thank you very much, Agent Coulson." She even manages to sound miffed at the suggestion.

Jemma carries a lot in her field kit and she thinks for a moment as May addresses her before nodding slowly "Yes, I do, Agent May." and a small case is pulled from her bag, opening it reveals 6 drones no bigger than pool balls. Activating them, the six drones take to the air, zipping around and choosing different angles of approach to the Psyborgs.

Fondue is just cheese and bread. A voice invades their heads. Clearly someone's been listening in on them. Most of the tactical agents have been subdued and the group of psyborgs are moving now against the remaining agents. Here's hoping they're up to the task of stopping because those energy swords are getting close even as the drones zip into the air. What do they do?

It's then that they make perhaps their first mistake. One of them tries to 'repress' Misfit. Which basically involves taking away all her motorneural funcions, leaving her a functional statue.

May, Simmons and Coulson are under fire now, energy botls literally appearing from these guys foreheads as they mentally shred their cover. Better think fast guys.

Phil Coulson pulls steel, and sighs, "Energy swords. Bolts firing from their head — are we in Latvia or a random Destiny level?" he says, and begins going for weak spots - joints, visible mechanics, whatever he can get a bead on. "Why can't it just be guys with guns, like back in the day?"

May draws her 1911 pistol and fires back at the psyborgs while snagging Jemma by the arm and pulling her to cover with her other hand. Then she hands the biochemist her pistol — sorry, no ICER this time, these guys are playing for keeps — then pulls her throwing knives. Ley Pendulum, this isn't the usual, but any help you could give would be REALLY useful right now. She breaks from cover, throwing a knife at the closest psyborg as she moves, trying to push her mind to that state of calm espoused by the Shaolin in the hopes that that will throw these things off track.

Well .. I believe the phrase was god help them if they tried to control Misfit. Her mind seems really quite easy to grab and when they clamp down on her like that something … cracks like it is fragile… The real problem being the >CRACK< is actually audible.. or is that psychically audible and the young Chaosmuppet's eyes glow a deep ruby red. What happens next is not a Red Lantern ring going off but it sure as hell has the special effects of one as a faintly glowing set of Ruby Colored armor encloses around Misfit and then she lashes a hand out open at the Cyborg and then makes a fist violently. A big old ruby fist hand materializing and …well it is about to do the same motion as Charlotte's hand.. but around the cyborg with a lot more umff. "You Dare!?"

What the hell Misfit.

Oh right. Those.. mystically attuned… would hear a peal like a bell sounding. Also how does a bell sound Red.

"That's not what Agen…." Jemma starts to respond to the voice in her head before realising what she was doing and May is dragging the biochem under cover.

To Simmons credit, when May shoves the 1911 in her hand, she doesn't drop it, but holds it in a rather confident grip.

Peaking around the corner of whatever Mays hid her behind, she takes a bead on the first open target and squeeeeeeeeezes the trigger.

The drones that Jemma had released whiz around the Psyborgs, emitting beams of energy at what they perceive to be weak spots. How? You'd have to ask Fitz how that works.

The drones zap at the Psyborgs. Diverting their attention from the agents. One of them goes down hard as Misfit literally punches it through two walls and another charges her with glowing blade raised high. May's .45 isn't the weapon for this really, nor is Phil's but sometimes it's not the size of your piece, but how you use it. Bullets and energy bolts find weak spots and send a second Psyborg down, leaking vital fluids everywhere. The final one pulls up short, extends a hand and whips of lighting shoot out, playing over the surfaces near the area where Jemma and May are taking cover.

Charlotte studies the path of the cyborg. She had been going for a crush it and squish all the robot juices out of it.. but that works. She feels rusty for some reason. Her attention is drawn to the one charging her with a sword and she vanishes in a flash of red smoke… reappearing right behind the charging figure… one hand reaches out to touch..and vanishing again. With the Psyborg. .. .. .. .. Then reapparing with the Psyborg next to the one lightning throwing at May and Jemma. .. .. .. Maybe it is just an object lesson for the last one.

Phil Coulson uses his master marksman training, and immediately draws a bead on the source of that lightning whip. He strokes the trigger and takes out the weapon but not without it's consequences. It sends a final fdeedback charge towards Coulson, and he can do many things, but move faster than lightning is not one of them. He gets hit with a force of several tasers at once. He goes down in a twitching fetal position and is unconscious seconds later, the force and charge too much for him to last.

Melinda May throws another knife at the last remaining psyborg's face, timed almost perfectly with Coulson taking out the creature's lightning whip. She tries to duck clear, but even with Coulson taking the brunt of the whip's feedback she still feels a bit of the zap. Ouch. She can only hope that Jemma's all right across the way.

"eeeeehhhh" Jemma cries as the lighting touches the surface she's hiding behind. Not even her SHIELD field kit can stop the pain. Seeing Coulson go down, the biochem crawls slowly and painfully from behind her cover - hair frizzing with the energy that's been absorbed. "Agent Coulson?"

The one Psyborg does not survive Charlottes teleportation. Well, the organic components don't, without which it's simply a shell, and a kind of soupy one at that. Ick.

The final Psyborg overloads as Coulson shoots out the 'Mjolnir' class lightning generator and then May knifes it in its good eye. It stiffens and topples over leaving a bunch of downed and injured but not dead SHIELD agents, an unknown device and a lot of property damage.

Ruby Armor Power Princess Charlotte looks around slowly at Melinda and then Coulson. The .. borgs are gone though. The people attacking are gone. Maybe some part of her remembers May. It is enough to let the spell re-assert itself and Charlie crumples down to her knees and cup her head "uggn,mm," migraine. She looks around really confused there and then teleports out >pinkurple> back home.. what the hell just happened.

Seriously. What the hell just happened? May takes a moment to shake off the lingering jitters from the minor jolt she took, then taps her comm to call in the support teams — medics first and foremost — while she moves a bit unsteadily to check on Coulson and Simmons. This was a complete mess.

Simmons is ok, if terribly shaken… and she makes her way to Coulson to check on him. She's not registered how much damage has been done to the area - when she does… well… it might not be pretty.

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