Inertia Bites

September 20, 2015:

A chance meeting when Jim crash lands…



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Fade In…

Sometimes, the spirits of the dead need assistance to pass over. Sometimes, a warrior is chosen to enter the halls of Valhalla, or their own 'heaven'. Since the Deadzone came down a few weeks ago, Astryd has been visiting that 100 square miles, in Delaware, checking for lost souls and helping them move on.

It's not /technically/ the role of Valkyrie, but being Earthbound for 300 years has changed Astryd's perspective on somethings … and whilst she doesn't really 'care' for humans, a soul is a soul … and those trapped by Deadzone may indeed have been fallen warriors.

It's getting on dusk, and in the gloom, a tall, stately woman, in jeans and long flowing tunic top can be seen walking admist the devestation. The land is just regenerating… but there's still that miasma of death… it's going to take a while to recover.

Stopping by a copse of trees, the strawberry blonde looks around… and wings, giant grey / black things that tower over her head and nearly trail on the ground appear… turning slowly in a circle, she's obviously searching for something.

There's a feeling of something of /something not quite right/ in the air.

The 'Deadzone' is actually a very good place for the avianoid entity with a transposed identity issue. Jim Reha is out practicing flying. One might think that something with majestic obsidian wings and looking all the world like a humanoid corvid would be right at home with this sort of thing, but… he's only recently gotten the opportunity to fly on his own merits.

Kind of. It's really complicated.

The area is devoid of most of the dangers one might worry about during such practice, and any stray thaumaturgical rites… well, they'd tend to dampen around his current form. Plus, added bonus, with the added capability of flight, he can assess the lay of the land for any possible bleed - over with the ley of the land. He doesn't have the magic senses to see it, of course, but he did chart out the Tri-Cities area a few months back and correlated that with the local power grids… this is merely an extrapolation of that research.

Awkwardly and slowly for his speed he begins to bank over the same area, some feathers twitching as he feels… well… itchy for some reason. Almost like licking a nine-volt battery…

The Dark Lady has been hiding and resting in the God-Wolf's spare room since helping to undo the dead zone. She'd nearly bled herself try and then Darque had attempted to wrest away control of her mind. She is always more inclined to help the souls and spirits than she is the living. It isn't that she hates them, it's just the nature of her being requires her to be alone most of the time. She's never had any real relationships with people who weren't dead since her father died several hundred years ago.

So now that she's free of the necromancer's influence Kaeira has decided to venture here to see what she can do about helping any stragglers and lost to move on. Between two trees an aura of dark magic can be felt as a portal slowly opens. The interior of a darkened room is seen before a well dressed woman of unearthly beauty steps out and the portal fades. Kaeira is usually the most beautiful person anyone has seen, or so they think. She avoids eye contact to keep from bewitching people even further. Usually It isn't until someone sees her magic at work that the trance is broken and replaced by horror and disgust. Pausing her quick stride Kaeira blinks. "A Valkerie? Here? Interesting." Perhaps this is the one she's heard rumors of but never found? Curious, she moves closer but a strange feeling draws her eyes to the sky. Black pools without visible pupils study the man? bird? flying in the sky. Or trying to. "What..?"

Unless Kaeira has heard of Astryd from Fenris, it's unlikely that she knows of her. The fact that there's a Valkyrie bound to Midgard is a secret that Asgard holds close - after all, it's just a little embarrassing… that the legend is true and that they can't find the feather or the feather bearer.

The arrival of the Darklady is noted and Astryd turns to face her, the hard planes on her face, fierce. She is a warrior and no amount of time or 'civilisation' will change that. Eyes narrowing, she cants her head and her hand reaches for the stranded silver torc at her throat… fingers closing around it, but not removing it… she's not decided if Kaeira is a threat. "What do you do here?" Stepping to the side and turning, keeping Kaeira in her sights, Astryd risks a quick glance up at the creature in the sky… "Is that one of yours?"

