Approaching The Institute

October 03, 2015:

A group interrupts some Purifiers and Reavers out in Westchester County (Emits by Mana)

Westchester County


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Late afternoon in Westchester County and reports start filtering in to Law Enforcement agencies. Out in the fields, there's a group moving. A largish group it seems. And they're not stopping. Some reports indicate that they may be armed, whilst others talk about 'metal men'… it's a little confused at the moment.

The X-Men may have already noticed this … and the fact that the group might be heading in the general direction of the Institute… they're nowhere near it yet, but do they want to take the chance?

Caitlin has driven up and down a near-abandoned stretch of New York road at least seven times in the last half-hour. Her might VW Beetle putputputs along, visibly listing to the driver's side. With her knees almost level with her shoulders, it's a wonder Caitlin even fit in the thing, let alone operates it successfully.

"C'mon, Sari, don't mess with me," she pleads, staring at the map application on her sPhone- the hero model, designed to resist impact, explosions, and being dropped in the bathtub. She pulls the car to the side and checks it, then looks ahead at where it assures her there's supposed to be an office-building; and where there is currently a large field full of cows.

She glances at the address she entered, then moans loudly and screws her eyes shut, leaning her face against the steering wheel.

"Why. Why why why are there two Highway 79s in this friggin state," she says, moaning aloud. With a frustrated sound, she opens her car door and gets out of it, stretching tall to relieve cramped muscles.

It's then that she notices the strange figures crossing the fields- and they're far from scarecrows. Blinking in surprise, she screws her eyes to narrow slits and shades them with one hand, walking across the deserted stretch of road to get a closer examination of the odd looking figures.

Lunair is more loosely affiliated with X-people, but she does her best to help now and then. Lunair is enjoying riding on her dark purple vespa, with a cute flower sticker on it. She even has a matching helmet. She's gotten some shopping done and is heading back to visit her fellow mutant peeps. When suddenly, it gets all Roboboogie in here. "Whoa." She kind of slows, to take a look.

Except for her outing with X-Red in Central Park, which had gone rather well, Jesana has been having a rough time. She's incredibly angry and frustrated and at the moment unable to take any of it out on the actual people causing her state of animal rage. She's on edge and no where near being in control of her emotions or her powers and since she's also not speaking or listening to him at the moment, Old Coyote decides to do something about all of these things at once.

Jes is squatting in her jacket and summer dress, furiously scrubbing a bit of floor at SuperBox one moment and the next she's at the treeline of a strange field. At least she's got her guns and her..werewolf mace. It should work on people to. Though if the native american's expression is any indication, disabling people isn't really on her mind at the moment. Nope… not so much.

Jes carefully stands and peers around, keeping herself in the sheltered dark spot behind a tree. There's a road with a parked car and a woman and then a bunch of people tramping through the field? "What the hell?" "I'm going to fucking Kill you. Or find the last woman you slept with and make her forget you ever existed." She growls. If anyone is close enough to hear here she seems to be talking to herself. "Yeah well. I don't need one. So go suck your own!" Jes hisses and steps out onto the road.

It was a rather nice day all things considered, and something to enjoy. At least that was Kadaro first thought. The man has a knack for exploreing, and has decided to go to Westchester to see what it was like. Perhaps see if there were farms that may tell him about where to get local supplies. Afterward he simply foundhimself wandering to see the place, but upon noticing something odd happening in the field, he shifted to blend into the enviroment, becomming a distortion as he moves towards the men curiouse "We'll be fine. Stahp our worrying" he says quietly as they get closer trying to get a better views of these marching 'metalmen'

As Caitlin, Jes, Lunair and Kadaro get near they'll see that these are a group of heavily armed Men and Women and what appears to be a handful of Cyborgs. Whoever they are, they're well trained and appear to be disciplined.

Caitlin being the closest, doesn't go unnoticed and one of the Cyborgs breaks off, making straight for her - raising it's arm and letting off a spray of bullets … these guys seem to mean business.

Caitlin blinks when the bullets go whipping past her, looking for insects. The echo of supersonic pops registers with her and she reflexively ducks, then scowls as she gets shot at. Bullets impact against her chest with dull *thumps*, hitting the ground with heavy, leaden noises.

