Another 084

September 19, 2015:

An explosion downtown and another unindentifiable device… (emits by Aspect)

New York


NPCs: Gabrielle Trent



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Fade In…

Gabrielle Trent has… some things to think about. Jericho has agreed to meet her later tonight, after she cornered him and Illyana in the X-Red headquarters. At the moment though she's out clearing her head. Near a crowded bus exchange. It's… well the noise of the people is comforting. And distracting. She needs both right now.

The first indication that something has gone wrong is an odd smell. It smells like… ozone? Then there's a spark and a noise like a siren and Gabby instinctively hits the deck. Which is good because moments later, a 30 foot by ten foot section of the outer wall, and everything between it in a cone from there to one of the trash cans, is just… gone.

Jes is wandering along with an absent expression. She's deep in thought and not paying attention to where she's going really. Not until she catches that smell and claps her hands to her ears. "Ow!Whathtefu-" Jes sees Gabrielle and then the empty space. She stands there blinking for several moments. This isn't even.. Jes curses and shrugs. This is either her Father's doing, her showing up here just in time for this, or her own. She isn't at all sure that she wants to inherit that aspect of him. "Can't even take a fucking walk. Noooope. Not even a little one." Snarling a bit, Jes moves over to check Gabrielle out. "Hey. Are you alright?" Jes squats and offers a hand to help her up while looking around for other injured people.

Melinda May has been tailing Gabrielle while she has nothing else going on, especially after the younger Trent accosted her sibling and Illyana. She's across the street from the whatever just happened, so at the siren she hits the ground just like Gabby did, but is back on her feet faster and racing across toward the two young women, ICER already drawn.

Jemma has set alerts for events like those she's attended recently and gets the notice of this event as soon as the call goes out.

Grabbing her field kit, she takes a car to get as near as possible to the scene… making her way on foot the rest of the way. Of course, she's signalled May to let her know where she's going.

Jemma's coming in to where Jes and Gabby are from the opposite direction that May is.

Gabby looks up. "What the hell was that May?" She's not angry… well she's a bit frightened, but mostly she expects that if anyone's going to have an answer, it's going to be May. "Oh holy hell…" She pushes up as Jes comes over. "Yeah I'm not hurt but…" She points. The whole section of wall is gone. The building is… a bit precarious at the moment and stuff is definitely on fire. And alarms are going off. All the alarms.

Jes glances aside. She can smell the smoke and got a good glimpse of the mess but she's not about to go running in there like she usually would. Instead Jes grunts and moves one hand to her stomach with a frown as she stands again. May? Jesana turns and see May and then turns again and spots Jemma. Well, that's good. People who can… maybe not fix this but do something for sure.

"Did anyone know you were going to be here?" She asks Gabrielle. It might not be weird for two deadly things to happen to Jes in the same week and a half, or the same freaking day for that matter, but Gabrielle on the other hand.. a nurse should not be drawing this kind of attention. Maybe those sniper bastards were shooting at her. Or maybe this is the weird .. event thing happening again. It's hard to scent anything over all the smoke. And heard to focus over all the alarms. Her ears hurt dammit.

Melinda May gives Gabby and then Jesana each a hard, evaluating stare, and once she's convinced that neither of them is injured she promptly stands again. "Jesana, get Gabrielle out of here." Jemma's car is a good place to start. For her own part, she studies the damaged building, then looks in the direction she thinks the weaponsfire came from.

Finally making the place where May and the others are, Jemma stops, hearing Mays comments, and looks over Gabby and Jes. "Jesana, you shouldn't be here. Are you injured? Take my keys, my car is over there." Concern first for the woman. Poor Gabby simply gets a nod as Jemma turns her attention to May. "Agent May, I came as soon as I heard."

"I'm not going anywhere yet!" Gabby protests more out of sheer stubbornness than anything else. "What's going on here? I'm a nurse, let me help! Are people hurt?" Are they? Well several are missing and the front of the building is ready to collapse. As for 'weapons fire', well, it clearly came from a trashcan, a nice, pie shaped section of which is nicely missing. There's a cylender in it. About twelve inches long and seemingly inert.

