Questions and Clarity

September 27, 2015:

Fenris helps Jesana to realize that she's Coyote's Daughter. She'll do as she wills. The path before her may be ever changing but coyotes are nothing if not adaptable.

Gotham Harbor-The Den

Jesana's home and den.


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Fade In…

Jes asked Fenris to come over. There are a few things she wants to show the God-Wolf and a few questions she's thinking of asking. She's had a lot of time to think lately but she feels like she's just going in circles and she's running out of time to decide what to do. When he arrives the door is open and so are the windows, allowing the cool breeze off the harbor to fill the boat.

It's pretty fake lemon and pine scented inside. She's been cleaning..well, everything really. Obliverating the last bits of her previous lovers scent and just, generaly tidying up she's neglected for awhile. Currently she's sitting at the bar holding and ice cold can of coke to her forehead and muttering about the smell. "Who makes this shit?! Pine and lemon my ass. Smells like chemicals. Seriously, some should take a pine cone and a lemon and shove them right up-" She pauses and opens the the can to take a drink.

Fenris arrives by Portal. He uuuuuusually does. Just as she's lemon and pining anything even remotely Ollie scented. "Hey you. Are you…" Spray. "Oooookay. So let's start again. Hi."

Jes blinks and sneezes. She looks a little miserable. "Oops sorry." She sets down the spray bottle and sighs. "Hi." Jes moves and hugs Fenris and then smiles, looking a little less depressed. "I'm okay. I just realized i can't keep avoiding my home. Which I actually love anyway. So now it's clean and should be fine. Only.. well. It's a long story. I have some questions about the wards you did, and the .. place in my closet." Jes turns and grabs a coke from the fridge for Fen too. "How are you?"

Fenris walks over and gives the young woman a tight hug. "I'm fine." He knows she's miserable. He can smell it. "I'm okay. You sent a message though. You wanted to talk?" He doesn't let go of the hug. She needs it.

The tension and stress slowly starts to melt away and Jes sighs again but this time its more of a relieved sound. His scent still comforts her and though she's spent alot of time alone lately, she still craves physical contact as much as ever. "I did. Or, I do. I don't know enough about how magic and godstuff works. I met this person that I think needs help, or at least, a friend. Kind of a healer. He made me feel better just talking to him and I actually went there to help him."

Jes shakes her head. Sneaky and she isn't sure the man had even been aware of it. "They have this effect on magic though that shuts it down and he can't turn it off. I wanted to figure out if there is a way to keep the wards intact if he comes here, and maybe.. well, what would happen if he went into the closet? Is it all magic, or divine power, or something else? I mean, I think that the cave on the otherside is just a cave. Somewhere there is a tunnel to Giizhigong but it's blocked off until "I'm ready to go there." She rolls her eyes. Talking to her Father is… well its interesting at any rate.

"I wouldn't just invite anyone here. It's secret and safe and all mine. Also, I don't want anyone getting eaten by whatever my stepfather has looking for me. This guy I think would just fry it though." Which honestly, she'd be okay with at this point. She desperately doesn't want to kill her adoptive father or whats left of him, a second time. He hadn't been around much but he'd cared for her. There is more she has on her mind and Fen likely senses that but she isn't quite ready to get to that yet.

"That depends on how he's doing it and whether or not it can be over powered. Some people just nullify magic around them. It's usually genetic or… paranormal. Sometimes that field can be overpowered and sometimes its like a void. If he can null your magic, it may be fairly powerful." Fenris considers. "Anyway, why would you want to bring him here and what kind of help do you think he needs?

"It affected me but not as much as I think it would Zee. I was actually going to test it and his reaction to me being coyote but he got a little freaked out that it was too dangerous for the baby. That is one of the things, when he gets emotional it scares him and his light flares brighter without control. It burns things. He burned the leaves when we surprised him in the bark and was afraid he'd burn me. I think if he can learn its okay to feel things and not fear it, it will help him keep control of his power. He thinks he'll never have a normal life, or kids. Because he can't.. you know, not burn someone to death."

