An Angel Meets A Coyote

September 26, 2015:

After meeting an Angel in the park with Agent May and Dr. Simmons, Coyote decides he needs a friend.


A small park near Staten Island


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Much like (well, Exactly Like) the previous time they met, the location is a small, quiet park near the center of Staten Island. This time, however, Joel is the first to be in the park, and the night is a bit earlier: there are some joggers and dog-walkers around. Joel has no hope of hiding himself, and doesn't: he's seated on the TOP of a swingset in the park, wings partially folded, looking at something or other in his hands. He's easy to see from anywhere in the park, really: always an obvious Beacon.

Jesana enters the park after quickly scouting the entrance and exits and eyeing the people about carefully. She's wearing flip flop sandals, a loose jean jacket and a blue summer dress because its also loose and fits. One hand has the bag he left behin and her other is cradling several large fast food bags to her chest. She is going to feed this poor guy, dammit. After deciding it looks safe, she walks over to Joel. "Hello." Jes smiles up at him.

"Hi," Joel calls down, spotting her approach, of course. He is out in the open — which makes him easy to see, but also less likely to be sneaked up on. Not that she was trying. He puts the item in his hand away into the front pouch of his sweatshirt, and hops down off the swingset. His light intensifies a little, but he doesn't seem fearful. "Thank you for bringing it. I don't know if you looked in it— but I keep the cards people make for me."

"I did, but only because I didn't want it to get left behind or thrown out if it was important." Jes smiles. Everything is as he left aside from the stale bagles. She's replaced them with fresh ones. "Hey, there's a table over there and I have plenty of food here, even for me. Would join me?" She's got a bag of burgers and one of fries, another with several hotdogs and the last bag is plain paper and filled with donuts.

While Joel isn't a begger, he doesn't seem prideful, either, when he smiles and nods. "Sure," he agrees, but not in a ravenous way. A little bit more on the careful, reserved side, though. Maybe she has an ulterior motive again. "Good heavens, what did you bring?" he asks, actually taking in the amount of STUFF, dodging in to take a bag that looked like it might get dropped if her grip shifted.

"One of them has a pepsi and a bottle of water. Take whichever you prefer." Jes smiles. "I got a burgers, fries, hotdogs, donuts. Hopefully napkins somewhere." She laughs. If his magic dampening is bothering her, Jes isn't letting it show. "I'm not great at cooking and I get a discount for this stuff because its on the same street where I work sometimes." As she talks she finds the napkins and spreads a few out to lie the food on as its taken from the bags. She wasn't kidding, there's eight hotdogs in the one and the same amount of burgers in the other.

"What kind of job do you have?" Joel asks, in a totally normal-person type of conversational way. If he weren't glowing nearly gold enough to make their camp a bright daylight picnic, this could have been a regular situation. He doesn't pounce on the food, showing good restraint. He does take the water, though, and starts going after the fries.

Jes takes the pepsi. It's her favorite thing right now since she can't have scotch. She also scarfs half a chilidog before remembing she has a packages of reeses cups in her pocket. She breaks one in half and lines the chili dog with it. "I know that probably seems gross but its just, a pregnancy thing I guess. I eat them everyday lately." Jes shakes her head and finishes the remaining half. She isn't selfconcious over her scarfing at all.

"I workout at this place in Gotham. It's this huge old warehouse. It for people who, well, non-humans. The focus is on boxing but they have other stuff going on too. I'm not in a way to be fighting right now so I've been cleaning there a few days a week. I don't make a lot but I don't have very many needs really. What do you do?" Jes busies herself with getting another chili dog so she doesn't make him nervous as they talk.

To say he doesn't bat an eye at the chocolate on the chili dogs would be a lie: both eyebrows lift really high, but he only grins about it after watching her eat it. Certainly strange, but he doesn't question it. "Eat what tastes good," Joel votes supportively. He doesn't scarf, he has some polite training which suggests he hasn't been street very long. Not getting it all over himself and so forth. He might clean up nicely, take him to all the great parties.

