Organised Crime Ties

September 24, 2015:

Bobby and Brin meet up with Pepper to discuss CyCor


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Brins asked Pepper back to X-Red HQ to discuss the information they found on the Reavers and CyCor. Why get Pepper to come to X-Red and not go to her? Well, Brin hadn't been able to give the redheaded CEO a tour when she turned up previously and there's the issue of the little owlet that the brunette had adopted.

Looking after the owlet is going to be a learning curve - for sure - but for now, Brin has it in a large box, with hay in the bottom. Food is a little bit more challenging. But she's happy to learn, of course.

When Pepper gets there, Brin will be in the common area, with a pot of tea being steeped … and she'll be directed straight to Brin when she gets there.

Pepper Potts arrives right on time, and offers Brin a smile hello when she's directed over. "Ms. Myers. Thank you for asking me back. Were you wanting any further information regarding our contract?" Her greeting is friendly enough, but she's clearly thinking that her reason for being called back has something to do with the MSF / X-Red contract.

Brin stands to greet Pepper as she comes in and holds out her hand "Thank you for coming her, Miss Potts. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. And yes, that was part of the reason I asked you over." Gesturing to the table, Brin takes a seat and pours tea - she remembers what Pepper prefers from previously. "I didn't get chance to give you the tour, last time and I was hoping to discuss the CyCor information that Bobby mentioned. As you can imagine, any information on The Reavers is important to us."

Pepper Potts ahs and nods to Brinley, graciously accepting the tea. "Now that makes more sense. Which would you prefer to do first? Get the tour, or discuss the CyCor information?"

"Hello Pepper." Bobby pokes his head in. He looks tired. Which makes sense, he's been working quite hard and the continual transformation is taking its toll on him physically. "Mind if I sit in Brin? That is, if you're talking about what I think you're talking about."

"Not at all, Bobby. And yes, we're just about to discuss CyCor… among other things." Brin smiles at her teammate

"Given the tea is made, let's discuss the information. And then I'll take you on the tour." Handing a cup of tea to Pepper, she pulls her tablet out, she pulls up the data Bobby had found. "To recap, we found that CyCor was a subsidiary of Lobo Tech until it was divested, spun off and allowed to go bankrupt. Officially it folded years ago and its assets were bought out by various private bidders. The production facilities in China though? may have fallen into black market hands"

After showing Pepper the information, she smiles faintly "We were hoping that yourself and JARVIS would help us investigate." Tapping her phone, Brin looks a little shy "I know you gave us a direct link to JARVIS, but I'm sure given the ties to Lobo Tech, you would like to be involved yourself." beat "Would you like tea, Bobby?"

"JARVIS did some digging for you, and what he found is … interesting." Pepper pulls her tablet from her bag and sets it on the table, and the display lights up with a list. "These are the factories that used to belong to CyCor. Of those factories, these were all bought by startup companies." Nearly all of the list. "And every one of those startups failed within five years." It's clear by her expression that she senses something is … not right.

"All of them?" Bobby knows that the failure rate in small business is fairly high but for all of them to have failed is indeed… very strange. "What happened to the assets after the businesses went under?" Aka, who owns them now. "And I'd love some tea."

If Pepper asks JARVIS to dig deeper, they will find that most of the defunct companies are being used as fronts for Organised crime. And it certainly looks like all of the facilities failed.

Brin pours a cup of tea for Bobby and pushes it over in his direction. "It seems a little strange, doesn't it? Can JARVIS help us with finding out what happened to the assets, Miss Potts?"

JARVIS' voice emits from the tablet, as if he'd been listening in over the device. (DUH.) "Ms. Myers, I am processing the data now." And indeed, the data starts to appear on the tablet's screen, as if being displayed the moment the data is gleaned.

Bobby sips the tea slowly as he listens. He can't read the data, it's on Pepper's tablet and he's not going to be looking over her shoulder. "The extra processing power would certainly be handy." Whatever JARVIS is doing it seems to be working. "If the subsidiaries have failed though, legally, that doesn't leave us many options. Lobo Tech doesn't 'own' them so they're not responsible. But… we might be able to just go have a look if they're defunct…"

Brin nods to Bobby as she waits for Pepper to share what JARVIS has found. "Thank you JARVIS." She's still thinks that JARVIS is likely a person. "I think a site visit is in order, Bobby." Particularly if they are defunct.

Pepper Potts sets her tablet flat on the table so the others can see the display as well. "If that isn't all kinds of suspicious, I don't know what is." She turns the tablet so it's right side up to Brinley. "If you two decide to go look at these places, please be careful."

Bobby leans over. He's not a financial wiz like Pepper nor really business minded like Brin but even he can see that the accounting on those various startups is… wonky. "That's… not normal is that? Or legal." Those factories… yep. They seem to have fallen into bad hands. And there's an excellent possibility they're still in them. "I wonder if they really are defunct."

"Organised crime fronts?" Brin reviews the data and shows Bobby. Seeing he's worked it out. "No, it's not normal. It /might/ be legal… but … "It doesn't look like they are still active. But, there's only really one way to tell, right?"

Taking a sip of her tea, Brin looks at Pepper "We'll be careful." It might not be her and Bobby. But… Brins certainly keen to take a look.

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