Puppies And Kittens

October 03, 2015:

X-Red investigate another CyCor facility… with help



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CyCor - a company once owned by Lobo Tech that specicialised in medical and cybernetics research - appears to be defunct, broken up and sold off. Thanks to Stark Industries help, X-Red have found that much of the organisation had ended up in Organised Crime hands.

Members of the team have been investigating and keeping X-Red and the X-Men up to date.

Today, Brins arranged for a 'visit' to the China facility… and if it's anything like the last two facilities, it's not likely to be pretty. She also suspects that given their previous two incursions, security on the computer systems has been increased. Which is why she's gathered this particular group of mutants together…

"A quick recap, because I know not everyone reads my reports." Brin's a realist and she does file a lot of reports "Cycor was researching Cybernetics, from what we can see, illegal cybernetics. The Reavers are a group of heavily augmented fighters that target mutants and metahumans and, disturbingly, no one knows how they make or install their hardware. Our working theory is that CyCor, a corporation that used to be run by Lobo Tech, was spun off and bought up by black market interests. We've already investigated two facilities that were less abandoned than they should be and we've data to work through. But we don't want them to get organised, so we're checking out a third installation, this one in China. Any questions before we head there? Magiks standing by to transport us."

"Another information gathering mission?" Audrey asks as she checks her weapons, sticking a receiver to her throat and a comm in her ear. "Or are we bringing this place down?" An odd question, that last one, and probably not one she would have asked when she was a member of the team. Now, though? Now it's something she asks.

Having Kitty along on the mission is helpful on a few different levels. The defensive area of helping them get through security as well as her abilities as a hacker and computer expert. Dressed in her Shadowcat costume, she has her katana strapped to her back and Lockheed perched on her shoulder. Hair pulled back into a ponytail, she rolls her shoulders a bit.

A strap to a messenger bag is also crossing her chest, this one carrying a state of the art laptop and whatever else she may need to help get through the security and download whatever information they need. Never hurts to be prepared. At Audrey's question, she nods. "I'm good for either just going through their stuff or messing it up. Just need to know which one's preferable."

"Playing it by the ear," Doug responds to Audrey. He, at least, was packing it lighter - a tablet loaded with information, a tablet, and his X-Men uniform, something that resembled a black suit laced with golden circuitry. Where Kitty handled the hardware, Doug had the software going, and would be able to share quickly.

Pulling up the map quickly on the tablet, Doug flashes a grin at the others. "Right then. I know plans don't usually survive the first contact with the enemy, so let's try and not meet any. But if we do, they're all yours, Audrey."

"As Doug says, Audrey." Brin won't be adverse to bringing the place down, "Just remember, X-Red is the public face, so we need to be careful. We'd rather discredit them so publically they can't regroup." But… well things happen right?

Stepping disks open for the four and soon they find themselves in yet another alley, looking at an 'abandoned' research facility. This one is a little different to Singapore - the building looks more high tech, and it's 'cleaner' - like it hasn't sat empty for long. Tall metal fences surround the perimeter and they are locked tight. Maybe someone can get to the them and unlock them?

Brin concentrates for a moment and sighs "Lot's of emotions in there … it's not empty… but I can't tell where exactly at the moment." The building is quite large. "What have you got, Audrey. Doug, the blueprints I sent you should have ways in."

"Same security as before," Audrey grimaces. "Infrared fences, UV search lights. On top of the regular security and motion sensors. And guards. You know, just your run of the mill paranoid protection. Doug, any chance you could just turn those off?" she asks, quirking a brow over at the tech mutant. "Otherwise I should be able to move through. I'm…" She pauses, considering Kitty. "Have you ever experimented with whether or not light passes through you when you're phased?"

By now, Kitty is used to stepping disks. She's used them enough times with Illyana that she knows how they work to not be affected by any lingering strangeness of teleportation. With a grin toward Doug, she nods and then tilts her head a bit at Audrey's thoughts. "Not a whole lot. I know if I phase a certain way, I become basically invisible to the human eye, meaning light's gotta pass through me. Not sure how that works with Infrared sensors, though." With a shrug, she offers, "I can also just phase through the tech and it stops working. 'Course, if they have it set up that a disruption sets off the alarms, well, that could be just as bad."

"So we'll just tell the alarms that nothing is setting them off till we're gone, like the lady asks," Doug adds with a grin, as he checks his tablet. "In fact, I'm gonna do that now. There's a lot of electronic noise for a building that's supposed to be abandoned. Kitty, careful where you phase, actually. Too much noise, meaning there's a lot more equipment than you'd think."

Taptaptap. "We're in 'ghost' mode now, at least for the security."

"What are you thinking, Audrey?" Brins skills are more around managing people, she'll happily follow the lead… like she did last time.

Dougs efforts will stop the alarms from going of, so Kitty can certainly phase through.