Joel doesn't seem nervous, just attentive. Watchful, but not on guard. "I don't have a steady job really. I have hospitals and clinics in a route, and I visit a lot of churches. Sometimes I speak at those. Sometimes at shelters. It varies. I try to visit as many as I can, there's never enough time." He has a burger and the fries he's working on, with a sort of intentional slowness that might be hard to decipher the reason behind.

"I'm not gonna judge how you eat." Jes smiles. "I eat things that most people won't touch and table manners are a thing that I forget most of the time." She looks up as she readies a third hotdog and studies Joel thoughtfully. "So, this work you do. They don't pay you much and you won't ask for it because you're saving lives. That's admirable but where do you live?" It might be clear that she's been thinking about him since the meeting in the park and trying to figure him out.

Joel looks confused. "It usually doesn't pay /anything/," Joel says, as if asking for money would be a really strange idea to him, when she mentions it doesn't pay much. "Sometimes people donate, but not usually, and I often don't let them," Joel adds, as if realizing he should clarify. "I don't do it to make money. I stay at churches mostly. I have some friends I stay with, but I don't like to be a burden to them. If I don't have somewhere, I just… keep visiting people and helping them… until I do. …Why so many questions?" Joel asks, puzzled. He is apparently not aware that there's something confusing about himself or that needs figuring. He doesn't change how he eats at all when she brings it up: evidently that's how he eats. Just kind of slowly.

Jes eyes him for a few moments as she sorts through her thoughts. "I know what it's like to not have a permenant place to stay, to always be moving. It's not restful or comfortable and can be dangerous. Probably not so dangerous for you in a church.. you look like an angel. Outside of there though, you could still be targeted. I don't know what kind of friends you have, and I don't mean this as an insult but a real friend wouldn't find you a burden. I lived with one of mine for months when she found me and learned I was in danger. And I was a burden then. I was sort of, phsyically attached to her. Anway, my point is… I have a spare room. I'm not using it. I own my place and the utlities are paid for the next year or so. So you're welcome to it if you want."

Joel starts to get uncomfortable, and it ripples through his aura, a shine starting to tremor as his intensity ramps a little bit, then back down. He fidgets a little and looks at his food, breaking gaze - which he previously didn't have a problem holding, until he started to turn shy or embarrassed. "I'm aware lots of people hate folks like me, I've been targeted," Joel says, slowly. "And some of my friends… they have magic. It's not /fair/ to be there. Also … well. I've had someone ask me to stay with them because they hoped I'd remove their cancer. I don't do that." Joel flicks his eyes up, but it has a depth of sadness, a worry for her. That she wants something he can't do. His light starts to intensify, with some blush in his face and neck. Jes, with her knowledge of body language, will no doubt pick up that his glow intensity has to do with his emotional shifts. Specifically it's starting to be apparent that it connects to his level of calm.

"Shhhh. It's okay." Slowly Jes reaches to take his hand, if he'll let her. If not she'll just rest it on the table near his. "I was afraid that might be the case. It's not really possible for you to blend in anyway. I don't want anything from you Joel. I'm not sick, or hurt or dying and if I were then there are people who would take care of me, if my Father didn't. It's just.. I can read most people pretty well. You seem like a good guy having a difficult time. And I saw the drawing in your bag. I really love children."

Her voice breaks with emotion during the last few words. "My life has had way more dark than good in it of late. It'd be nice to be able to help you out. I also hate seeing people be attacked just because they don't fit the standard definition of human. If I can help shield you from some that, I want to do it."

It isn't Joel's natural response to pull away from touch, and he doesn't do so. He isn't hard-wired spookable. He's extremely warm though; he's giving off an increasing level of heat with the aura flare. "I like the drawings," Joel says lamely. The wings lift and rise and flutter uselessly, passing into the bench and table: they have no substance, it's just pure light. He kind of curls them in around him more, which makes him hard to look at - defensive thing. And it's getting up towards potential sunburn for a normal human.

