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October 04, 2015:

Rescue are called out to help with a power outage on the docks - they don't find what they expect

New York Harbour


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The Lord of the Deep. It's a name familiar to certain people in the underwater nations, but not a name heard often on the Surface. Well, unless you're in a certain brotherhood. Where did they come from? They'd tell you they've always been here.

The call had come to Rescue from the docks. Power had failed and several people were stuck in gantry cranes and other high places. Rescue ordinarily handles metahuman responses but they also have uniquely qualified aerial vehicles and pilots. So Nick responds. As to what knocked out the power? Well… that gets a little suspicious as Rescue One arrives and there's blue glow coming out of the holds of one of the ships.

It's been one of those days with Rahne tagging along, helping Nicholas out with some of his responsibilities. The whole bit with the ocean itself has not been her favorite thing to do, but everyone hasto do things they're not the biggest fans of every so often.

Maybe there was more interest in being around Nicholas in general.

Anyhow, she gets a good view of that glow once they're above the place in question. "Seems eerie," she determines, brows knitting together.

Since the last incident with the cultists on land, Ulani's superiors had given her something… well, they'd enhanced those coral slave bracelets she wears, to detect Atlatean and Blue magic. The Blue Envoy is, as far as magic goes, the equivalent of a Surfacer muggle.

It's that enhancement that brings her to this area… the bracelets had indicated that some form of underwater magic was at hand.

Slowly making her way towards the ship, the Blue female is sheathed in her sleek coral armour, a rather large water blade held in her hand…. Whether it looks strange doesn't seem to bother her - there's more at stake here than meets the eye.

"Very Eerie." Nick signals his pilot to hover over the ship. "I'm going down to take a look to make sure there's not a problem." Hopefully it's not a fire or something werid. He hooks up his harness and waits for Wolfsbane to see if she's coming down. She hasn't had rapelling training so… she tends to drop with him. Which he doesn't mind. Regardless, down he goes after a few minutes touching down on deck. Well it's not hot and it doesn't smell smoke. That's the good news. "Okay, looks like it's in the hold. Let's take a look while Rescue One does some rescuing."

What Nick can't hear but Ulani might sense are the low thrums going out through the water. They're deep. And slow. Almost depressing. And creepy in a way that's hard to describe. They're headed out from the hull of that ship…

No formal training in that area, so it's become a bit of an excuse to hold on for the brief ride down, which Wolfsbane does as has been the case before, the flaps of her costume trailing in the wind before they land. Right away, her eyes are sweeping the area in search of anything out of the ordinary, her steps a blend of measured caution and preparedness. "I dinna see anything wrong right here," she informs him.

As she crosses the deck of the ship, Ulani sends messages out. One to Rowan, in a more traditional manner of text messaging, the second to Queen Mera of Atlantis… using Blue communications technology. She expects to hear from the Queen telepathically.

Canting her head as she stops at the side of the ship, she gazes down into the Water. That's probably not good… Are they summoning something? Most likely…

Mera does indeed respond telepathically. It is much, much faster than normal devices, and is much more difficult to intercept. ~ I am nearby. I shall arrive shortly. ~

Nick nods. "Nothing obvious wrong…" He agrees as he peers down an open hatch and into the cargo hold. "Hrm…" There's nothing he can see. The glow is coming from deeper into the hold and he cant hear the sound that's only going out through the water. "We need to get down there." Beat… "Do you smell… blood?" That just came up from the hold. A hot breeze with blood and salt in it. "We need to get down there… and me without my shield." Well, he'll make it work. Nick opens a door to the interior and waits for Rahne.

The thrumming is getting faster. Worse, it's being answered. Something deep and far away, but something is answering… And it's getting closer.

The contacting of Mera is not yet on Wolfsbane's radar, but what's going on down below, or what's already happened, is. Her nose wrinkles immediately upon noticing the blood scent, and she frowns over at her friend. "Aye. I really hope this is no' a repeat o' th' other times we found bad things going on." She doesn't sound very confident about that, however. She gestures for him to go first, adding, "Just be careful."