She considers Fen's next question for a few moments. "I offered him my spare room." Jes answers honestly. "He doesn't have a home, and doesn't take care of himself. He's half starved and I doubt he has more than two pairs of clothes and they were… He doesn't think that he matters. I think I could help him and.. I'm.." She looks around and doesn't meet Fen's eyes. "I'm lonely, I guess. Not like, jump into another relationship lonely. Not even going there. It's just so fucking quiet, living by myself. I've never done it before. It was nice at first but now.. it'd be nice having someone else here. There aren't that many people I'd trust enough to let live here, and none of them need a place to stay. This guy wouldn't hurt me. Not purposely anyway."

"Mmmmmm…" Fenris considers. "Well try it and see how it works out is all I can say. I can come and study him at some point. It's possible I can figure out what he is and why he's doing that. Beyond that just be careful. Same as you would for anyone." Another squeeze. "Sorry you've been so lonesome."

"I'll be careful and I want him to meet you but it needs to not be a surprise. Poor guy doesn't do too well with those. He.. he heals children. At the hospitals." And that is her other reason for wanting to help this stranger. Jes adores children, someone who nearly kills themselves to help them.. she'd be all over taking care of that person even without the strong maternal instincts surging through her right now.

Jes hugs Fenris and shrugs a bit. "Not your fault. There was all the stuff going with Darque and the necromancers. I wasn't in a position to be much help and I didn't want to distract anyone. I'm getting close now." Jes rubs her stomach. She looks conflicted. "I had a talk with my Father and I've noticed a few things lately. My life was pretty dangerous before all of this. Now, its just always going to be this way especially if I'm developing the ability he hinted at.

All the people I care about or spend time with end up dead..or at least most of them have. At some point you kinda have to admit its not a coincidence. I asked the Titans if they wanted me to leave instead of come back and told them who my Father is. They said we're a team and their hard to kill and I shouldn't worry so much. I'm thinking about this baby though and what kind of life this would be for it and.. if I got another one of my children killed.. I couldn't bear that. I can't.." Jes sniffles. She doesn't know what to do and all the thinking in the world hasn't helped her sort it out. "I thought that I was ready to give them up, but talking to that healer guy.. I just don't know."

"Don't give up Jes. Never give up. I can't say it's going to be easy, but I can tell you that it will be okay." Fenris, after all, made out okay. Yes he had to go through thousands of years worth of imprisonment and madness but…

Okay, mayyyybe he's not the best example to be using.

Jes kind of half laugh/half cries. She can follow the gist of his thoughts at least. She closes her eyes and is quiet for a very long moment. "I almost never take longer than a minute to decide something. It's just how I am. This though, it's been tearing me up for months now. I know what I want to do and I always do what I want. I guess this isn't the time to change that. I'll figure out how to make this work. There are things I'm going to have to get used to if I want my life to go the way I have in mind." She knows there will be more children if that is the case, and if she continues her quest for some form of immortality, there will be more seeing them die. That doesn't mean she should never have them in the first place. Just that she should enjoy them while she has the chance and possibly bringing a little more magic into the world after all that Darque stole.. that isn't a bad thing either. "I want to show you something." Jes heads for the closet in the hall.

"It's my den." There is a short stone hallway she walks down. It's rather dark, and stoney but then opens up into an underground cavern. Fresh water falls down the back of one wall and into a stream that disappears beneath another wall nearby. The sulfur and mineral scent give way the hot spring just down another tunnel. By chance or purpose a small natural stone chimney is off to one side and the makings for a fire beneath it. Jes has built a nest of pillows and blankets and animal furs. She's built a little wooden pen and has a crib next to it. "I think that this cave is here on earth somewhere, but at least a part of it or one of the tunnels goes to Giizhigong. It's safe and warm and no one knows about it but some of the Titans and now you."

Fenris steps through and looks around smiling. "It's nice Jes. Warm. Safe. I can see why you like it here." He sniffs and smiles. "Do you spend a lot of time here?"