Jes considers for only a moment. Normally she'd listen to May and then come back around from the other side. Not directly disobeying. Normally though May wouldn't likely be telling her to get out of the way because she'd be helping. Jes is trying, seriously, to be careful right now. She risks herself all the time without a second thought but her babies.. that isn't happening.

She looks at Gabrielle a second and then shrugs at May apologetically. Jes could just pick her up and carry her off. Gabby is a nurse though and Jes smells blood. "I'll wait by the car. Just in case there is something I can do." Or until it looks like nothing else is going to blow up. Also, the smoke is making her sick. Those peanut butter chili dogs aren't sounding so great right now. "Uh…excuse me!" Jes lifts a guy out of her way and deposits him not so gently to the side as she takes off towards a trash can by Jemma's car. Shit, thats where the bomb was she isn't even gonna touch that now. "Uuughhh." Looking frantic now Jes turns around and spots a bag someone dropped. She hurriedly dumps the contents onto the side walk and ducks behind Jemma's car to lose her dinner. She's gonna kill whoever did this. Kill them good.

Melinda May doesn't bother to waste another moment on arguing with Gabby. She's seen what the kid can be like. "Fine. But you report back to me." She then sees Jemma who's arrived just a few moments ago. "Simmons." She indicates the trashcan with a section missing. … and with Jesana nearby being ill. Nice.

Putting her ICER away, May pulls her SHIELD phone to call in relief and investigation teams.

Simmons nods after raising eyebrows at Gabby's outburst. "Go and help, then." Simmons hurries over to Jesana first, making sure the young woman is ok and offering ginger from her field kit, before heading to the trash can and stopping a few feet away, inspecting it.

"There's a cylinder in here, Agent May." Scanning the bin and the cylinder as she speaks "It seems to be dormant now." She's aware that Mays calling in the Investigation team.

Gabby gets up and looks around. There's people down now, she can see that. One of them… no two, are dead. They're missing parts of their body that… they kind of need. It's messy. The Trent woman winces but keeps it together. While Meldina and Jemma deal with the cause of the problem she moves to someone whose lost an arm. Quickly. Tournaquet. That's the only thing that's going to save this guy. He has a tie. It's quickly repurposed.

The cylinder is grey. Metal. Plain too. No obvious mechanism, like the other 084's the Jemma has brought in.

Jes looks like she wants to burst into tears or murder someone or both when she emerges from behind the car. She'd tried to hide so the pretty scientist lady didn't see her throw up three footlong chilli peanutbutter cup dogs. Then Jemma came running over to check on her. Sweet, but Jes is rather mortified and aware that normally she wouldn't be. Puking happens. Well, usually not to her.

Then she hears "dormant" and moves to help Gabbrielle. Jes isn't a medical professional but she knows a few of the basics and she's strong enough to easily lift and move the people Gabby okays out of the way of the rubble and the danger of it falling on them. Eventually she pauses and frowns, taking a few steps towards the ruins. "Do you hear that?" She murmurs and moves even closer. Is someone trapped in there? The fire.. dammit.. Jes looks around unsure. Maybe if she just..

Melinda May finishes placing the call to SHIELD and turns to see what the others are doing. Jesana is helping Gabrielle and Jemma is examining the now inert object. "Leave it for the investigation teams. Just make sure no one comes near it." She then moves to see what's caught Jesana's interest so intently.

"Yes Agent May." Jemma glances over to the cylinder in the trash can and waits… well, first she heads to Gabby and hands over the SHIELD Med Kit… maybe that will help the woman treat those who need it.

Gabby thanks Jemma absently. There's a lot of people who need help. About half a dozen which is enough to make the place qualify as a mass casualty incident. The fire department is already on the way and… then Jes is hearing someone trapped in the rubble. "Help if you can." She's already moving to the next patient to assess. "I've got work to do." Focused nurse is focused. At least she's not getting in Jemma and May's way. Whatever these things are, whatever they have in common, they are ridiculously destructive.

