No Live Animals

September 21, 2015:

Brin decides to check out what a client is sending through Illy's delivery service…

X-Red HQ - Ne York


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X-Red HQ and in one of the delivery bays there's a set of boxes… obviously for transport by Magik. Interestingly though, Brin's checking them… opening the lids, peering inside and resealing them.

Dressed in an X-Red tank top and jeans, her hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail. Her tablet and phone, rests on one of the boxes she's just checked - they're really never far from the brunette.

To say that Brin checking boxes before transport is unusual, is an understatement…

"What are you doing, Brin?" Colossus says as he enters the delivery bay, a backpack tossed over one broad shoulder. He looks like he just got back from work outside of the building, sweat still glistening on his brow. "Smuggling is new past time?"

Turning to face him as he speaks, Brin offers a faint smile. "You might say that. Last week, Illyana did a transport job and the client had decided to put sedated animals inside the boxes." With a small shake of her head "When she delivered them, they were freaked out - sedated or not, travelling through Limbo is not something animals tend to like. And Illyana wasn't so happy herself."

Gesturing to the boxes "So…. I'm doing a spot check. Same client, just making sure they understood." beat "It's beyond me why they did it though."

There's still a couple of boxes left to check "You look like you're just getting in, how're things?"

"Some men they just want to see world burn," Colossus says as he approaches, lifting one of the boxes's tops to peer inside for any traps or planted spies of the furry variety. "Is just fine, just fine! Good workout, feeling top. Illyana will be transporting these as well?"

Smiling again as he helps check the boxes, Brin throws him the packing tape and starts to open the next box. "Mmmhmmm. It suits her - no need to interact with people and it's a unique service 'When it absolutely has to be there yesterday'" Illyana's nature is such that she needs 'managing' and Brins starting to become adept at that… well sort of.

When Piotr opens the box, he'll find three baby owls, sedated and sleeping inside.

"I have found tiny baby stowaways." Colossus whisper-informs, gently reaching inside and bringing out a completely sedated baby northern whet owl, whose golden eyes only appear as thin slits. "This client is troublemaker, clearly. Cute birds though." He very gently places the first bird on top of box. "Wild animal most likely?"

Brin and Piotr and in one of the delivery bays at X-Red HQ. Currently, one of the boxes is open and Piotr has set a tiny, baby, sedated Northern Whet Owl on top of the box.

Brin blinks and looks at the baby owl as Piotr sets it on top of the box. "Oh… that is cute." and she moves to stroke the downy head - Brins a bit of a city girl in that regard. The little owl, although sedated, seems to look at her as she does.

Good thing she's normally quiet but she does speak a little more quietly. "Most likely wild, yes. And this client… they've been with us a while, why would they start doing this now?"

"Schoolboy flirting? Find something annoying, do it until get notice from girl?" Colossus says, shrugging his broad shoulders. Hey, nobody said he needed to develop honed intuition skills! He smiles as he sees her pet the bird, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Is question though - is it as cute as you?"

Pepper Potts has made a point of travelling to X-Red's new home base to try and speak with Ms. Myers. She inquired about the young woman at the front entrance, and was led here. Of course, she wasn't expecting to be interrupting something….

"Ms. Myers?"

"Schoolboy flirting?" Brin glances up at Piotr, that wasn't such a bad idea … extrapolated… and certainly something to look at. she quickly rests her cheek against Piotrs hand on her shoulder and then colours … "Uh… it has to be cuter… are you trying to flatter me, Piotr?"

Turning on Peppers greeting, Brin smiles again "Miss Potts, a pleasure to see you see here." scooping up the little owl and holding it carefully against her, she gestures to Piotr "This is Piotr Rasputin, another X-Red team member. What brings you here today."

"Trying? Succeeded." Piotr responds, turning at Pepper's greeting as well. He nods, stepping aside so the two women can speak. "We met. Misunderstanding with woman with wings." He remembers! He looks down into box, "Two more owls. Where do we put them?"

Pepper Potts smiles amusedly at Brin, an then offers Piotr a nod and a more sincere smile hello. "I was wondering if we could go over some of the contract information we discussed the other day?" That's about when she sees the owl that Brin is holding. "Are those orphaned hatchlings?"