He starts to glow a lot heavier when her emotion comes to her voice, mostly. The angel is clearly extremely empathetic. "I don't know," Joel hedges, unsure. And, suddenly realizes how bright he is-, and jerks back. In fact, enough to kind of haul off the bench and nearly dump himself in the grass. "Agh, I'm sorry. I'll burn you just a moment," Joel says, quickly, horribly embarrassed. He lifts both hands to his face and breathes out, murmering his quiet prayer. A few beats later, the light will start to diminish. He's calming himself down.

Jes stays seated because she doesn't want to alarm him more, or embarrass him further and getting down on the ground is alot more annoying for her right now than usual. "I don't burn so easy." She says softly instead. "I can take a hit or a fall that would kill a human and keep going. I'm also an indian and my skin isn't so easy to burn as a white person's. You don't need to worry about that. I'm not. Besides, I've got a recipe for this bitchin herbal burn salve. It's good stuff. I make it for this guy I know that gets burned alot."

She keeps her voice loud enough to be heard, but not more than that and very calm. "It was a lovely drawing. Kids are.. they're special. I would've kept it too." She's smiling, even if he can't see it.

Joel doesn't snap at her, but he does seem to mostly ignore her while he's calming himself down. He's good at it, he manages to drop the aura way down, further off than it was when he was on the swingset. He relaxes both shoulders and drops his hands, calmly coming back to the table, but avoiding looking at her too much - a shyness and guilt on that.

"The kids' drawings? Yeah. I like to help them. I can't have any, so maybe I keep the drawings, it's not so bad? I guess I try not to think about it." Well, he just dropped that emotional bomb like it was nothing, but he's in a personal serene place, it appears. He isn't looking at her, though, just finishes his burger quietly.

Jes is pretty good at putting things together. "It's hard for you, your emotions make your power bounce around and flare up, right? That doesn't mean you can never have kids or be with someone. I can think of several things that might help." She looks down at her stomach and sighs softly. "I thought I was sterile. I had a baby years ago, far before I was ready and at the same time I was recovering from.. a terrible event. I was bedridden for months and at the end I was told it'd never be a possiblity for me again. Imagine my surprise when I realized I was pregnant a few months ago."

"Here I am with something I wanted so desperately for so long and I'm even in a space and place where I could.. only I can't. My life is too dangerous. I won't risk losing any more of my babies." She returns his emotional bombshell with one of her own. Honesty is the only course here, if she wants to be able to help Joel. She wants him to know he isn't alone. That she understands at least partly.

"It's a punishment for not being selfless and serene," Joel answers, though it sounds like he's not sure he believes that; maybe he was told that a lot of times, so it stuck. Jes gets his full attention when she talks about her baby, a sort of rapt quietness. Probably not surprisingly, he's an awesome, empathetic listener. He also pays attention to actions, and when she explains the last part, he'll mimic her movement before- to cover her hands in his. Now that he's not melting anyone, and is obviously watching his emotions closely, he's willing to touch. He only jerked away out of fear of harming, or something going out of control. "What makes life so dangerous?" Joel asks gently. He clearly moves focus off himself, often, to others, and helping /them/, and is doing it here.

"You aren't being punished, Joel. Of that I can assure you. I've spent enough time in your presence to see a little how your power works and how it reacts with your emotions. When you're upset, you lose control. That's understandable. It happens to a lot of mutants and even some magic users. It also happens to animals." She smiles when he takes her hand but then switches to a grin when she mentions animals. It fades though as she continues.

