A Goddess Facebook Stalking?

September 30, 2015:

On the trail of the Feather Bearer, well the Feather Bearers sister, Astryd uses Social Media for intelligence gathering - Fenris thinks it's time for a break

Astryd's Apartment - New York


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How does one go about finding something that has been hidden for three hundred years? Kept a secret … passed from hand to hand. At least Astryd has a lead now… Brenna, the sister of the current feather bearer, has made her presence known to the Earthbound Goddess. What to do with that information, how to find out more… well, she's a product of Asgard and modern technology, whilst she's familiar with it, is still a bit of a mystery. But that doesn't stop her - she's intelligent and she can learn.

Which is why, she's currently seated in front of her computer - in the lounge of her small but well appointed apartment … multiple windows open, various social networks and searches displayed… working through the puzzle.

There's only one person, who knows where she lives … and he may be sensing her frustration. Unravelling the threads, tracing Brenna back, is tedious and timeconsuming at best.

Hacking usually is. Internet research even more so, especially separating wheat from chaff as it were. It may not surprise Astryd to hear a knock at her door. It may surprise her to smell fresh molassas bread though. Dark and earthy and ever so slightly sweet. With apple butter. And some beer. Fenris may have sensed that Astryd needs a break.

Astryd sensed Fenris approaching - albeit just seconds before he knocked on her door and the grey eyed woman stands and stretches quickly. The smell… yes she can smell it … has her smiling slightly as she opens the door "You know what they say about accepting those who come bearing gifts?" OK, so she's taking poetic license. "That smells nearly divine." Who knows, maybe it is "Come in."

Stepping back, she gives the other Asgardian access to her apartment and leads the way to the kitchen where she goes about finding plates, cutlery and glasses. "To what do I owe the pleasure of the visit?"

"I'm not Greek." Fenris deadpans. He steps inside and moves over to the kitchen, setting the bread - it's fresh - down on the cutting board. "I had a feeling you needed a break from whatever you were at." More than a feeling, more than a hunch. And he has good hunches.

"And I'm not Trojan" Astryd smirks at the deadpan, she /had/ been taking poetic license. "Using our link, God-Wolf?" The goddess asks casually, taking the beer he's bought and pouring two glasses. "Asgardian? You know how to spoil a woman."

Pushing a lock of strawberry blonde hair from her face, she smirks in Fenris direction "I've been … I think the term is Facebook Stalking… Brenna, working out the best way of approaching her brother." Maybe she's taking the long way around it - but knowledge is power, so they say.

"And what has been the result of your electronic hunting." Fenris doesn't usually resort to electronics himself. He has other ways to discover things, sometimes resorting to old fashioned regular stalking, though that's neither here nor there.

Astryd /might/ resort to old fashion stalking yet, but to know ones enemy… and the social networks are full of interesting tidbits. Well… they should be.

Pushing a glass of beer his way and taking a slice of bread, lathering it in the apple butter, before taking a bite, obviously savouring it. "I learned she likes to share photo's of kittens…" doesn't everyone on Facebook? "But I've also noted that her locations for posting things are predominantly from two or three locations." It seems, the Asgardian Goddess might be slightly proficient at this stuff.

"Mmmm, so you know where she goes and possibly when if there's a pattern." Fenris takes a slice for himself and takes a bit. "Alright. What are you going to do with that information? How can you convert it into an advantage."

"I know when she leaves for work." Astryd sips the beer and rolls her eyes in delight "And when she arrives at work. These Midgardians and their desire to tell people … everything! It makes these things fairly simple." she snorts softly.

"Much like troop movements, Fenris, knowing where ones foe is /going to be/ and /when/ is valuable." Another bite of the bread, and goddess licks a little butter from her lips "For now, I intend to observe her. See who she travels and sits with. Learn her patterns, learn more about her." Turning her grey eyes to his "Who knows, maybe her brother will visit while I watch."

Seems Astryd is content to play a long game.

The Wolf God chuckles grimly and takes another bite. "Perhaps. You should have a care though that the hunter does not become the hunted. If they have learned that they cannot command you with your feather, they may seek other uses for it. A sympathetic connection in the hands of the wrong mage would be very serious. And possibly quite harmful."

The goddess stops and looks at Fenris, slice of bread nearly to her mouth. "Then perhaps, Fenris, I should let Brenna think she can." Dangerous, yes, but not as dangerous as the option that Fenris had just offered. "Besides, I do not intend to be found. Being a Raven has it's benefits." She speaks of course as being a Raven of Odin as well as the actual bird.

"Would you assist me with this endeavour, Destroyer-Wolf?"

"Of course. You have a plan in mind I take it." Fenris uncaps a beer for himself and takes a sip, regarding the warrior goddess. She's quite clever, this Raven and she's had a long time here to learn to not underestimate mortals.

"Not … yet" She might be clever, but she's also cautious. "I could use another set of eyes on it." In truth, she'd been conducting recon on her nemesis. "I was thinking of baiting a trap… with myself as the bait. You and I both know the Feather doesn't work to compel me, but Brenna is convinced it will - and she wants to take me to her brother." That's… as far as she can get… right now. "I'd love to hear your thoughts."

Fenris chuckles. "A second set of eyes I can be. Do you know what it is they want you to do? Perhaps you should let them think they've won." It's a gambit and a risk, but it could get her a lot closer than she might otherwsie.

"I don't… apart from the woman putting me in front of her brother." Astryd watches Fenris carefully, nibbling at the bread and sipping her beer. "With our link… it might give us some level of control over the situation." she's not sure. There's a risk here, for certain… but it's been 300 years and she's never been this close. "I would gladly go before him, if I had the chance to get my feather."

"Assuming he keeps it on him. It may well be kept elsewhere, secured. I could try to scry it but if you've had no luck with that I suspect it's shielded somehow." Fenris muses. "Well, it's a plan. It'd need some delicate orchestrating. But it's possible."

"He won't keep it on him, Fenris" Astryd is a realist, at the very least. But even getting in front of the man may give her a chance. "I'm relying on the fact they don't realise what we can do… After all, the Feather Bearer story has been corrupted."

Smiling at the God-Wolf, Astryd indicates the laptop "We can do some planning…" she smirks at the other Asgardian diety "or we can hunt for a bit."

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