The avianoid entity continues the slow banking maneuver, catching sight of the two upon the ground with a brief glimpse.

Wings… humanoid… not Thanagarian, is it?

He attempts to *stop*.

As anyone who is familiar with physics, flight dynamics, and just plain common sense would point out… that isn't a good thing for something in flight. As the wings slow to a stop there's movement in a quite *different* direction!

"Aawwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiii---"

There's a panicked flapping and tumbling as he attempts to right himself and it turns him into a whirling ball of feathers that is desperately trying to remain airborne. It would appear the comic relief has arrived?


Alarmed by this turn of events Kaeira throws her hands up and sends shadow billowing up hoping to catch the man before he hits the ground. Or at least slow his fall. It might look and feel weird but it shouldn't harm him.

"I have no idea what that is, Valkyrie but I am here to help the dead move on. I helped undo the magic in this place but had not yet been able to return." There are souls being drawn to Kaeira already and she isn't even looking at them yet, her dark eyes focused on the falling winged-man. "What is it you do here?" The Dark Lady knows what a Valkyrie is of course. She knows many of the underworlds, even the ones she cannot herself visit. Valhalla is closed to her, Hel's realm is not.

Astryd would simply step forward to catch the falling avianoid, but she she's the energy released by Kaeira and holds… if needed, she'll try to physically catch it. She is… after all… rather robust.

Snorting at Kaeira's tone, Astryd's dealt with similar for her long life, she gestures around whilst watching the black bird hurtle towards the ground "I am Astryd." Not 'valkyrie' "Much as you. There are lost souls and I can assist them." She pauses and frowns "Do you not feel that…" There it is again, that creeping sensation … something approaches the two woman on the ground. It's not evil, exactly… but it does feel malevolent…

Under normal circumstances, black shadow would probably be just the right thing to break or bolster a fall. Jim is far from 'normal' and his 'construction' is not very friendly to magic workings. Just as the buffering cushion starts to make contact, 'arcane' lines and circuitry flare all about his person, and arcs and sparks fly from him as the circuitry goes from blue to green to yellow to orange to red-hot, hissing crackling sounds emanating from him as he flares his wings wide at the last possible second… and muffs the landing a few feet away from the helpful Astryd.

Was that planned?

Well, maybe?

He stands up and casts about warily, black talons extended a half-foot from each hand, breathing heavily as he tries to determine the source of the apparent attack, even as the circuitry 'cools' from the red-hot state to a much more sedate green… then blue…

"Which one of you did that? Are you a demon? Are you trying to kill me?"

"No, but that'd have been real funny." A rumbling voice comes from not too far from Jim. Fenris is looking a bit tired but hse seems to be in a good mood. Also he just got here, arrving by the Ways to check in on the former Deadzone. It's been a rough recovery for the place and he has no doubt that it'll be years before it's back to normal, if it ever is.

Kaeira is not robust. She's delicate. A thing of ethereal beauty and grace that looks like she'd be blown away by a strong breeze. Hence her attempt at shadow pillows. She does indeed feel the thing that approaches but isn't too concerned yet. If it is as it feels, some of the dark or the night or the dead then she can probably find some way to …what was that slang expression she'd heard a few months ago? Ah, yes. Make it her bitch. Strange, the way such things change over the years.

"Astryd then. I am Kaeria Duvessa. The Dark Lady." Some have heard of her. She's stopped keeping her abilities secret the past decade or so. Alarmed at the negative effects the shadows seem to have on the being Kaeira quickly sends them scurrying away but he's already in a heap on the ground.

"Oh dear. I am so very sorry Sir!" Kaeira moves forward a bit but doesn't try to touch him. Touching people is not a thing she does. "I am not a demon, no." And that is true. Whatever the Dark Lady is, she isn't a demon. She isn't even evil really. Though she could be. Easily and those with the ability like can sense that. She turns at Fenris arrives and her joyous smile only increases her strange entrancing beauty. She never uses that power but isn't able to shut if off. "Are you well?" Kaeira asks softly, with a note of worry.

