What Is She?

October 02, 2015:

Following the lead to Martine Reading, May and some SHIELD consultants are surprised (emits by Simmons)



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Martine Reading, a 37 year old female, resident of Metropolis has pinged on SHIELDs radar. A device recovered from a Bus Depot in New York, was found in a bag in a locker that was rented by the woman.

Agent May has the information of where the woman lives… it's time to go and ask the woman some questions - and perhaps take some people with her.

Rain is going to tag along, quiet backup. She can newt someone if things go south or help out. But she also looks about as menacing as a cucumber on a stick.

Melinda May calls in a pair of SHIELD consultants, selecting them specifically for the trait that Rain probably likes the least about herself: the lack of intimidation factor. She's actually using this as a small field test for both women, to see how they handle a (hopefully) non-combat task. And, well, maybe also because Rain can make the bullet wound in her leg go away a bit faster. She is SO done with limping.

Once the consultants have been briefed on the situation and who they're going to be visiting, May drives them all there. "I'm letting you two take lead on this unless it gets out of hand. All right?"

Janet looked up from designing a new costume as HAL informs her that a Ms. May from SHIELD has requested her assistance on a field assignment in Metropolis. "Well.. that is unexpected… maybe it is related to the governmental black ops dimensional thing… hmm well tell her I would be happy to HAL." she pauses the design program and heads off to meet May for the drive down to Metropolis.

When May speaks up about taking lead she archs a perfectly sculpted eyebrow "Lead?" she glances at Rain scoping her out and then nodding. "All right. Do we know what the device did?" she is extra curious since it doesn't seem related to the sword project.

Simmons had sent Wasp full notes on the incidents - all six of them - noting that there was very little to go on, except the hum and the blinding light of flash before hand and then the fact that parts of buildings and streets went missing. The material the devices (3 cubes, a cylinder and a prism) were made from was not a known compound.

Martine Reading is at home - Mays intelligence is good there - and answers the door when they knock "Yes, may I help you?" She's dressed well, hair pulled back in a severe ponytail.

Melinda May stands back, looking equally as severe as Ms. Reading herself with her hands folded calmly in front of her and her aviator glasses obscuring her eyes. MiB, anyone? Janet, Rain, your show.

Rain is shy. She really is shy. And she will heal May whenever she asks. "Hello, ma'am," She offers politely. "We were wondering if we had time to speak to you this afternoon, regarding something found." Pause. She's not giving away much, but she is at least giving enough to start a conversation. "Would you be willing to answer some questions?"

Well Wasp reads the briefing after May points out that Jemma provided one, flipping through all the data there "Oh.. these things.. gods.." she flips her glass tech tablet out of the way and tucks it into her purse. The tablet is.. odd but fancy looking, like a small plate of glass not technology.

Then well there they are. Janet is a bit surprised when the Shy one speaks up first. Interesting good cop approach for a SHIELD agent. Oh well Janet adds "It should only take a few minutes."

Readings eyes rest on May first - the MiB look obviously has an effect. Looking back to Rain and then to Janet, "Who are you?" No one has introduced themselves and whilst Rain is charming, she's obviously a little off put "And talk about what?"

Rain lowers her head politely. "I am Agent Rain. I apologize. It is nice to meet you despite the circumstances. And-" She pauses. "We found something important of yours that has been involved in a few incidents." She is quiet, to let May interject. "May we call you -?" That's a cue.

Melinda May speaks up finally. "Did you rent a storage locker on the corner of 8th Avenue and 41st street in Manhattan?" Behind her sunglasses she's watching Reading's reactions very closely, looking for any sign that the woman has cottoned on and is about to either bolt or start a fight.

Well Janet is totally okay letting Rain take point, she is watching closely though ready to step in. She can't help it.. she doesn't micromanage her megacorp but she is used to taking charge if things go off the rails. "Ms. Readings." she supplies "I would just cooporate with Agents."

Martine looks at the three women and blinks "Agent Rain of …" her eyes drop to Mays jacket and widen slightly "SHIELD?" she shifts a little nervously.

"Yyyesss, I rented a locker there, Agent ….?" she leaves the question hanging "about a week ago, maybe more. Just before I headed out of town for a meeting." Her eyes rest on Janet "And you are?"

She's definitely nervous, but is that because she's been met by three women at her door, asking questions with no real introductions or … something else?

Well, Rain did introduce herself. "Yes," She nods. And she nods at May. "We're here from there. And I apologize for the secrecy. We wanted to be sure before we started bothering you," Polite! "Pardon me, did anyone else have access to this locker?" She asks. "Even recently before you stopped renting it?"

"May." She nods slightly to Martine as she introduces herself. Since Rain has started offering a bit more detail, she doesn't launch into the questions she's got mentally listed out.

Janet watches and then sighs "Apparently in need of firing my publicist…" she does chair one of the more powerful technology companies and have her own fashion line in expensive boutiques. She doesn't offer her name though, perhaps slightly peeved though she doesn't show it. "Just answer Agent Rain and stop looking so guilty, we haven't even accused you of it yet."