"I'm part of a group that works to protect the world's magic. That isn't a safe job. I'm also my Father's daughter and we think perhaps I am inheriting his ability to find, or bring, danger. In all the old stories about my Father, throughout several of the different Tribes one thing is common. He and his friends all die at the end of the adventure. Old Man Coyote rises again with the dawn. His friends do not. Neither will I, yet at least. If I were to keep this child, it's just far to likely they or I will end up dead. I'm a hunter and I'm drawn to dangerous situations. It's in my nature. I have enemies too and they hunt me. They'd take my baby too if they found out." She looks and sounds rather heartbroken as she talks about it. She hasn't been able to admit any of this aloud yet, not even to the few she trusts. It's too fresh and raw and she knows that this decision is right anyway. It just doesn't make it hurt less.

Joel doesn't tell her what she should or shouldn't do, or argue with any of it. He listens, considers parts of it. Clearly doesn't understand a lot of it, since the Coyote stuff he has no reference for, but this is often normal. People sometimes just need to say it, and talking through it can help them find relief or even answers for themselves. "I'm not sure that any job, or truly living, is really 'safe'," Joel says thoughtfully. "I have a hard time with separating a child from it's mother for any reason… but I think most things done from love are the right things," Joel smiles, in his softened, honest way.

"My daughter, she was.. she was innocent. I struggled and held on to deliver her and then gave her up to a family who could love and care for her without reservation. I was around fourteen and I knew I was too young. I also feared that I'd never be able to look at her with only love. Not when he presence and her very scent reminded me of what her father did to me. I don't know where she is, it was a closed adoption. I'm sure she's safe though and loved.

I had two other kids. Twins. I know I hardly look old enough, I'm not. When I was twelve I donated my eggs to my brothers wife. I never thought of those two as mine. They were my niece and nephew. Several months ago they were all violently killed by someone hunting me. It's a long story and none of it is good, as sad as I might be..

I'm not going to risk this ones chance to live and grow. I just have to find the right person. My daughter wasn't like me. This child will be. I can't just give them to a regular family." Jes blinks and then looks up at Joel with a sudden flicker of amusement in her eyes. "I came here to offer you help and damn if you didn't just help me figure that out. I haven't told anyone I've been thinking about this. I'd normally never tell someone I didn't know. You're good at this." She considers for a moment. "How are you around animals? Is it easier than with people? The emotion and power thing, I mean."

Through most of her talk Joel's just listening. She'll sense that he'll remember it, probably. He's not just thinking about other stuff. Joel smiles mildly when she tosses the compliment at him, though, and wrinkles his nose just a little bit… and winks at her. The first bit of actual /personality/ he's shown, really. And the first admission that yeah, he did do that on purpose. It pulls his appearance out of shy youth towards the young adult male he can be when he chooses. Possibly a bit confusing to see the switch, but he'll slide back towards harmless again, as if judging that to be what she'd prefer. "Animals? I suppose. I like animals, usually calming. I had a dog when I was growing up; he's with my parents now."

"A dog huh? Dogs are.. well. They're good companions for people. I just hate being compared to one. I'm gonna try something." She doesn't think doing her usualy stripandshift is a good idea here. It's not like she's modest or anything, at all. But extreme emotion is a bad thing for Joel at the moment. "There's a public restroom over there… I'm going to go in there and in about two minutes, I need you to walk over and open the door. I'll go in the guys side so its not weird." She doesn't think his power will affect her coyote form. She's got reason, and very good reason to believe that is part of her dna and also some kind divine stuff. This being a demigod thing isn't something she's even remotely gotten used to yet.

"Don't be nervous. I'm not going to hurt you or anything and I'll still be myself, just look different. At least, if you're willing to try." Jes smiles. "I know this sounds slightly nuts." Maybe less so if you think about the fact she's sitting here talking to a man with wings but..