Astryd shrugs at Jims question "It wasn't me." Astryd may have magic but it's not active like that. "Do you require assistance?" She's aloof and she won't approach the avianoid just yet, he looks hot. Uh, hot as in heat… not … you know.

"This is Kaeira, The Dark Lady." she inclines her in acknowledgment of the name and an introduction as well "and I am Astryd." And then Fenris arrives … and Kaeira's change in demeanour is noted by the Valkyrie. The look she turns on the Wolf-God is mocking and amused "Another one, Fenris? At least this one's, not a child." Giving him a once over, she raises an eyebrow "It would seem that your mission was a success then?" No fawning over the handsome, predatory, Wolf-God for Astryd…

That feeling grows nearer and Astryd turns to peer into the woods "Warriors, seeking their way to move on. They were… displaced."

There's a slight huff from the bird-like being as his breathing slows to a more reasonable pace, and the talons retract slowly, the bluish circuitry fading unseen back into the plumage. "…that's good, I suppose." He shakes his head a few times, blinking, wings shifting and twisting as they go through an almost mechanical series of motions of being tested out. Kaeria gets a curt nod, then the attention turns to Astryd. "You aren't Thanagarian, are you?"

And then the Sun-Eater shows up. It's almost a punch-line to the absurdity of the moment, but Jim blinks a few times and tilts his head looking at Fenris. "Weird. No offense, sir. It's just that…"

Go on, tell him that he doesn't scare you anymore, be a liar. He's still quite frightening. Or are you insane? Or is this what Corv's always prattling about, that Enlightenment, that all things are a thing and his thing is a thing…

He shakes his head after what seems to be a moment of careful consideration.

"Aw, crap. Sorry. Eesh. Hell. Jim Reha. I look at things with magic in them from a mundane perspective."

He tilts his head at Astryd's comment about the displaced warriors 'seeking to move on'.

"Do we have to ship them in a burning boat?"

The tone… isn't mocking or joking, but deadly serious.

"Jim?" Fenris looks over the crow-man. Corvinus and Jim were two different people. And they had two different bodies. Kind of. Right now 'Corvinus' is exhibiting Jim's tells. his mannerisms. His language. Almost his voice. But the sense of… scale that always accompanied the fortune cookie bird is still present. "Did you ahve a bit of an identity issue?

"I'm fine yes, thank you Kaeira and it did go well Astryd. Darque is no longer a factor. Thanks to some brave heroes. I'd say brave young heroes but they're all young."

Kaeira smiles again at Fenris. The God-Wolf is her only friend among the living. "A burning boat?" She looks a little amused and moves a bit closer to Jim. "No. I don't need much to deal with the lost or struggling. Sometimes they just need a little help. A bit of a push. Or.. you know, vengance or to say good bye to their loved ones." Kaeira helps with that sort of thing alot. She has to. Some of them will pester her to the point of danger if she ignores them.

"Are you hurt? I am truly sorry, I meant to cushion your fall Jim. Not to cause you harm. I've never seen anything like that happen before in reaction to my powers." She frowns. "Actually it feels.. weird to stand near you." She glances at Fenris who seems to know this man. He doesn't seem worried exactly. Puzzled maybe. And what was that identity issue bit? Astryds tone with Fenris draws a raised eyebrow from her but Kaeira doesn't comment on that.

"A pleasure, Jim. And no, I am Asgardian. Like the Destroyer Wolf over there." Astryd watches the black creature in fascination. She'll wait for Fenris or Jim to explain further. Smirking at Kaeira's raised eyebrow, Astryd turns to the direction of the disturbance she's sensing "These were already shipped… and they were pulled to this plane with Darques interference. They need to be sent back."

The spirits linger on the edge of the copse they aren't drawing nearer, perhaps they're waiting for an invitation.

"That is good Fenris, and yes, they are all very young… from our perspective."