Brin, Piotr and Pepper are in one of the delivery bays at X-Red HQ. Currently, one of the boxes is open and Brin is holding a tiny, baby, sedated Northern Whet Owl.

"Succeeded… yes" Brin murmurs to Piotr and then looks at the box and the one she's carrying "If Lin-Li was here, I would ask her to care for them. We're going to have to call someone in, though, I guess." No, she's not letting go of the one she's holding. "Get my phone and we'll call a rescue service… They should be ok there for the next few minutes, yes?"

She had forgotten where Piotr met Pepper… and she looks a little abashed. "Of course we can, Miss Potts and I also have more information on Lobo Tech I'd like to share. Glancing down at the owl again "Orphaned now, yes, Miss Potts. But they were being transported… against our contract terms, I might add."

"Again," Piotr says dryly, nodding. "Leaving them for expert sounds like expert advice. Is sure that they will be handling them shortly." Even the one she's holding, probably? He crosses his arms as he frowns, thinking. "Contract talk?" That is the expression of a man that is dearly hoping he's let out of having to /listen/ to contract details.

Bobby slides in to the main area. He'd been out doing double duty. Which is to say, he spent part of the day dealing with a new client who needed some emergency temporary construction and part of the day doing some follow up on the leads that they have on the Purifiers and the Reavers. The ice nerd has a glove on his left hand, but is otherwise dressed fairly normally. "Hey Brin. Hey Piotr. Is that Miss Potts' voice I hear-" Ah there's Pepper. Bobby waves and rolls a shoulder. "How's folks?" Beat. "And what are those?"

"What are thoooooooose?!" Piotr says with a dramatic hand chop. Even if there is an awkward pause at his interruption, he chuffles to himself. "Those videos always make me laugh."

There's a spark of light in the center of the room, and then a breath later it flares wide, perpendicular to the floor to form a two dimensional doorway of light that Illyana steps through. She has a brown paper bag in her arms that clinks as she moves into the room in her own version of casual attire. Yes to the boots, but that's the only leather she's wearing. " « Special delivery! » " She says in Russian, not even bothering with greeting folks as she comes through.

Pepper Potts looks at the little owl in Brinley's hands again. "I agree, Piotr." She smiles a hello to Bobby when he arrives. She pulls her phone from her bag. "JARVIS, could you contact a local wild bird rescue that has experience with rehabilitating owls?"

"At once, Miss Potts." Pepper then nods and returns her phone to her bag. "We'll make sure they're okay. And yes, it's not anything brain-melting, but I want to make sure that the contract is written to be as much in your best interest as possible."

"Owls, Bobby." Brin continues to pet the one that she's holding before nudging Piotr with her shoulder "Welcome to my world…" she teases in response to his look about contracts and rolls her eyes at his next response.

Why Brin hasn't tried to learn Russian, working with Illyana, is beyond her and as the blonde Sorceress arrives, the brunette glances between her and Piotr - clearly expecting Piotr to translate… she doesn't think Illyana will. "Hello Illyana, what do you have there?" beat "We found more animals in the next shipment you had to do… I'm going to follow it up."

Looking next to Pepper, she gives a slight smile "Thank you, Miss Potts, we appreciate it. It's one of the reasons we approached you, and Stark Industries. Perhaps, when we're done here, you and I can sit and go through the details. I'm sure none of the others would care too." A quick glance at Bobby "I haven't had chance to bring Miss Potts up to speed on CyCor. Perhaps you can?"

Piotr smiles at Brinley, but does not translate! "Is good to see you, Iceman." Then he speaks rapidly in his native tongue to the passing Illyana.

Pepper Potts turns to smile a hello to Illyana as she arrives, but the most reaction she gives in response to the portal is a mildly curious glance. And, no, she doesn't speak Russian either. Spanish, yes. Surprisingly. But not Russian.

Bobby shakes his head as Brin announces what they are. "I thought we had a no live animals clause?" Or maybe they're not for Illyana to transport. In which case… why are they are? Illyana's arrival gets a bit of a grin and Bobby steps off to the side near Pepper. Clearly, he doesn't expect to be acknowledged while Piotr and Illyana are greeting one another. Hey, they are family after all.

