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October 02, 2015:

Ulani calls a meeting with Arthur, Mera and Rowan to discuss the cult attack on the Surface

The Atlantic Ocean


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All Rowan knows is that Ulani wanted to talk to him. Pronto. He's not sure what about but it had sounded urgent, so here he is. In the water. Where they can't be listened in on by surfacer ears. He's suspiciously close to the Atlantean border which… makes him suspect that he might be waiting on more than just Ulani to show. Why she wouldn't want to meet in Atlantis or in one of their houses he's not sure but… it could be a security measure…

As soon as she'd worked out what had happened on the surface, Ulani had sent a message to Rowan and Mera. It is most urgent she speak to them … and … away from prying eyes and ears.

A Hydraport opens not far from Rowan and Ulani, with her trio of Tide, swims through. She might be a little grazed and bruised - but it will barely show. "Rowan. Thank you for coming so quickly … I've asked Queen Mera to join us."

Mera shared the message with Arthur the moment she received it, so despite all of the duties and tasks that the Atlantean ruling couple have to deal with every day, they both make a point of being here. Sure, Aquaman could have been here a LOT sooner if he'd travelled at his full speed, but he would have left Mera and her Tide escort behind. Like, way behind. Instead, they all arrive together. They don't really have the convenience of hydraporting.

Aquaman is showing the wear of the seemingly never ending threat that has kept his military on high alert and himself on a razor's edge. His face is hard and it looks as if he might have aged a few years in only the last few months. People say presidents age fast, they should try a true reign sometime. Does horrors for the skin.

Rowan sighs. "Something happened didn't it." He doesn't know what yet but that's the only reason for a meeting like this in the middle of nowhere. Rowan himself hadn't been in on the action so this'll be intelligence and he hopes it's good news. The Lord of the Deep has been striking targets around the world and he's starting to strike surface targets as well. The traitors they discovered with Mera are adding a new wrinkle and probably the reason for the secrecy.

Next time, Ulani will arrange a Hydraport for the royal couple.

"It did, Rowan." the Blue Envoy bows slightly to Arthur and Mera. "Your Majesties, thank you for accepting my invitation. I have news…" If Arthurs face is hard now… well… "not good news, I fear. The cult … tried to summons something today, on the surface." And as quickly as she can, she describes the piscine like creatures and the very large squidlike thing that punted the police car. "The circle used some form of corrupted Atlantean." It was also likely the magic they were using was Atlantean - but she's not particularly magically inclined.

Aquaman's eyes grow cold. He is getting really very tired of hearing of Atlantean magic being used… inappropriately. Anyone with good hearing, which is likely anyone within several dozen yards of them, can hear the soft creak of his knuckles as his fist tightens on the trident. He can almost sense the weapon's disappointment in him, or at the very least, it's growing concern. He's not failed yet, but neither has he succeded in ending the threat, a threat the trident /very/ much wishes to engage. It doesn't bode well for the King. "At the risk of sounding unroyal, I am so over this shit." he takes a deep breath of water, "Do we have anything actionable?" he asks curiously.

Mera promptly reaches for Arthur free hand, twining her fingers with his in a very Surfacer gesture that he taught her and she now uses without even realizing. She doesn't add any questions to his, not yet.

Rowan sighs. Expansively. "Well if the cult is as old as we think it is, that makes sense. They've been around for thousands of years, they were Atlantean in origin, they've had a lot of opportunity to learn magic and it would be Atlantean they learned first. Were the cultists Blue and Atlanteans, or were they human?" They know already that the Lord has Atlanteans and very likely Blue in his service. If he has agents among the surfacers that adds a new dimension of danger to moving against him.

"What were they doing other than summoning?" He'll leave Ulani to answer if they have anything.

Ulani watches Arthur and then Mera, noting how the SeaQueen reaches for the King. Interesting.

"Human, actually." Ulani had been surprised at that. She'd hoped the cult had been limited to the Water. "But they were so corrupted by the power they had been using, they looked piscine. Queen Mera, you may look…" Mera will be able to take the images from Ulani's head… and share them with the others.

"I don't believe they were doing anything more than Summoning, Rowan." The Blue Envoy thinks and then projects the image of the Squidlike creature for Mera as well. "I … was fighting in the street. It was like… they had something in reserve, in case they were found." Or perhaps, it detected her presence. That might be a worry.

Aquaman frowns at that, "We were all human once, we come from the surface, and it's only been three thousand years since the Cataclysm. Our scholars tell us this thing predates that time, this cult, it may come from the time of Atlan." The First King of Atlantis, who ruled for millenia, who was sorceror supreme before there was a title for the possition, who's magical might was great enough that his spells and enchantments linger to modern day, undiminished…. Well. Some of them. His fingers tighten around the trident again, and Mera's hand. The history of his people is so much legend and conjecture even if he had the time, he couldn't know it all, so much was lost. Most days though, he wishes he knew more about Atlan, the man more then the myth. So many of his troubles seem to come down to Atlan somehow. "It may predate him for all we know." his lip twitches, "Next time I pummel Vandal Savage with a pickup truck I'll make sure to ask him." he says dryly.