Getting into the building will be difficult, it's not a retinal scanner but a fingerprint reader this time.

Doug will see from the electronic chatter, it's tech details, research and results of testing. He might want to save it off….

Audrey nods to Kitty's explanation. She looks curious, like there's more she'd like to ask, but now isn't really the time. They have an op to run, after all. "Well, we got the data from the last place," she murmurs to Brin. "At this point, it might be smartest to find a way to get Doug in to hack into their systems. These cybernetics are tech. If he can find a way to track them, then we can find out where they're getting installed."

"I'll be careful," Kitty assures Doug. Lockheed's wings flutter a bit as they move forward. "Come on, I can get us through the fence right at the edge away from any cameras. Then, we can go right through the walls and we can find a place to plug Doug in." She looks to Audrey at the suggestions. Better that everyone is in agreement before rushing forward.

As they approach the area agreed upon to go in, she phases her hand through the electrical wiring in the fence, causing it to short circuit and shut down. Now it's only a matter of everything else.

Busy logging all the stream, by installing spyware designed to shut themselves off on a timing basis, Doug pauses long enough to follow the lot. Taking a deep breath, Doug offers a grin at Audrey. "Well, I can scan for those tech, but if they don't spit out information I can find, then it'll be a little trickier."

Checking quickly as Kitty shortcircuits the fence, Doug intercepts the warning flares, replacing it with similar signals from another fence. They shouldn't be perfectly identical, but that should keep the security guards pacified long enough.

Scanning for the most traffic flow, Doug does a quick check to see if he can tap into security cams for where guards might be. "Okay, hold up a second… where are… ah. This way…"

Hacking into the Cybernetics is hard… but hacking the camera's is a good idea. They'll see that this facility has a big clean room… where a group of people are restrained in cages. The room is in the middle of the building, of course. Guarding the doors are two Cyborgs and there are four humans dressed in white labcoats.

"Looks like that's where we need to be." Brin comments. "You three go in, and I'll keep watch from the side."

Kitty's efforts cause the systems to short circuit - getting through the doors is easy … all they have to do is watch for wandering guards.

"Got you covered," Audrey murmurs once the doors are open, warping the light around them to render them invisible to onlookers. There might be some warping in the reflections from some angles, but it's easier than trying to make everyone truly invisible. Once they're inside, though, she pulls a handgun from her thigh, holding it up and at the ready as she moves quietly through the halls. Her steps are careful - slow shuffles that balance her weight without making noise.

Once they're through, Kitty draws her katana. Nodding at Brinley, she gives a smile and then moves on. If all they have to look out for are the guards, at least that means the security is taken care of. She tilts her head at Doug, allowing him to guide them through the facility toward where they need to go. Much like Audrey, her movements are steady as they make their way forward. She's ready to phase the three of them at a moments notice to either confound their attackers by moving through a wall or protect from bullets.

"Got them," Doug murmurs, as he checks the location of the cams against the blueprints, before leading the way, making sure to note where the cams were along the way and leaving Audrey to deal with the security guards. The Cyborgs were going to be a bit trickier, as they came self-equipped with shielding and separate processing nodes. "Kitty…" he adds, nodding towards the cyborgs. "Heads." Shorthand reminder for 'they probably have artificial hearts, stay away from that'. "Audrey, you want to take two guards, I take the other two?" Just to mark territory, and prepare to storm in.

As soon as they were set, and alarms in area disabled for their invasion…

The labcoated people aren't guards at all, they're researchers and they're quietly conferring and looking at the caged mutants (there'd be ten or so in there). Doug will notice the computer system in the corner - Brin had given him a dataspike to access that.

So far, though, so good… the Cyborgs haven't noticed them and neither have the scientists.

Can the three free the prisoners, jack the data and get out of there?

Audrey quirks a brow at Doug, then quietly swaps out the gun in her hand for a different one. Tranquilizers. Killing these people would not be advisable. At least until they can get the information they need. "Firing in three…two…" She barely whispers, and when she reaches one, she's smooth on the trigger, firing darts at each of the doctors.

Kitty doesn't have much in the way of tranquilizers, but she can also phase through people a certain to make them pass out, much in the same way as she can phase through electronics to short circuit them. Sheathing her sword, she makes for a sprinting position, ready to dart forward at Audrey's count. While phased, she won't be prone to friendly fire. Her main focus, though, is on the prisoners. She can make it through the locks and pull them out while waiting for Doug to get the information.

Moving in quickly, taking advantage of the surprise, Doug takes his scientists down, before moving his focus quickly to wire Magik in to help Kitty get the prisoners out. Seating himself before a console, Doug sets up a tunnel sftp to transfer information to Kitty's laptop, keeping an eye out for incoming security measures, just in case. "Anyone see any hardcopy?" he asks, just in case there was -something- in the room that wasn't electronic.