"Nice to see you too Piotr. Heya Illy." Pepper gets a glance. "CyCor was a subsidiary of Lobo Tech until it was divested, spun off and allowed to go bankrupt. Officially it folded years ago and its assets were bought out by various private bidders. The production facilities in China though… may have fallen into black market hands." That's the short version.

Illyana swings over towards her brother, setting the bag down and pulling out a bottle of vodka. Or, at least one assumes that's what it is given the clear color and the all-Russian writing. The blonde continues speaking to her brother before Brin's comment brings her attention around with a frown. "Again?" She also notes the way Brinley's cuddling the owl and arches a brow, a smirk curving her lips. "I don't think that's a kitten, Brin."

"We do, have a no live animals policy." Brin confirms for Bobby "Illyana had a shipment with some last week, so I thought to test the notion again… and found these." They are sooo cute, and sedated, which is probably why Brin can hold the little thing. Although it seems to be starting to wake. "Miss Potts has asked JARVIS to find someone to take them." They might need to convince her to let that one go though. "Yes again, Illyana. And… I know…"

Giving Piotr a /look/ for not translating, she turns her attention to the box the owls were in. "I thought, Miss Potts" Brin adds as Bobby finishes his explanation "that maybe JARVIS might help us investigate."

"Thank you," Piotr says with a smile as he accepts the bottle from Illyana. He runs his fingers over the label with a fond smile tinged with bittersweet memory. "Has been many years since I had laid eyes on homeland, you remember little farm we… I grew up in? Probably not. Babe still when you left." His smile turns from melancholy to sheepish at Brinley's look. "We were just wondering why this client insist on pulling this particular prank so often. So far, working theory is schoolboy crush but now we have Miss Potts here who should get to bottom of the problem shortly."

Pepper Potts ohs! "That should be simple enough." Out comes the phone again. "Are there any packing slips, or tracking marks on the packaging?" She can't help smile a bit fondly at Piotr before focusing her attention on the box the hatchling owls arrived in. "This is just so strange. WHy would anyone deliver live owls to you?"

"Schoolboy crush? As opposed to just a client who doesn't know when he's wrong?" Brinley is usually pretty good at telling people when they are. Bobby has seen her do it. "Or are they for Illyana?" This he has to hear. He's clearly a bit amused especially after all the, er, news articles…

"Any help you could give, Miss Potts, would be really, really appreciated." These people are very, very dangerous. And possibly after X-Red personally.

Illyana gives Iceman a withering gaze. Which reminds her. The blonde points over at Bobby. "Next time we're out, I'm breaking up with you." She warns him. "Because it's your fault." It couldn't possibly be hers.

Illyana leans a shoulder against her much taller brother's arm, listening to the conversation but not looking to jump into things. She has some issues in Limbo that are taking up a good deal of her attention, so unless they need her, she's going to watch from the sidelines.

"No, sorry." Brin was obviously distracted when she asked for help. "We would like help investigating Cycor… and their potential ties to the Purifiers…."

As to the box of owls? Piotrs sheepish look gets a grin and she nods "Yes, we were wondering that. The owls are not for Illyana, Bobby. They were part of the client shipment. I did remind them, quite strongly, about our clause… and they've been with us for a long time." Clearly she's confused. "I'll look into this a bit later… but it simply doesn't make sense."

"Breaking up with Bobby, Illyana?" Brins confusion clears to a smirk "Want me to feed some stuff to Social Media? Because it will clearly be Bobby's fault." She's teasing Bobby of course… As Illy leans against Piotr, Brin gives the blonde a searching glance, she knows things are troublesome at home but she's not sure how bad they are.

Piotr leans down to look at the package information, peeling off the label and straightening. He studies it for a second, before offering it to Bobby or Pepper. Whoever takes it first, because truly, they're the two most likely to make heads and tails of subtle clues. "Is there any subtle differences in where boxes came from?"

Colossus does straighten very obviously at the mention of Illyana and Bobby's relationship. The paper noticeably goes more in Pepper's direction.