As she crosses the deck, Ulani see's the two wolves heading down to the hold "Be careful, you two. That's magic down there. Aim to disable the casters and disrupt the spell." She remembers them. "There's something incoming in the water - else I'd come with you."

Taking a running leap over the side of the ship, Ulani swan dives into the water. Queen Mera, somethings incoming. Some distance away, still. It's being summoned, I believe.

At least in the water, she'll get better feedback and maybe intercept whatever that is before it gets to near the shore.

~ I can hear it. And the summons drawing it closer. I could try to cut off the summons, but it is likely already too late. ~

Mera is still a good nautical mile or two away, a solidified 'water drop' shape conveying her and the three Tide guards that accompany her. They're moving faster than any of them alone could have managed, but it'll still be another few moments before they get there.

Whatever it is it's closing even faster than Mera is. Like a bullet through the water. It's closer than anyone suspects too. "I will be… follow me."

The hold of the ship is dark other than that blue glow but Nick and Rahne make it without incident. The bigger werewolf moves remarkably quietly for his size. Before too long both can hear what seems to be chanting and that tang of blood becomes all the sharper. It's gotten quite strong by the time Nick peers around a corner into a darkened part of the hull, near the keel, where a large glowing circle with mystic runes has been drawn. Six people are standing around it. Five of them are holding their hands out, drops of blood raining down. And as the sixth one cuts himself (herself? they're in robes) the blood hits the deck… and then something hits the ship with a resounding gong. Up top Ulani feels it too. It shakes the hole ship. And then she smells fish. Something starts to climb the side of the boat.

"The Master's emmissary has come." One of the robed figures says.

Wolfsbane has time enough to spare Ulani a glance and a nod, staring after her a moment later at the coral..stuff. Whatever it is, anyhow. Then she's on her way in after Nicholas, also quite capable of making her way around in silence. Bare feet are good for that, as is knowledge of how to be stealthy. She's forced to account for the scent of blood in the case of steeling herself against it, but she's not quite prepared for the sight laid out before them.

As such, the Scotswolf's eyes grow larger at the ritual taking place. Ulani said something about disrupting the spell, whatever it is they're chanting. It causes the fur at the back of her neck to stand up a bit, and just as she makes a leap to bowl into one of them, that's when the ship is rocked and the 'announcement' is made.

Ulani did feel that 'gong' as she dove into the water… It rattled her, to be sure, causing her to change direction to avoid whatever /it/ is. Another tentacle, from the Lord of The Deep? Possibly… or maybe a mutated being that he's created.

Regardless, the Blue Female, spins in the water, peering at the side of the ship … trying to work out just what they're dealing with.

Using those 'slave bracelets', Ulani aims deadly beams of energy at whatever is climbing the ship. It's here, Your Majesty.

The trio of Tide that follow Ulani around, are currently out a ways - where she left them. But not for long.

Mera grimaces to herself, and then they're there at the side of the Surfacer ship. Mera sends her Tide to go meet with Ulani's guards so they can all return, and then she's adding needle-like spears of solidified water to the Blue emissary's attacks. Hopefully one or the other will have some effect.

The sea creature is huge. Fifteen feet tall at least, and very similar to what Ulani has seen before. It's makes the top of the ship despite Ulani and Mera's attacks and unleashes a sonic blast at Ulani as it attempts to pick the spears out of its back. This thing is tough. Very tough.

Below the strike on the ship throws Nick off balance as he rushes the magi. Rahne connects but the rocking of the boat sends both her and her victim to the floor and the others turn on the two werewolves with wild eyes. All of them have fishlike features. Scales. Gills. Webbed hands. "FOR THE LORD OF THE DEEP!"