The avianoid nods slowly to Fenris. "Did would be 'past tense'. This is on-going and effin' annoying. I'd rather not go into the long version, because it would take weeks, but… being used as an effin' dimmer switch by other-dimensional Nazis to regulate the ley-lay-power interface wasn't my idea, and Keith decided to help out…"

He sorts of let it linger there for a few moments. Folks who are familiar with who Keith is would know that this kind of thing… is tame, in comparison to some other things the vorpal feline has been involved in.

"Great that you got the prick that was causing so much crap. Wish I could have helped but… above my paygrade and all?"

Or was it that you were afraid of another… 'incident'?

He tilts his head and then shakes it. "Built-in defenses, ma'am. Can't turn them off even if I wanted to. And let's not stand too close, okay? Magic and I… don't get along too well. And… you did manage to slow things down some, which did help. Note to self: Don't try to stop in mid-air flight."

It'd be a 'duh' moment for a natural-born flyer, but for someone only recently to wings…

"Do they need to fall in battle again?" Again, a somewhat serious tone, loaded with concern. Jim hasn't been in a real 'fight' yet, and he's honestly not sure how he'd hold up in one. Sure, the body COULD take it, right?

"I take it, then, that Corvinus is in your body?" That… really amuses Fenris, not in the least of which because he can only imagine what the bird-computer is doing to it. Diet. Exercise. Trying to make the 'sub-standard' body as close to 'optimal operational specifications' as possible. Lifting… it's unlikely that Corvinus would put Jim on steroids or amphetamines but… well, okay, he might if he were desperate enough. Or Fen can see it happening.

"I appreciate the thought Jim, but in the end it got handled and that's what's important. It seems like you've had a time of it at any rate." He probably needed the break.

"Kaeira, Astryd, do we need to do a sending?"

Kaeira moves back a bit at Jim's request after giving Astryd and amused glance. It's a rare thing for her to be amongst people older than herself. Or to be reffered to as young. She may not look it but Kaeria is a few centuries old. Then her gaze falls on Jim again. She's never flown like that before but it is giving her ideas from the considering expression on her face. She glances in the direction of the spirits. There will be no battling them while she's about most likely. "Don't worry, I won't let them harm you. Likely they couldn't anyway. Most spirits don't have that kind of power, anyway. For humans it usualy takes a lot of time and very strong emotions to build up the presence to affect things in the physical world. They don't belong here anymore after death."

There are of course exceptions to this, like most things. The Dark Lady isn't worried though. She is death given living form. It is the living that frightens her and fills her nightmares. Death and the Darkness are the things of which she was made and while she leaves the physical fighting to her shadowthings, pain and Kaeira are old friends. She doesn't fear harm to her body either, just what that harm will do to another person should they touch her.

"I am flush with power, Fenris. I hated to be left behind but know it was necessary." She's really glad he wasn't hurt and that Darque's incessant whispering in her mind is finally gone. "I can help here, easily enough." "I'm sorry for your.. troubles?" She adds to Jim. She has no idea what a Vorpal cat is though she followed some parts of his explanation.

Astryd has not met 'Keith' and stays back from Jim. She has magic, after all, just doesn't 'exude' it, and it might affect him too. The talk of swapping bodies really gets her interest "So you are familiar with the operation of your wings?" Astryds own giant black and grey wings, move slowly as she talks "If you would like assistance… " she stops and blinks. She doesn't get involved in the matters of mortals or midgardians, but the avianoid is interesting at least.

Noting Fenris amusement, Astryd casts him a questioning glance. Not something that needs explaining straight away.

"They have already fallen in battle, Jim" Astryd explains "and they were sent on their own Valhalla. Darque…" the word is spoken with distaste "melded their underworlds with this realm and they are now trapped. Yes, Fenris, we need to perform a sending. And we should honour their sacrifice again - it's a terrible thing that Darque did."

As she speaks, her wings fan out behind her "Come forth and be guided… " She's welcoming and commanding all at the same time.