Pepper Potts ohs. "I can have JARVIS look into both… it'd be no problem." Her phone pings and she looks at its screen while accepting the package information from Piotr. "There's a volunteer from the Wild Bird Fund on her way to pick up the owls. Should be here in about twenty minutes." The phone pings again. "And apparently she was very adamant with JARVIS that the owls be handled as little as possible so they can hopefully be reintroduced to the wild once they're mature enough."

Bobby sighs. It's not the sigh of someone whose sad. When Illyana 'breaks up' with him he'll obviously still be working with her. After all… there's still flood control work to be done. Honestly, probably for years. Atlantean weather mucking did a number on the… er… planet.

"How much is it going to hurt?" Personally. Becuase, you know, Illyana might break up with him by laying him out. Certainly, that'd make headlines. And change all the media coverage. Brin'll have to spin it but…

Illyana waves a hand absently. "I'm not sure yet. If you're lucky I'll just push you down a well or something." She looks up at Piotr. "Maybe he cheated on me. Do you think he was cheating on me?" Apparently what X-Red needs is someone to script their 'real life' for maximum dramatic effect.

"If you wouldn't mind, Miss Potts." Brin watches as Piotr hands over the packing label. "There could be differences, Piotr. Do you think there is. I haven't looked yet." because she's distracted, by a cute baby owl.

Of course, Brin can spin 'The Break Up'… and snickers at the question Illyana poses "Wanda thinks Bobby has lots of girlfriends…" she grins in Bobby's direction at that.

The news that someone is coming to take the owls gets a nod and she looks a little crestfallen at the last instruction. "I better put it back then…" but she doesn't … just yet.

"No, you're terrifying and wear leather boots that go up past /my/ knees." Piotr says with a gentle press of his hand to her shoulder. Then he speaks softly in Russian, lifting the bottle once more to wave it. "I should go get shower." Returning to english once more, he smiles. "I will see you all later maybe?" He says nothing about Brinley holding the one baby owl for just a little longer. It is adorable after all.

"Well, JARVIS just confirmed that this shipping form doesn't match all of the other," Pepper says as she glances at her phone's screen again. He's checking the carrier's computer systems to see when and where this box was picked up.

Bobby just rubs his face. "Just… make it work." He doesn't mind being a cad in the papers… he supposes. It's certainly true that the persisted rumors that the two are a serious item are… well. Annoying is one word for it. "Maybe we can let Brin keep one." Bobby rolls his eyes. "She'll have to negociate with the client for it. Call it a fee for breaking our terms of service." Beat. "Again. Pepper, can we meet again soon?"

Illyana answers her brother in Russian, totally oblivious to the fact it's really kinda rude. Then she goes up on her tiptoes, tugging Piotr down to buss his cheeck noisily before he heads out of the room. Only then does her 'fiancee' get her attention, giving him a mock-pout even as her eyes glint mischievously. "It's too bad. You're not a bad kisser."

As Piotr leaves, Brin throws him a smile "Thanks for the help!" and then looks to Pepper as she reports on the packing note. "Interesting." She'll file that for now. "If he can find out more, it will be helpful. It's something I'll have to discuss with the client, but Cycor is the most pressing matter at the moment, if we can meet again soon, that would be great."

Bobby gets a grin "I'm sure there's a law about how they transported these animals." The owlet starts to stir slightly "I'd like to keep it though… different to cat or dog… or a canary." then she blinks at Illy and coughs "I won't ask how you know."

The other owlets start to stir in the box… good thing the wildlife person is coming soon.

Bobby winks at Illyana. "Well you know, we can always get back together in a few months. That's how they do it in the tabloids, right?" It's pure teasing and Illyana knows it. Except the part about kissing her. He did do that. He fully expected to be turned into a newt for that. Fortunately she was a bit too shocked to do that.

"Well, shall we get some lunch? I'm starving. Miss Potts care to join us?"

Illyana walks over towards Bobby, linking her arm in his and then dragging him over towards Brinley to snag her arm as well. She'll leave Bobby to nab Pepper if she wants to be and hauls them towards the door. "I dunno. Can we find a place that lets you bring in pets? Or y'know, I can just convince them it's OK…"

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