Wolfsbane lands a bit off-balance and half rolls, half skids to a stop just short of a wall with one of those robed fishy types along for the ride. The important thing is she's up on a hand and knee in a crouch, ready to spring again as she gets a good look at them and their fervor. "Explain all this, right noo!" is the first thing that comes to mind, so she says it as a demand

Ulani has seen something like this before and tumbles … apex over turtle … in the water as that sonic blast hits her, ending up smashing into a pylon holding part of the wharf up. That will weaken the pylon, the Blue are very dense…

Rising up and shaking herself, her hair flowing freely down her back. With Mera and The Tide there, she can afford a little time … and creatures made purely of Water, heavily armed, begin to form… it will take a few minutes for them to become autonomous but the efforts of the waterpeople will soon be aided.

Mera launches her own attack on the large creature, again peppering it with spears of solidified water, though this time as they start to hit they link together, beginning to form a sort of iron maiden, but made of water. If she can restrain the thing long enough…

Nick is in a bit of a scrum. The first person to get near him gets punched quite literally into a wall but the next two slash at him, cutting his right arm and along his chest, tearing his flight suit. Clearly most of them aren't in a mood to explain. The one that Rahne has landed on tries to stab her with wild eyes. Fanatic. "THE LORD OF THE DEEP WILLS IT!" Is about the only explanation she gets.

Up top Ulani temporarily has the the creature surrounded when Mera impales it from multiple sides. Black blood flows out onto the deck, sizzling as if boiling hot. It's… trapped. Immobilized. Wounded. But it's not going down and it's struggling mightily.

While her 'partner' is dealing with a couple of the fanatics, Wolfsbane's got one of her own that's wasting little time in trying to set upon her for nefarious purposes. "I..dinna believe in yuir lord o' th' deep, whoever or whatever he is!" she growls back, rolling out of the way of the first attack as she tries to avoid being bloodied like Nicholas. But, in close quarters like this, with claws and such used on both sides, she'll end up with a few cuts along the arms at the least. However, she's dealing the same in return, the wolves fighting a numbers game not on their side.

Ulani's water creatures reach full autonomy, freeing the Blue Female to act on her accord. The three water creatures, hack and slash at the beast, acting as a distraction … and spines shoot from the Blues armour - full of a deadly neurotoxin.

Going in, Your Majesty. Ulani advises Mera and a wall of water lifts up so she's level with the creatures head … whilst leaving Mera a clear path, she brings that large water sword to bear, slashing wickedly for the creature neck - no holds barred for the Blue this time, she's employing nearly her full aresenal.

Mera practically snarls at the creature, forcing the water around it to keep the creature in place so it can't fight back against Ulani's decaptation attack. He three guards, having arrived with Ulani's trio, rush past them and toward the cargo hold to help stop the ritual-makers likely at Mera's telepathic behest.

Nick snarls and there's a… scent change from him. He's gotten stabbed again and it's pissing him off. He reaches over toward a nearby compartment and rips the heavy door off its hinges, using it as a bludgeon against his attackers. One, two go down and a third is on the ropes. Rahne has about subdued hers when one of the cultists (the last one) jumps on her from behind. "Blood for the Sea!"

Snicker-snack. Ulani neatly lops the head off of the sea beast and it collapses forward. It's tough. But it's not that tough. Below the sounds of fighting ring out. Seems the wolves found the cultists.

Wolfsbane is scarcely able to spare more than a glance Nick's way, but she's definitely aware of the shift in him. That could be troublesome if not for the urgency of the situation, having to deal with a fight made more difficult due to the extra attackers. As for her, her features take on a bit more of a wolfen bent than before, namely in the form of a short muzzle, tail, and stronger-looking arms and legs, more muscle behind a strike that sends her initial attacker a number of feet away.

When the next one is at her back and speaking the way it does, she snarls and turns quickly to snap at him. It's a bit of a blind attack, but it's definitely capable of proving the words to be true, just not in the way the cultist likely imagined.

Cold green eyes turn to Mera, Ulani's bloods up - these creatures are really starting to get to her. Mera will be getting what she's feeling and cold, calculated anger that underlies it. People may forget, the Blue was a soldier before a diplomat…

Face set in harsh lines, the Blue Female turns back towards the ship and steps from the wall of water to the deck. Going below, Your Majesty, to help the two Surfacers. She saw the Tide head that way, and she starts down the stairs towards the hold - she's moving quickly though.