"Yeah. I have lately. Getting it ready and well, it only smelled like me, the water and rocks. I never let anyone else in before. It's peaceful here and when I sleep I have those dreams sometimes, like I told you, when I saw Reese at your place. Sometimes I dream about things I don't understand or I either don't dream at all or don't remember it. Coyote likes it here too. She thinks its a good place to have pups." Jes looks slightly nervous. When Lynwen checked her, she'd only been a few weeks along. Coyotes rarely have just one. She's half coyote and she knows this baby shifts when she does.. if there is more than one.. it's going to be.. not unexpected exactly but still a bit of a shock.

"Probably is. Better than a hospital to be sure." There's all kinds of unpleasant surprises that could come up from being in a hospital with… special children. Very special children. "Is that what you're going to do?"

"Yes. I told Gar when he asked. No hospitals! I cannot stand them. So much stink of sickness and death and there spirits and ghosts and so many terrible emotions. Plus, all the humans who would freak out." She shudders and growls softly, imagining someone trying to harm or take her baby, or her away somewhere. "No hospitals." She repeats. "I'm not too young and nearly dead this time. It should be easy enough. Everything about this pregnancy has been different and easy." …"Well. except for the hormones. I can't really complain about that though, they aren't telling me to do anything I don't want." It has been a good thing the small shower in the boat has mostly cold water though.

Fenris chuckles. Yes, he's aware of the things Jes usually likes. "Well good. Are you staying here tonight or… going elsewhere? And have you eaten? I get the feeling you probably eat a lot these days." He's sure she gets out but it's still good to ask.

Her stomach rumbles loudly at the mention of food and Jes rolls her eyes and sighs. "I am hungry. I've been trying to not go anywhere unless I'm meeting someone. My random trips out for food haven't been so random lately. I got shot at and then I was almost blown up." Jes frowns. Seriously she needs to find out who those snipers were, but the missing building crisis is a little more important right now. "I saw this guy at a disaster site with May. He smelled like.. like a plant. Kinda. That weird mossy like stuff." Her expression brightens. She's still amazed when she comes across something, or someone new to her. For a moment there is a glimpse of the silly puppy thinking cotton candy was some kind of magical trick. A part of her that's been very absent of late.

"May meets very odd people. It's her curse, I think." Fenris sounds amused about that. Then again, he is very generally amused by things that other people might not find quite so funny.

Jes actually laughs. She usually is too. "I don't really like SHIELD but May is alright. More than alright, really. She's wicked too. The good kind. The person I told you about? She wanted to meet with him but had no way to get a hold of him. Since he was healing people at the last disaster and has these big golden wings of light, every one and himself think he's an angel. So her plan to grab his attention was for more to bring a bunch of blood to the park, for her to take this drugs that mimic death and then I would pour the blood around her. I think it was just dumb luck that he flew over head and saw us. And there is this hot little scientist lady with May alot, Dr. Simmons. She said May should let her be the one to take the drugs. May looked at her for a moment and said "Okay." I really don't think anyone expected that and its hilarious now. I was.. a little growly then." Jes admits with a faint blush.

"You were, were you?" Fenris looks amused again at Jes and motions for her to follow. "About Simmons?" He's met Simmons. He gets along with Simmons. More or less. She didn't like it when he knocked Fitz out but there you go.

"I think its the hormones mostly. I mean, she's pretty normally I'm sure but every time I see her I want to drag her into the bushes. She's completely oblivious and I keep looking like an idiot or, crazy. Now every time she and May see me they fuss at me. I sorta panicked when I accidently said "You're hot" aloud and it kinda spiraled from there. Now I just blame anything weird I do on being pregnant. They think I'm all weak and pathetic and that sucks but.. getting fussed over by two pretty ladies…" Jes grins. She can't help it. This part of her is more wild and free than before and she'd been pretty unrestrained back when she was trying to be human.

"I would have thought you'd enjoy that." Fenris snorts. "Don't tell me the attention makes you nervous."

Jes laughs. "I do enjoy it, just not the being thought of as a helpless pregnant lady part. I'm totally taking advantage of it while it lasts though. Besides, it's not a good idea to argue with May."

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