Well, this is alarming. "….I don't mean to sound paranoid, but it might be easier if you told me what was going to happen instead of surprising me. I'm probably going to believe you," Joel says. "I'm not really the best at jump-scares and surprises," he says, but it's with a smile that suggests he, at least, doesn't think he'll be dangerous this time, but. "You trusted me with all of that, can you trust to tell me what you'd like to do?" A slight smile. "Or is it fun to startle people?" he asks, in an innocent, but actually deep, thoughtfulness.

"Oh, well. Startling wasn't what I had in mind, I'm just used to this being a thing that isn't very believable unless you've seen it. You've probably heard of like, werewolves right? People who can turn into wolves, or a wolf/human hybrid? I'm not a Were but I do something similar. I shift into a coyote. She's me and I am her. Always, no matter which body I am in, its both of us in it. I'm bigger than a regular coyote though, and faster. Obviously smarter since my mind is in there with her. I want to see how you react. It could be a way to help you relax and start getting used to physical contact. I would be an animal, but not. Does that make sense?" She asks.

Joel takes it fairly well. "…Okay," Joel says, clearly open-minded and willing to see this. He certainly isn't disbelieving her, but doesn't know how to feel either way about it. It doesn't seem negative; again: guy with angel wings that often works with very weird mutated people at clinics. "——I'm fine with physical contact," he says, a bit surprised by her statement about that. He held her hands and everything! "So you have two minds all the time? That must be difficult," observes Joel, pushing the topic back onto her. Again.

"….Is it dangerous to shift while pregnant?" Joel asks, with a spark of weird, protective worry, that has a little edge on it. Like the growl when she saw the inside of his paper bag. Just his growl is… subtle.

"Mm yes. I mean, more physical contact. The kind that leads to this." She pats her stomach as she gets up. "Difficult? No, not really. I've always been this way. Since I met my Father I've had a few issues with.. well, sometimes its more one of us than the other. I went a little wild at a campground a few weeks ago. I went hunting and kinda let coyote take over.

I was terrorizing campers when my friends found me." Jes blushes. Not one of her finest moments but she hadn't killed anyone. "And when I'm in heat.. she has more influence over deciding who we pick to be with." After his question she shakes her head. "Not dangerous but I can't do it as often. Usually I could shift a few times a day. Now I have to limit it. They shift with me but too much exposure and they might be very feral minded. Or just decide they like being coyote better than human. It's been weeks since the last time though, so it's fine." She smiles a bit at his worry and the slight growl. Where did this guy come from? He's just.. adorable and her own protective instincts and urges have been going wild since she met him.

A lot of that still is a bit hard to follow, but some pieces are starting to come together about it. Particularly a lot of things about prior pregnancy commentary, and now going into heat. He's getting better gists of it now — or at least, thinks he is. "Oh- I don't see a need to be okay with that much contact," Joel laughs briefly. "Well— Maybe finding controlled outlets to let that side of yourself out could help prevent uncontrolled outbursts at bad times?" Joel suggests, but not with a lot of energy, as he figures she's probably already tried that. He just can't avoid trying to help.
And now she's admitted that shapeshifting could be detrimental to her child. And Joel flushes and his aura pulses suddenly, as his emotions kick on, although his face stays pretty firm. "/What/? No way, then. Don't run an exposure risk— Not for /me/," Joel says, baffled by that. A risk for HIS benefit? This is crazytalk. His jawline tightens a little, and the aura turns his blue eyes towards burning. He'll push away a new friend before he'll be okay with her harming her infant.

Jes looks a bit startled but she isn't afraid of his power. Or him, actually. "Okay, okay. I won't. Honestly it wouldn't hurt me or the baby. I haven't shifted many times at all since I learned I was pregnant.