Mera takes a few extra seconds to make sure the summoned beast is wella nd truly dead by using solidified water to chop it into lots of nicely chum-sized pieces and then wash it all back overboard for the fish to feed on. Then, she's following Ulani to go help the Surfacers take down the idiots that performed this ritural.

They simply hadn't been expecting two werewolves. Well okay, they hadn't been expecting one and two really throws their game off. The last two cultists get bludgeoned down or shoved against the hull and trapped by an angry Wolfsbane. Trouble though is Nick has gone utterly feral. And when Ulani comes down, followed closely by Mera, she gets a door thrown at her. A big heavy door. Thrown at her hard.

Wolfsbane may or may not be feeding off of Nick's own fluctuating, faltering state of mind, but she's definitely in a more aggressive mode right this moment as well. Not quite on his level, though. She narrowly misses chewing on cultist face thanks to the would-be attacker slipping on a bit of blood and going down, so she snaps at air instead before slamming both into the hardest surface nearby. As others come down, including the guards, and the other wolfen type hurls the door that way, her voice cuts in. "Nicholas Gleason! Friends! Stop tha'!"

It's a good thing the Blue are tought, Ulani takes the full brunt of the thrown, stumbling backwards, catching it and … nearly throwing it back at the wolf. Eyes flashing, breathing heavily, her fingers curl round the edge of the door, denting (maybe even crushing) the metal beneath.

"Did you stop the ritual?"

Mera makes it down into the hold just in time to see that dark-skinned creature hurl a large slab of metal at Ulani. She's not fast enough to protect the Blue from the door, but that's okay, Ulani's tough. Letting the Blue emissary deal with the door on her own, she prepares to face off against this new beast, the one snarling and looking like nothing in the ocean.

Nick snarls again but Rahne's voice yanks him back. His eyes are still wide and wild and he doesn't know Mera… but he does know Ulani. Or at least, he's seen her. His fangs are bared and ears laid back but he's… not attacking.

The ritual seems to have been stopped. There's a magical circle and a bunch of unconscious, half psicine cultists. Who are human to be clear, but corrupted by foul magic. The writing at the edge of the circle is Atlantean, or a form of it, clearly diverged with age and perhaps intent.

Wolfsbane's first priority upon seeing Ulani and, apparently for the first time, Mera, is to move swiftly in front of Nicholas to put herself between him and the other two. "Listen tae me!" she urges, her features visibly turning more human again. No more short muzzle, no more tail, but still the fur and claws and the rest. "Breathe!" She's looking into his eyes to gauge just where he is in all that, and they can see the results of the scuffle down here. Only after a few more seconds go by does she add, "I..think we did," for their benefit.

Seeing Mera move to confront Nick, Ulani quickly /sends/ He's an ally, Your Majesty. He seems to be a fit of battle. The female seems to be calming to be him. Whilst the Blue female hasn't seen /feral/ before, she's certainly seen soldiers go beserk - she's equating Nicks behaviour to something akin to that. "Calm warrior, you did well." the word directed to Nick.

"as did you." She looks to Rahne and then looks to the Circle on the floor. "Your Majesty, you can see for yourself, what I saw the other day." and then to the bodies littered around "Perhaps, Queen Mera, you could look at those there, maybe glean more information than I've been able to." Of course, Ulani's hoping Mera can use your telepathy to read the corrupted creatures minds.

Mera sees the oddly hairy woman move to calm the beast at the same time that Ulani tells her he's a friend, and thus takes a small step back. She's still fully prepared to send the black-haired thing through a bulkhead if needed, but at least she's not on the verge of charging at him anymore. She turns her attention to the circle in the floor, a pedestal of waterraising her up to get a look at it from a better angle. She stares for several seconds which Ulani will likely recognize as her sharing what she's seeing with Arthur, and then she blinks a few times before moving to try and glean whatever information she can from the corrupted beings strewn about.

