September 25, 2015:

Gwen & Spearhead.

New York


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Fade In…

The alarms were sounding in a small liquor store as a group of costumed thugs began to rob it. The new york police were busy elsewhere and Spearhead had caught the alarm on his police scanner.

Spearhead Pulls His helmet over his head as he hearts the alarm go off. He was in an alley barely a block away, and once the helmet was fastened he set out at a run to the liqour store, readying a pistol and loading it with his special tranq bullets.

Three thugs run out of the alley with tek-9s and pistols right towars Spearhead; at the sight of the vigilante one of them screams, "It's the Punisher! Shit!" They open fire on him immediately!

The small calibre fire catches him half by surprize, the rounds pinging around and being stopped by his armor. He brings the AR-15 up and fires a few tranqs at the closest one, aiming for between the shoulder and neck, and closing in on the gang, and towards a curb trashcan filled with broken wood and furniture. "Sould be a little fun for today."

One of the thugs goes down to the tranq rounds and another is suddenly slammed into a wall as a hooded figure known as Spider-Woman leaps down near-by. She fires off some high impact webbing at the downed man and the one on the wall before telling Spearhead, "Last dance partner is yours big guy."

Spearhead nodds as he pops out of the cover and closes the sort distance left to the last Perp, Flicking out his police baton and giving the guy a decent */Thwack!/* on the throat, just enough to really hurt and make the guy go down… he'll be able to breathe…. after a few moments….

The other thug goes down without much of a fight and Spider-Woman shoots some more webbing at him before asking Spearhead, "So what do they call you? You're clearly not the Punisher."

"Spearhead's the name, fighting violence with a slightly lesser, modified violence is my game. And you sudarynya?" Mikial asks, using the russian equivelant of 'Ma'am'.

"Spearhead. I think I've seen you before. I'm Spider-Woman. Nice work with those thugs." She sounded rather young, "Well, it was nice working with you. Let me know if you ever need a hand with anything."

"We may have. Nice to meet you Spider-woman, and thanks. To be honest, they were some of the more easier one's I've tackled, which is a bit of a nice change of pace, I've had my share of holes put in me, that's for sure…. Nice way you took those two guys down, yourself. You sound pretty young… you a teen?" Mikial shakes his head, refocusing, "Anyways, how can I get in touch If I do?"

"Good question. Like, spraypaint a picture of a spider-woman mask on a billboard or something. I don't have a specific signal I respond to…" Gwen hadn't really thought of that before.

Spearhead chuckles, "Does it look like I carry Spraypaint?" He says, gesturing to the various grenades, ammo pouches and holsters on him..

"Nope. Until next time I guess Spearhead!" Gwen leapt towards the side of the building and begin to spider-parkour her way up!

Spearhead watches as Spider-woman spider woman's her way up, "Huh, That's a good trick…" he says after she has left sight, then turns and gets on his way again.

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