It's perfectly safe but if you're worried I won't do it. But you.. you need to stop putting everyone else ahead of you. You're important. You need to take care of yourself. It's okay to do that. This isn't a risk but if a friend did want to risk something because it would help you, or benefit you or, I dunno, save you if you were hurt or something.. that is their choice to make and you should let them. Life gets pretty lonely if you keep everyone away and at a distance because you're afraid of hurting them. Believe me. I know." She takes two steps foward and stands in front of him. "Have you ever heard of the Titans team? I'm one of them. Last week I went and offered to leave the team because of the person hunting me, and the likely probabilty of me being a danger magnent. They weren't having any of that, because they are my friends and my team mates and we take care of each other. We're stronger and better for it and they will be putting themselves into danger regardless of me being there. At least I can help them if I am."

Joel stands up too. Since she stood up. He's not going to just sit there. But he didn't lunge to his feet either. Just… echoed her movement. And put the wrapper to his burger down. "Jesana… look," he says, gently. "You're saying that you're stronger and better together with your close friends, even though you are being hunted. That the connection and being together is stronger than the danger. Yet you say the opposite with your child. That to protect her you must stay away, because you're afraid of hurting her. But I think she would rather be with you, despite the danger, like your true friends." Joel is just quiet, a sort of sad, thoughtful distance to him, as he also calms himself. "But I do barely know you. Maybe distance is appropriate sometimes, to protect others that don't deserve to suffer your problems?" He rubs one hand into his shoulder-length dark hair, a little restless, unsure about his own thought process about that, which, if he's incorrect, well.

"Yes and no to that. My team mates are all fighters. They are powerful and strong and do the hero thing on a regular basis. A baby would depend on me entirely and have no way to take care of it's self if I'm hurt or, dead. When I fight.. it's different than the others. I was trained and made to be a weapon for someone. A tool to further their goals. I fight without mercy or fear. In that moment I don't care if I live or die. The only thing that matters is the goal, whether that goal is defending, protecting, killing or even fleeing.

"I'll keep going until I can't. I've been trained to resist and ignore pain and things that would break a normal person, I just keep going. What kind of mother can I be when I'm like this? This baby will have at least some of my abilities. If the man who wants me found us.. he'd teach them just like he taught me. Only he'd probably succeed and I wouldn't be able to stop it. But.. you do have some good points. I haven't decided for sure yet. I've still got a little time. What I want doesn't really matter anyway. What's going to be best for them does. Thank you though. You're very kind" She smiles and he might see a bit of a wicked glint in her eye just before she darts forward and brushes her lips against his cheek. She's sitting back down and unwrapping a burger before he has a chance to react, and safely (she hopes) off to the side instead of right in front of him.

"What you want doesn't matter? Who's being selfless now?" Joel teases back, glad to not stay in the sad, depressing place he seemed to have wandered into. He blinks as she kisses his cheek, and perhaps doesn't react like she thought. He raspberries a little and tosses his burger wrapper at her. Playful. His aura doesn't react very much, a little brightening maybe. "Well, maybe I can work on being more than just an angel, and you can work on being more than a … trained… killer… Coyote," he suggests, picking through the last of the (cold) fries. Without thinking about it— intense light flows through his hands, and he eats the now warm fries distractedly.

Jes blinks and then grins. He just heated his food without even thinking about it. She thinks that's a good sign that he can learn not to fear his emotions and outbursts of power. If something like this has become natural then maybe the rest can too. It'll take time and the right kind of training.. but she can probably help with that. Jes scrunches up her own wrapper and playfully tosses it back. "I think you thought I came here with an ulterior motive and I said I just wanted to give your bag back and thats true, but I also want to be your friend. I don't know if you could use another but I sure can. I've been.. way too isolated lately. The changes I went through made me need time alone to sort it out and then I was in a relationship that went far very fast and ended.. just as ubruptly. Being a person, or around them, hasn't been my favorite thing. I think I'm over that now though. So the offer of the room still stands. I have a houseboat in Gotham Harbor. It's old and a bit.. well it needs some work but its clean and safe and there are only two or three people who even know where it is."