They're human, as noted, but with fish like features. They show signs of magical corruption and they were most definitely the source of the summoning. Using Atlantean magic, or perhaps it's more accurate to say that they were using magic that's derived from the same sources. Atlantis is old and this might be older yet. Which is disturbing. It means that the Lord of the Deep has had a cult in place for thousands of years. Waiting for this moment.

Nick snarls a bit more and then takes a deep breath as Rahne puts herself between him and the other two. He breathes. Slowly… "I'm… I'm okay…"

Wolfsbane's doing her best to balance a fragile situation and keep it from worsening, sensing that things are still teetering on a precipice. Whether it's a certain glance she thinks she gets from Mera or just a 'right time for it' sort of thing, she lets all wolfen features go by the wayside, revealing her to be fully human in the end. Without saying as much, it shows what she, at least, is: a shifter. "Ah..thank ye, but this…I'm no' sure what's going on doon here, or what even happened tae them, but they were chanting an'.." She leaves it to a gesture toward some of the blood that was spilled.

Meanwhile, she comes to watch Mara closely for a few seconds, especially after the trick with the water lifting her up, and she remains close enough to Nicholas to keep tabs on him. "Good, good. I think th' worst is over for noo," she tells him, her voice attempting to soothe as she extends a hand toward one of his arms to give it a slow rub.

Rahnes change has Ulani blinking, there's nothing quite like it in the Blue culture and apart from Vorpal, she's not met a changer. "Ritual. Related to those creatures you've been fighting." She hates to give the information out, but the Surfacers deserve the opportunity to protect themselves. "They are a cult." that's all she's going to say for now.

Seeing Rahne comfort Nick, Ulani relaxes and looks to Mera and then back to the other two "What will happen to these? We will wish to question them at some point." Which means local authorities and a whole new mess for the Blue female. "I'd say we'd take custody, but they are human… " The look she bends on Mera is telling - they both know what this means… an ancient cult that's been waiting… all this time.

Mera finishes 'talking' with Arthur and turns back to the others. "We will have to leave them with the Surfacer authorities, though a request to share collected information would not go amiss. She 'floats' closer to the who lupinoids on her water pedestal, then offers them a regal nod. "Thank you both for your assistance."

Nick looks up at the two waterfolk. Ulani he recognizes, barely. Mera is entirely unfamilair. "Who… who are you? And what's going on?" It's something he's been wondering since the first attack on the ship a couple months ago. What is going on?

"I am Ulani of the Blue" she remembers him from the ship they checked out with the fireaxe wielding nut. "This is Queen Mera of Atlantis." How do you explain what they're facing "As I said, they are cult. One we believe to be ancient. They are seeking to bring back… a being… a being that our people banished aeons ago." It's an answer, a quick and true answer "Perhaps, we should adjourn elsewhere and discuss this? It's … a long story."

Wolfsbane's head tilts somewhat at Mara's demeanor, and it seems to carry the sense that the woman may be used to being respected or treated in a certain manner. In light of everything that's just happened, the pale redhead only just returns the nod, rubbing the back of her head with her other hand as she squints at Nicholas. At this point she gives both her first name and the codename she goes by, then nods slowly to the talk of information. "We were just doing what we could, an' we'll get them where they need tae be an' make sure ye know what we find oot." As for Nicholas, she's giving his arm a gentle tug after Ulani fills them in on the things they don't know. "Tha' sounds..verra bad," is all she has to say before they focus on taking care of the aftermath.

Mera debates for a moment, then narrows her eyes at the black-furred man. There's about three seconds where she basically gives him a complete and VERY fast infodump about the Lord of the Deep and what she's just encountered about this cult. The information does not, however, mention Atlantis at all.

You wanted to know.

Nick's eyes widen and then roll back and he thumps to the floor. Rahne will… probably have to have help dragging him up. Fortunately she seems inclined to do just that and leave the two waterfolk be with their dilemma. And it's a doozy.

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