Itchy Gargoyles and Poison Ivy

September 26, 2015:

Esme had an encounter with poison ivy… the plant. Now she has a problem.

Clint's Apartment

Well it's clean… ish.


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Fade In…

Esme has snuck inside Clint's apartment via window while he was out. She wouldn't usually be so daring but the reason for her presence is pretty visible upon spotting her. She's curled up in the corner of the kitchen in her human skin. Her gown is barely more than rags and she's covered in posion ivy blisters. Why she didn't just stoneskin or form and heal herself isn't clear, except she does seem to be sleeping and she'd said before that she never sleeps in her human form.

Clint blinks. Okay. He'll have to talk to her at some point about knocking. Or at least covering up. If Kate walked in and saw this… well she probably wouldn't flip out but there would be questions and he couldn't blame her for that. "Esme?" Why is she covered in rashes? Can rocks get rashes?

Her wings flutter first and then her lashes. Purple eyes blink in confusion at Clint. Where is she? What happened? She scratches one of the patches on her arm and moans softly in distress. "It feels bad. All over." She moves a bit and a three leaved bit of plant falls from her hair. "Esme is frightened." And itching madly.

"You look like you rolled in poison ivy. Don't itch that'll just spread it." She needs calamime lotion and a hot shower. "And you need some clothes. Ugh… okay. Get up, carefully, and go to the shower at the back. Shower and then spread the liquid in the pink bottle all over you. It'll help a bit." He hopes. Clint has no idea how that stuff workd on gargoyles.

Esme goes into the room he's point her at and find the bottle. She understands how to work the shower only because she's been watching people to learn and that includes peering inside windows as he's discovered. Normally this would be exciting. Actually it still is a bit, despite her extrreme discomfort. "wheee. people shower. i am doing it!" she very softly cheers herself on. After she rubs the lotion all over she finds a pair of towels and wraps them around herself. That is what the people did. "oooooh this pink feels gooood. So good. Smells weird. Thank you!" She smiles shyly as she comes out of the bathing room.

When she comes out Clint's located a shirt that's likely too small and some sweat pants that are… also likely to short but they'll fit. "Put these on. Not good to go around naked. Okay. So. What happened?"

Her eyes light up at the new clothes and she immediately drops the towels to get them on. This shirt has those thin strap sleeves and its easy to stretch the back and poke her wings out without actually ripping holes in it. Modesty is another one of the many things she doesn't know about or hasn't yet experienced. "Oooh so pretty!" Esme busies herself with gently patting the cloth and looking down at it for a few moments. Oh! He asked her a question. Wide-eyed she looks back up. "Sorry! I wanted to see more people and went to a building and hid with it. I got startled when I saw Astryd." She blushes a bit. "Fell off the building. Met people. Astryd didn't yell but said no more going out in the day." She looks sad but then flushes more and her eyes glisten. "Ladies we're so nice to me. The man was not." Her wings pull in tight against her back. "Didn't like Esme. I'm not a person. Can't be one and I want to. I found some pretty bushes and hid after the ladies left." She moans softly. "Bad bushes. Bad."

"Uh yeah. Poison Ivy… does that." She's already experienced. "Glad you're meeting people but do be careful." And try not to be naked oding it. That is key. "Not everyone will be nice. Who is Ast- wait. The angel valkyrie person. Right. I remember her."

Esme nods. "She scary but… nice. I think. Some woman tried to.. not sure. Didn't look good but then Esme and the others scared the woman away. Esme didn't mean to! They gave Esme people food! A different kind!" Her face scrunches in delight and some of her distress fades. "Lunair and Wanda." She remembers the names. "They know how to make clothes!!"

"I've not met either. But I'm glad you did." Though he hopes their normal. Esme could usesome normal and she's sure as hell not going to get it around him. "Alright. Well, I need to head out. You be okay?"

Esme nods. She feels much better and this should hold her til dawn. She'd stubbornly avoided hardening her skin because she wants to be a person and the strange man had hurt her feelings. She's not quite so distraught now. New clothes! and a shower! "I will go perch on my roof now. Thank you Clint!" Esme smiles brightly and exits through the window. She isn't normal either so she'll be okay with and someone is going to teach her the clothes making!

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