"Hey! Stop that!" she snaps, holding a hand in front of her face to shield her eyes from the stinging impact of the bullets. When the spray doesn't stop, she stoops and hoists a rock up from the ground- easily the size of a softball- and throws it at the cyborg with incredible velocity, like a fastball pitching machine on overdrive. And, it's important to note, she doesn't throw like a girl, either.

Lunair is a wandering git. And then suddenly, things get all battlestar but with less daddy issues. Lunair is near enough to see and hear this whole cyborg business. "Aw, man. I knew that Windows update was evil." She just KNEW IT.

With that, she parks her vespa nearby, ducks behind a trashcan and emerges armored. Hey, try finding a phone booth these days. "Um. Time to turn it on and off again!" And with that, she pulls an EMP gun.

Jes snarls softly. Oh hell no. Her pistols are blackmarket and modified to bring down werewolves. She's upgraded since running into those bastards. It's cost her but she ought to be able to take these cyborgs down if she can just figure out the weakspot. She's already drawn and aiming. If she takes out its eyes? it can't see what it's doing, right? She has a limited number of shots here though. Jes runs towards Caitlin, moving faster than a human or pregnant woman should be able to. "Hey Lady! What's the weak spot on those things??" Jes has caught enough of her scent on the wind to suspect she's a mutant. Maybe the stranger will know what these are. More likely to be just an innocent victim but then, with the Old Man invovled.. it's worth a try. Jes squints as she catches up, keeping low to the ground and weaving to make a harder target.

Okay, Lady is totally not a mundane and has a helluva throwing arm. Nice, Jes grins before looking back at the armed group. Maybe the people are controlling the damn things. She's got no problem with shooting them if that is the case.

Theres a chuckle from Kadaro from where he is hiding in plainsight thanks to his camoflouge "Well, that escalted quickly" he says quietly. The air distorts for a moment as his form shifts but stays invisible, anyone noticing this might note that the distortion is getting longer as if growing a long tail. And in truth that is what kind of happened. Kadaro had replaced his legs to it was a human torso on a snake body like a naga. Staying invisible he slither speedily towards the group of armed men and women, the distortion from the camoflouge more notcible. None the less his goal is to get this group to scatter and break formation.

The Cyborg that Caitlin lobs the rock at, stops momentarily and then keeps moving forward. It will be within reaching range in seconds. Caits probably going to have to go hand to hand with it. The other two Cyborgs turn to join their partner.

Which is when Lunairs, EMP gun goes off … one of the Cyborgs collapses to the ground… is it stunned momentarily or permanently though?

The Purifiers, the human counterparts of The Reavers, all turn towards the direction of the group… Jes might be better aiming at them … and they've not detected Kadaro's approach yet… if he's quick, he'll be able to take out … something.

Caitlin yelps when Jes speaks to her, rounding, and squints at the coyote. She senses the charge of the cyborg and instead of pausing, drops her mass forward and explodes into motion. She's faster and stronger than she has any right to be, for being that tall and thickset around the shoulders, and she plants her feet at the last possible second and lashes out with a furious roundhouse and textbook uppercut at the cyborg.

"Lady, I don't know! I just got here! You need to get to cover!" she shouts loudly, keeping her elbows tight and fists near her head for protection. "They've got guns!"

Lunair isn't sure, honestly. But she's not taking chances. More of them are getting zotting. "Careful!" She calls to Jes.

Well yeah! So does she though. Jes, seeing the cyborgs are not likely to be damaged enough by her returning fire, lowers herself behind a tree at the side of the road and then pops out long enough to take aim and fire at the humans in the group. She shoots for the weak spots in the armor and goes for kill shots. She's fast as well and so long as she keeps her stomach protected.. and her head.. she should be fine.

Trees are great. Jes pats the trunk of the one she's hiding behind. Not her usual reason for loving the forest but hey, its working.