A half dozen spirits appear: Etruscan, Samartian, Korean, Norse among them. "Dark Lady, will you assist in the rite?"

"Yes! Yes he is. He's apparently taking up cooking and loves having a better sense of taste, apparently. I shudder to think of what it… he… it is doing. I mean… he's not being bad but…" There's a bit of grumbling there and then a sigh. And Fenris ISN'T far off the mark, there. Diet, exercise, mental excursions, field trips… the thing doesn't even realize what — neither here nor there, though. Drugs? Absolutely not. That'd endanger health, not encourage it. The partner may be keen on seeing the body be 'better' but it's not that short-sighted. Longer life, not shorter one.

"Good… good. Is this where I should take a few steps back, then, and let the experts go to town?"

He shakes his head. "There's nothing for you to apologize for, miss. That is, unless you're an other-dimensional Nazi and partly responsible for the whole mess in some way. You aren't, right?"

"Would love a tutor, the only other one I know of is a fifty-fifty at best, she might kill me as much as help me. Or kill me trying to help me. It's complicated." That's offered to Astryd. And then a sketched salute to all the warriors. "Fair winds and following seas, y'all." Really? Hey, one sailor to a buncha soldiers, right?

When the ceremonial aspect starts the bird-being gives a nod. He knows enough that being near the center of any of that would be disruptive as all heck, so he backs off a good thirty yards.

"No offense, Fenris, ladies, this is kind of important and I'd make a hash of it. I'll just chill here and keep a watch, just in case."


Kaeira smiles at Jim, careful not to meet his eyes. A tutor? That is an interesting thought. She usually avoids people unless there are things to be learned from them. Lately though she's begun to longer for more companionship. Living companionship. Otherwise she'd have fled New York once Fenris took notice of her. Instead she's made her first living friend in nearly four hundred years. "I think.. perhaps. We shall discuss this later, Jim. It may be that once you understand what I do you will wish to find a different teacher." Most people want to do nothing than run away screaming once they see her in action. Of course these people usually are terrified if they catch a glimpse of a spirit too and Jim is still standing here with several of them nearby.

"My way is different than yours Astryd. I shall take then ones not bound for Valhalla, yes?" She could do that but with Astryd right there its much more fitting for her to send them on.

"If you wish" Astryd nods to Kaeira. With the changes to religion over the last who knows how many years, Astryds skill has morphed to allow her to escort fallen warriors to their own Valhalla's. But there's no need to explain that now. Jim's removing himself from the immediate vicinity gets a nod from Valkyrie who calls the Norse spirits to her.

For Astryd, the process is simple, although in this case, she does dip a knee to each warrior - in deference for their second sacrifice. 'Touching' each spirits forehead, she speaks in a language long dead and the sound of trumpets can be heard as a portal that leads to a … mead hall…. The Norse warriors salute the Valkyrie, turn and march through the portal - the portal closes.

Looking to the Avianoid, Astryd nods, "I may be able to help you with the flying."

Jim's a bit confused for a half-second at Kaeira's offer. "Oh, eesh. No. You're a caster, I'm like, anti-caster… that wouldn't work well at all, you see? I… I'm honored for the offer but it really wouldn't work out, honest. It would be a big huge mess, and possibly fatal!"

The avianoid blinks as he listens to the words that Astryd offers. While he doesn't recognize them himself, he files them away, they might be important some day, who knows? And it's not like he's actually dying for a lack of memory space, even. He is very impressed with the opening of the portal to a mead hall, though. Huh. Go figure. Don't see THAT every day.

The avianoid nods to Astryd. "Thank you very much for the offer."

The Dark Lady suddenly blinks. Ooh, the flying. Well, yes. That does make sense. Much more sense. She nods sort of absently, most of her focus on the remaining spirits now. She is not religious though she knows most of the current and many of the ancient ones well. She's developed her own rituals for this sort of thing. After considering a moment, Kaeira removes her leather shoes and draws the special dagger hidden at her ankle beneath her pants.