Rowan quirks a brow. Why would the king of Atlantis be chasing vandals? He'll have to ask later. Maybe it's a property rights thing. "So humans. Taught atlantean magic and insinuated into their society. Now if we move against him we risk the surfacer nations being moved to interfere." Which may not bring ruin but he knows the surfacers have power untapped… and that they could make this difficult.

"You have trouble with savage vandals, King Arthur?" The words are out of Ulani's mouth before she can stop them. Seems Ulani shares the Blue predilection for confusing Surfacer names. "My thoughts exactly, Rowan." She grimaces slightly "I'm also concerned that the Surfacers will see these threats as threats posed by Atlantis. I'd add the Blue, but they don't know we exist." Fixing Rowan with a look "Our people are already concerned about revealing existence… if Surfacer sentiment is set agains the Waterfolk, we'll never convince our Government to come forward."

"Perhaps this cult does come that time, Your Majesty, but it is here now and a very real threat." Gesturing to the watery expanse around them "Which is why I asked to meet out here - we don't know who we can trust."

Aquaman lets out a sigh, "He's a super villain fro-" he stops, "it's not important. He's Cro-Magnum, supposedly, and has been alive since the dawn of homosapien and the death of his own people." he quirks a brow, "Um. He says he's 80,000 years old, give or take. Mostly we all think he's just a crazy man, but a brillant one. Bad joke, trying to not feel punchy." he offers before reaching up to rub at his eyes, "My point was more this, you claim it is Atlanean magic that has been corrupted, but if it predates the Cataclysm then wouldn't it be more fair to say Atlantean magic is a corrupted, or perhaps purified, version of it?" he offers with a little shrug, "Not that it matters much one way or the other. This is the sort of thing Orm used to know about. I can withstand the bite of magic but I cam not versed in it's ways." he's a very gifted scholar of the arts, but not a caster of them, despite the weapon he carries with him into battle. "We need information." he says plainly, "We've been fighting this war on a defensive front and without supply lines to cut or a clue as to where to cut into it's decision loop, a defensive battle will not win us this war." his expression twitches, "We need some of these cultists alive."

"Cro…" For all Rowan knows that's a tribe or a country. "Well if he's willing to give the information maybe he could be useful. But yes. We need something we can act on. So far we know that there was a prophesy about the Lord's defeat but not what it was… are there any other knowledge resources Atlantis has. Ulani and I are about to go ask the black."

"The cultists from today are alive, Your Majesty." The Blue Envoy hadn't been involved in taking them down - "the woman with the glowing sword and that Dragon looking fellow disabled them. They seemed strangely adverse to killing them." As an ex-soldier that type of approach is foreign to Ulani, but in this case it had worked out.

Rowans mention about prophesy and the Black have her nodding "We are to see the Black. Soon." How she plans on getting them in there or how she knows how to contact or find them… she's not sharing.

Aquaman's head snaps up, "Glowing… I can't believe I'm about to say this, but that doesn't really narrow it down for me any. I know," he thinks for a moment, "seven women with swords that glow to varying degrees and another eight with swords in general which under the right conditions could appear to clear. Maybe six of the bunch would leave someone alive." he makes a face, "My life is so weird now." says the guy talking about ancient gods while underwater. "If I use the sceptre I can command the Trench but no one can communicate with them, sadly. That's a dead end on our end. Vulko continues to scour the achives, but so much of our history was lost when Atlantis sank it's impossible to tell if there will be anything in there of value."

"Then the Black it is. Ulani, is it possible for us to arrange for their majesties to be there?" The Black are reclusive, Rowan knows, but this is serious enough that they came out of hiding all the way to Atlantis. They might consent.

"Oh, the man with her who glowed blue and was very strong mentioned names… Magik and Aspect. I don't know the Dragons name but he seemed to be law enforcement." The Blue Envoy tries to remove some of Arthurs confusion. "I shall follow up about them, though."

"They are welcome, Rowan." Ulani doesn't need to seek permission "Your Majesty, if yourself and / or Queen Mera wish to attend, we would be honoured to have your presence." A combined showing of Atlantis and The Blue to the Black would be a good thing, she thinks.

Aquaman sighs, "Magic. Called herself the thing she-" he shakes his head, not finishing the thought, "I guess it's about as spot on as Aquaman." he mutters under his breath, frowning once more at the name that was attached to him by the press, "Wait. I think I've heard of her. I'll ask some of the people I think might be linked to her." he'll have to use old channels to see if he can contact the X-Men, he vaugly remembers them having a girl with a glowing sword who called herself something like that. Honestly though, there are fifteen new codenames a day, he's long since stopped remembering them all. "I may be needed, or Mera," he glances at his Queen, "but we'll make certain that at least one of us is free when the time for the meeting arives. I'd promise us both but…" honestly, when has luck ever been that accomidating?

Rowan has nothing on the identities of the people Ulani met. But he knows what the next step is. "Alright, I'll be ready if you want me but it sounds like it'll be more of a talk than anything else." Which means he may not be ideal. But he is made from Black engineering so he might be… tempting? Well it's a thought.

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