"Sounds like the ulterior motive is to procure a roommate that doesn't cause an electricity bill," Joel says, trying to lighten things, at least by his tone. Since they're throwing paper wrappers, that might be a fine direction, after all that really heavy conversation … within which he learned a pile of things about her, and he has explained very little about himself. Yet his actions told her a great deal about his views, probably. "I'm not any help with house repair, except that I can't fall off a roof," Joel sighs to her comment about repairs and needing work. "I've really only ever been good at… well the things I described, and music," he says, with a shrug, starting to pick up after himself— balling up the trash, collecting it in a bag.

"Oh it's totally livable. It just can't you know, boat." Jes shakes her head and then laughs. "Obviously I know nothing about sailing or, boating or whatever anyway. I think its wonderful though. It's the first place I've ever had that was mine to do whatever I want with. I don't love Gotham but this part of the harbour is quiet most of the time and like I said, all the utilities are paid for the next year or two. I'd have to check. I wouldn't mind having company. Especially when it's yours." She hopes that isn't too forward, that is a thing she struggles with. Most people seem shy about or embarrased by things that she finds natural and while she didn't entirely mean that as a come on, she also didn't not mean it as one.

If she meant it as a come on, he doesn't seem to understand that it was one. His awareness of flirtation seems stunted, probably for some obvious reasons or some strong denial he's got going on. "I don't mind listening to you talk about stuff. I just hope it's helpful to get to talk through it," he offers. "I like helping." No, really?

Jes laughs softly. "Yes, I've gathered. I like helping too, just in a different way. Healing isn't my gift." She isn't sure she'd call killing a gift but that is only part of what she does. Jes is many things and if things turn out the way The Old Man hopes, she'll be many, many more. "It was helpful, and this was nice. Parks are always my favorite places in the city and you are good company."

"I like to fly over the parks. Usually rooftops are my places. Bell-towers, when I can find them. I don't feel bizarrely out of place there, and nobody's staring or asking for things. …Not that I don't want to be asked," he says rapidly, frowning, as if frowning at himself for even thinking about alone time. For shame. "I'm tired. Maybe we can meet again another day," he suggests.

She'd figured she wouldn't be able to get him home with her today. Without resorting to kidnapping and abduction tactics. Which would totally defeat her purpose. That isn't how to make a friend. "I would love that. I should be getting back too. Need to work on a few things. Thanks for meeting with me Joel." She gathers up her own trash and tosses it before darting close to kiss his cheek once more. Not quite so quickly this time. "I'll look forward to it."

"Thanks for bringing me my card. I should probably toss out the bagels though, those are probably hard as rock," Joel says, unaware of her changing them out, and starts to remove the bagels without inspecting them closely. He may not have looked at them originally. The kiss makes him look at her a bit more directly, unsure if he's supposed to read something or if this is just something she does. Is she flirting? The confusion of the /possibility/ makes him blush and start to brighten. "Mmmmmmn." Eloquent.

It's her strength of will that keeps her from chuckling. He's so freaking adorable. She just wants to pick him up and squeeze him. Considering the donuts better anyway Jes picks up that bag and holds it out. "Here, take the donuts. I don't have much of a sweet tooth." Not entirely true but she certainly doesn't need a bag of fatty deliciouness right now. She's big enough thank you. "No problem. You know how to reach me if you need anything, or want to meet again." Jes smiles and turns to head towards the nearest ley line, stopping once to look back over her shoulder.

"I don't either, usually," Joel says, but doesn't mind taking the donuts. He seems cheery about it. There is a shelter that he suddenly thinks of — Little Karen there LOVES sweets. That would make her so happy to have one…. Joel doesn't need a donut. If only he could live on other people's joy, but that's another issue for another time. He now has a new errand before he can rest. And then maybe another. This is all normal to the restless angel. "Thank you," Joel says, simply. "Goodnight!" He starts to add something, but decides not to. So he'll stick with Goodnight. His wings open and he smoothly rises into the air. If he waved goodbye, hard to tell - his intensity is pretty strong.

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