She pricks the soles of both feet deeply at front and back before dropping the dagger and striding forward to begin a dance. Her blood hisses and burns the ground where it touches as her legs move her gracefuly around the group, her feet sketching out a circle of sorts as she herds them closer and closer together. Her arms and fingers flow and wave in a silent language of her own making. Softly at first but growing steadily strong as the spirits moved towards the center of her ever smaller circle her voice can be heard chanting in a haunting lilt.

"Blackest beauty, somber grace. Tainted blood of foulest base, I am the child of the shadows born. Death and Darkness given form. This power is mine and I command, Send on these souls as I demand. Whether hell or heaven bound, The final rest must now be found." As her voice grows louder they begin to slowly dim and fade until the last moment as they reach the center and touch before disappearing altogether. Smiling, The Dark Lady turns back. Her pale cheeks are flushed pink and she looks ever more darkly radiant, long curly hair trailing behind her in a breeze that doesn't seem to be hitting anyone else. She seems to glide forward as she moves back to her shoes and discared dagger. The metal is ruined, melted and pitted badly by the acidic nature of her blood.

Astryd watches as the Dark Lady conducts her own ritual, dipping a knee to each group as they depart. When all is peaceful again, she turns back to the Avianoid. "May I ask, what type of being you are?"

The ritual makes the avianoid cringe a bit. He's not a stranger to both High and Low Ritual, but… the memory of the blood shed to empower that thing he was hooked to…

"Well, that's a very complicated question, ma'am. Short answer? Human being. Ancient alien extrapolated intelligence. Long story, and… I've only scratched the surface of it… goes back… a while. Let's just say that the bird-guy part of this form is… older than any civilization on this planet?"

There's a bit of a pause.

"That dodged the question. Sorry. I think it's rubbing off on me. This body is that of an ancient alien race that doesn't exist anymore. Me, on the inside? I'm just over two score years?"

Great, now she's going to think you're a liar AND insane.

Kaeira smiles at Jim. "That is amazing. I would love to hear more. I think it is also very sad. Being here and knowing your people have been gone for so long, then finding yourself trapped in a body that is not your own. I am sorry for you both. I'm not sure I can help with this but I would like to offer. If there is something I can do, I would be happy to."

The Dark Lady clearly believes him but then, she has no idea what she actually is herself and she's standing with a Valkyrie, the God-Wolf and an Avianoid. So why wouldn't she believe? Kaeria knows crazy. She experiences bouts of extreme emotion and ptsd rather frequently. Usually she can recognize insanity in another person. He doesn't seem at all insane.

"Fascinating." Astryd starts to walk around the Avianoid "And this is the form of the ancient alien race?" Why would Astryd think he was insane? She's a Valkyrie, from Asgard, bound to Earth… "And you're identities have swapped places? This is why you are having trouble flying." That's an interesting problem.

Kaeira's comments get Astryd's grey eyes lighting on her and a slow nod… of agreement. "And your story, Dark Lady? What of it?" Clearly she knows the God-Wolf.

Jim gives Kaeira a long look. "Trust me when I tell you that this world could die and the story would not be complete in its telling. And that by that point, I… would probably ceased to exist as a person. It's hard enough as it is. Imagine, if you would, having access to every single library and the Internet, with all of that information. Now imagine that data multiplied by a factor of several thousand…"

The bird-being lets that sort of linger for a bit.

"Billions of years of information… I… get lost… sometimes. I'm not even a fraction of an iota in comparison…"

"I was doing okay until I tried to stop. Physics, inertia, and gravity are cruel masters." He's quietly thankful the focus is shifted to the other dead-soul wayfinder, and gets a bit quieter.

Fenris might think Jim was insane if he hadn't seen it. Most mortals, he's learned, who say such things are. For all the real and strange things in the world the mortal imagination makes up stranger and it wouldn't be the first time he's heard a madman claim 'aliens' were responsible for something more sensibly attributed to a ghost. "Sounds like you need more practice… possibly away from the city, unless you wish me to sic Miss Potts on you. Speaking of which… where is she?"