Jes eyes the rubble carefully. Fire is moving closer and she isn't sure how much of this stuff she can move without causing a collapse. She curses and moves about the ruins warily til she finds the section of fallen wall she'd heard sound coming from. She's able to lift some things aside and reveal a desk with a woman and man crouched beneath. She's managed to pull the guy out but the woman is freaked out and Jes can't fit down there to get her. It's getting very hot in here and creaking ominously. "C'mon lady! C'mon.."

Melinda May steps over to where Jesana is trying to get some people free and seeing as Jesana's attempts to get the woman to move on her own is failing, she half crawls under the desk and reaches her hand to the woman. "Give me your hand." Her tone is the one that has been known to make even Jericho Trent hop to.

The investigation teams better be here real soon… Jemma looks at where May and Jesana are, back to the bin and then to Gabby. She has to watch that bin, whoever had it, to place in the bin, was here… perhaps recently and perhaps still is.

Jemma knows that May will call her if she needs anything. Gabby seems to have the triage in hand at least… The investigation team will be here… ah, there they are pulling up now.

Jes is for once entirely greatful to hear that tone from May because the woman gets moving at last and they can get out of this mess before they get on fire or crushed. For all she'd spoken about these events possibly being some kind of weapons test she had still thought there was a chance that it was an accident. Some advanced technology or aliens or you know, whatever. Not realizing or understanding what they did. Now though.. this is the third damn time. People are dying and they aren't a step closer to figuring it out. Well, she isn't anyway. Hopefully SHIELD is. Jes sighs in relief as they get back outside. She gives May another greatful look now that she can see it. She'd hug her if she dared. Right now she'd used up all of her dare for the day because theres a loud crash and a section of wall falls onto that desk. "That's…grrrrr." Jes shakes her head and moves out of the way to rest for a few.

Leading the woman to go sit by the other people that are starting to be helped by the just-arrived SHIELD med teams, May watches Jesana briefly, then goes over to where Gabby is still working though her eyes are still frequently moving to watch Jemma and that trashcan as the Investigation team goes over there as well.

Gabby's busy for about… ten minutes. By that time the fire department has arrived but even they are having some trouble getting in past the precarious hole in the building. Still she's free'd up rather shortly and just kind of drifts over toward May and Jemma, watching quietly. She's not sure what's going on, really, but she aims to find out.

By this time, the device has been bagged and tagged and carted off, and May is standing next to Jemma, well clear of the damaged building while yet another SHIELD team tries to figure out a way to keep the structurally compromised edifice from falling over. "Trent." Yes, she's addressing Gabby. "You did good."

Jemma looks concerned as she regards the building. This is the third event she's attended … this one is far worse than the others. Finally introducing herself to Gabby "Dr Jemma Simmons, SHIELD R&D. That was very nice work you did there."

"Gabrielle Trent. Er, nurse from LA?" Gabby looks uncertainly over toward May and Jemma. "And I just… sort of did it. I'm a medical expert after all." She looks back toward the front of the building. "Does this stuff happen all the time around you guys?"

"Sure feels like it sometimes." May turns to speak with another SHIELD agent in the stereotypical MiB suit before addressing Gabby again. "Do you need a ride anywhere?" Apparently, it's time to clear the area.

"So it seems." Jemma answers Gabby. "Keeps things interesting, that's for sure." The name Trent, finally dawns on Jemma and she smiles at the woman. "I normally get the pleasure of working from my lab though. Are you here in New York for a reason." Afterall, SHIELD is need to know!

Packing her field bag back up, Jemma notes what she needs to refill. "My car is just over there if you would like a lift somewhere."

"I was looking for my brother. Found him too." Gabby sighs. "In fact I'm meeting him in a couple of hours." SHe looks around. "So was this a terrorist attack or….?" Yeah, she's prying a little. Hey, can't fault her for being curious

"At the moment, I'm not sure." Jemma smiles again and tries to move Gabby on. Agent May has said they have to move out, so she will. "I came straight here when I got news of the incident. Maybe a group has claimed responsibility." She's not saying anything about the other incidences. "Come on, let's get away from here and we can continue talking."

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