The Dreadnaughty

September 24, 2015:

Black Widow encounters the Dreadnaught




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Fade In…

Late one night in Metropolis….

A bright light has been seen just off shore of the city, but it has so far, been attributed to an unusual bloom in biolumenscent organisms….

… But that had changed when observers on the beach at night reported that a weaponized machine broke the surfacve of the water, and proceded to march up the beach. When a beach patrol ATV came near it to investigate and check the situation over, the machine had dispached not only the riders, but had destroyed the ATV, said the observbers, who then decided it best to evacuatel, leaving thier phones on the beach in their haste.

And now, still not completely reported, The Warmachine unit from another, parallel universe, was treading the streets of Queensland Park, the noise of the machine now starting to rouse residents with it's machanicaly clanks, whirs and grinding signature.
It begins to move towards a lightpost, and grips it with one hand, bending sl9ghtly untill it breaks with relative ease, now causing quite the ruckus, and goes down the street, snapping off lampposts, and putting them in a bundle under one arm….

SHIELD had been alerted to the strange happening and Black Widow had deployed on the scene with a small team of shield operatives hoping to take the mechanized beast down.

Unfortunately for the shield agents, it didn't seem like they were equipped to handle the Dreadnaught.

A Black SUV pulls up near-by and 4 agents get out along with Natasha and begin to observe the beast before attempting to open fire with stun rounds.

The rounds impact, breaking the rounds and some make a slight spider-web electric pattern on the outer layer of rust, which then flakes off in tiny flakes, followed by little trails of red dust, and the construct continues to move along, snapping the lamp posts like picking ripe fruit off a tree. No pace or behavior change at all. No response.

Natasha looks confused as the creature continues without concern and orders the agents, "Keep following it. We're going to need something heavier to take it down." She really didn't seem pleased with the insane robot running around Metropolis. Where was a Superman when you needed one.

For some reason, the machine slows to a stop and turns its body to look at the group… However, it's 'eyes' dont seem to be fixed upon anyperson, but at the SUV….
It turns the rest of its body that way, and begins to approach the van, a little bit faster than it's leisure pace before!

The SHIELD Agents resume opening fire on Dreadnaught this time with lethal rounds and Natasha seems to be skirting around the side of the street trying to get a good approach on the machine.

The SHIELD agents will watch as their bullets ricochet off the armor of the machine, One even hits a nearby window, the owners exclaiming in shock and surprize, and can be heard scuttleing for cover.

The machine Slows to a stop once again, and now, a loud, booming voice that sounds like it is coming from a megaphoine, says in a deep, electronic beritone, "Hostile activity detected, Neutralization protocol engaged!" And it dropps the bundle of light poles and raises a 25mm 6 barreled Chaingun/anti-material rifle. It loads a large clip that pops from its leg, and loads it to the rifle, the gun automaticly pulling the bolt back and chambering a round. Hands free. It zero's in on the agents with uncanny accuracy, and opens carefull fire!

Two of the four agents go down to multiple bulletholes in their bodies and the other two continue to open fire on Dreadnaught from cover. Natasha slips behind a car and starts to move up behind Dreadnaught, intending to stun him with her gauntlets.

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