Kaeira looks interested but she can imagine better than most what that would be like. It's the build up of other people's emotions and memories in her her own mind that causes her own mental fits and she's only been around for four centuries. She can't really imagine the kind of mind that could withstand it for so long. "I decided to settle in New York a few decades ago but became more public with my abilites the past few years. This is Fenris's terrority and he wanted to know what I was doing in it." Kaeira smiles. "It is very rare to find a person who isn't repelled, frightened or disgusted by whatever I am and the things I do. " Fenris is also the only person she's met in her entire life that is immune to the effects of her blood. This is absolute wonder to Kaeira and not something she's ready to talk about with strangers. This is actually quite a lot of conversation for her that doesn't involve some sort of case or emergency she's been called upon to handle.

After a moments thought, Kaeira decides this isn't really bad. Talking is alright so long as they don't come too close. "I usually avoid people when I can. Some of them I am fine with killing but most do not deserve it and even if a drop or two my blood isn't enough to kill, it can corrupt a mortal into the worst possible version of themselves. I am careful but accidents have happened." She isn't evil for all that she is dark and deadly. Kaeira never kills causually or without reason. It's just that her reasons may not be appropriate by most peoples reckoning.

"I can imagine." Astryd would be highly amused to know that she's the least of two 'evils'. "Practice will help you, Jim. Most definitely." It sounds like Jim might be thinking too much about it, as well… flying for Astryd, is instinctive now… but it did take time for her to learn that.

"Miss Potts, Fenris? The lady who's tower we landed on?" Astryd recalls bowling with imps that day. Nodding at Kaeira, she adds "He's very territorial, I've found."

Well, he was trying to get a bit quieter.

Fenris gets a slight head-tilt and a nod at the comment about practice, then there's a shrugging of the wings and shoulders that's far too 'human'.

"Haven't spoken to Pepper in a bit, I've been sort of busy at work and trying to not make too many waves given certain circumstances. D… do you need to get in contact with her?"

And if so, why not use the side-ways step thing?

And then Kaeira starts talking about killing people. While not a saint by any means, and more than willing and with full agreement from the partner to use extreme force to attain ends… this world needs all the defenders it can manage. To kill off someone who might be a possible future defender, or the ancestor of one…? Shortsighted at best. His feathers ruffle unbidden.

"I'm not a peacenik by any means, but… murdering folks isn't the answer. That's how you end up with other-dimensional Nazis. True story. Plus, there's bad stuff on the horizon, and there needs to be as many people alive for it as possible. That fight's going to be a mess no matter what, but… the more people to do battle, the better chance there is of success."

To Astryd's query about Pepper he gives a brief nod.

Kaeira simply shrugs. "I kill those that murder. That torture and main women and children and innocents. Sometimes I kill to bring vengeance to a spirit who won't otherwise find rest. If this kind of person is meant to save this world then I am not so sure it isn't already doomed." She looks human, despite the eyes that turn too black pools at night, and the dark and ghostly beauty. Whatever Kaeira is though is not human and she doesn't quite think like one. She also knows that death is just another state. A passing on to another realm if not another world and there for not as terrible as it seems. For some at least. Most of the people she kills don't go somewhere pleasant. "I have some things I need to attend to before it gets light. I am on the web if you need to contact me. It was very interesting to meet you both." Kaeira smiles and curtsies. Somehow the gesture isn't strange coming from her. She turns and eyes Fenris questioningly. She'll open another blood gate to get home if needed but in this place, its better he opens a Way.

"It's been a pleasure, Jim." Astryd rolls her neck "My work here is done, as well." Handing a card over to him "Call me when you would like to practice more." Watching Kaeira with Fenris, she supresses a snort of amusement. "Dark Lady, be well. When you wish to hunt, God-Wolf. You know where to find me." With a push off, she takes to the sky and transforms to an overly raven.

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