Janets approach may not be the best one… or maybe it is… Martine looks even more uncomfortable, but maybe not nervous. "Accused me of what, exactly? Hiring a locker in New York? Something that people do every day." The tone is slightly cold, perhaps a little haughty. Turning back Rain "Not that I believe, Agent Rain. Why are you asking me this?"

"There was an incident in that area. A section of a building and several pedestrians were … disintegrated with little to no advance warning. The source of the effect that did this appears to have come from the locker you rented in that bus depot." Yeah, May has apparently decided to stop being nice. But at least she's sticking to Vulcan-like recitation of bare facts. And she was very careful to phrase that so there was no sense of accusation aimed at Ms. Readings.

Rain nods at May. She is a bit done with the super nice approach for now. "That is correct." She looks quietly sympathetic towards Janet.

Janet van Dyne has a good deal of intuition but sometimes she still picks the wrong path. For the moment though she lets Agent May recite all the facts like that. "So is there something you would like to tell us?"

May answer causes Martine to focus on her, the other two women seem to fade to the background for the moment. "What?" She doesn't invite them in, though "Something in my locker?" Janets question has blinking at her "What on earth would I have to tell you?"

May, and maybe Janet, will detect the woman is becoming agitated. It's imperceptible … but the tells are there … if you know what to look for.

Melinda May nods to Rain — a pre-arranged signal — so the young woman can return to their car presumably to get something from the vehicle. As she moves away, May steps forward, though not enough to make it seem like she's blocking a potential escape route. "We mostly wanted to know if your bank notified you of suspicious activity on your account."

Janet is taking mental notes from Agent May. She hasn't been in the field much really. Nothing like this. "You can either satisfy our curiousity now… or we can bring you in and keep asking until we are satisfied."

Martine shakes her head, and rubs the back of her neck "No, I haven't received any notifications. I did rent that locker, as I said." As May moves and Janet takes the 'strident' route, her eyes dart out towards the front yard… and then rushes past May and Janet … knocking them as she goes.

Both women will notice that she appears strong and fast - maybe that's their imaginations and maybe it's not.

Melinda May finally turns her eyes away from Martine to give Janet a look. Not helping, van Dyne. Of course, that's exactly when Martine shoves past them. But, May was prepared for this eventuality, and one hand snaps out, her silk sash whip shooting toward the woman at the motion. Her intent is to ensnare a limb and stop the woman. Let's see what happens.

Janet van Dyne archs an eyebrow at May. It actually elicited the result she was hoping for after all… so there is that.. also this wont take as long. She watches to see if May is successful though.

As the sash whip snaps out, it does indeed start to wrap round one of Martines arms and even as it starts to wrap, slowing her for the moment, she twists that arm, unsnaring it and starts moving again towards the pathway.

Okay, while intellectually May is fascinated that Reading was able to slip free of the sash whip, she's simultaneously annoyed and she takes off after the woman immediately. And here is where she silently thanks Rain and makes a quick mental note to get the young witch (and yes, the cat too) something nice to show her appreciation.

There is a hmmmm from behind May "Oh she is good." then Janet raises her hand up and fires off a pretty darn precise Wasp Sting, aiming right for the running fugitives back now.

The sting hits Martine in the back, embedding itself between her shoulder blades. She stumbles before straightening herself and beginning to run again. The stumble will give May the opportunity to catch her…

Melinda May uses that stumble to close the gap between herself and Martine, but instead of tackling her she snaps open a taser-ended baton and stabs Readings in the back with it.

Janet van Dyne strolls along following May and the pursuing suspect. Mostly laid back because she could always shrink and easily catch up to the runner. Still May seems to be enjoying the chase, right.

The baton stabs and the taser fires, and Martine stiffens and shakes before turning to May and drawing back her fist and throwing a punch at the Agents face …. how has she withstood both blasts?

Turning to fight. This May can handle, even if Readings seems way more resistant to attacks than the average human. She turns with the punch thrown at her, grabbing the woman's wrist and using the momentum there to try and judo throw the woman. Janet, you'd better be ready with some serious blasts. This woman isn't dropping as easily as predicted.

Janet van Dyne is ready, she was ready anytime. She just didn't want to accidentally kill a civilian random lady in Metropolis. She lifts her hands and tries to predict the arch of the judo throw… WASP STING… a lot more intensity.

Reading flies up and over Mays head and is hit by Janets wasp sting, to land flat on her back… winded and stunned but not knocked out by any means. It takes a moment and she rolls to her knees … then tries to tackle May … wrapping her arms around the agents knees.

Melinda May moves to sidestep as the woman rolls back up to her knees, and then aims to clonk her on the top of the head with her elbow a hard as she can. What IS this woman? An LMD maybe?

Well Janet is positive that hurt like hell. She steps forward and shrinks right out of sight and then twirls around to fire several wasp stings from up close and hard to miss range.

LMD? No, Reading is not a LMD… Is she human?

Between Mays knock on the head and Janets multiple sting attacks …. Martine is finally out… and ready to be detained.

It will take some examination but initial checks will show she's nearly human but …. there's something different.

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