"Die you bloody rotten sonsofbitches!" Jes snarls and pops out and fires several more times. Eight shots. Two left in this gun, ten in the other. Fuck. Silver laced bullets are *expensive* if any of these people are still alive after this she's going to kill them with her bare hands. And then take their wallets. "What the hell is that thing out there?" Jes can see Kadaro enough to know something is there. Just not what. Lunair she kind of waves at in between shooting. She's met her, once. Maybe. Months ago. Now isn't the time to remember. Who gave these ignorant bastards a bunch of hitech robotic weapons?? There goes the strange fast woman chasing one of them down. Jes hopes she knows what she is doing but her focus remains on stopping the people ahead of her.

WHatever it is Kadaro is at the moment, is still hard to say. He slithers right into the middle of the group of Reavers and Purifiers and starts whiping his snake like body, moving this right and that lashing out randomly trying to startle and rattle the group. After all he was trying to get them to scatter. He was also close enough to see that Jes Lunair and others were near. He dosn't drop his camo but keeps on going. At one point he even begins to construct not one, but two of the purifiers in tight coils.

Lunairs next EMP takes the third Cyborg down - she might want to see to securing them! Caits roundhouse hits the Reaver with a minimum impact and the thing turns to retreat. This isn't usual… and Cait can give chase.

The Purifiers take Jes' bullets and two collapse to the ground. The remaining three stop and look at each other, just as Kadaro strikes… he gets two down. That leaves… one…

Oh yeah, securing them. Lunair looks thoughtful a moment. "I'm not sure," She admits. Lunair will surely greet Snakebro later. For now, she is looking after Jes, nodding back in her armored suit. For now, it's time to - hmm. Secure robots, secure robots. The image of a Windows ME disc floats through her mind, but she decides that's kind of cruel. For now then, it's rope gun time.

Jes's idea of securing the robots would be to set the damn things on fire. Since she has no means to do this she heads towards the people. Totally shooting at the heads of the two Kadaro is holding, but not at Kadaro himself. She only means to leave the one alive if she can help it. That one has questions to answer and Jes is pretty sure someone will want to be asking them, she does but this isn't really her business. Perhaps she shouldn't have been quite so murdery… but people like this don't stop until you make them. Jes doesn't know there is a school near here and that it was probably their target. That's a good thing because then she'd be hunting down these peoples families and friends too and the guy still alive.. would not be so much so for long. She frowns as she catches Kadaro's scent and pauses. "Don't like, mistake me for one of them, okay? I just want that dude over there."

There a frown on Kadaro face (not that anyone can see that) when Jes shoots the two people he is holding. But buisness first, he drops the two corpses and quickly constricts the remaining purifer. His voice rumbles out ignoreing the person struggling in his coils "Did sie hauf ta kill vee first tae? Vee Kould have hid moar infomation" he says. He constructs harder making the last purifer struggler to even breath. He wasn't going to kill him, just knock him out, slowly.

In the background, sierens can be heard. They'll be there in mere minutes!

Lunairs rope gun does the trick and secures the two downed Cyborgs.

Two dead Purifiers, two down with injuries, and third knocked out.

With the exception of the third Cyborg that Caits' chasing, the group has stopped … whatever it is … these Purifiers were going to do. With the police so close, they may want to get out of there.

Lunair pauses. She doesn't like the sound of the sirens. But her black visor hides her worries. "… Um. Hi!" Snakebro! Lunair kind of blinks at Jes. "We should probably go once that fellow is asleep. Thank you both," And she'd thank Cait, but the lady seems to have departed.

Jes growls. She wants the unconcious guy but isn't really agile enough around her pregnant belly to get him away from Kadaro who doesn't seem pleased over her shooting. "These people kill children and doctors. I left one alive. Now let me take him somewhere he can answer questions before the cops get here, or take him yourself. Either way hurry up. I gotta get out of here." Jes nods at Lunair. Maybe they can catch up later. "Thanks. Those robots.." If Kadaro turns the man over to her Jes will throw him over one shoulder and make for the nearest leyline off in the woods. If he doesn't she still turns and heads the way. Time to get the heck out of here. At least there are a few less purifires around now.

Kadara hehs "Death to death and war to war." He settles down not seem very worried and dosn't give Jes the man. He has no plans to keep the man, he was just going to leave him for the police. At least this time, he hasn't been in america or big cities long enough to know how they really work. And his alien half hasn't been on earth long enough to know how it works. Though he does give Lunair and uncharatiristly happy "Hello!" despite the circumstances

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