Audrey will notice a fridge with samples in it, they're in trays. There's no hard copy of the notes to be found - whatever this group is doing, the records are all digital.

As the scientists drop, the Cyborg guards turn to look into the room. Audrey's shielding Doug and herself and Kitty's phasing means they can't be seen - but the Cyborgs have some intelligence and scientists don't just drop for no reason. Audrey's senses will tell her that the guards are scanning the room - they may still be detected.

When Kitty gets those cages open, stepping disks will appear and the prisoners will be transported back to X-Red HQ. Again… to be met by Rescue medics.

Good for the goose, good for the gander. Or at least, what works for the doctors is worth a try for the cyborgs. Audrey can always switch to bullets later if the tranqs don't work, but it's hard to take out bullets and switch to darts. Once the doctors go down, she fires at the cyborgs as well - though they each get twice the dose. There's no telling what they may be able to burn through.

Kitty focuses on getting the prisoners out of the cages. Much like before, she phases her hand through the electronic locks and merely pulls others out of the cages with her phasing ability for those that have physical locks. Assuring them they'll be alright, she quickly puts them on the stepping disks that will take them to safety. Once they're all taken care of, she turns toward the guards Audrey is currently shooting tranquilizers at.

"Nothing. Just Terminators over here," she tells Doug. Making a run for it, she jumps to phase through one of the cyborg guards to the side, hoping to shut down the bionics in one side of their body - not where the heart is. "Let us know when we can get out of here!"

Nab anything that's not nailed down, while you have a teleporting disk you can throw things into. Which was what Doug proceeds to do, as he does some checking around. Check. Leaving the girls to do what they did best, be troublesome, Doug steers clear, and starts carefully moving the delicate things.

Another quick check of his tablet and… if everything's downloaded, well, then they can go. Although… "Brin, want some worms in the system, or spy eyes?"

Whatever she said, Doug would leave.

"Yes, both. Embed them deep." Brins response comes to Doug almost immediately. She trusts him to protect X-Red interests and not let the malware be traced back to them.

Kitty's phasing causes one Cyborg to stutter.. Audreys tranquilisers barely make an impact - these Cyborgs strong.

Three stepping disks open, one next to each of the team in the room… it's time to go…

"Get out of there. I'll extract last and meet you back at the HQ."

"I've got the rear," Audrey says quietly as the disks come up, trading out guns again to live ammunition. X-Red may be against killing, but it's a little bit less specific on the subject of kneecaps. Besides, they're cyborgs. Someone will probably give them new ones. And by the time Audrey works that out, she decides to test the theory. It should at least slow them down.

At the command from Brinley, Kitty grins. "I guess this isn't a Balrog moment," she tells Doug with a grin. As she phases through another one of the cyborgs, she reaches for the disk. If it's time to extract, it's time to go. She waits just until she's sure that everyone will be able to make it to their own extraction points and then jumps onto it.

"Done," Doug responds, setting it up to blame HYDRA for whatever came up. Tablet, laptop, and prisoners. Videos re-set to teletubbies, have a nice day!

"We're good to go," Doug calls out, as he steps through the disc. "Beam us up, Illy."

Kneecaps work. Of course they do. The Cyborg buckles as Audrey shoots true.

The disks close around the three and deposit them back in X-Red HQ. Another flash and Brin steps out behind them.

Breathing out a long breath, the brunette looks at her three friends "That …. looked intense. Are you three ok?" beat "I hate to ask but Doug, what did you get?"

Audrey lets out a breath once the disk closes, checking her gun and slipping it back into place. "Interesting for a group that's bulking up to take on mutants to have a bunch of them in cages," she says quietly, though there's a certain strain her voice when she says it. She may have wanted to shoot more than kneecaps.

"Puppies," Doug responds. "Puppies and kittens."

As the disks let Kitty off in the middle of Red headquarters, she steps up and Lockheed flutters again to a table. He didn't really get to do much on this mission when they needed to stay together and quiet. He may be a little fussy about that.

"As long as those people we found got out okay and recover, I'd call it a success," she tells Brinley and looks over to Audrey with a nod. Intense is a good word for phasing through a cyborg guard. Then, she raises an eyebrow at Doug's response. "Puppies and kittens? Like, cyborg puppies and kittens?"

"Not really… though I wouldn't be surprised if they did anything with the samples out of the fridge," Doug replies, motioning. "Speaking of which, better get those on ice and analyzed, Brin."

Brin eyes the sample and nods to Audrey "Yeah, it's not the first time we've found mutants being used for experimentation." Taking the samples from Doug, she'll put them in the fridge. They'll need to find someone who can analyse them.

"They're being taken care of, Kitty. Rescue's taken them to care facilities." and hopefully be none the less for wear. Glancing at the three of them "Thank you for you help."

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