About That Codex Fragment, Kitten

September 21, 2015:

With Darques threat neutralised, Zee's looking forward to some downtime… not going to happen it seems



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Zee has had a full day what with the defeat of Darque and all that entailed. It's been stressful for her, most likely, but that's a lot off her plate. So she should be able to sit back, relax and celebrate. Right?

In Brooklyn someone waits for her, waching the area careful as if somehow he knows he'll show up here. Which he does. Don't ask how the answer isn't likely to be anything that's particularly good for sanity. But he knows… he just knows.

Zee had idly wondered what she would do with the free time she would have now that Darque was defeated. Leaving Fenris' house, she decides to walk for a little before teleporting back to Shadowcrest… clear her head, just enjoy the feeling of what they'd accomplished.

Which is why she's here… Does she sense that someone is waiting for her? Perhaps. Or perhaps not… The things she's learnt in the past months, means that Zee is generally alert to her surroundings though.

"Nice night, Kitten." It comes from Above, though not that far. Jericho, or rather the version of him that doesn't seem to feel the need to put his wings away, is sitting on the roof of a one story building, leg dangling off it while K'nert lays next to him looking bored. "Finsih playing with the necromancers, did we?" The hacker glances down, eyes gleaming in the darkness a steady amber.

"Not-Jericho…" Zee pauses and looks up. "You might call me Kitten, but I'm getting you a bell for your neck." Looking between him and K'nert, Zee stops and folds her arms across her chest "For now, yes. That threat is over… but I doubt we've seen the last of him. Were you looking for me?"

"I seem to have found you, rather, Kitten." The man above her says wit ha bit of a smirk. "But that's good news. World's safe and all that. Means you have more attention to devote to other things. Your double is playing some dangerous games and we need to figure out what the hell they are before things get out of hand." Beat. "If they haven't already. My understanding is that things in Limbo are starting to get a little on the hot side." Of course Jericho is playing a dangerous game too…

"According to friends of mine, you were seen with her recently." Zee's lips thin as Not-Jericho smirks at her. The smirking can grate. "You seem to now more than I do." Zee's concerned about Demon-Zee, the woman is smart and strong "And why are you speaking with me, and not your Illyana? Or even this Illyana?"

"Who says I haven't?" The hacker's smirk isn't getting any less irritating. Does her Jericho have a smirk like that?

Er actually, yes he does. He just aims it at her less. "I'm coming to you because I think that's the best play here. You're the one that this other Zee's plans seem to hinge around, or at the very least involve to a great deal, and she's key to whatever it is Belasco is doing." Beat. "I think. Honestly she's helping him but I can't tell how much of it is her doing what he wants and how much of it is her doing her own thing, or doing what he wants because it helps her." And of course it's not like either of them can go ask.

"In any case, if I'm not mistaken, you haven't used that Codex fragment I gave you yet." Lord knows, it couldn't be because there are unanswered questions.

Yes, her Jericho does smirk that much, she's seen it. It's directing it at Zee that annoys her. "So you have seen this Illyana." Maybe Zee needs to visit her again. "Who says her plans hinge on me? She said she had plans for me, yes, but that doesn't mean I'm the key."

Snorting softly, Zee looks to Not-Jericho "Assuming she really is me, just a older and stronger, she'll be doing her own thing and making it look like she's doing Belasco's bidding." It's exactly what the teen would do, if she could. "And no, I've not used the Codex fragment. There are too many questions and honestly… I'm not sure I want to pay the price." beat "Are you going to try and convince me, I should?"

"No, you'll do a fine job of convincing you that you should when the time comes." Jericho says. It's one of those things that might make you want to punch him. "However, I'd personally prefer the time did not come when something horrible has already happened to you, your version of me or Illyana. And yes, I'm quite sure that she is doing her own thing. The trick is separating her plan from his plan and figuring out which I'm supposed to be worried more about. I'm fairly sure he's the one who wants to screw with Limbo's heart. But I'm equally sure most of the most dangerous attempts on Illyana herself have come from Zatanna." So, yeah, mixed signals there.

"If I may suggest then, it's time to revisit those Hydra bases you've been knocking around. Limbo is too hot to give you more than fighting demons right now… well… unless you feel like hunting down one of Belasco's agents for a heart to heart."

Which probably isn't a bad idea honestly. Dangerous sure, but poking around abandoned HYDRA bases is also dangerous. It'll be up to Zee which she wants to pursue.

"I'm sure I will." Which is exactly why she's waited. Well… she's also got to examine the scrap and do some research first… "So one Queen of Limbo challenging another?" Zee's fishing for information, there's something she's not overly certain of and she's testing it… "I thought that was against the rules."

"We're still investigating the bases and decoding information." She could do both… the bases and finding and detaining one of Belasco's… she'd just need to be careful.

"Not directly no. As Illyana may have possibly told you, the rulers of Limbo don't generally do that. It doesn't actually get them anything. Belasco is behind the actual challenge to Illyana's rule, I'm sure. What Zee is doing by doing that has to be more convoluted." If only, Jericho thinks, because Zatanna isn't an idiot. She knows its risky to get Illyana's attention… so there must be some payoff to it.

"Maybe look into that as well though…" A thought occurs to him. "It's possible that all she was doing was trying to get her attention in the first place…" If provoking a reaction gets her something she wants… or… possibly denies Belasco something she doesn't want him to have…

"What if getting Illyana's attention simply lengthens the war?" Zee's going to look into that too… but… "A war of attrition, wear them down and swoop in for the kill. But… that doens't make sense, because she's already Queen of Limbo." Zee frowns "Or it could be just to keep the two factions fighting and distracted whilst you do … something else."

Too many questions! With every answer that she gets more questions pop up. And that Codex fragment, gives her one chance.

"Could be she wants both Illyana and Belasco out of her way." Jericho nods. "But Illyana wasn't in her way so far as we know, so at the moment it seems more likely that she was… poked and prodded as a means of getting in Belascos." He sighs. "Which means we need to look closer into what Belasco wants. Your Illyana should be on some of that already but more eyes on it couldn't hurt. It has to do with that unbound key and the heart… and I can tell you already the Unbound Key isn't the regular 'key' that the Heart of Limbo uses. So it doesn't do the same thing. You're looking for something connected to the heart and possibly lost on earth some time ago." Clues to exactly what could be in either place. "Since HYDRA was the one who returned it to N'astirh, they're the ones who are most likely to know what it was." So those bases…

And here Zee was thinking she might grow bored! Another mystery for her to investigate. The unbound key, that was lost on earth.

"And just what do you get out of this?" He's been awfully helpful… but there's no doubt he's more demonic than her own Jericho… and that means he likely has different motivations. Of course, if he's like her Jericho - he'll simply want to protect Illyana… maybe.

"And yes, I heard you the first time about the bases." Zee's already resolved to make that happen. She just needs to find Kitty and make sure she has the soulblade.

Or make other arrangements. The longer the question hangs over them the further Belasco gets with whatever he's doing and he's definitely not holding back out of any sense of fair play. Jericho rises and K'nert vanishes from view as he leaves the ledge. "If you haven't figured that one out yet I don't think I'll explain it. Maybe you will in time though. That generally is a thing with you, I understand."

A Stepping Disk opens and Jericho turns back and gives Zee a wink. "Never a dull moment. Be careful out there." And then he's gone.

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